1st Degree Burglary Cites Clinton Night-Time Break-In

Clinton Public Safety arrested a local man Saturday on charges he broke into a dwelling in the night-time in mid-January. 23-year-old Johnny Corey Billy Ricks of 134 Pine Street, Clinton was charged with Burglary 1st Degree. In the warrant, Officer Gutierrez states that on January 12th, 2016 Mr. Ricks committed 1st Degree Burglary, entering a dwelling without consent and with intent to commit a crime therein. He is accused of entering the Cypress Street dwelling in the night-time.

During arraignment on the 1st Degree Burglary charge, Bond was denied. Johnny Corey Billy Ricks remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

$32,000 Business Tools Discovered Taken Yesterday

Sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Wood was dispatched to 101 Angler’s Drive (Laurens) at 1:00 Sunday afternoon to investigate a Burglary. A man reported that between 5pm January 20th and 1pm Sunday someone forced their way into his residence by breaking into an attached garage, kicking in the door to the residence and removing the lock from the sliding glass door. They reportedly removed a large amount of his business equipment, valued at $32,000. Sgt. Wood noted that property in other rooms was not taken, and no drawers or closets were tampered with. A stereo valued at $1,000 was also taken. Total theft was valued at $33,000.

Resisting & Drug Charge Added to Shoplifting

Laurens City Police served five charges Saturday on a woman they arrested following an alleged Shoplifting attempt Friday at Wal-Mart. 19-year-old Megan Gabrielle Jumer of 507 Dixie Street, Laurens was charged with Shoplifting, Flight upon Sight, Resisting Arrest, Possession of a Schedule IV Narcotic and Possession of Methamphetamine.

Officer Michael Gainey states that on February 5th 2016 the defendant committed ‘Shoplifting’ by knowingly and willfully taking and concealing items that belonged to the victim and passed all points of sale, exiting the store with the intent to deprive the owner of the full value of the merchandise.

Additional warrants state the defendant knowingly and unlawfully possessed approximately one gram of methamphetamine at 922 East Main in Laurens. She was also allegedly in possession of four Tramadol pills, classified as a Schedule 4 Narcotic. Officer Gainey further states that on Friday Ms. Jumer attempted to flee and elude officers and would not comply with lawful orders at 922 East Main,

Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $14,630 on the five charges. Megan Gabrielle Jumer remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Shoplifting Plus Two Drug Charges


From an incident at a nearby store on Saturday, Laurens Police arrested 30-year-old Margaret Brittany Ray of 307 Beauregard Street, Clinton. She was charged with Shoplifting, Possession of a Schedule IV Narcotic and Possession of Methamphetamine.

Sgt.Thibodeau states that based on investigation of Officer Sherfield, the defendant committed the crime of shoplifting by placing items inside her purse in an attempt to defraud the victim of full retail value. This allegedly occurred February 6th at 919 East Main in Laurens. Additional warrants in the matter state that Ms. Ray possessed a pill bottle containing five blue, round pills known as Diazepam, a schedule IV Narcotic and that she possessed a clear plastic baggie containing a powdered substance believed to be .35 gram of methamphetamine.

Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $7,000 on the three charges. Margaret Brittany Ray remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Shots Fired, Man Arrested, Two Firearms Found

Sheriff’s Sgt. Nick Moye responded to Linda Drive, Laurens at 9:30 Friday night on a report of a male subject outside shooting a rifle. Officers from Laurens City Police and State D.N.R. assisted. Officers began looking for spent shell casings, locating several scattered throughout a yard. When a resident was asked about the weapon he reportedly replied that a friend had taken it. When he was asked for his ID he said it was in his residence. He advised Sgt. Moye that he didn’t want officers in his home. When advised that for officer safety they didn’t want him inside alone getting a weapon, the man reportedly pulled a Rhode Island ID from his pocket. The man then consented to a search and officers reportedly located a .22 rifle under the cushion of a couch. Meth items were reportedly found under the kitchen sink. Two baggies with a clear crystal substance were reportedly found in the man’s pockets. A clear plastic baggie of marijuana was reportedly found in the living room, along with a second set of scales and a pipe. Ammunition for a .22 caliber weapon and a 7.62 rifle was also found.

37-year-old Christopher M. Bertino of 14 Linda Drive, Laurens was arrested and charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Less than One Gram of Methamphetamine and Public Disorderly Conduct, Aggravated in Nature.

The Marijuana charge was in a ticket from Sgt. Nick Moye 10 pm at 14 Linda Drive, Laurens. Warrants cite investigation of Sgt. Nick Moye as indicating that on February 5th the defendant did knowingly possess less than one gram of methamphetamine, and that He committed breach of the peace by firing multiple shots from a .22 rifle outside his residence.

Christopher M. Bertino remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with cash or surety bonds totaling $7,620.

