Assault on Child Alleged

Laurens City Police yesterday arrested a local man on allegations that he assaulted a child Tuesday. 33-year-old Aaron Alfonzo Moultrie of 109 Pridmore Street, Laurens was charged with Unlawful Conduct toward a Child. A warrant states that the investigation of Officer Billy Sellers indicates that on April 26th Mr. Moultrie assaulted a 12-year-old child through strangulation, causing the child both physical and mental anguish. The victim reportedly sustained a minor laceration to his left arm during the assault on Pridmore Street in Laurens. A cash or surety bond was set at $25,000 yesterday. Aaron Alfonzo Moultrie remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

False Info to Avoid Arrest

Clinton Public Safety located a man wanted for a Bench Warrant yesterday morning. The Bench Warrant cites a conviction last November on a Simple Possession of Marijuana charge, noting the man was sentenced to 30 days or $620, and that he still owes $400 of that fine.

38-year-old Lawrence Henry White Jr. of 1617 Gary Street, Clinton was arrested at 8:03 yesterday morning on South Bell Street, with two additional charges added. In a warrant charging Mr. White with Providing False Information to Avoid Arrest, Lt. Cathy Anderson states that White provided a driver’s license in the name of his brother yesterday, stating this was done to prevent his arrest, due to there being a Bench Warrant for his arrest.

Meanwhile, Lt. Anderson also issued a ticket, charging Lawrence Henry White Jr. with being in Possession of a small amount of Marijuana yesterday morning at 8:03, while being arrested for the Bench Warrant from his conviction on the same charge last fall.

In addition to the remaining $400 fine due from last November’s Marijuana conviction, Lawrence White Jr. also has cash or surety bonds of $620 on both the new Simple Possession ticket and the Providing False Information warrant. He remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

Failure to Pay

A Newberry man was booked in the Laurens County Detention Center yesterday from an alleged failure here last week. 24-year-old Charles Ricky “Charlie” Wilson of 2733 Collinswood Drive, Newberry was served with a Laurens County General Sessions Bench warrant. It cites him with “Failure to Pay” for a General Sessions Non-Jury Court on April 18th, 2016 for a Grand Larceny charge. The Bench Warrant for his arrest was issued April 20th.

Financial Transaction Card Fraud

Clinton Public Safety yesterday made an arrest from an alleged fraudulent bank card use last Friday. 30-year-old Brittney Layne Huckabee of Apt D-6 at 590 Phillips Street, Clinton was charged with Financial Transaction Card Fraud. Lt. Cathy Anderson states that on April 22nd at 900 North Broad Street Ms. Huckabee used a credit card that belonged to another woman, knowingly and willfully presenting the financial transaction card without authorization of permission of the owner to obtain goods valued at $933.04. Brittney Huckabee was being held overnight, pending a bond hearing today.

Resisting Arrest

An incident on the south side of Laurens last evening resulted in the arrest of a resident from the scene. Laurens City Police arrested 36-year-old Gretchen Aubrey Noseworthy of 115 Pine Street, Laurens, charging her with Breach of Peace and with Resisting Arrest at 5:30 pm. Officer Scogin issued tickets on the charges from the incident on Pine Street at or near Greenwood Road. Ms. Noseworthy was being held overnight, pending a bond hearing.

Life without Parole

“Life without Parole” was the sentence yesterday for 42-year-old Christopher Wells. He was actually found “Not Guilty” of the actual Murder of Johnny Lee Cheeks near Enoree on October 31st, 2013. Mr. Cheeks was shot in the head and neck with a .38 caliber handgun during an armed robbery attempt. Three men were charged with the crime. WSPA-TV reports that Solicitor David Stumbo confirmed that Christopher Wells was found not-guilty of the murder, but was found “Guilty” of Armed Robbery, Criminal Conspiracy and Possession of a Weapon during Commission of a Crime.

Circuit Judge Frank Addy yesterday handed down the sentence of life without the possibility of parole after considering Wells’ prior record. Wells was charged with murder in Greenville County in 1992. He pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and spent more than 21 years in prison. WSPA notes that Wells was released from prison on August 23, 2013. 7 News reports that just over two months from his release, Wells was positively identified standing outside a vehicle during an armed robbery-gone-bad that ended with the shooting death of 61-year-old Johnny Cheek.

The gun used in the shooting belonged to Wells and the vehicle used to flee the scene was registered to Wells.

Of two co-defendants, David Lee Walker was sentenced to Life in Prison without Parole after being found guilty of Murder in February, 2015. Johnny Saxon is still awaiting trial.

