Local Scores and Laurens Raiders Football Replay 10-21-16

Local Scores from 10-21-16

Mauldin 29 – Laurens 22

Clinton 28 – Broome 21

WW King 46 – Laurens Academy 20

Ware Shoals 39 – Calhoun Falls 8

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Mauldin at Laurens Football Replay 10-21-16 (Homecoming)

Doug Holliday: Play-by-Play

King Dixon: Color Commentary

Mike Hughes: Sideline Reports/On-Site Producer

USC President Meets Local Students

Thank goodness for that one freshman from Wyoming! During a Rotary Luncheon in the Ridge at Laurens yesterday, University of South Carolina President Harris Pastides was talking about how USC is recognized as a world leader in specific areas of education. He noted that there are students from 105 countries in the undergraduate program. And he added that thanks to one freshman who entered this semester, USC now has students from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. That’s out of a total student enrollment in all campus locations of over 50,000 students.

Pastides spoke highly of the youth he met from Laurens County schools yesterday morning. He said they have what it takes to succeed. He said local students he met here showed they have the benefit of Faith, Family and a Foundation of core values.

Harris Pastides talked of a problem of debt that many are now struggling with because of the cost of their education. He said USC has limited tuition hikes to 3% per year, but that this is still costly, adding up over the years.

One thing he noted in addressing cost is not to consider a Baccalaureate degree has to mean four years in school. He said a better definition of such a degree is 120 credit hours. He mentioned one Clinton High School student who told him yesterday that she has already earned 32 credits through taking AP courses. Dr. Pastides asked her what 32 credits meant. He then explained it means her freshman year is already covered! He suggested some can get thru college in three years, while others may be able to get the credits needed in 3 ½ years. He said students that fail behind and have to attend over four years are where the cost of college becomes very high.

Harris Pastides explained how USC’s in-state tuition rates are much lower that out-of-state tuition, and that a large portion can be covered with a scholarship from the S.C. Education Lottery. Meanwhile, out-of-state students pay much higher tuition, which we assume includes that lone freshman from Wyoming.

Free Coats Saturday Morning from 10:00

After some warm, summer-like weather this week; we’re returning to cooler, more seasonal temperatures this weekend. Yet we know even much colder weather can be just a few weeks away, when we’ll be need to wear a heavy coat. The problem of needy people who can’t afford a coat was very troubling for one local woman.

“I just prayed to God, ‘what can I do for the community, and people who are walking the street for the winter.’ And he gave me a vision to do a coat drive.” That’s Shirley Clark of Laurens, who started a Coat Drive one year ago. Her plan is a big coat giveaway in October and again in February. She said that by working in public schools she’s seen children who were doing without a good coat in cold weather, causing her to address that need. So we asked if the coats are just for kids. “Oh, no sir, its mens, womens, boys and girls. …Infants and whatever… …what’s the need.”

Shirley Clark said she has a lot of folks who partner with her in collecting coats for the needy. “And you can drop your coats off at Valvoline, Tony’s Storage and the Town of Gray Court.”

Folks who need a coat at times other than the October and February Give-Aways can contact her year-round. “You can reach me on my cell – 864-923-1879. I do drive around Laurens County with a magnet on my car – said “Miss Shirley’s Mission. Free Coats.”

Shirley Clark said her big fall Free Coat Give-way is tomorrow.  “That’s going to be at 10:00 O’clock in the morning….starts at 10:00…. At Laurens Jaycee Hut on 310 Exchange Drive.”

3 Car Thefts Discovered in 2 Hours

Clinton Public Safety investigated three motor vehicle thefts and two other cases of items stolen from vehicles Wednesday. The three vehicle thefts were discovered in a two-hour time frame. The first dispatch was to Caldwell Street at 5:44 AM, where a woman reported discovering her 2008 Dodge Charger was taken from her front yard, where she had left it the night before. She said the ignition key was in the car, but that the doors were locked. The car was valued at $8,000. Another dispatch at 7:07 that morning was to Chick Street, where a woman reported her son left her 2008 Ford F-150 outside with keys in the unlocked truck at 6:45 the previous evening. It reportedly contained various tools from a hammer and shovel to power tools and a ladder. Value of the stolen truck was $12,000.