Woman and Boyfriend Charged

Sheriff’s Corporal Brent Rushing responded to Ridgecrest Drive, Fountain Inn at 7:01 Friday evening and met with a woman about a Breach of Trust issue where she was the victim. The officer reported that as they talked he observed her brush a green plant-like substance off the coffee table. He called for Lt. Higgenbotham and they arrested the woman and her boyfriend on Simple Possession of Marijuana charges. The plant reportedly tested positive as marijuana. A substance found in a glass on a shelf under a bed reportedly tested positive as Methamphetamine. 47-year-old James Gary Barbre and  34-year-old Angela Cornell Cochran, both of 101 Ridgecrest Drive, Fountain Inn were later served with warrants also charging them with Possession of Less than One Gram of Methamphetamine. Both were released Saturday on bond.

Dog on Dog Attack Saturday Afternoon

Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to Stewart Street at 5:08 Saturday afternoon on a report of a dog attack. Officer Wilkes reported arriving and talking with the woman, who said another woman’s dog had attacked her dog. She said that she normally keeps her medium-sized dog inside her residence, and often outside on a chain. She said that she was in the process of placing her dog outside on the chain in her yard when a pit bull that was running loose attacked her dog. She said the Pit Bull came into her yard and bit hr dog on the left hind leg, causing injuries. Another woman was nearby and said it was her dog, and that she did not know how her dog got off it’s chain. Officer Wilkes issued a citation to the dog owner. The two women were working out the treatment of the victim dog.

Waterloo Dog Shooting

Sheriff’s Deputy Richey responded to Relax Street, Waterloo at 5:04 Friday afternoon to investigate the shooting of a dog. He spoke with a woman who said her neighbor had shot and killed her dog while at his mailbox. The neighbor told the officer he felt threatened by the dog because it was growling and barking at him while he was getting his mail. He said that Animal Control had been notified five times about the dog charging at him and his wife.

No Arrests Following Altercation Sunday Morning

Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to a city residence at 10:52 Sunday morning regarding a verbal assault. A woman said her x-girlfriend had come over and there was an argument and she asked her to leave. The x-girlfriend reportedly did not leave, but pulled a knife saying “I will cut you.” She did not come toward hear, however. The visiting woman reportedly said they were arguing over food stamps and the host grabbed a lamp and threatened to hit her with it. Neither wanted to press charges, but the resident signed a Trespass Notice on the visitor.

Whole Lot of Yelling & Mention of Gun

Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to Palmetto Street at 11:28 Friday night on a disturbance. A 911 Dispatcher indicated it was difficult to say what was going on, but there was a bunch of yelling and some indication a gun was involved. Lt. Jones had on-duty officers standby until all were there, due to the threat of a gun involved. Once on the scene officers told of an altercation in the yard when a woman who had come to get her clothing and to move out was leaving. Later a man had reportedly arrived and there was an altercation during which someone noted a gun in his waistband. After investigating the situation, no charges were sought.

Sound Sleeping with Gun under Pillow?

A Fountain Inn resident came to the Sheriff’s Office late Friday morning to report that someone came onto his property on Creekwood Drive between 11:00 am Tuesday and Friday and took a six-shot revolver valued at $500. He indicated he sleeps with the gun under his pillow, but did not awaken when they took the pistol.

A Sad Story – Lucy



This is a sad story.

Lucy is 12 years old. She lived her whole life on a chain until 4 weeks ago when her owners turned her over to Laurens County (SC) Animal Control.

While on that chain, kids would throw rocks at Lucy. Guess what? Lucy became mean. Maybe that’s why her owners didn’t want her anymore. Lucy arrived at Animal Control and everyone there knew that Lucy would be put down and maybe………well, maybe that was for the best.

Then something strange began to happen. Lucy began to change. She wags her tail now. She craves human contact now. Nobody is throwing rocks at her. The people at Animal Control talk softly to her. They feed her, even scratch her behind the ears. Now, Lucy wants to live.

But, she’s been there 4 weeks and her time is up. This will be a tall order but our Animal Control officers want us to try. It would break their hearts to have to put Lucy down now.

Lucy has been an outside dog all her life so that’s fine but……….no chain. And Lucy will end up a gentle, loving soul but just 4 weeks ago she was a mean dog so……no small children. And she’s 12 years old.

So, we have to find someone who loves old dogs, wants to see an old girl finally learn to smile and has a fenced yard and no small kids. Impossible?…………maybe……….but we’re going to try. We just a few days. The shelter is open Monday through Saturday near the Laurens County Airport. The phone number there is (864)682-4935.

And please SHARE far and wide. Maybe there is that special someone out there who will let Lucy know that humans can love………can love even an old dog who has only known chains. Good luck Lucy. We’re all pulling for you.

Grand Larceny – in 2008

A man was charged yesterday with a Grand Larceny case from 2008, and served with a Bench Warrant for a 2009 conviction in another case.

39-year-old Curtis Charles Rogers Jr. of 109 Heaven Drive, St. Stephen was charged with Grand Larceny and served with the bench warrant from a court ruling on a Violation of a Domestic Order of Protection.

The Bench Warrant states that Curtis Rogers Jr. was convicted in Magistrate’s Court February 5th, 2009 on a charge of Violation of a Court Order of Protection with a sentenced from Judge Copeland of $1,092 fine or jail time in the amount of 30 days.

