1st Degree Assault Cites Pocket Knife

Clinton’s Department of Public Safety arrested a local man for an alleged 1st Degree assault on a local woman yesterday. 68-year-old Elvin Jackson Sr. of 200 Gordon Street, Clinton was charged with 1st Degree Assault and with Possession a Weapon during a Violent Crime.

Mr. Jackson is accused of assaulting the victim Sunday by offering to injure her, with the present ability to do so, by threatening her with an edged weapon, making the victim fear for her safety. This allegedly occurred at 200 Gordon Street in Clinton. A second warrant states that Jackson had in his possession a pocket knife and that he displayed this weapon during the commission of the violent offense of Assault in the First Degree yesterday.

With cash or surety bonds set totaling $30,000 on the two charges, Elvin Jackson Sr. remained in the Laurens County Detention Center.

1st Degree Domestic Violence

A Clinton man was arrested this weekend on two assault charges. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office booked 27-year-old Cameron O’Neil McGowan of 1233 Charlotte’s Road, Clinton Saturday on charges of 1st Degree Domestic Violence, 3rd Degree Assault and Battery and on a Resisting Arrest warrant, regarding alleged Friday assaults.

The 1st Degree Domestic Violence warrant states that an investigation by Deputy McLain indicates that McGowan committed 1st Degree Domestic Violence by repeatedly striking the victim about her head and face with his fist, and that the defendant has a prior conviction for 1st Degree Domestic Violence. This assault allegedly occurred in the presence of their juvenile son.

In the 3rd Degree Assault and Battery warrant, McGowan was accused of pushing another person over a table, causing her to fall to the floor. A third warrant states that McGowan knowingly and willfully opposed and/or resisted arrest by a law enforcement officer by refusing to go with officers, and by fighting them as they were making the lawful arrest.

Cameron O’Neil McGowan was released this weekend on cash or surety bonds totaling $10,087 on his three charges.

Xanax Sale Last December

Unlawful Xanax possession last fall was alleged with Clinton Public Safety’s Friday arrest of 20-year-old Azell James Robinson of 34 Peachtree Street, Clinton. Mr. Robinson was charged with Distribution of a Schedule IV Narcotic and Distribution with Proximity of a School or Park.

Sgt. Shane Prather states that on December 12th of 2016 Robinson sold a quantity of pills to a confidential informant who was working in an undercover capacity. The pills were identified as Xanax, a schedule IV controlled substance. This reportedly occurred with a half mile of a school or park in the city limits of Clinton.

Azell James Robinson remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning with cash or surety bonds totaling $4,000 on the two charges.

Crack Cocaine Last November

Clinton’s Department of Public Safety arrested a woman on Crack Cocaine charge from last fall on Friday. 52-year-old Alice Renee Lynch of 315 Summeral Street, Clinton was charged with Possession of Crack Cocaine.

She is accused of having less than one gram of crack cocaine in her possession at 812 North Broad in Clinton on November 29, 2016. Alice Renee Lynch was released from the Laurens County Detention Center on a $5,000 bond.

Meth Found from Traffic Stop

A woman received three drug charges following a traffic stop in Laurens Saturday night.  Laurens City Police served 53-year-old Serena C. Pitts of 975 Deer Valley Road, Laurens with a warrant charging her with Possession of a Schedule IV Narcotic. It states that during a lawful traffic stop Saturday she was found to be in possession of less than one gram of meth. She was also charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana and with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in tickets issued by arresting Officer Van Pelt at 10:06 Saturday night on Conway Avenue. Serena C. Pitts was released on personal recognizance bonds totaling $6,115 on the three charges.

Arrest at :44 minute Past Midnight

A drug charge followed a traffic ticket a Laurens Police Officer issued this weekend. 34-year-old Ryan Ashley Mantooth of 536 Garrison Road, Pelzer was arrested with Officer Van Pelt issuing a ticket charging him with Driving under Suspension at 44 minutes after midnight Saturday morning on North Harper. A warrant served later Saturday charged the Pelzer man with Possession of a Controlled Substance. It states that on July 22nd the defendant had in his possession 23 dosage units – pills – of two schedule IV controlled substances, found during a lawful traffic stop on North Harper.
Ryan Ashley Mantooth was released this weekend on cash or surety bonds totaling $5,647.

Theft of Handgun Alleged

Clinton Public Safety arrested a local male Friday for the alleged theft of a handgun last Monday.  17-year-old Shamaurie Foggie of 201 Friendship Drive, Clinton was charged with Petit Larceny. He’s accused of taking a black handgun at his residence July 18th with the intent of depriving the owner. Shamaurie Foggie remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning with a cash or surety bond set at $4,000.