5 Year Plan Sets High Goals for School District 56

The Laurens County School District 56 Board of Trustees was presented with a Strategic Plan at the groups’  April meeting this week. The plan covers 5 years from now through 2021.

School board member Tammy Stewart commented that the recent meeting with stakeholders, everyone from students, parents, community members to teachers, was very informative.  The plan presented to the board contained numerous items which had been amended to reflect the suggestions put forward in that meeting.

Board chairman Jim Barton did want clarification of one thing before the vote.  Was this plan a general outline of goals, hopes and wishes of what the district wants to accomplish, he asked, or was it a commitment to accomplish the outlined goals.  He pointed out, for example, that one stated goal was to increase parental involvement at parent/teacher conferences to 100%.  He said that was a nice goal and was something he thought the district would strive for but that he very much doubted 100% would ever be achieved.

Superintendent Dr. David O’Shields explained that the plan was just that…..a plan.  It was not a commitment.  The plan describes where the district wants to be and hopes to be.  On Mr. Barton’s specific point concerning the parent/teacher conferences, Dr. O’Shields said that it really should be the goal of the district to have 100% parental involvement.  In fact, he said, it would be wrong for the district to plan to have anything less.  He said that we all understand that in the real world 100% would probably never occur but that is the stated goal of the district.

Mr. Barton then called for a vote.  The 5-year Strategic Plan for District 56 was passed by the board’s unanimous vote Monday evening.

Three Arrested in Clinton on Drug & Firearms Charges

Trafficking in Cocaine was one of the charges served on three people following arrests by Clinton Public Safety after 7:00 yesterday morning. Two men and one woman were served with varying numbers of warrants for this and other charges.

53-year-old Thomas Keith Stevenson of 503 Academy Street, Clinton is charged with Trafficking in Cocaine, Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Ecstasy, and Possession of Ecstasy with Intent to Distribute. He’s also charged with Possession of a Weapon while Committing a Violent Crime and Possession of a Stolen Handgun. From an incident earlier this month, Stevenson is charged with Distribution of Marijuana 3rd Offense, and Distribution within Proximity of a School or Public Park.

As for yesterday’s incident, Sgt. Prather states that on April 27th the defendant knowingly and willfully possessed between 10 and 28 grams of cocaine without authority at 503 Academy Street. Stevenson is accused of possessing more than 28 grams of marijuana with intent to distribute. He also allegedly possessed 15 or more Ecstasy tablets at 503 Academy Street with intent to distribute them. Sgt. Prather states that on April 27th Thomas Keith Stevenson possessed a Taurus 40-caliber handgun during the commission of trafficking in cocaine at 503 Academy Street, and that the handgun was reported stolen out of Columbia.

Sgt. Prather states that earlier, on April 16, also at 503 Academy Street the defendant sold a quantity of marijuana to a confidential informant working in an undercover capacity. Cash or surety bonds were set at $15,000 on each of Stevenson’s eight charges, totaling $120,000.

27-year-old Tony Curtis Jones Jr. – also of 503 Academy Street, Clinton – was charged with Trafficking in Cocaine, Possession of Ecstasy with Intent to Distribute, Possession of a Weapon during a Violent Crime and Possession of a Stolen Handgun. Jones is also accused of possessing the Cocaine, Ecstasy tablets and the stolen handgun at 503 Academy yesterday.

Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $40,000 on Jones’ four charges.

A third subject arrested yesterday morning was 20-year-old Nekeisha Roshelle Boyd of 1657 Woodyard Road, Kinards. She’s charged with Trafficking in Cocaine, Possession with Intent to Distribute Ecstasy, Possession of a Weapon during a Violent Crime and Possession of a Stolen Handgun. Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $8,000 for Ms. Boyd.

Thomas Keith Stevenson and Tony Curtis Jones Jr. of 503 Academy in Clinton and 20-year-old Nekeisha Roshelle Boyd of Woodyard Road, Kinards remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

5 Men, Two Women Jailed on Non Support Charges

Laurens County Family Court was busy yesterday dealing with issues of non-support. Seven people remained in custody overnight after being placed in the Laurens County Detention Center yesterday on charges of Non-Support of a spouse or child. These included women from Greenwood and York along with men from Enoree, Fountain Inn, Gray Court, Laurens and Joanna.

Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to investigate break-ins to a resident and shed outside Clinton at 5:00 Tuesday afternoon. While at the scene a friend of the victim drove up with stolen items, and another friend was passenger of the vehicle and identified as the suspect.

