Lander Forges New Exchange Partnership with Italian University

Lander University students have yet another exciting study abroad opportunity thanks to a new exchange partnership with Italy’s L’Università di Trento (UniTrento), officials announced recently.


“We are excited to host exchange students from Italy in Greenwood, and thrilled with the opportunity to send Lander students to this world-class university in one of the most beautiful settings in Europe,” said Dr. Todd Gambill, vice president for Enrollment and Access Management at Lander University. “Both Lander and UniTrento will benefit from the exchange of outstanding students.”


UniTrento is located in Trento (known in English as “Trent”), an historic city of 120,000 residents located in the north of Italy and the capital of Italy’s Trentino province. Historically, it is remembered as the meeting place of the Council of Trent during the 16th century, and its city center boasts several historic structures of the Medieval and Renaissance periods, including the Trento Cathedral and Castello del Buonconsiglio. Meanwhile, UniTrento’s academic programs in science, technology and business, as well as the humanities, are focused on preparing students for an exciting and innovative future. The university is highly ranked in Italian university rankings, with over 16,000 students, 1,400 of whom are international students.


As part of the agreement, Lander and UniTrento will exchange a limited equal number of students to study abroad in the program. Exchange students will pay the tuition and fees of their home university, and accommodation and other fees at the host university. All exchange students will enjoy the same benefits and resources as regular full-time students of each university.


UniTrento is only the latest university to join a growing list of Lander’s partner institutions for studying abroad. Lander recently announced a similar exchange partnership with the Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), and Lander regularly sends students to participate in study abroad programs with the University of Winchester in England, TANDEM Escuela Internacional in Spain, the University of the Aegean in Greece and Kyungpook National University in South Korea, among others. These study abroad opportunities allow students to speak new languages, meet new people, navigate new countries and immerse themselves in new cultures. Students can also choose to embark on short-term study tours that take place during winter, spring and summer breaks.


Dr. Carlos Mentley, professor of Spanish and Lander’s study abroad director, encourages students to consider adding this new or any other study abroad opportunity to their educational journey at Lander. “In our increasingly global world, study abroad is an unparalleled investment in your future, both professional and personal,” said Dr. Mentley. “Of course, study abroad gives you a competitive edge when you apply for a job or for grad school. More importantly, however, a study abroad experience will provide you with ways to live a fuller, more rewarding life.”


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