Historic Courthouse Renovation Moving Forward

Laurens County Council has approved moving forward with plans for renewal of the Historic Laurens County Courthouse.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Council unanimously approved a request from Public Works Director Dale Satterfield for design and bid work in Phase II of the renovation and for design work for Phase III.

Satterfield advised council that they’re nearing completion of the Phase I work on the historic structure. He noted this included repairing and restoring the dome, which is now clad in copper. He said Phase I also repaired and added downspouts to better manage storm water on the roof. It also included installation of a state-of-the-air fire detection system to alert emergency services in the event of fire.

Dale Satterfield said that a bid from Craig, Gaulden and Davis for $345,375 was selected for the design and bidding of Phase II. This work is to prepare a schematic design for the entire restoration and focus Phase II construction of roof replacement, repairs and weather tightness to prevent further damage. He noted that based on bids for some of these materials, window replacement and installing an elevator inside the building may have to wait for Phase III.

Satterfield said the Phase III design is to cost $50,639. He said interior design work also needs to be performed to answer some much-needed questions for elevator installation and removal of infills in 1973. The interior work will also help calculate good cost projections for environmental abatement with asbestos and concealed lead paint. A proposal from Building Envelope Enclosure Group, which specializes in building envelopes and asbestos in roofing materials, is for $50,639.”

The total expenditures approved last night for Phase II Design and Bidding and Phase III Design is $405,014.

Funding for Phase II and III renovations of the Historic Courthouse is from the Capitol Projects Sales Tax approved by voters in November.