Mom & Grandma Doing “Bad Stuff”

A Deputy responded to a Clinton area residence yesterday morning after a woman in her early 20’s reported an altercation after she arrived at her mother-in-law’s house to pick up her daughter from her husband. She was reportedly upset that her daughter wasn’t ready to leave for school. As she and her husband argued, the mother-in-law indicated she got between her son and his wife because of the wife having previously accused her son of domestic violence. The child, who was sitting in a car, reportedly told the deputy that her mom and dad had been yelling before her mother and grandmother started doing “bad stuff.” When the Deputy asked the child to define “bad stuff,” she reportedly replied “hitting.” Both women declined to prosecute.

Active Mobile Meth Lab in Pickup

A Clinton woman and a Pelzer man were arrested last night after an active Mobile Meth Lab was reportedly found in the small pickup they were inside. Deputy Brandon Howard was stationary at the Leesville Community Center parking lot at 9:50 last night when he observed the small Chevy pickup pass by on Leesville Church Road. He followed for about a half mile toward the intersection with Forrest Road when the pickup driver reportedly slowed and waved for the deputy to pass. Noting a tail light didn’t work at that time, Deputy Howard signaled for the pickup to pull over. While writing a warning for the tail light, the officer reportedly observed the two looking through the rear window of the pickup. Sheriff’s Lt. Timmons responded to the scene for backup, as the officer asked to search the vehicle. During the investigation, a syringe was reportedly found in the man’s pocket and another was allegedly found in the woman’s possession. Further investigation reportedly revealed two plastic drink bottles which were under a spare tire in the back of the truck, which had a heavy chain on top. Narcotics Sgt. Nations was on the scene and identified these as two active one-pots with meth cooking. Due to the danger these pose, a SLED clean-up team had to be called to handle them.

Other items reportedly found included a digital scale and lighter flood. Other needles were located in a tool box in the truck bed as well as inside the truck. Another syringe was reportedly located on the male subject during booking in the Johnson Detention Center. Both the man and woman were being held in the Johnson Detention Center, pending charges.

Pills Thrown in the Shrubbery

A man was charged with trying to hide pills behind the shrubbery, in a warrant served yesterday. The incident allegedly occurred Sunday, before Laurens City Police arrested 52-year-old Ronnie William Coker of 2443 Ekom Beach Road, Laurens. The charge yesterday was Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance. A warrant states that he had thirteen orange and blue capsules in his possession Sunday which he attempted to conceal from law enforcement officers, allegedly hiding them behind shrubbery outside of the Belk Department Store at 911 East Main in Laurens. Ronnie William Coker was released yesterday on a $5,000 personal recognizance bond.

Code 3 Response to Domestic Incident

A Sheriff’s Deputy responded with lights and siren to an active Domestic Assault in progress overnight. Deputy Brandon Howard was dispatched at 11:55 pm and arrived at a Joanna residence at 7 minutes after midnight this morning. He spoke with a woman who told of an altercation with a boyfriend who had moved out about a month ago. She said when she returned home last evening a neighbor told her that her boyfriend, who had moved out a month before, had been looking for her. He then called her and asked to speak, so she said he could come over. She indicated that when he arrived at her residence he began to accuse her of cheating on him, so she went inside and locked the door. She said he came into the house through a living room window and began to chase her in the house. He reportedly threatened to get a knife from the kitchen but she held him out. She broke free from him and ran outside, calling her mother. She dropped the phone and he reportedly then smashed it. Her mother was on the phone at the time, and called 911. Deputy Howard noted visible injuries to the woman’s lip, a forefinger and a thumb, as well as a broken blue tooth device and a cell phone. Charges were pending.

Nighttime Burglary on Laurens Court

Fountain Inn Police yesterday arrested a man for an alleged night-time Burglary is the early-morning hours yesterday morning. 49-year-old William Scottie Sexton of 121 Laurens Court, Fountain Inn was charged with Burglary 1st Degree, Grand Larceny and Fugitive from Justice.

Fountain Inn Officer Robert Davis states that on October 17th the defendant broke into a dwelling on Boyd Street in the nighttime with intent to commit a crime therein, intending to take items from the residence with intent to permanently deprive the owner. He allegedly took away items valued between $2,000 and $10,000 from the residence.

Officer Davis also states that William Scottie Sexton is a fugitive from the states of New York, where he is charged with a Parole Violation.

William Scottie Sexton, also known as “Scotty Rock” or “Scotty Williams,” was being held in Laurens County’s detention center today with no bond set on either of the three charges during a Municipal Court proceeding yesterday.


