McDaniel Reflects on January 6th Events at the Capitol

Laurens County Council Member Garrett McDaniel had comments on last week’s developments in Washington D.C. during this week’s County Council meeting. He said, “We are at a crossroads in the history of the United States. One path is hate, bigotry, incivility, unrest and lies. The other leads to hope, healing, and empathy for our fellow citizens.”

McDaniel noted, “The people expect our leaders to do just that, lead and many have been led astray during the past 4 years, echoing lies and calls for chaos that have now left 5 dead and our country in turmoil.”

He added, “The very people who believe they are protecting our democracy have succeeded in attempting to destroy it.”

Councilman McDaniel concluded, “Make no mistake, this shameful chapter in our history is on them and those who supported them. The terrorist acts of the day almost a week ago will live in infamy.”