As for the warrant charging him with Grand Larceny back in 2008, Investigator Ben Blackmon states that Rogers took a boat motor valued at $1,500 from Pemberton Street, Waterloo. The motor allegedly belonged to a Hodges man. The warrant states the theft occurred in 2008 between February 24th and March 1st, showing an address for Curtis Rogers Jr. at that time was on Shaw Court, Waterloo.

Curtis Charles Rogers Jr. was to be arraigned on the Grand Larceny charge this morning.

Bush Bond Posted at Scene

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, the Highway Patrol and Laurens City Police were conducting a Driver’s License checkpoint overnight on East Main in Laurens. Around 12:30 this morning a vehicle was reportedly observed approaching on Garlington Street. A good distance before arriving, officers observed the vehicle suddenly stopped and backed up. Before officers could arrive the driver had apparently jumped from the vehicle and fled.

LMS PTO Awards 6th Grade Student

The Parent Teacher Organization at Laurens Middle School sponsors an academic incentive program each month. In this Score Big/Win Big, students earn tickets for a prize drawing by doing their best academic work.  The January prize was a ‘Winter Fun Package’ which contained a plastic snow sled, hat, gloves, popcorn, and hot cocoa mix. 6th grade student Josh Allen was the January Score Big/Win Big prize winner.

Our story at WLBG.com today includes a picture of Josh accompanied by Laurens Middle School Principal, Dr. Rhett Harris.

Hit & Run on Utility Pole

Clinton Public Safety last evening arrested a 40-year-old Clinton man during investigation of a hit-and-run where the subject had failed to stop. Officer Yelton responded to the 400 block of West Main at 7:22 last night to investigate a report of a motor vehicle collision.

She reported arriving to observe a utility pole and a fire hydrant adjacent to the street had been struck, knocking power lines across the roadway. She and Sgt. Lawton positioned their cars to block traffic from making contact with the power line. They noted the vehicle that struck the items had left the scene. A check with video of the incident determined it was a black dually pickup. Other sources reportedly helped officers confirm a tag number. They went to a residence where they reported observing damage to the front of the truck consistent with the striking of the fire hydrant and utility pole. Another person transported the apparent driver back to the scene. Officers noted he appeared to be intoxicated and had trouble standing.

40-year-old Zaccheus Yameka Young of 519 Airport Road was arrested and was being held overnight, pending charges and an appearance before a judge today. Damage to the fire hydrant and pole was estimated as $3,000.

ALG praises Duncan for Co-sponsoring Article One supplemental

mericans for Limited Government President Rick Manning yesterday praised Congressman Jeff Duncan for being an early cosponsor of the Consolidated Appropriations Amendments of 2016. Manning said the Supplement, offered by Republican Representative Ken Buck of Colorado, “…. would prevent President Obama from enacting any ‘midnight regulations’ as his Administration thankfully winds to an end.” The ALG president added “It is time for the rest of the South Carolina delegation to join Jeff Duncan in co-sponsoring the Consolidated Appropriation Amendments of 2016.”

Congressman Duncan is one of ten co-sponsors of the legislation, but the only from South Carolina.

Maybe He Wanted to Be Recognized?

A report of an assault dispatched Sheriff’s Deputy Steven Le Roy Noble to the Dock off Highway 72 on Lake Greenwood at 10:05 last night. One Greenwood man reported he was sitting at the bar to order something to eat when another man sitting a few seats away said that he used to work for him and that he owned the man some money. He said he didn’t recognize this person and asked him who he was. The man reportedly became upset at this point and walked over to the victim, grabbed his hat, pulled his head down, then the stranger struck him with his fist, knocking the victim off his stool. A witness to the event reportedly separated the two men. That witness said he didn’t know the alleged assailant but others in the bar indicated they did and identified the suspect.  Deputy Noble noted some swelling under the victim’s left eye. The officer was to consult with a judge regarding possible charges from the alleged assault.

Burglary of Cash from Residence

A burglary with theft of cash from a Waterloo home was investigated yesterday afternoon. Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy McMahan arrived at the residence on Relax Drive at 12:20 pm and spoke with the resident. She said that her teenage son discovered that morning that $150 cash was missing from his wallet. Later, she discovered that money was missing from a change jar in her bedroom. It contained over $132.  The officer documented pry marks found on doors to the garage and the front of the house. The deputy was attempting to contact a possible suspect in the case but was not immediately successful. The case was to be sent to the Investigations unit for further review.

Theft, Damage at Auto Repair Shop

The Sheriff’s Office responded to a Cross Hill auto repair shop on Highway 39 at 10:26 yesterday morning about a report of a vehicle being broken into. The shop owner reported discovering that someone had entered his property and had taken a stereo out of a Ford Ranger on his property for repairs, sometime since last Thursday. He said it appeared that someone had attempted to start the vehicle, as he observed damage to the ignition. An initial check of video surveillance showed a Crown Vic entering the property, turning off headlights as it entered. Further review was to determine a date and time of that vehicle’s visit.