Bench Warrant on Petit Larceny

Fountain Inn Police delivered a man to the Laurens County Detention Center Saturday on orders from Municipal Court. 20-year-old Eric Moses Brimhall of 6 Deer Creek Drive, Piedmont was served with a Bench Warrant that states he was convicted of Forgery on February 21st, 2017 with a sentence of 30 days remaining to be served. Mr. Brimhall remained in custody this morning in service of that sentence.

Three Charged in Drug Conspiracy Event Wednesday

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office yesterday served warrants on three Spartanburg County men from an alleged attempt to distribute marijuana in Laurens County Wednesday. We believe this occurred in Lanford. The three men were arrested Wednesday, and held for charges.

25-year-old Lamar Eugene Cheatham of 312 Austin Street, Spartanburg was charged yesterday with Criminal Conspiracy, Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, 3rd or Subsequent Offense and with Distribution of Marijuana, 3rd or Subsequent Offense. Investigator Nations states that on July 19th Lamar Eugene Willi Lee Cheatham and two others planned or schemed to Distribute Marijuana by choreographing the delivery of an amount of weed. Nations further states that Cheatham had more than 28 grams of marijuana in his possession, which constitutes possession with intent to distribute. Cheatham reportedly has prior convictions for this offense. Cheatham also allegedly contacted a confidential informant working with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office and attempted to deliver marijuana for $130. This reportedly occurred under the supervision of the Sheriff’s Narcotics Division. Prior convictions were noted on this warrant, as well.

25-year-old Monterrus Lekivan Dante Ferguson of 103 Tower Road, Moore was charged yesterday with Criminal Conspiracy. Investigator Nations states that on July 19th Ferguson planned with Cheatham and a 3rd suspect to distribute marijuana by acquiring a driver to deliver the drug.

That third suspect, 25-year-old Corey Lamon Mills of 1631 Fernwood-Glendale Road, Spartanburg, is charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Deliver, Criminal Conspiracy, Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol and Driving under Suspension. Investigator Nation states that on July 19th Mills had about 27 grams of Marijuana in his possession at 21550 Highway 221 North along with two digital scales and numerous clear plastic bags. Mills is accused of conspiring with Cheatham and Ferguson to distribute marijuana by agreeing to be the driver in the delivery of the marijuana. He’s also accused of operating a vehicle while his license to drive was suspended. Investigator Nations also stated that Ferguson had a Taurus 9 mm pistol in a red, black and white book bag Wednesday, and that he does not have a concealed weapons permit.

Lamar Eugene Cheatham, Monterrus Ferguson and Corey Mills were held a 2nd night, awaiting bond hearings today.

Arrest Alleges Two Undercover Drug Sales

Clinton’s Department of Public Safety arrested a local man yesterday on charges stemming from undercover drug investigations two months earlier this year. 29-year-old John Bailey Copeland III of 113 Milling Street, Clinton is charged with two counts of Distribution of Crack Cocaine, 3rd or Subsequent Offense and two counts of Possession of Crack Cocaine with Intent to Distribute in Proximity of a School or Park.

Warrants citing investigations of City and County officers state that Mr. Copeland sold a quantity of crack cocaine to a confidential informant who was working in an undercover capacity. These sales allegedly occurred on East Bluford Street, within a half mile of a school or public park. The transactions are alleged to have occurred on February 14th and April 26th of this year.

John Bailey Copeland III was being held in the Laurens County Detention Center overnight, pending a bond hearing on the charges today.

7 Drug Charges Served on Cross Hill Man

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office has served seven drug charges on a Cross Hill man, alleging unlawful activity yesterday. 42-year-old Michael Jerome Davis of 12409 Highway 72, Cross Hill is charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, 3rd or subsequent offense, Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent, and several warrant citing possession of various narcotic pills of schedule I, II and II controlled substances as well as schedule IV controlled substances.

Among charges cited in the warrants, Michael Davis is accused of possessing 7.6 grams of marijuana yesterday with intent to distribute. That warrant states he has prior convictions for that offense. Other warrants state that he had two bags of crystal-like substance that weighed approximately 3.8 grams. He’s also accused of having 8 Clonozopan pills, also Alprazolam pills and Hydrocodone pills.

Michael Jerome Davis was being held overnight in the Laurens County Detention Center, with arraignment expected today on the seven drug warrants.

