Talk, No Action on Face-to-Face for District 55

The Laurens County School District 55 Board of Trustees assembled in a called meeting last night to discuss how to operate best school during the COVID-19 pandemic. First, the three newly elected trustees were installed. Taking the oath of officer were Neil Patterson, Bubba Rawl and Todd Verner.

Discussion centered around District 55 having entered a “Red Phase” of operations, where students are all on eLearning. Face-to-Face in-class learning has not resumed following the holiday break, with Superintendent Thomas advising of concern about the increase impact COVID is having in Laurens County.

Board Member Cathy Little asked if it was possible for the board to take action on that matter during the called meeting. Board Chair Anthony Carpenter said any vote of the board would have to wait until the next scheduled meeting. Little replied, “Then why are we here?” Carpenter replied, “Because you requested the meeting.”

Mrs. Little said she requested this meeting for board action because back in September the board voted to remove the red phase. She said board action would be needed to reinstate it.

The school board meeting continued with discussion on the hardships endured by parents who are unable to work due to their children not being able to attend school. Concern was expressed of some families being in danger of home foreclosure. Other concerns were discussed about the possibility of ongoing eLearning, stating concerns about its negative impact on education, the health and welfare of the staff and students of the district, and future plans for the next semester.

Chair Anthony Carpenter closed the meeting thanking everyone for attending and for the discussions.