Since then, warrants have been served charging 32-year-old Brandon Eugene King of 50 Grandview Acres, Clinton with Burglary 2nd Degree and Burglary 3rd Degree and with three counts of Petit Larceny. Deputy Nations states that on April 26th King entered a dwelling on Tambourine Drive without consent and a shed at that location with intent to commit a crime therein. In three Petit Larceny warrants King is accused of taking property valued at $300 along with tools valued at under $2,000 and a 5×8 single axle trailer valued at less than $2,000. Cash or Surety bonds were set totaling $46,000.  Brandon Eugene King remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

Break-In, TV Theft Last Night

Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to Harold’s Park at 8:11 last night on a report of a theft. A woman said she had last seen her TV at about 5:30 pm when she left her residence but that it was gone when she returned two hours later. Officer Gandee reported observing a clean spot with a dust outline where the TV had been in a bedroom. The remote to the TV was still there, along with other electronics sitting in plain view. The officer also observed signs of forced entry to her door and door frame as if someone utilized a screwdriver to wedge between the door and frame. The victim was advised to check Craig’s List and pawn shops to check for her TV.

Burglary Discovered on Return Last Evening

Sheriff’s Deputy Noble was dispatched to Flymm Smith Road, Waterloo at 8:23 last night on a Burglary investigation. The resident said he left at 8:00 yesterday morning and returned at 8:00 last evening to find $15 in change, some medicine, a camera, DVD player, flashlights and pocket knives were missing.

Break-In, Broken Eggs While At Lake for the Day

Sheriff’s Sgt. Timmons responded to Ritchie Drive, Fountain Inn after 11:00 last night where a man said that after being at the lake all day he and his wife returned to find a door to their residence kicked in and things messed up. Items out-of-order reportedly included things thrown all over the residence as well as broken eggs on their porch and mayonnaise on the side of a camper.

Man Says Dog was Charging When He Shot It

Laurens County Deputy Noble was dispatched to Highway 25 Business, Ware Shoals at 7:15 last evening where a man reported his neighbor had shot his dog. The man told the officer that the neighbor across the street had shot his Pitt Bull because it was chasing the neighbor’s cat. The neighbor reportedly told the officer that he had called the complainant twice to see if it was his dog but got no answer. He said when the dog began to chase his cat he fired a shot into the ground trying to scare the dog away, but that the dog then turned and ran at him and that ‘s when he became afraid and shot the dog once. He said the dog then ran across the street.

Progress Toward New Fire Stations

Laurens County Council continued moving forward last night with plans for four new fire stations across the county. Council conducted a public hearing followed by third reading unanimous approval for an ordinance authorizing the acquisition of approximately two acres of real estate in the Thompson Road Area for constructing a fire substation.  Council was advised that contracts have been signed and the closing is scheduled for this Thursday morning. Council gave a unanimous second reading of Ordinance #817 which will allow for the purchase of two other parcels of real estate located in strategic areas of Laurens County as sites for two more of the four new fire stations. Third reading approval on this ordinance opens the way for acquisition of all property needed for the four new fire stations.

These are being financed with a bond issue that also funds major repairs on some existing rural fire stations.

A request from County Fire Director Greg Lindley was unanimously approved to provide funds to for buying a used pumper truck for the Reno Volunteer Fire Department. This enables Director Lindley to begin the bidding process for a truck he estimates to cost around $40,000.

Three Undercover Drug Sales

Three undercover drug buys last year were alleged in the arrest yesterday of 37-year-old Willie Billy Sims Jr. He was booked with an address at 101 East Settlement Road, Greenville. Clinton Public Safety charged Sims with three counts, Distribution of Crack Cocaine, 3rd Offense and three counts, Distribution within Proximity of a Public Park or School.

Warrants state that Sims sold a quantity of crack cocaine to a confidential informant working in an undercover capacity last year. This allegedly occurred June 18th 2015 at 401 West Carolina Avenue within a half mile of a public park and on June 19th, 2015 and July 21st, 2015 at 161 Walden Street, within a half mile of a school.

Cash or surety bond was set totaling $120,000 on all six charges. Willie Billy Sims Jr. remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

Meth Manufacture Plus…

Two women arrested Monday were charged yesterday with Meth Manufacture on Monday. 55-year-old Terry Templeton McKellar and 40-year-old Judy Deloris Hostetler, both of 137 Forest Road Clinton, were charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Unauthorized Disposal of Meth Waste. Sgt. Matt Veal states that on Monday they were at a residence where items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine were located, that both women unlawfully disposed of meth waste.

Cash or Surety bonds were set totaling $35,000 for Terry Templeton McKellar.

Judy Deloris Hostetler was also charged with Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute. Bonds on Ms. Hostetler’s three charges total $50,000. Both remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.