Property Sale Suggests Business Expansion

The Laurens Commission of Public Works, at their July meeting this week, granted approval for management to buy one parcel of land and to sell another. The land they’re selling is in the Hunter Industrial Park. A small parcel of just less than three acres, located between the Industrial Park Road and Interstate 385, is being sold to Brown Dog Properties. WLBG has leaned the purchase is to be used for expansion of a Laurens business, which will be moving from its present location to the industrial park. At $20,000 per acre, this property is to be sold for $58,600.

The Commissioners voted to authorize the General Manager to proceed with that sale of property, as well as authorizing the purchase of a piece of property on the east side of Burns Street. The property is to be purchased from the Laurens County Advertiser for $4,500. The property, at the back of the newspaper’s property, joins the CPW property, at its Burns Street parking lot.

PC Pharmacy Professor to Lead State Association

The Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy continues to make a name for itself professionally as evidenced last month during the 141st annual South Carolina Pharmacy Association meeting in Hilton Head.

Dr. Kayce Shealy, assistant professor of pharmacy practice, was inducted as president of the association for 2017-18 after serving for a year as president-elect. Her inaugural speech encouraged peers in the profession to be passionate about their daily work and the work they do together to ensure the future success of pharmacy.

PC School of Pharmacy dean Dr. Cliff Fuhrman said Shealy has been an association leader for several years, as a delegate, a former speaker of the house, and President-Elect, before assuming her latest role as president.

Dean Fuhrman said “We’re very proud of Dr. Shealy’s commitment to serve as president,” he said. “It says a lot about her as a leader and about our school and its commitment to service. She is a great role model to our students and demonstrates that we don’t just preach service – we’re actively involved in it.”

Dr. Tiffaney Threatt, also an assistant professor of pharmacy practice at PCSP, assumed leadership in the SCPhA, as well, after being named as an Upstate region delegate.

Police Assault While Resisting Arrest

Fountain Inn Police delivered a local man to the Laurens County Detention Center this morning after he allegedly assaulted an officer yesterday while resisting arrest. 25-year-old Jurrell Reginald Spurgeon of 1092 Chapman Road, Fountain Inn is charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana,

Failure to Stop for Blue Light and Resisting Arrest / Wounding a police officer. Warrants state that he failed to stop for a blue light yesterday by getting back into his 2012 Dodge Challenger and driving away from a traffic stop in the Laurens County portion of Fountain Inn. He’s accused of assaulting a police officer in the process by pushing him away and getting back into his vehicle and driving away as the officer was trying to get him out of the vehicle. The Simple Possession of Marijuana charge came in a ticket issued at 8:38 last night.

While a $615 personal recognizance bond was set on the Marijuana ticket,  Jurrell Reginald Spurgeon was being held with cash or surety bonds totaling $11,500 on the other two charges.

Receiving Stolen Goods, Unlawful Meth Disposal

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office yesterday charged a man with Unlawful Disposal of Methamphetamine Waste at his residence Wednesday.

49-year-old Edward Eugene Ray of 987 Penland Road, Laurens was initially arrested with a ticket issued by Deputy Turner at 7:00 Wednesday evening, charging Ray with Receiving Stolen Goods. Yesterday, a warrant was served which states that on July 19th Mr. Ray was found to have unlawfully disposed of methamphetamine waste on his property. Edward Eugene Ray was being held earlier today with cash or surety bonds totaling $5,465 on the two charges.

United Way School Supplies Drive

The 13th Annual United Way of Laurens County “School Supplies Drive” is underway. Many businesses and organizations around Laurens County are accepting donations of school supplies during the month of July. Several local businesses are collecting items from employees and the public up until the date of the actual event.

In the Laurens area these include Baldwin Automotive, Family YMCA of Greater Laurens, Firmin Ford, Founders FCU, Laurens CPW, the Laurens County School District 55 office, Laurens County Water & Sewer Commission (LCWSC), Park Sterling Bank, PRTC, & SunTrust Bank.

In the Clinton area, donations are being accepted at the City of Clinton office on North Broad, GHS/Laurens County Memorial Hospital, Hospice of Laurens County, the Laurens County School District 56 office and the United Way office.

In the Gray Court area, you may drop off donations for the United Way back-to-school drive at Gray Court Town Hall.

Donations will be accepted during normal business hours for each location.

The 13th Annual United Way Back-to-School Supplies Drive culminates Friday and Saturday, August 4th and 5th, as United Way Volunteers are stationed at the Wal-Mart store in Laurens to accept school supplies on behalf of students in Districts 55 and 56. The collections will be taking place Friday, the 4th, from Noon until 5:00 pm. Saturday collections on August 5th will be from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.

