Annexation Finalized for New Laurens Subdivision

Laurens City Council approved two ordinances this week that help clear the way for a new residential subdivision to be constructed on West Main Street, just west of the Bi-Lo store. The 2nd and final vote approving the two ordinances approve the annexation of two pieces of property that will be joined with adjoining property that was already in the city limits. The new property is being brought into the city with the R-3 zoning designation, for single family homes. Council has also approved rezoning adjoining property already inside the city limits form a B-3 business designation to the same R-3 zoning for residential.

Mayor Nathan Senn last night said that he is bothered by social media comments that new housing scheduled in the area is going to be priced too high. He stressed that the property in the new West Main subdivision will have homes at lower prices than the subdivision proposed near the Ridge.

When a council member asked if the new West Main subdivision would be for low-income families, the Mayor noted it would not be subsidized housing.