Meth, Crack Cocaine & Marijuana Charges

A Greenwood woman is facing three drug charges following a traffic stop inn Laurens yesterday. Laurens City Police Officer Billy Sellers ticketed 24-year-old Ashley Marie Thomas of 920 Marshall Road, Greenwood with an Expired Vehicle License charge at 1:40 yesterday morning on Fleming Street at Pickens Street. Later in the day she was served with warrants charging her with Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Crack Cocaine and Simple Possession of Marijuana.

Officer Gainey cites the investigation of Officer Kanipe as indicating that Ashley Thomas had approximately 1.24 gram of methamphetamine in her possession during a lawful traffic stop Monday morning. The warrant states that methamphetamine was found on her person while searching, incident to her arrest. A second warrant states that she knowingly had a quantity of crack cocaine during the lawful traffic stop on Fleming Street. The third warrant states that she was found to knowingly be in possession of 1.8 gram of marijuana concealed in her pocketbook during the lawful traffic stop.

During arraignment yesterday, cash or surety bonds were set totaling $30,857. Ashley Marie Thomas of Greenwood remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Meth PWID in Joanna

Meth Possession with Intent is alleged on a Clinton man following an incident in Joanna yesterday. The Sheriff’s Office charged 31-year-old Donnie William Etters Jr. of 208 Rail Lane, Clinton with Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute.

Narcotics Officer Matt Veal states that on February 1st Mr. Etters possessed methamphetamine on North Marion Street, Joanna with intent to distribute this Schedule II Narcotic. Donnie William Etters Jr. was to face a bond hearing today on this new charge. Meanwhile, he was also served with a Bench Warrant yesterday that states that on April 14, 2015 he was convicted of Attempt to Purchase Drugs with a sentence of a bit over $1,000 or jail time of 27 days, to run consecutively with any or all other sentences.

Make-Up Days for October Flood & January Winter Storm

District 56 Schools yesterday announced the schedule for making up school days missed this school year. The inclement weather make-up days for Laurens County School District 56 will be February 12th and March 25th.

District 55 previously announced the same days as make-up for days missed from winter one Friday in January and from Flooding on October 5th.

Disorderly in Street, Meth Waste Disposal Off the Street

Laurens City Police yesterday served two charges on a Clinton man following an incident on Mill Street. 36-year-old Stephen Tron Case of 261 Forest Road, Clinton was charged with Disposal or Assisting in Disposal of Methamphetamine Waste and with Public Disorderly Conduct.

Officer Gainey states that an investigation indicates that on February 1st Stephen Case did unlawfully dispose of or assist in the disposal of Methamphetamine Waste on property behind 101 Mill Street in Laurens, and that he became disorderly in public during an argument with other people in the roadway on Mill Street in Laurens.

With cash or surety bonds set totaling $15,250, Stephen Tron Case remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Domestic Call Leads to Check & Other Possible Charge

Sheriff’s Officers were dispatched to Majestic Court, Gray Court at 8:04 last night regarding a Domestic situation. No charges were deemed necessary from the verbal altercation, but Corporal Brent Rushing reports they discovered that there were warrants on a female subject. Deputy Johnny Brewington placed 42-year-old Ashley G. Porter of 179 Ranch Estates, Laure ns under arrest. She was booked in the Johnson Detention Center and served with three counts of Fraudulent Check.

Meanwhile, Corporal Rushing reported Ms. Porter was in possession of a black zipped-up bag containing several syringes. One of those reportedly contained methamphetamine. A warrant for Possession of Meth was to be sought today.

Domestic Violence Charge Pending

The Sheriff’s Office responded to South Frontage Road, Gray Court at 10:34 last night on a domestic call. A woman there reported that she and her boyfriend were having a small get-together with friends and all had been drinking alcohol. At one point an argument reportedly erupted between her and her boyfriend, during which he allegedly shoved her and grabbed her right arm, causing small cuts on the arm. The man reportedly told Corporal Rushing that he was jumped on by his girlfriend and others. After reviewing the evidence at the scene, deputies arrested 41-year-old Jeffrey Scott Bragg of 4639 South Frontage Road, Gray Court and placed him in the Johnson Detention Center. He was being held, pending a warrant for Domestic Violence 3rd Degree to be sought this morning.

Hang On, He’s Calling 911!