Meanwhile, Officers discovered another vehicle in the Chick Street area that had been stolen. The ’95 vehicle was valued at $5,000. Officers located the owner, a Fairfield County man, who had apparently been visiting a woman in a Clinton apartment between 2:45 and 5:00 AM when the vehicle was stolen. When recovered, it reportedly had some tools that didn’t belong to the vehicle owner. They were seized by officers.

Cost Covered for Medical Flight

Laurens City employees will now have cost of being airlifted to a hospital covered, in event their transport is due to threat of life or limb. At the October meeting of council, earlier this week, City Council unanimously approved a contract with Air-Med-Care. Joe Lemons of the company said it covers the cost of air transport for employees and their household, even children away at college. Total cost for the program was reported as under $5,000. When questioned by Council Member Marion Miller, Lemons said Air-Med-Care is not an insurance company and cannot be considered as secondary insurance coverage or as supplemental coverage to any insurance policy. Membership provides prepaid protection for covered AirMedCare Network provider transportation costs that exceed a member’s health insurance or medical benefits.

Returns Home to Discover Burglary

A man reported coming home from work last night to find his residence had been broken into. Deputy Brandon Howard was dispatched to the residence off Chapman Road, Fountain Inn at 10:18 pm, and reported observing items thrown on the floor throughout the house. A bathroom window was shattered and blood was found on the back door of the residence. All of the resident’s medication was also missing. A Remington rifle with scope, a Playstation 3, a TV and medicine were taken, with total value listed at $3,800.

Unlawful Drug Possession

The Sheriff’s Office yesterday charged two people with an unlawful drug possession alleged on Wednesday. 26-year-old Brandon Scott Oxford of 57 Madden Road, Clinton and 30-year-old Sierra Dawn Braswell of 9 Sweetbriar Road, Gray Court were both charged with Possession of Less than One Gram of Ice, Crank or Crack Cocaine, 2nd Offense. In warrants for both, Sheriff’s Sgt. Nations states that they were in possession on October 19th and that both have prior convictions for this offense. Cash or surety bonds were set at $20,000 for each yesterday. Brandon Scot Oxford remained in detention this morning.

Sierra Dawn Braswell also remained in the Johnson Detention Center earlier this morning, but is also charged with Shoplifting from earlier in the month. She’s accused of taking beer, scented shades with strands and other items from a Dollar General on US 76, Clinton. She also has a $650 cash or surety bond on the Shoplifting charge.

Assault on Narnie Road

The Sheriff’s Office yesterday served a charge of Assault and Battery in the 3rd Degree on 32-year-old Angela Rene Graddick of Apt. 8-D at 800 Spring Street, Laurens. Deputy Perry states that on October 13th Ms. Graddick intentionally struck a victim several times during a physical altercation in the victim’s yard on Narnie Road near Laurens. Angela Rene Graddick was being held overnight in the Johnson Detention Center, pending a bond hearing.

Renovation of Dispatch Office

After nine months in temporary quarters, Clinton Public Safety’s Dispatch office has reopened. The operations room flooded from a burst overhead waterline on Saturday, January 9th, and the dispatch office was moved down the hall into a smaller office until repairs could be completed. Wednesday afternoon Dispatch staff returned to the repaired and remodeled Dispatch office, which is between the City Jail and the fire truck bay in the Clinton Public Service building on North Broad Street.

Candidate’s Event at 7:00 Tonight

A Laurens County Candidate’s “Meet and Greet” is scheduled for this evening at the Laurens County Higher Education Center. The Laurens County Tea Party states that all local candidates for the November 8th General Election have been invited to attend tonight’s event. Free refreshments are also to be provided.

Tonight’s candidate’s event is to be held in room 411 of the Higher Education Center, in the Professional Park off the Laurens-Clinton Highway.

All local voters are encouraged to attend this event, which is to start at 7:00 this evening.

Crack Cocaine Sale Yesterday Alleged

A drug sale to an informant yesterday was cited with an arrest by Laurens City Police. 31-year-old Michael Dwayne Watts of 900 Church Street, B1, Laurens was charged with Distribution of Crack Cocaine. Detective Michael Gainey states that based on information it appears that Mr. Watts distributed a quantity of crack cocaine to a criminal informant working for the Laurens Police Department on October 19th. The warrant states that this occurred at 900 Church Street in Laurens and that the defendant was positively identified as the subject by the informant and by officers, including Detective Kanipe. Michael Dwayne Watts was being held overnight, pending a bond hearing.

