New Transfer Station Remains Under Budget

A Garbage transfer station is now under construction at the former Laurens County landfill. Garbage brought in from municipal pickup and garbage collection sites around Laurens County were once taken to transfer station on the north side of Clinton. Since that closed, Laurens County is hauling garbage directly to the Twin Chimney Landfill in Southern Greenville County.

At this week’s Laurens County Council meeting, County Public Works Director Dale Satterfield asked for authorization for spending $56,201.38 to have a curtain drain installed at the transfer station that is now under construction. Satterfield said that the need for this drain was noted during a recent DHEC inspection of the transfer station construction site.

County Council Chair David Pitts noted that the additional $56,000 still leaves the costs for the new transfer station “well under our original estimate, due to the advice of Joe Wood.”

Council approved the request. Dale Satterfield told council that he hopes the station will be completed by the end of November, if the weather permits.