Clinton Public Safety responded to a report of an assault in the South Bell area at 9:08 last night. A man advised that a woman came to his residence and started an altercation with him. He said he told her to leave and she smacked him in the face with her right hand. The man advised that he told her he was not going to fight with her. She slapped him again and he ran out onto the porch to call 911. He said she jumped on his back and he was hanging over the rail on his porch to keep her from grabbing his phone. She then left in a white vehicle. He said that he did not want to prosecute her for the assault, but wanted to place her on Trespass notice. Officer Hood advised the man how to fill out the Trespass Notice form.

Stolen Truck Found Before Listed on NCIC

Sheriff’s Deputy Edwards responded to a Chapman Road location outside Fountain Inn shortly after 1:00 yesterday afternoon to investigate a possible stolen U-Haul truck.

He found the vehicle and checked the VIN but noted it was not listed as stolen. However, a check with Simpsonville Police confirmed this vehicle had been stolen from that City and had not yet been entered into the NCIC. Simpsonville Police came to the location and processed the truck, prior to the owner taking possession.

Man Facing Attempted Murder, 2 Woman Face Mob Assault Charge

A report of a stabbing dispatched Sheriff’s Corporal David Station toward the Maddens Station Community south of Laurens 23 minute after midnight Sunday morning. He heard a report of a small white SUV and met it on Whelon Road near Raider Road, then turned and followed it to Crowder Road near Highway 14. A blood-covered man and two women were arrested from the car. Deputies reported also seizing 32 2 mg Xanax pills, 27 1 mg Xanax, 24 Clonzepam 1 mg pill, 3 pink Amphetamine 20 mg pills and 9 blue Oxycodone pills, along with opium, other depressants and other stimulants.

Deputies were reportedly told that after going to the residence of a man and woman on Wilma Lane, the two female subjects had allegedly fought with the wife while the male subject had an altercation with the husband.

Other deputies met with the two victims at the hospital. The man was charged with stabbing the husband while two women from the vehicle were charge with mob assault on the wife. All three face drug charges.

36-year-old James Bradford Sutherland of 501 McKenly Creek Road, Calhoun Falls was charged with Assault / Attempted Murder and with Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute.

Warrants state that on January 31st 2016 on Wilma Lane, Laurens Mr. Sutherland stabbed a victim under his left arm pit with intent to kill him, and that Sutherland had in his possession with intent to distribute Xanax and other controlled substances. He was being held with $60,000 c/s bonds.

The two females in the suspect vehicle are 42-year-old Rhonda Dawn Hill of 292 Lonesome Pine Lane, Calhoun Falls and 33-year-old Stephanie Nicole Boley of 355 Roberts Road, Simpsonville. They were charged with Assault and Battery by Mob in the 3rd Degree and with Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute.

Warrants state that they knowingly participated in a mob assault on Wilma Lane that inflicted injury to another woman, requiring her to seek medical attention and that they had in their possession with intent to distribute Xanax and other controlled substances. Cash or surety bonds totaling $15,000 were set during arraignment on each of the women yesterday. Rhonda Dawn Hill of Calhoun Falls and Stephanie Nicole Boley of Simpsonville remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Marijuana Possession with Intent & Firearms Charges

Drug and Firearms charges were served following a Saturday arrest by Laurens Police. 29-year-old Darrel Lee Jeter Jr. of 538 Durran Street, Woodruff was charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute and Possession of a Firearm or Ammunition by a Person Convicted of a Felony. Officer Skogin states that the investigation of Sgt. Jones  as indicating that on January 30th 2016 Mr. Jeter possessed approximately 7 ounces of marijuana in room 225 at 102 Bolt Drive with the intent to distribute the drug, as evidenced by multiple plastic baggies and a set of digital scales. Jeter is also accused of having in his possession and under his control two 9 mm firearms at the same location, and that he is not authorized to possess said firearms, having been convicted of two felonies.

Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $30,000 on the two charges. Darrell Lee Jeter Jr. remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Early Sunday Stabbing Investigation

Laurens Police were dispatched to the Laurens County Hospital at 4:28 Sunday afternoon in reference to a patient who had been stabbed. The injured man reportedly indicated he had been stabbed in the back “by a dude” who wanted to fight over his having “put his dog on him.” He could not provide a name for this “Dude” who he said had stabbed him. The victim had two large lacerations in the upper left of his back. Officer Blackstock obtained pictures of the injuries. The man voluntarily provided a short statement and advised officers he wanted to press charges for the assault.

Officer Blackstock also spoke with the victim’s girlfriend about the identity of the alleged assailant. She said she had heard the fight from the house but did not see it. She reported hearing others in the area speak of a possible name for the subject. The officer advised the man and woman to contact law enforcement if the subject came back to their residence rather than approach him, for their own safety.

