Man Facing Seven Charges of Dog Ill-Treatment

Mistreatment of multiple dogs was alleged with charges served yesterday on three men from a residence near the Owings Industrial Park who were arrested Tuesday.  The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday served 23-year-old Stepquevion Aquris Calwile of the 1900-address range on Old Laurens Road, Gray Court with seven warrants.

Four warrant alleging Ill Treatment with Torture allege that as of February 16th Stepquevion Calwile forced four puppies in his care to live in deplorable and unsanitary condition and forced them to stay in the outdoors without proper housing and water in cold, rainy conditions with a large buildup of feces and urine for a prolonged period of time. This caused the dogs to become worm infested and dehydrated. He also allegedly alowed a male, Tri-colored dog to have a baseball sized abscess in his right cheek and failed to seek medical treatment that was desperately needed. Also as of February 16th he accused  of having mutilated two black female puppies in his care by cropping their ears or causing them to be cropped in a non-surgical procedure. He’s also accused of allowing a black and tan female in his care to suffer from Mange and Dermatitis without seeking medical treatment.

Three warrants accusing Ill Treatment by overworking allege he allowed multiple dogs in his car to live without adequate water for sustenance, causing them to become dehydrated and allowed a German Shepherd in his care to live outdoors in freezing temperatures with rain and wind without a dry place and shelter to protect the dog from the elements. It reportedly became underweight with ribs and hips showing. He’s also alleged to have allowed a white brindle two-year-old female dog in his care to become

dehydrated and underweight to the point of its ribs and hips showing, due to not having sufficient food and water.

Stepquevion Calwile remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with cash or surety bonds on his seven charges totaling $46,000.

44-year-old James Charles Calwile and 29-year-old Cedric Daniel Williams of the same residence were charged with one count of Ill Treatment involving Torture. They’re accused of allowing multiple dogs on the property where they reside to live in deplorable conditions, failing to provide sufficient food and water and allowing them to become dehydrated and infested with internal parasites. They were held this morning with cash or surety bonds of $10,000.