eLearning thru January 28 for District 55

Laurens County District 55 students will continue on eLearning through January 28th.

The latest data received from health officials reportedly shows that the critical nature of our county crisis from COVID-19 remains unchanged.

In making the announcement yesterday, Superintendent Dr. Ameca Thomas said, “In consultation with local health authorities we hear that the spread of COVID-19 continues at a very high rate, which is taxing our health facilities. While we have personal protective equipment in place on all of our campuses, this mitigates but does not eliminate the potential for the spread of the disease. Therefore, to help reduce the spread and to minimize the impact of our schools on the health system, we will continue in eLearning operations for the next two weeks.”

District 55 officials will continue to monitor data and consult with local and state health officials.  Thomas added, “Our hope is that the health crisis will subside over the next two weeks and we will be able to return to face-to-face instruction to start the second semester.”

District 55 Student Nutrition Services Department will continue to offer hot meals at all schools. Because this Monday is a Holiday, extra meals were to be provided today. Meals are available from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Laurens County Virtual Academy (LCVA) students will continue to pick up all of their meals on Wednesdays, with meals provided for Wednesday lunch through the following Wednesday breakfast.