The assault remained under investigation.

14th Straight Year for Clinton Win in Middle School Science Olympiad

The new Clinton Middle School this weekend won its 1st ever South Carolina Science Olympiad. Combined with the previous 13 years of  Bell Street Middle School winning the State Middle School Science Olympiad, that makes 14 years in a row for Clinton youth, and a total of 16 overall.

Vic McDonald reported on that Clinton Middle School scientists won 11 1st places in the 20 events at Newberry College. According to the Chronicle, Clinton’s 1st Place finish was followed by Mid-Carolina, Banks Trail, Gold Hill, Meadow Glen, Palmetto Academy, McCracken, Irmo, Palmetto and Pine Ridge.

The Chronicle report states the Clinton Middle Science Olympiad team is now raising money to cover the trip to represent South Carolina in the National Science Olympiad, to be held at the University of Wisconsin in May.

Meanwhile, the High School State Science Olympiad is set for February 27th.

Possession with Intent to Distribute

A Wattsville resident was in custody this morning accused of Drug and Driving violations.  Laurens City Police charged 47-year-old Anthony Lamar Dendy of 8 Hammett Street, Laurens with Possession of Marijuana with Intent, Reckless Driving and with Open Container of Beer or Wine in Vehicle. Officer Billy Sellers issued tickets charging Mr. Dendy with Careless Driving and Open Container at 11:00 pm Saturday night on South Harper at South Harper Extension. Dendy was later served with a warrant charging him with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute. It cites the investigation of Officer Sellers as indicating that on January 30th on South Harper Street Anthony L. Dendy had in his possession approximately 5 ounces of marijuana and a digital scale during a traffic stop.

Cash or surety bond was set at $25,000 on the drug charge and $250 on the two traffic charges. Anthony Lamar Dendy remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Stolen, Loaded Pistol in Possession

Laurens City Police yesterday charged a man with possession of a stolen, loaded pistol during a traffic stop in Laurens early yesterday. 26-year old Quintin Xavier Bell of 105 Spencer Street, Clemson was charged with Possession of a Stolen Pistol, Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol and Simple Possession of Marijuana.  Sgt. James Nolen states that based on the investigation of Officer Billy Sellers Quintin X. Bell had in his possession approximately 11 grams of marijuana during a lawful traffic stop Sunday on North Harper Street in Laurens. Another warrant states that Mr. Bell unlawfully carried a loaded pistol yesterday without authority to do so, having in his possession a black Ruger LC 9mm pistol during a lawful traffic stop on North Harper Street. A third warrant states that this pistol was stolen.

During a bond hearing in Laurens Municipal Court yesterday, cash or surety bonds were set totaling $26,000 on the three charges. Quinton Xavier Bell remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Drug Charges on Two Arrested Friday Night

Two people are facing drug charges following a traffic stop on North Harper in Laurens late Friday night. Laurens Police arrested 29-year-old Dominique Sherell Simpson of 206 Lurey Street, Laurens and 30-year-old Tevin Dweayne Barksdale of 223 Truman Street, Laurens. Both were charged with Possession of Cocaine. Ms. Simpson was also charged with Speeding and Driving without a SC Drivers License. Mr. Barksdale was also charged with Open Beer in a Vehicle.

Warrant noting the investigation of Officer Billy Sellers state that between January 29th and 30th Ms. Simpson and Mr. Barksdale had in their  possession approximately one gram of powder cocaine during a lawful traffic stop on North Harper Street. Tickets charge Ms. Simpson with the traffic violations at 11:47 pm Friday on North Harper, and Mr. Barksdale with the alleged Open Container violation.

Dominique Sherell Simpson and Tevin Dweayne Barksdale were released on personal recognizance bonds including $5,000 for the Cocaine charge.

Arrest Friday in January 15th Burglary, Assault

Sheriff’s Corporal Christy Johnson went to a residence on Highway 56 south of Clinton at 9:30 Friday morning to do a welfare check on a woman of that residence. Later Friday, her ex-husband was arrested and charged with an alleged incident earlier in the month.

42-year-old Adger Leroy Gregory of 775 Poole Road, Clinton was charged with 1st Degree Burglary and Domestic Violence 2nd Degree from an incident January 15th. In those warrants Corporal Staton states that on January 15th Mr. Gregory entered a dwelling on Highway 56 South, Clinton without consent and with intent to commit a crime therein. He allegedly entered at night and threatened harm to a victim inside. A second warrant states that in the residence Gregory committed Domestic Violence 2nd Degree by grabbing the victim by the arm and throwing her to the floor in the presence of minor children.

