One of Two Attempted Murder Suspects Arrested

An assault by two men on one victim this past weekend was alleged with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrest of one of the two suspects yesterday. 31-year-old Stephen Wayne Knesse of Hollywood Drive, Piedmont is charged with Attempted Murder.

In a warrant with that charge, Deputy Staton states that on February 14th Mr. Kneese and a co-defendant committed an assault with attempted murder in that they assaulted a victim multiple times with their fists. Furthermore, during the struggle, the victim was reportedly shot in his upper thigh by a firearm.

Stephen Wayne Kneese remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning, pending a bond hearing on the Attempted Murder charge and with indication of additional charges being a possibility. The Sheriff’s Office is believed to be searching for the second suspect in this alleged assault this past Sunday in Laurens County.