Assault Allegedly Striking Head Near Sutures


Jamie Leigh Ann Davis

A Cross Hill woman remained in custody through the weekend following a Sheriff’s office arrest Friday from alleged assaults in early December. 26-year-old Jamie Leigh Ann Davis of Puckett Ferry Road is facing 1st and 3rd Degree charges of Assault and Battery.

In warrants citing an investigation of Deputy Lowe, Davis is accused of intentionally committing battery on her father on Puckett Ferry Road December 2nd, allegedly striking him in the head near the suture from a recent surgery. He was transported to an ER for treatment of injuries that the warrant states could have caused great bodily injury or death.

The 3rd Degree assault warrant alleges that on the same day Ms. Davis grabbed a juvenile victim by her legs and arms, attempting to drag her out of a bed in the residence, and picking her up around her stomach area, pulling her through the residence.

Cash or surety bonds were set at $20,000 on the 1st Degree Assault and Battery warrant an $1,087.50 for the alleged 3rd Degree Assault.