Good Looking Murray


The WLBG Pet of the Week is a good looking fellow.

Murray is a chocolate lab mix.  He’s solidly built and weighs in at about 70 pounds.  He’s up to date on his shots and meds.

Murray is heartworm positive but don’t let that stop you.  The Heart of Laurens County Animal Control organization will sponsor those treatments.

The $45 cost of adoption will also cover having Murray neutered.

Murray is super friendly and loves to run.  Looking to do some hiking or jogging……Murray will be with you every step.

Now, Murray is going to need a good sized fence for when he’s outside.  Those long legs that make him look grand also enable him to jump a short fence with ease.

If you’d like to meet Murray just call (864)682-4935.  That’s the number for the shelter.

Murray is a beautiful, sweet and loyal animal who would love to be a part of your family forever.  He deserves a shot at life and you could be just who he’s been waiting for.

Please SHARE.  There’s someone out there for Murray.  You may think you just don’t need a dog.  You may be wrong about that.