Prescription Drug Fraud

A Laurens County man was arrested yesterday on charges of obtaining a prescription drug by fraud in July this year. 24-year-old Timothy Scott Coleman of 2514 Riddle Town Road, Gray Court was charged with Violation of Drug Distribution Law. A state drug control agent states that on or about July 9th, at the Rite-Aid pharmacy at 501 North Harper Street in Laurens, Timothy Coleman unlawfully obtained a quantity of Oxycodone, a schedule II controlled substance, by fraud. Agent Tomlinson states that when the alleged practitioner was asked if the prescription was authorized by him, he confirmed that it was not. The agent also cites an eye-witness account of Mr. Coleman picking up the prescription.

Timothy Scott Coleman was released yesterday on a $15,000 surety bond.

   Oh, what a night!

A Greenville man recounted events for a Laurens County Deputy from an incident last Friday night. A report on the incident was turned in yesterday.

Deputy Crosby was dispatched to the Fountain Inn Police Department, where the man had gone to report the happenings from Friday night to Sunday morning. He reported that he had been at a female friend’s house on Beaverdam Church Road, Gray Court Friday night and they were all drinking. He said he needed to go to the bathroom and while walking toward the bath he bumped up against his friend’s TV. He said all he remembers after that was waking up in a friend’s car with nothing on but his boxers and shoes. He said that this friend told him that the female friend was who had “done that” to him. Deputy Crosby noted observing a black eye and lacerations on the man’s face, arm and leg. When the officer contacted the female friend, she said she was at work. She met with the officer yesterday. During their meeting she reportedly indicated that the man was being rude, saying inappropriate things so three times she had asked him to leave her house. She said he bumped her TV, knocking it over, breaking it. She said she did hit him and made him leave her house, but she didn’t take his clothes. She said his house keys were still at her house. The officer was going to consult with a judge about the matter.

Possession of Stolen Pickup

The Sheriff’s Office yesterday charged a Spartanburg County woman with possessing a pickup this past summer that had been stolen from a Clinton area man. 28-year-old Ashley Marie Whittle of 304 North Carolina Avenue, Chesnee was charged yesterday with Receiving Stolen Goods and with Obtaining Signature or Property under False Pretense.

Sgt. Jamie Edwards states that on July 11th, 2016 one Ashley Marie Whittle committed the crime of Receiving Stolen Goods by having a 2002 Nissan Frontier truck in her possession without the authority to possess it. The vehicle was valued between $2,000 and $10,000. On the same day, Ms. Whittle is accused of fraudulently obtained money from the victim, valued at $2,000 or less, with the intent to cheat and defraud the victim.

Ashley Marie Whittle remained in the Johnson Detention Center overnight, pending a bond hearing today.

Engines & Engine Hoist Taken

Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to a residence in the Lydia Mill community at 5 minutes after noon yesterday regarding theft of vehicle parts. A resident advised Officer Beaman that on returning from a trip out-of-town he found that two vehicle motors and an engine hoist had been taken from his yard. The engines had been sold to another man, who had advised he had not picked them up. The engine hoist was on loan from a friend, who was not available for contact at the time. Value of the stolen items was $800.

Video Shows Sunglasses Heist

Two Sheriff’s Officers were at a Clinton area convenience store around 11:30 yesterday morning when the store manager approached them about a shoplifting incident. She indicated that a review of security camera footage from last Thursday showed a woman at a sun glasses display putting a pair of sun glasses up the sleeve or her shirt. She then left the store without paying for the sun glasses. The officers were consulting with a Magistrate regarding charges for the allegedly sunglasses shoplifting woman, who was identified.

Four 1st Degree Assaults Friday

A local man is charged with assaults on four people in the hospital Friday, and with an Exploitation case from this past September.

36-year-old David Justin Miller of 73 Atomic Drive, Laurens was charged with four cases of 1st Degree Assault and Battery from an incident Friday at the GHS Laurens County Memorial Hospital. He is accused of telling four people that he wanted to kill them prior to the assaults. In the case involving one person, he allegedly bit the victim’s left index finger with intent to infect this victim with fatal diseases that can be transmitted by bodily fluids. He is also accused of spitting at three other people with intent to infect them with diseases that can be transmitted by bodily fluids. $10,000 bonds were set on each of the four 1st Degree Assault charges.

David Justin Miller was also charged by Laurens City Police with Abuse -Knowing and Willful Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult from this past September. Officer Gallo states that information indicates that on September 9th Mr. Miller took his 86-year-old grandfather to sign over power of attorney without his grandfather realizing what he was signing, due to a diagnosis of Dementia. This allegedly occurred on Hillcrest Drive in Laurens. Witnesses reportedly include bank employees. A cash or surety bond was set at $15,000 on the Laurens City charge.

David Justin Miller remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with bonds totaling $55,000.

One Car Stolen, 7 More Entered Overnight

Clinton Public Safety Sunday morning investigated the theft of one car and unlawful entry of seven others.  Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to Houser Circle at 7:12 yesterday morning on a stolen vehicle report. A resident advised Officer Reel that his white Ford Taurus was missing. He said the car was there at 4:00 am when he was outside speaking with a friend from another building, but was gone when he came back out at 7:00.  He indicated his car was not locked and had a spare key inside. The 2007 car was valued at $7,000.

