New GHS Vascular Lab – Laurens

Vascular and foot screenings were held last week  in celebration of the opening of the new GHS Vascular Lab-Laurens. The screens were also in recognition of National Foot Health Awareness Month. Residents at risk for stroke, abdominal aortic aneurysm and peripheral arterial disease took advantage of this special opportunity. Appointments for the eight-hour screenings were filled a week prior to the event, with a waiting list established for future screen dates.

The three screenings offered at the GHS Vascular Lab-Laurens included a carotid screening for stroke prevention, an abdominal screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm, and an ankle brachial index for peripheral arterial disease. In addition, Upstate Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center offered a free comprehensive foot exam conducted by a wound center podiatrist and wound care staff.

All screenings were held at 1073 Medical Ridge Road, the new location for the GHS Vascular Lab-Laurens and the already established Upstate Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center. Information about future screenings is available at 864-938-2848 for the GHS Vascular Lab-Laurens and at 864-833-3557  for the Upstate Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center.

Drug Possession Charge

A Drug Possession warrant was served yesterday on a man arrested the previous afternoon. Sheriff’s Deputies Nations and Hall were on patrol headed into Clinton on US 76 at 4:45 pm Sunday when they reportedly observed a car make a left turn onto Springdale Avenue and they followed, observing the vehicle turn right on to Jacobs Highway then left into the CVS parking lot. They made a traffic stop and issued a citation to the woman driving the older Cadillac with an Improper Lane Change. They arrested a passenger for a drug charge. 34-year-old Trevor Newell Stonell of 104 Shadow Wood Drive, Clinton was charged yesterday with unauthorized Possession of a Class II Controlled Substance. A warrant alleged possession of Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine pills. A $5,000 personal recognizance bond was set during arraignment yesterday and Trevor Newell Stonell was released to the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office.

Ugly Word Used

A Ware Shoals area woman reported a case of intimidation to the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office last evening. Deputy Noble responded to Highway 25 Business at 7:30 pm and met with a woman who reported she was outside in the garden between 9:00 and 9:30 Sunday evening when she heard an engine rev-up on the roadway, then heard someone yell comments from the vehicle that…well, we don’t want to use that word, let’s just way it cast her in the light of a woman engaged in naughty behavior. She said she then observed a red pickup drive-off. She gave the name of a man she suspects was in the truck and asked that the incident be documented.

Sentences on Two Theft Convictions

A man convicted Saturday of two thefts was placed in the Laurens County Detention Center yesterday. 30-year-old David Allen Gleaton of 273 Flymm Smith Road, Waterloo was served with Bench Warrants which state he was convicted in Magistrate’s Court on April 30th on two counts of Petit Larceny. Judge Thomas Copeland issued sentences of 30 days in jail or $470 on each of the two convictions. David Allen Gleaton remained custody this morning.

Two Women Fight over One Man

Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to a North Bell Street address at 12:37 yesterday afternoon after Dispatch received a 911 hang-up call. Officer Reel spoke with a woman who was the mother of a woman who had been in a fight with another woman. She said that her daughter had just come home when another woman pulled into the driveway, accompanied by three other females. That woman and her daughter began to fight. The other woman had since left, traveling in a “unknown” direction. Officers spoke with the daughter, noticing scratches on her face. She said that she was OK and didn’t want to press charges. She said that the fight between her and the other woman occurred because the other woman thought she was messing with her man.

Arrests after Alleged Transaction

Sheriff’s Officers were called to the Sonic on East Main, Laurens at 12:27 Friday afternoon where a witness reported observing a man give money to a woman in a car outside the restaurant and receive a baggie from the woman. Officers Nations and Hall investigated. A man said he had paid for ice cream and said he gave money to help with the power bill. Further discussion reportedly led to discovery of marijuana. They reported finding cash and other materials in the female subject’s possession.

24-year-old Brittany Eileen Huckabee of 2818 Highway 39, Mountville was issued a ticket charging Simple Possession of Marijuana at 1:00 pm Friday at 9:26 East Main. Warrants served later also charged her with Trafficking in Ice, Crank or Crack, Distribution of Methamphetamine and with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute.

Deputy Nations states that on April 29th Ms. Huckabee did knowingly possess 10 grams or more of crack cocaine/Ice/Crank, a schedule II Controlled Substance, without authority to do so; that she knowingly distributed methamphetamine Friday and that she did knowingly and without authorization distribute Marijuana, a Schedule I controlled substance.

Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $100,620 on the four charges. Brittany Eileen Huckabee of Highway 39, Mountville remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

50-year-old Larry Gene Parrish of 70 Smullen Drive, Laurens was ticketed at 1:00 Friday afternoon on a Simple Possession of Marijuana charge. Later, he was served with a warrant also charging him with Possession of Less than One Gram of Ice, Crank or Crack Cocaine 3rd or Subsequent Offense. A warrant issued Saturday states that on April 29th the defendant did knowingly possess or attempt to possess less than one gram of Ice, and that he had a prior conviction for the same offense. Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $25,620. Larry Gene Parish remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

Resisting Arrest with Handgun

Resisting arrest with a handgun was one of the charges served yesterday on a man arrested early Sunday. Laurens City Police have now charged 25-year-old Maurice Kenneth Wilson of 218 Spring Street, Apt. 11, Laurens with Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol, with Resisting Arrest with a Deadly Weapon and with Possession of a Pistol by a Violent Offender.