Sheriff’s Officers yesterday arrested a third person on Meth Manufacture charges from Monday. 50-year-old James Allen Vincent of 1321 Young Road, Clinton was charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Unlawful Disposal of Meth Waste, also accused by Narcotics Officer Veal of being at a residence Monday where items used in the manufacturing of meth were located and that he unlawfully disposed of meth waste.

Vincent was also charged with thefts from lasts Friday, including warrants for three counts of Petit Larceny and Possession of a Firearm by a Person Convicted of a Violent Felony. Deputy David Staton states that on April 22nd Vincent took a .38 revolver from a victim’s night stand in their residence at an address on Rocky Springs Church Road, Laurens and took a .38 Snub Nose from a car outside the victim’s residence on Rocky Springs Church Road. Vincent is also accused of taking a John Deere mailbox from outside the victim’s residence at that location. He’s also charged with being in possession of a firearm as a person convicted of a violent felony.

Bond was denied on all charges during arraignment yesterday. James Allen Vincent remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

SCDC Inmate Facing New Charges

A Union man was transferred from the State Department of Corrections to the Laurens County Detention Center yesterday to face Sex charges. 56-year-old Lee Anthony Evans  from 1115 West Main Street, Union but more recently from Lee Correctional at Bishopville was served with Bench Warrants regarding charges of Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree and 2nd Degree. Judge Don Hocker signed Bench Warrants this year on January 21st indicating a Direct Indictment on the charges accusing Evens of unlawful sexual activity with a female victim on October 4th and 5th in 2001. Lee Anthony Evans was held in Laurens County, pending his court appearance on the two charges.

Harassment 1st Degree

Fountain Inn Police have charged a local man with Harassment for alleged violations of an injunction or restraining order this month. 46-year-old Carlos A. Acosta of 4 Font De Leon Court, Fountain Inn was charged with Harassment 1st Degree. Fountain Inn Officer Shelton states that on February 20th Acosta did intentionally, substantially and unreasonably target the victim by following her to different locations, sending flowers to her work place and with several unwanted messages that caused emotional distress. The messages were reportedly verbal, written and electronic. These contacts allegedly occurred in the Laurens County portion of Fountain Inn. Bond was denied. Carlos A. Acosta remained in the Laurens County Detention Center.

Drug Charge follows Traffic Stop

Deputy Jamie Lee Edwards was on patrol at 2:28 yesterday afternoon when he reportedly observed a black Mercedes in front of Gray Court Town Hall. He had information the driver had a suspended driver’s license and tag. In stopping the car the officer reportedly located an open bottle of Seagram’s Extra-Dry Gin and some pills. 42-year-old Carlous Lorenzo Williams of 122 Monk Street, Laurens was arrested and charged with two counts, Possession of a Controlled Substance, with Transport of Alcohol in Vehicle with Broken Seal, with Driving under Suspension and with having an Expired License tag. Williams was placed in the Laurens County Detention Center.

Two Charged Following Bank Card Thefts

Laurens City Police yesterday charged a man and woman on with use of bank cards that had been stolen from a woman on Airport Road outside town on Monday.

25-year-old Trudy Spivey of Westbrook Avenue in Asheboro, NC was charged with Shoplifting Enhanced, Financial Transaction Card Fraud, Receiving Stolen Goods and with Giving False Information to Police.

Sgt. Jody Thibodeau states that on Monday Ms. Spivey aided a co-defendant in concealing a USB wall adaptor while he obtained the item from the shelf at Wal-Mart, that she was wearing shoes Monday that had been stolen from Wal-Mart. She is also accused  using a stolen bank card to make a purchase at Wal-Mart Monday and of repeatedly giving an incorrect name and birth date to Laurens Police at 915 East Main in Laurens Street that day.

Trudy Spivey was being held here with cash or surety bonds totaling $22,470 on her four charges.

Her alleged co-defendant is 30-year-old Terry Ray Roberts of a Clinton address. He’s charged with Shoplifting, Financial Transaction Card Fraud,

Receiving Stolen Goods, Hindering Officers and Petit Larceny.

Sgt. Jody Thibodeau states that on April 25th at 915 East Main in Laurens Roberts was present when Trudy Spivey was giving incorrect information on her identity and he knew it was inaccurate but at no time did he correct that for officers. The officer states this was due to a warrant in North Carolina for Ms. Spiveys arrest. He’s also accused of concealing an item from the electronics department at Wal-Mart, of being in possession of two bank cards that had been stolen from a residence in Laurens County and that he used a stolen card to make a purchase at Wal-Mart. Terry Ray Roberts of Clinton was being held with cash or surety bonds totaling $3,650.