Criminal Sexual Conduct in 1st Degree

Two assault charges were served by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office yesterday that alleged actions the day before. 20-year-old Justin Jemel Elliot of 206 Harvest Lane, Fountain Inn was charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree and with Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature. In a Domestic Violence warrant Mr. Elliott is accused of assaulting a victim and preventing the victim from initially contacting law enforcement. In the 2nd warrant Sgt. Farrah Cook states that Mr. Elliott committed sexual battery on a victim on October 18th and briefly described alleged actions to that effect. Cash or surety bonds on the two charges were set yesterday totaling $75,000. Justin Elliott remained in custody earlier this morning.

City Votes to Divide Land with Fair Association

Laurens City Council this week gave unanimous first reading approval to an ordinance that is to divide property at the old Laurens County Fairgrounds between the City and the Laurens County Fair Association. Ordinance 10-16-03 is to convey 5.33 acres of real estate off Exchange Drive to the Fairground Association and will provide 3 acres to the City of Laurens by a warranty deed. According to Mayor John Stankus, this property has been the subject of much controversy when there were buyers interested in the property. City Attorney Tom Thompson noted “When Aldi was negotiating the site for their store, it was a long and difficult process.” Thompson called the ordinance a compromise and just an exchange of property to offer this quick claim deed to the fairgrounds association for 5.33, and leave 3 acres to the city. According to Attorney Thompson, the 3 acres the city will own is the best part of the property.

Due to restrictions on that property from a 1989 partnership agreement, one interested buyer was discouraged from building a motel on the property. Of the split between the City and the Fairgrounds Association Mayor Stankus said “This is a fair deal for the city and will put this baby to rest.”

In addition to the Aldi grocery store, other property at the former fairgrounds location has been developed as an apartment complex for seniors.

Alleged Cheating & Stealing

Charges of a theft and of cheating someone of money on two consecutive days earlier this month were alleged in an arrest by the Sheriff’s Office yesterday. 45-year-old Anthony Keith Thornley of 3595 Saw Mill Road, Gray Court was charged with Petit Larceny and with Breach / Obtain Signature or Property under False Pretense. Sgt. Farrah Cook states that on October 6th Mr. Thornley took a washer and dryer from a victim that were valued at $900 and that on October 7th he fraudulently obtained less than $2,000 in money from a victim with intent to cheat and defraud him. Anthony Keith Thornley was released on personal recognizance bonds totaling $2,000.

Unlawful Start of Car is One of Charges

A Clinton man was released on this own recognizance yesterday after being arrested just before midnight the night before on multiple charges. Tickets issued by Lt. Anderson allege the multiple offenses occurred at 11:39 Tuesday night at or near the intersection of North Sloan and West Main Streets. 20-year-old Malcolm Issiah Robinson of 135 Kathy’s Drive, Clinton was charged with Driving under Suspension, Improper Start of a Vehicle, Failure to Surrender Driver’s License, Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Malcolm Issiah Robinson was released on personal recognizance bonds totaling $1,327.25.

Laurens Council Approves Incentive

Laurens City Council last evening voted on measures setting up the framework for possible redevelopment of a large building on the Public Square that has been mostly vacant for many years. Council gave unanimous approval to a resolution regarding the multi-floor building at 111 and 113 East Laurens Street. While the Artists Coop occupies one side of the ground floor and the basement beneath that area, the other side of the ground floor and the 2nd and 3rd above-ground floors are empty.

The 21,000 square foot building was home of the Palmetto Bank many years ago. The parts of the building that are abandoned qualify the potential buyer of the property for a break on income taxes, but not on property taxes.

For the tax break to be given, at least $150,000 must be spent on renovations of the unused portion of the building.

Another action with numinous approval of City Council was 1st reading approval of an ordinance to provide a quit claim deed to the same company, Palmetto Enterprise LLC, for the alley behind the old bank building, from Silver Street to Laurel St. City Attorney Tom Thompson said this quick claim deed will allow for parking spaces for the new project, and is similar to what was used in a previous arrangement with Dominick Motors, on the other side of the square.