This year, the Chic-Fil-A Cow will be on hand the first hour each day with free items to be given away, while they last.

Last year, over 4,000 items were collected, as well as hundreds more purchased from donations of money. A list of supplies needed is listed at donation sites as well as on the United Way web site:  www.uwlc-online.org

Clinton Man Charged with Multiple Assaults

Clinton Public Safety yesterday served warrants on a local man for alleged assaults on three people early this month. 36-year-old Keemarreo Alfreddrick Dillard of 806 North Sloan Street, Clinton was charged with Domestic Violence in the 1st Degree, Assault and Battery 3rd Degree and with Unlawful Conduct toward a child.

Keemarreo, also known as “Shy” and “Shawn” Dillard is accused of placing a juvenile child at unreasonable risk of harm on July 8th by causing unlawful bodily harm during an incident on North Sloan Street. The Assault and Battery warrant states that on July 8th he struck a victim about her face on North Sloan, causing her to fall. The 1st Degree Domestic Violence warrant states that Dillard inflicted physical harm to the victim by kicking her in the presence of minors. It states he had one prior conviction of Domestic Violence within the past ten years and the he and the victim live together and have children in common.

During arraignment yesterday, bond was denied on all three charges. Keemarreo Alfrerddrick “Shy” or “Shawn” Dillard remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

4 Charged with Trafficking in Meth

Four men and women from across the Upstate were arrested shortly after midnight yesterday morning following a traffic stop by Laurens City Police on North Harper at the motel where they were reportedly staying. The two men and two women were each charged with Trafficking in Methamphetamine and with Possession of Cocaine, as well as both Trafficking in Meth and Possession of Cocaine in Proximity of a Park.

38-year-old Glenn Michael Moccia of 216 Stewart’s Landing, Boiling Springs was also charged with Driving under Suspension. Laurens Police Officer Van Pelt issued a ticket stating Moccia was driving under suspension on North Harper at 12:36 yesterday morning. While a personal recognizance bond of $647 was set on his DUS charge, bond was denied on the four drug charges.

Also facing a 5th charge was 32-year-old Renna Nicole Carr of 503 Morning Creek Place, Greenville. Officer Van Pelt issued her a ticket charging Simple Possession of Marijuana at 12:36 yesterday morning on North Harper Street. A $615 bond was set on Ms. Carr’s Simple Possession charge, but bond was denied on the four warrants regarding alleged Meth Trafficking and Cocaine Possession.

Also charged with Trafficking in Methamphetamine and Possession of Cocaine, along with charges of committing those violations within a half mile of Laurens City Park, were 35-year-old Jeffery Scott Wooley of 126 Kingswood Drive, Simpsonville and 52-year-old Cynthia Curtis Green of 214 Drury Lane, Mauldin. Bonds were also denied on these four charges for Mr. Wooley and Ms. Green.

In all four warrants charging Trafficking in Meth, an investigation of Officer Van Pelt is noted in stating these four suspects were in possession of 51 grams of methamphetamine and 1.3 gram of cocaine, discovered during a lawful traffic stop at 36 minutes after midnight at 621 North Harper Street, where the suspects were reportedly staying in a motel.

Glenn Michael Moccia of Boiling Springs, Renna Nicole Carr of Greenville, Jeffery Scott Wooley of Simpsonville and Cynthia Curtis Green of Mauldin remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

Meth Distribution Subject with 5 Priors

A Meth Distribution charge was served yesterday on a Laurens woman who had been arrested the day before by Lt. Byrd. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office charged 40-year-old Suzanna Grant Ware of 66 Linda Drive, Laurens with Distribution of Methamphetamine, 3rd or Subsequent Offense. Lt. Timothy Byrd states that on July 18th Suzanna Leigh Grant Ware possessed 1.6 grams of crystal like substance that field tested positive for Methamphetamine. She also allegedly had 3 syringes of clear liquid that field tested positive as methamphetamine. The warrant states that the defendant has five prior narcotic convictions.

With a cash or surety bond set at $8,000, Suzanna Grant Ware remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

2 Bad Checks, 2 Dates in January

Fountain Inn Police yesterday served two warrants charging Forgery on 41-year-old Kenneth Jason Lollis of 117 Shady Oak Road, Fountain Inn.

Officer Joshua Peden states that Mr. Lollis defrauded the Handee Mart by producing or publishing counterfeit checks for $450 as true on January 4th and on January 7th of this year. The warrants state that Lollis knew or should have known that these were not true checks. Kenneth Jason Lollis remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning with cash or surety bonds totaling $15,000 on the two charges.