Officer Gallo cites investigation of Sgt. Charles Simmons as indicating that on May 1st on Spring Street the defendant concealed a handgun about his person without a permit to do so and that he is a person convicted of a violent crime and therefore is not allowed to have a firearm. Maurice Wilson allegedly resisted arrest with a deadly weapon by concealing a handgun about his person and attempting to retrieve the handgun while resisting lawful arrest during an incident on Spring Street Sunday.

Cash or surety bonds were set on the three charges totaling $175,000. Maurice Kenneth Wilson remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

1st Degree Domestic Assault

Domestic Violence of the 1st Degree was alleged yesterday from a Saturday assault in a Laurens motel. Laurens City Police charged 36-year-old Jimmy Dean Wilson of 102 Bolt Drive, Laurens with Domestic Violence 1st Degree. He was booked with an address of 230 Poplar Springs Road, Ware Shoals.

Officer Gallo cites investigation of Sgt. Charles Simmons as indicating that on April 30th the defendant assaulted the victim and restricted her airway during an incident at 102 Bolt Drive, room 225. The warrant states that the defendant and victim had lived together for several months. A cash or surety bond of $20,000 was set on the 1st Degree Domestic Violence charge. Jimmy Dean Wilson remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

Trespassing for Sex?

Laurens Police arrested a local resident Friday following an alleged interaction with a minor. 20-year-old Monquez Davante Leamon of 112 East Hampton Street, Laurens was charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor and with Hindering a Police Investigation.

Warrants citing the investigation of Officer Dillon Sheffield state that on April 29th the defendant committed the crime of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor by being on a property on Sumter Street which he did not have permission to be on and that he fled upon sight of law enforcement. Another warrant states that he and the victim were trespassing for the means of participating in sexual interaction and that these actions were completed in presence of a minor. The defendant is accused of hindering a police investigation by knowingly and willfully concealing the identity of a suspect, lying to law enforcement about the identity of the suspect three separate times April 29th.

Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $30,000 on the two charges. Monquez Davante Leamon remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

K-9 Alerts, Pipe in Car Earlier

The Laurens County K-9 escorted by Corporal Rushing was called to a traffic stop on West Main in Clinton at 2:10 this morning where the driver did not give consent to search a vehicle suspected of having drug paraphernalia. Diesel reportedly alerted on the vehicle. No drugs or paraphernalia were located, but the driver reportedly indicated that there was a glass pipe in the vehicle earlier and he thought his passenger from earlier in the evening may have taken it with her. No charges were filed.

Break-In & Theft in 2014

The Sheriff’s Office Friday charged a Newberry man with a Joanna Break-In and Theft from 18 months ago. 34-year-old James Jimmy Wise Jr. of 2810 Miline Avenue, Newberry was charged with Burglary 3rd Degree and Petit Larceny. He is accused of entering a building on South Hampton Street, Joanna on October 29th, 2014 and of taking away items belonging to a resident of that address. Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $20,000 on the two charges. James Jimmy Wise Jr. remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

Violation of Probation

State Probation Friday issued a Violation of Probation charge on 24-year-old Phillip James Childress of 126 Allen Street, Woodruff. A warrant states Mr. Childress failed to follow the advice and instructions of his agent and failed to report to the probation office as directed, last reporting December 2nd, 2015, He’s also accused of failing to maintain gainful employment and to make required payments. A $75,000 cash or surety bond was set on the Violation of Probation charge. Phillip James Childress remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

Fatality East of Whitmire

A fatal wreck occurred on Highway 72 six miles east of Whitmire Saturday afternoon. South Carolina Highway Patrol Lance Corporal Bill Rhyme said the wreck occurred at 3:46 Saturday afternoon in Southern Union County when Nissan four-door car was headed west ran off the right side of the road. The driver over-corrected then the Nissan ran off the left side of the road, struck a tree and caught fire. Rhyme said the driver was the only occupant of the car, and died at the scene from injuries received in the wreck.

Sister VS Brother

Sheriff’s Corporal Brent Rushing was dispatched to Boyd Road west of Laurens at 1:36 Sunday morning on a domestic disturbance. A woman indicated she was having an argument with her son, who had been drinking. Corporal Rushing reported that before he could finish his conversation with the mother, a daughter arrived, went inside and began yelling at her brother about disrespecting their mother. Hearing what sounded like furniture being knocked over he stepped inside the residence and reported finding the two actively fighting each other. Backup was called from the Sheriff’s Office and Laurens Police and the two were pulled apart. Corporal Rushing issued tickets at 2:00 am Sunday charging Assault and Battery 3rd Degree on 25-year-old Tiffany Shawanda Garrett and 19-year-old Bradley O’Neal Irby, both of 1898 Boyd Road, Laurens. Ms. Garrett and Mr. Irby were released later Sunday on personal recognizance bonds of $470.