Laurens City Council last night gave 2nd reading approval to another ordinance regarding development of buildings on the Public Square. Ordinance 9-16-01 deals with The Historic Preservation Overlay District of the public square, and limits the use of street level building space as only to be used for commercial purposes, and not for residential. It does allow use of upper floors, above street level, for residential or commercial purposes. The ordinance was amended by council for clarification for basements. It excludes basements that have a rear entrance at street level from being considered “first floor.” That question arose during first reading of the ordinance in the September meeting of Laurens City Council.

Night-Time Burglary 2 ½ Years Ago

A night-time Burglary of a Clinton residence 2 ½ years ago was alleged with an arrest yesterday. Clinton Public Safety charged 25-year-old Willie Shawn Bookman of 414 North Marion Street, Joanna with 1st Degree Burglary and Petit Larceny. Detective Tyrone Goggins states that between April 9th and 10th of 2014 Willie Shawn Bookman broke into a residence in the 200 block of Brandi Lane within the nighttime hours and that he stole personal property from within. The property was valued at between one and two thousand dollars. Bond was denied on both charges during arraignment, so Willie Shawn Bookman remains in the Johnson Detention Center.

Mr. Bookman was also served with a Bench Warrant that shows he was convicted in Municipal Court August 31st of 2015 and sentenced to pay a fine of $324.88 or serve 30 days in the Johnson Detention Center.

Charges Served Tuesday from “Meth” Arrests

Bond was denied on all charges yesterday for a Greenville County man and a Laurens County woman who were arrested Monday night after two one-pots were allegedly discovered cooking meth in the back of the pickup they were in. As we reported yesterday, Deputy Brandon Howard made a traffic stop on Leesville Church Road, noting a defective tail light on the small Chevy truck.

Charged with Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law, Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Unlawful Disposal of Meth Waste were 52-year-old William Edgar “Red” Campbell of 484 East Old Hundred Road, Pelzer and 40-year-old Julie Delores Hostetler of 137 Forrest Road, Clinton.

Narcotics Investigator Nations cites Deputy Howard’s investigation as indicating that both were in possession of two one-pot methamphetamine labs used for the purpose of manufacturing methamphetamine on October 18th. Julie Hostetler is accused of obtaining Pseudophedrine the day before with the purpose of manufacturing methamphetamine. “Red” Campbell is accused of conspiring with Julie Hostetler to obtain Psuedophedrine for the purpose of manufacturing methamphetamine. Ms. Hostetler had a 4th warrant charging her with Possession of Diazepam, a schedule II Controlled Substance, without authority.

Both Mr. Campbell and Ms. Hostetler remained in the Johnson Detention Center today.

Stolen Pistol Possession Alleged on Two Robbery Suspects

Two men already charged with Armed Robbery have now been charged with Possession of Stolen Guns. 27-year-old Olin Christopher Rhodes II and 22-year-old Jonathan Eugene Merchant were booked last Thursday, each charged with two counts of Armed Robbery and two counts, use of a Weapon during a Violent Crime. Rhodes was booked with a Highway 92, Enoree address and Merchant was booked with a Young Road, Clinton address last week.

In warrants served this week, both are now also accused with Possession of Stolen Guns. Clinton Public Safety Sgt. Prather states that on October 11th – last Wednesday – each defendant possessed a stolen Springfield 1911 45-caliber firearm and an FN FNX 45-caliber pistol and that this occurred at 283 Locust Street in Clinton, listed as their address on the warrants.

With bonds denied on the new charges, both remained in the Johnson Detention Center today.

Car VS Motorcycle

A car versus motorcycle accident on Church Street in Laurens yesterday  afternoon caused serious but not life threatening injuries to the motorcyclist.  The accident occurred near the intersection of Church Street and Anderson Drive just after 4pm.

Multiple sources report that the injured motorcyclist was Ryan Thorne, owner of Thorne Ambulance Service and that Mr. Thorne suffered multiple fractures including possibly a broken leg.

Reportedly, the car involved in the crash left the scene crash but later returned.  Information concerning any charges was not available early this morning.