Next Generation Training Facility Hosts Mass Casualty Training for First Responders From Across the State

Laurens County EMS Mass Casualty Training event October 17th and 18th 2023
at the Sawmill Tactical Training Complex is centered around preparing first responder teams
from across the state to work cohesively through realistic training of worst case scenario natural
Josh Dosher of Laurens County EMS has spearheaded the event by planning and coordinating
with over 40 agencies to bring first responders from all neighboring counties, with different roles
and responsibilities to work together before an actual disaster occurs. Paramedics, Police
Departments, Coroners, Med-Flight, Universities, Fire Departments, Emergency Management,
and Hospital Services will train to work systematically to react to a devastating tornado at an
open air concert style venue leaving 100s of victims injured and displaced across the grounds.
Volunteers of the event will utilize realistic training aids to simulate the wide variety of injuries
that could have occurred and triaged accordingly. While applying life saving treatments and
navigating the logistical hurdles of responding to such a large incident.
The Sawmill in Laurens, SC is the premier training facility of the East Coast for Military, First
Responders, and Civilians, offering a wide variety of training and competitions with all
amenities on site. This state of the art facility offers lodging onsite for all guests and event hosts.
Often hosting tactical training for Military and Law Enforcement from across the country,
civilian shooting courses, along with driving courses, survival classes, and much more!


VK Integrated Systems is proud to support this event by providing technical assistance to
implement the most advanced communication system, the Team Awareness Kit (TAK) and
provide After Action Review capabilities. TAK is an application available for all user devices
such as cell phones, tablets, and computers that provides real time location tracking, information
and intelligence sharing, live streaming multiple video feeds (including drones), mission
planning, and much more. TAK has been used for years by Special Operations Forces, High Tier
Law Enforcement Agencies, Border Patrol, California Wildfire, along with many other Federal
Agencies, and now VKIS is offering servers to all State and Local agencies after getting first
hand experience during this training event.


If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering in this event, please share and help make
this event a success!