COVID Situation “Very Serious”

The current COVID situation was a big part of the discussion during last night’s Laurens County Council meeting.

Justin Benfield, Chief Executive Officer of the Prisma Health Laurens County Hospital, said, “Our resources are being taxed, our in-patient numbers have almost doubled since June and July, and the Laurens Campus is filled to 135% capacity.” Benfield added that fortunately the National Guard is assisting with additional space provided along with eight National Guard personnel, four in a Step-Down unit. Justin Benfield told County Council, “We are in the eleventh month of this pandemic, and our health care workers are exhausted. We are pleading for your help. This is a very, serious situation.”

Benfield kept emphasizing the need for all to be vigilant in mask wearing, social distancing, and staying away from large crowds.

Laurens County Emergency Communications Director Joey Avery updated Council on arrival of the vaccine. “We hope to have all of our health care workers and first responders vaccinated with the first shot by the end of the month, with a second shot following the first 21 days later.”

Avery also said that starting today – Wednesday January 13th – people 70 or older are eligible to register for the vaccine online through DHEC. He noted registration is also available at Ingle’s.

Citizens can make an appointment by calling 1-855-472-3432 or by going to this web site: