Football Scores from Friday 9-22-17

Clinton35 – Chesnee 6… Click on following for some stats on the game;  CHS+vs+Chesnee+Quickie


Dorman 48 – Laurens 20… Click on following for full stats on the game;  Laurens+at+Dorman+GAME+PACKET


Laurens Academy – Did not play


Crescent 40 – Ware Sholas 6… No details at this time


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Jury Deliberations Suspended Overnight

The Robbery case of 27-year-old Arthur Lee Williams III went to the jury yesterday afternoon, but remained undecided at the end of the day. Yesterday’s proceedings began at 10:30 A.M. Closing arguments were initially planned to be completed by lunch, but an unexpected delay was caused when some information was brought to the attention of the court regarding one of the jurors.

The information, presented by the prosecution, was that one of the jurors was the sister of a man convicted by the same prosecutors for a narcotics charge a few years ago, and after his trial she reportedly made a Facebook post that she did not trust the legal system in this county, that they were full of “BS,” and that her brother was “railroaded.” It was also discovered that she was Facebook friends with one of the witnesses and the defendant himself.

After Judy Addy personally interviewed the juror, he was satisfied that she would still be objective, so he left her on the jury instead of replacing her with an alternate.

After lunch, the closing arguments were completed and the judge gave his instructions, and the jury went into deliberations around three.

The jury was dismissed later in the afternoon due to childcare issues and was to resume deliberations at 10:00 this morning.

Laurens & Clinton Approve New Spec Buildings

After having quick success with their first spec building, the City of Clinton is already laying the groundwork for a second one. The new building is proposed to be a 50,000 square foot structure.

After an extensive executive session at their meeting Monday evening, Clinton City Council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution supporting the Clinton Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) in applying for another economic development loan for the purpose of constructing a new spec building. The amount of the proposed loan is to be 3.2 million dollars.

In a related vote, also following the executive session, Council approved transfer of 10 acres owned by the city to the CEDC. This property is located on SC Highway 72 just east of Interstate 26 adjacent to the 26 Commerce Park, the site of the city’s first spec building.


Laurens City Council, meeting Tuesday evening, also approved a resolution of support for a new “Spec” building. This was requested by Jon Coleman of the Laurens County Development Corporation. The resolution approved by Council allows the Laurens Commission of Public Works to construct a “shell” building in Hunter Industrial Park, using money from the Hunter Industrial Park Economic Development Fund.


Laurens City Council this week took action on other items that deal with economic and community development.

Council voted unanimously to approve an ordinance which sets a cap on business license fees at $75,000. Council also passed a resolution which approves the application for a Hometown Economic Development Grant for $25,000. This requires a 10% local match. Laurens applied for this grant last year, but their request was denied. Main Street Director Jonathan Irick told City Council “We stand a much better chance now that we have our master plan in place.”

International Day of Peace at L.M.S.

News reports yesterday focused on threats of war with North Korea and other items of discord around the world. A lot of people may not have realized that yesterday was the International Day of Peace. September 21st was designated the International Day of Peace by the United Nations in 1981, with a theme “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”. There was at least one observance of the day of peace this year.

The Montessori community at Laurens Middle School joined in observance of this global event yesterday as students, teachers and parents gathered at Laurens Middle School to celebrate this day. As part of this observance, students placed pin wheels for peace, which they had created, on the school campus, sang songs of peace, and later formed a human peace sign on the school’s football field.

Organizers reflected on the words of Maria Montessori, who once said  “Peace is what every human being is craving for, and it can be brought about by humanity through the child.”

Happy 100th Birthday!

It is not often that a municipal government takes official action to wish a resident a happy birthday. But then, it’s not often that someone turns 100 years old either. At this week’s Clinton City Council meeting, Mayor Bob McLean read a resolution with the city’s “congratulations, thanks and appreciation to Ms. Sweetie Bell Fuller” in celebration of her 100th birthday.

Ms. Fuller was to be in attendance but was unable to attend. Mayor McLean reported that her birthday was actually the day before, Sunday the 17th and that dozens of family members as well as her church family had joined in a celebration and that Ms. Sweetie Bell had probably been just a bit worn out.

The resolution briefly outlined Ms. Fuller’s life. Born on September 17, 1917 Ms. Fuller was baptized at Zion Hill Baptist Church in Cross Hill where she eventually became president of the usher board. She was married to the late E.C. Grant and then to the late James Fuller.

While her husband was away in the Army Ms. Fuller busied herself with caring for her siblings and raised two nephews in her home as her own. She lived in Laurens County her entire life and in the city of Clinton for the past ten years.

The resolution praised Ms. Fuller’s “many acts of kindness, both large and small that helped make a difference in the lives of many people.”  Ms. Sweetie Bell said her secret was that she tried to treat everybody right.

Laurens Historic Preservation Commission

Laurens City Council this week approved seven members for appointment to the city’s Historic Preservation Commission. The people were recommended by Laurens Main Street Director Jonathan Irick.

Approved by City Council were Jordan Peeler and Tony Bailey for the South Harper Historic area, Beau Belsom and Jackie Womack as representatives for the West Main area,  Karen Dakers and Jimmy Todd as Downtown Reps and Robert Whitmore of Gray Court was approved for an at-large seat on the Historic Preservation Commission.

Party to a Crime – at Her House

Laurens Police yesterday charged a local woman with being a “Party to a Crime.” 34-year-old Kimberly Jean Kinard of 302 Hunter’s Court, Laurens was booked on that charge. A warrant, citing an investigation of Officer Van Pelt, states that between the 17th and 18th of this month the defendant directly knew who possessed items that were stolen from her home and permitted the person to maintain possession of the items without notifying law enforcement. A cash or surety bond of $2,000 was set on the Party to a Crime charge. Kimberly Jean Kinard remained in the Laurens County Detention Center overnight

Possession of Stolen Tailgate

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office yesterday accused a man of possessing a stolen tailgate back in July. 59-year-old Daniel Clayton Riddle of 3802 Allen Bridge Road, Fountain Inn was booked yesterday on a charge of Receiving Stolen Goods. A warrant alleges that on July 24th Mr. Riddle had possession of a white Ford Ranger tailgate with a fence-style latch mounted on the inside. The warrant states that this tailgate, valued at less than $2,000, had been stolen from a man at a Dollar General. Daniel Clayton Riddle was being held overnight in the Laurens County Detention Center, waiting a bond hearing.

Failure to Stop for Blue Light

A Laurens County Deputy arrested a Greenville County man yesterday morning for charges that included Failure to Stop for a Blue Light. Other charges were Speeding, Driving under Suspension and Failure to Return his Driver’s License. Jailed on these charges was 25-year-old Tyrez Ventrell Waldon, who  was booked with an address on Yukon Drive, Greenville. The tickets reflected an address on Fairview Road, Simpsonville. The tickets indicate these offenses occurred on US 221 at Interstate 385. A $5,000 bond was set on the Failure to Stop for Police charge. With cash or surety bonds totaling $6,234 on all four tickets, Tyrez Ventrell Waldon remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

Good Money Selling Drugs – No Need to Steal

On the second day of a Grand Theft Robbery case in Laurens County General Sessions Court yesterday, the prosecution and defense finished their calling of witnesses. The defense called defendant Arthur Williams to the stand, and friends of his.

Mr. Williams stated he did not break into the home of the victim at Ray’s Hollow Trailer Park, and apologize to them that it happened. He said he made a daily habit of hanging out at his friends, and when asked what he did in the way of work to earn money, he admitted to being a drug dealer. He said “I made good money selling drugs. I had no reason to break into anyone’s house.”

William’s answer to how he was in possession of two necklaces that belonged to the victim of the burglary was that he received a call from someone telling him that he had some gold jewelry for sale and that he should meet him to arrange the transaction. Williams said he met two males who wanted to sell him the stolen jewelry, and while there near another trailer he observed that they were also in possession of the two stolen televisions. Williams said when they saw flashlights coming through the woods, they knew it was the police and all fled the scene. He said that he ran because he knew they had warrants out on him, but he never suspected that he was wanted for breaking into the home.

There was some questioning regarding how the jacket Williams was wearing that had the jewelry in the pocket was handled at the police station, with the defense suggesting that someone could have planted the jewelry.

That suggestion was brought to an end when Williams admitted to having possession of the stolen jewelry, but still claimed that he just bought it, and did not steal it himself.

The trail was to resume this morning at 10:00 with final remarks from prosecution and defense, then the case is expected to be in the hands of the jury.

I-26 & Highway 72 Landscape to be Irrigated

The interchange of SC Highway 72 with Interstate 26 (Exit 54) is currently being revamped to serve as a beautiful gateway to Clinton. The idea is to seize the opportunity to make a good first impression on interstate travelers as they approach Clinton.

The landscape engineer envisioned using low maintenance plants for the project and did not include an irrigation system in the design. As the work has progressed, however, city staff grew concerned that such a system might be necessary to maintain an attractive appearance during the warm summer months.

At Monday’s meeting of Clinton City Council, Mayor Bob McLean asked Council to approve the expenditure of $23,000 to install an irrigation system at the interchange. After discussion, council approved the additional money for the beautification project.

Arrest in Car Break-In, Thefts From Cars at the Y

An Atlanta area woman was arrested yesterday in connection with an auto break-in and thefts last December at the Laurens Y. Laurens City Police have charged 24-year-old Ashley Tyvette Hurt of 6942 Bonnes Blvd, Austell, Georgia with Breaking into a Vehicle, Criminal Conspiracy, two counts of Financial Transaction Card Theft and two counts of Petit Larceny.

Detective Michael Gainey states that between December 20th and 21st 2016 at 410 Anderson Drive Ms Hurt, along with a co-defendant, broke into a Ford SUV by breaking the passenger side window and stealing items from within the vehicle. Officer Gainey also alleges that Ms. Hurt and the codefendant conspired to break into the motor vehicle and steal blank checks and identities, then conspired to forge the checks and cash them, using stolen identities.

In two warrants charging Financial Transaction Card Theft, Detective Gainey states that Ashley Hurt and her co-defendant took Wells Fargo and United Bank debit cards from a vehicle. In one warrant charging Petty Larceny, Officer Gainey states that the co-defendants took a purse, wallet, driver’s license and social security card from a victim’s vehicle. In the other Petit Larceny warrant they’re accused of taking a purse, wallet, driver’s license and social security card from a victim’s vehicle at 410 Anderson Drive.

Cash or surety bonds were set on the six charges totaling $10,000. Ashley Yvette Hurt remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

Who Let the Dogs In?

Sgt. Jones Demonstrates a K-9 “Attacking” Detective Sherfield

The Laurens County Prevention Coalition met during the lunch hour yesterday, led by Amanda Prince, Director of Prevention for Gateway Counseling Center. Laurens Police Chief Sonny Ledda hosted yesterday’s meeting, and Laurens officers presented a demonstration of their K-9s in action. Laurens Police have been using dogs for drug detection for two years. They’re credited with the city collecting approximately $15,000 in fines, and confiscation of about $53,000 in cash. Three Laurens Police K9s presented yesterday were Kai, Scooby Doo, and Brazo, who demonstrated their methods for detecting illegal narcotics and apprehending suspects.

Participants were told these dogs were all trained by Laurens Officers so they meet national standards.

Guests for the demonstrations included Mayor Stankus and Laurens City Department heads.

Cocaine in Open View

Laurens City Police made an arrest while they were assisting Sheriff’s Deputies in town yesterday. Laurens Police charged 42-year-old Damion Orlando O’Neal Grant of 300 West Calhoun Street, Joanna with Possession of Cocaine 1st Offense.

A warrant citing the investigation of Sgt. James Nolan states that the defendant had an amount of cocaine in plain view inside his vehicle during an incident investigation in the city of Laurens yesterday. The warrant states the investigation at a Lynn Avenue address and was being conducted by Laurens County Sheriff’s Deputies who were being assisted by Laurens City Police Officers.

A cash or surety bond of $20,000 was set during arraignment. Damion Orlando O’Neal Grant remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

Wednesday Family Court

Laurens County Family Court sent four men to the Laurens County Detention Center yesterday. A Clinton man was served two Bench Warrants charging Contempt of Family Court. Two other men, from Greenville and Laurens, were served single Bench Warrants for Contempt. Contempt charges usually include failure to appear in court as well as failure to make non-support payments. Another Laurens man was booked on a charge of Failure to Make Non-Support payments.

New Doctors Join Wound Healing Center


Dr. Long


Two new doctors have become part of the Healthcare community serving Laurens County. William Long, DPM, and Katherine Heugel, DPM, have joined the multidisciplinary physician practice at Greenville Health System’s (GHS) Upstate Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center, a service of GHS Laurens County Memorial Hospital.

Drs. Long and Heugel will treat patients at the nationally recognized center, which offers leading-edge treatments to reintroduce the body’s innate ability to heal, including  hyperbaric oxygen therapy, negative pressure therapies, bioengineered tissues and biosynthetics.

Dr. Heugel

Chronic wounds affect more than eight million people in the U.S. and the incidence is rising due to an aging population and increasing rates of diseases and conditions such as diabetes, obesity and the late effects of radiation therapy.

Both physicians currently practice podiatry at Upstate Podiatry Group, PA in Simpsonville and have medical staff privileges with GHS, Bon Secours St Francis Health System and Spartanburg Medical Center.