Raider Baseball On The Air Tonight

LDHS A-Diamond L-med-png

Real Radio 860 WLBG has been given tentative approval to broadcast the Raiders at Lugoff-Elgin baseball game tonight. We will go live just before 7:00 pm and of course we will stream it live on the internet here at

Mike will also try to keep you updated on the Raider softball team which will be hosting Mauldin tonight at 7:00 also. Both teams need to win to stay in the playoffs.

Need for New EMS Quarters

Laurens County Council this week discussed a problem of overcrowding at the EMS offices on Exchange Drive, known as “Medic 1.”  Council Chair Joe Wood Tuesday evening appointed Councilwoman Diane Anderson to head an all council committee to look into the need to find either new or expanded quarters for the county EMS. EMS Director Chad Burrell said “We have absolutely outgrown our current building, our air-conditioning is not working properly, we have no room for our medications, our roof needs repair, we have one bathroom for all employees, and there is not enough parking for essential vehicles and employees.” Burrell requested EMS be moved into the recently vacated Church Street building. Other options include constructing a building near the hospital.

Roof Needs Work on County Court on Services at Hillcrest Square

Laurens County Administrator Ernie Segars this week requested County Council discuss the process of dealing with the needed repairs to the older parts of the county complex at Hillcrest Square, where leaks have developed. Rob Russian, Director of Public Works told council that the majority of leaks are in the area containing the courtroom and the “Hall of Heroes.” Russian reported that there was $250,000 in funds left over from the bond issue that was used to build on the new county offices, and that money has to be used for Hillcrest Square. He said a resolution would be the only requirement for using those funds to address the problem with leaks in the older Hillcrest Square building. He presented council with a picture of the building, divided into three sections. These did not include the new county administrative offices.

Russian received an estimate of $540,000 for a new roof on all three sections, but noted there are other options that include using foam coatings and re-covering the roof on all or just one of the sections. Russian was asked to obtain bids on all of the options for council to use in making a final decision about the roofing repair.

Multiple Drug Sales

Multiple drug sales were alleged yesterday as Clinton Public Safety arrested 31-year-old David Edward Wood of 705 North Broad Street, Clinton. He was charged with three counts, Distribution of Methamphetamine and three counts, Distribution within Proximity of a School or Park. Warrants cite the joint investigation of Clinton Detective Prather and Sheriff’s Narcotics Officer Sweat in alleging undercover sales of meth from 705 North Broad Street on three dates last month. The defendant is accused of selling a quantity of methamphetamine to a confidential informant working in an undercover capacity on March 7th, 11th and 30th, 2016. These transactions allegedly occurred within a half mile of a school or public park. David Edward Wood was released yesterday on personal recognizance bonds totaling $15,000.

9th Year for Laurens Idol

The City of Laurens has announced the ninth season for Laurens Idol in the summer of 2016. The Laurens Idol competition will be for ages 16 while Laurens Jr. Idol is available for youth aged 8 to 15. Laurens Idol is sponsored by the Laurens Parks and Recreation Department and

The first audition is just a week away, starting at 10:00 am Saturday, May 7th. A second audition will begin at 6:00 pm the following Thursday, May 12th. Auditions will be held in Laurens Police Offices on the 2nd floor of the Sun Trust Building, Downtown on West Main.

All participants will be asked to sing a one-minute a cappella version of a song of their choice. Auditions are open to individuals or groups of no more than three. Judges will select finalists for the Laurens Idol competition and finalists for the Jr. Idol competition.

Laurens Idol will begin the 2016 competition at the Little River Amphitheater on Thursday, June 9th with all finalists performing. Voting will begin on with the voting open until midnight on Sunday night. Each Monday, the remaining finalists will be unveiled on This format will be used after each performance. Performers will be eliminated after each round on June 9th, 16th and 23rd.

The five finalists in each division will perform on Thursday, June 30th. The finale will take place at the annual Riverfront Freedom Festival on July 3rd with the crowning of the 2016 Laurens Idols. The winner of Laurens Idol will receive $1000 and the Jr. Idol winner will receive $200.

Registrations for Laurens Idol are available at Laurens City Hall. Applications can be completed then or on the day of auditions. There is no fee to register.

Slavery in 2016

While slavery here in Laurens County was officially abolished by Abraham Lincoln a long time ago, the practice remains as part of criminal activity. Rick Garner, Chair of O.F.A., “Operation Freedom Awareness,” based in Greenville, addressed Laurens Rotary yesterday about the three-year-old agency and its efforts to raise awareness of the problem and to come to the aid of victims. He noted that Human Trafficking in our area involves undocumented aliens being forced into work in agribusiness and also in hair braiding and nail shops. However, he said that 83% of the victims of Human Trafficking are American-born. Many of these are forced into the sex trade. He said Atlanta and Charlotte are hot beds for this illicit activity, and that it’s also a serious issue in Greenville. The O.F.A. Chair said this business is estimated to annually generate $9 ½ Billion in the US. He said some Pimps in Atlanta make $33,000 a week. He said “Traffickers” are from all walks of life, and gave an example of a 14-year-old girl who was forced into the sex trade by a man from her neighborhood who had befriended her.