Adger Leroy Gregory was released from the Johnson Detention Center Saturday afternoon on cash or surety bonds totaling $10,000 on the two charges.

Enhanced Simple Larceny

Clinton Public Safety Saturday charged a local woman with an Enhanced charge of Petit Larceny. 41-year-old Sandy Michelle Odom of 200 Spruce Street, Clinton is accused of taking the wallet of another woman Saturday. The warrant states the charge is enhanced due to Ms. Odom having three or more priors for property crimes. With a cash or surety bond set at $5,000, Sandy Michelle Odom remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Enhanced Shoplifting

An Enhanced Shoplifting charge was served on a Clinton woman Saturday from Laurens City Police. 27-year-old Adora Danielle-Skye Gilliam of apartment N-2 at 590 Phillips Street was also charged with Trespassing.

Sgt. James Nolen states that on January 30th Ms. Gilliam violated a trespass notice from the Wal-Mart center at 922 East Main and that she committed Shoplifting by putting boots on her feet in the store and exiting the store past all points of purchase without paying for the merchandise. The warrant states the Shoplifting charge is enhanced due to the defendant having two prior convictions for property theft.

With cash or surety bonds set totaling $3,470, Adora Danielle-Skye Gilliam remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

38th Annual Chamber Dinner

“Home is Where the Heart Is” was the title of last night’s Keynote address at the 38th Annual Membership Dinner of the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce. But Clinton native Almeda Jacks also made no secret of her love of Clemson University, where she recently returned as Vice President for Student Affairs She said she went there as a student in 1970 and really never came back. Mrs. Jacks spoke of big family gatherings on A.B. Jacks Road and stressed the need for knowing the people you work with, pointing out the importance of empathy and the need to appreciate diversity. Almeda Jacks said we should capitalize on our God-given talent.

Some local students who’ve applied their talents were recognized during the awards portion of the annual Chamber dinner at PC last night.

The Cecil Davenport Citizenship Award for 2015 was presented to Ryan L. Anderson of Laurens Academy. Other 10th grade finalists recognized were Alyssa Jane Shiflet of Clinton High and Lauryn A. Turner of Laurens High.

Wendy’s Heisman Award winners recognized were Cynthia McHam and Harrison Fisher of CHS along with Jamie Elizabeth Ackerman and Thomas Russell Jones of LDHS.

District Teachers of the year, Cassie Power of District 55 and Jennifer Howard of District 56, were also celebrated.

The John P. Faris Volunteer of the Year award from the Chamber was presented to Dr. Cynthia Pitts of Clinton. Zeke Benjamin of Mountville was recognized as the Chamber’s Ambassador of the Year.

The Spirit of the Chamber Award was given to Kimberly Kitchens while Jasmine Jennings was honored as the Young Professional of the Year.

Also honored last night were retiring board members Marvin Moss, Tara Glenn and Ernie Segars.

As Theo Lane of Duke Energy began to describe some of the many accomplishments of the person selected this year to receive the Duke Energy Citizenship Award, it started to become likely that last night’s Master of Ceremonies was the recipient. When Theo added the many years of service in Rotary, Boy Scouts as accomplishments as Athletic Director for the University of South Carolina, there was no doubt that King Dixon of Laurens was the recipient for the Citizenship award.

Crack Cocaine & Marijuana with Intent to Distribute

A Laurens man was charged yesterday with Possession of Crack Cocaine and Marijuana with Intent to Distribute. Laurens City Police arrested the suspect Wednesday following a traffic stop Downtown on North Harper. Four warrants served yesterday charge 33-year-old Gregory Lee Burnside of 204 Lurey Street, Laurens with Possession of Crack Cocaine with Intent to Distribute, 3rd Offense, Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute  and with two counts of Possession with Intent to Distribute within Proximity of a Public Park.

In those warrants Officer Benjamin Gallo states that on January 27th the defendant possessed 27 pieces which contained 2.6 grams of an off-white rock-like substance seized from him during a lawful traffic stop, and that the defendant has two prior convictions of Possession of Crack Cocaine with Intent to Distribute, making this a 3rd offense. Officer Gallo also states that Gregory Lee Burnside Jr. possessed two separate baggies of approximately 24.6 grams of marijuana that was seized from him during a lawful traffic stop at North Harper Street and Gordon Street in Laurens January 27th.

These offenses allegedly occurred within a quarter mile of a city park.

During arraignment yesterday, bond was denied on all four charges. Gregory Lee Burnside remained in the Laurens County Detention Center today.