By joining GHS Upstate Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center, a member of the Healogics™ network , Drs. Long and Heugel will collaborate with a network of academic medical centers, hospitals and thousands of professionals committed to advancing wound healing by creating, sharing, and activating wound prevention and care expertise.

Both Drs. Long and Heugel are board certified podiatrists and members of the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, the American Board of Podiatric Surgeons, the American Board of Podiatric Medicine, and the South Carolina Podiatric Medical Association.

They each hold a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia, where they completed a four-year foot and ankle surgical residency.  They also completed the specialized wound care and hyperbaric medicine training program provided by Healogics, the nation’s largest provider of advanced wound care services, which uses an evidence-based systematic approach to chronic wound healing.

Both are members of the Rotary Club of Simpsonville. In addition, Dr. Long served eight years active duty with the United States Coast Guard.

The Upstate Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center is open Monday – Friday and appointments can be scheduled by calling 864-833-3557. Physician referral is not required. The center is located at 1073 Medical Ridge Road, Clinton.

Infant Dead 10 to 11 Months

Many questions remain following autopsy results on an infant found dead in a Fountain Inn Apartment this week. When a Laurens County Sheriff’s Deputy went into Fountain Hill Apartments on Chapman Road just before 1:00 Monday afternoon to serve a “set out” eviction, the officer reported finding remains of an infant inside the apartment.

Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols this (Wednesday) afternoon announced that the results of an autopsy indicate this appears to have been a fetal death; either a stillborn birth, or a live birth where the infant subsequently died.

The coroner said that the extent of decomposition indicates that it has been ten to eleven months since the infant died. He said that from the condition of the infant’s remains, pathology was unable to determine the gender of the deceased child.

Nick Nichols said the remains were found in a heavy coat or jacket which was in a clothing hamper in a back bedroom of the apartment.

SLED’s Child Fatality Division was reportedly investigating the death of this child, as well as Fountain Inn Police.

Visitor Reaction to Laurens

Stories of satisfied visitors to Laurens last month were shared with Laurens City Council during their September meeting last evening. Mayor John Stankus and Main Street Director Jonathan Irick related stories that included emails from visitors who came to the city to view the Eclipse in August. Each story shared with council was one of praise for all involved at Eclipse festivities in Laurens. They came from people who many areas of the United States and from Canada.

Mayor Stankus also expressed thanks for everyone who worked during a more recent visit of a different kind, thanking everyone who worked during the visit from Hurricane Irma. He also thanked those who were responsible for the clean-up after the storm passed.

Clinton Park Now Zoned for Industry

It’s official now. The city of Clinton’s I-26 Commerce Park, which contains the city’s spec building, is now zoned I-1, for industrial use.

At Monday’s meeting of Clinton City Council a public hearing was held to allow citizens to address the proposed re-zoning of two tracts of land on SC Highway 72 just east of Interstate 26. The two tracts are actually a part of the city’s Commerce Park and contain the city’s speculative building. No citizens addressed council about the matter.

After the public hearing was closed, Mayor Bob McLean presented the ordinance to officially re-zone the property as I-1 as recommended by the Clinton Planning Commission. Council voted unanimously to approve the ordinance on second and final reading.

With the presence of the spec building the area looks like industrial use property and it now officially is industrial use property.

Earlier this summer, General Electric announced plans to locate the headquarters of their Renewable Energy Division in the Clinton Corporate Park.

Jury Trial Begins for Clinton Burglary

A jury trial began yesterday in Laurens County General Sessions Court in the case of a man charged with a theft from a Clinton residence 2 ½ years ago. The case of the State Versus 28-year-old Arthur Williams of 84 Ponderosa Lane, Laurens is to consider charges of Grand Theft Robbery and Resisting Arrest for an alleged theft from a residence in Ray’s Hollow Trailer Park on February 6th of 2013. Mr. Williams entered a plea of “Not Guilty.”

After opening arguments, a neighbor of the victim testified that he told the 911 operator that he observed two men leaving the victims home carrying two flat screen television sets. One of the Clinton Public Safety Officers who responded to the call testified that there appeared to be an opening where a portable air conditioner had been removed that was a possible entry-way. The officer recounted that after arriving at the scene a chase began when a male was spotted near a nearby creek bank.  He said a television set had been dropped there, and was sitting in the water.

The defense attorney asked officers if any DNA evidence was taken at the scene and asked if any fingerprints were found on the television set. The officer explained that taking fingerprints was extremely difficult since the television set was left in water.

The trail was to resume at 9:30 this morning at Hillcrest Square.