Officers learned of five other cars there on Houser Circle having been entered. Three of the owners were contacted initially and indicated that nothing has been stolen. Fingerprints were attempted on one car from the door and a glove box that had been left open.

While investigating the auto theft and entries on Houser Circle, Officers were advised of two other vehicles unlawfully entered on Belmont Stakes. These had been left unlocked. Those entering reportedly went thru glove boxes and center consoles.

Stolen 2017 Car on Clinton’s Gary Street

Clinton Public Safety on Friday charged a Baltimore, Maryland man with Possession of a Stolen Vehicle the day before. 41-year-old Dwight Ralph Loney Jr. of 2923 Allendale Road, Baltimore was accused of being in possession of a stolen 2017 Hundai Thursday on Gary Street in Clinton. The car had been stolen in Georgia. With a cash or surety bond set at $10,000, Dwight Ralph Loney Jr. remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Mustang GT Stolen

A Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to a vacant residence on Cochise Drive, Waterloo at 4:27 Sunday afternoon on a stolen motor vehicle report. A woman said she arrived at her vacant residence yesterday for the first time in three months and discovered he 1990 Ford Mustang GT had been taken. The vehicle, which was not in running condition, was valued at $2,000.

Stolen Camero Recovered

Laurens County Sheriff’s Lt. Kenneth Richards responded to Chapman Road, Fountain Inn at 2:03 Saturday afternoon and met with Fountain Inn Police Officer Smith, who said he was looking for a couple of ATVs that had left a Handee Mart on Main Street headed out Chapman Road. One of the ATVs was determined to be stolen. Meanwhile, a 2011 Chevy Camero was located and was determined stolen from Lincolnton, North Carolina. The $20,000 value car was towed to the Laurens County Impound lot.

Fishing Gear Stolen from Boat

A Deputy was dispatched to the 29,000 East area of US 76, Clinton at 5:00 Sunday evening, where the resident reported the theft of his fishing equipment. Fishing gear valued at $1,500 had reportedly been taken from his boat that was under a car port.

Hit & Run in Clinton Saturday

Clinton Public Safety Sgt. Phillip Wicker was on Clinton Manor Drive doing routine patrol at 4:47 Saturday afternoon when he reportedly observed a white Dodge SUV on Clinton Manor Drive that failed to stop at a stop sign and entered A.B. Jacks Road, striking another vehicle and continuing driving. Sgt. Wicker pursued the vehicle with blue light and siren, following it onto US 76 then left onto Bailey Plant Road and right onto East Main. The driver then stopped near Bailey Plant. He reportedly indicated he didn’t have a license and was trying to get to his mother’s house. A female passenger was detailed for a time then released.

The Driver was arrested. 29-year-old Quinton Jabori Yeargin of 404 Bailey Street, Clinton was charged with Hit and Run with Personal Injury, Failure to Stop for a Blue Light and with Driving under Suspension.

He is accused of hitting another vehicle which was attended while he was operating a vehicle at the intersection of A.B. Jacks Road and Clinton Manor Drive. The collision reportedly caused a laceration to a victim’s leg that required the victim to be transported by ambulance. Meanwhile, Yeargin allegedly left the scene of the accident without exchanging information of checking on the occupants of the other vehicle. Yeargin then allegedly failed to stop the motor vehicle he was operating when signaled to do so when an officer initiated blue lights and siren. He was also allegedly driving while his license to drive had been suspended. Another residence for the suspect was listed on Airport Road.

Quinton Jabori Yeargin was later released on bonds totaling $3,647.

Saturday Hit & Run in Laurens

A Clinton man was arrested Saturday and held for charges from an alleged accident that day in Laurens. 26-year-old Charles Daran Kinard Jr. of 1302 South Bell Street, Clinton was charged by Laurens City Police with Hit and Run with Minor Personal Injury and with 2nd Offenses Driving under Suspension.

One warrant states that on October 15th Charles Kinard failed to remain at the scene of a traffic collision, him being the driver of a motor vehicle involved in the accident where minor personal injury occurred. The warrant states that he made no attempt to contact the proper authorities and report the traffic collision.

A second warrant states that Mr. Kinard was driving a motor vehicle on a South Carolina highway while his privilege to drive was suspended, and that he has a prior conviction for the same offense within the past five years.

Cash or surety bonds were set at $10,000 on the Hit and Run warrant and $1,270 on the Driving under Suspension charge.

While awaiting the Laurens City Charges, Kinard was served by Clinton Public Safety with a Bench warrant which states he was convicted in Municipal Court April 4, 2016 on a Public Disorderly Conduct charge and sentenced to $155. The Bench Warrant, issued August 29th, directs he be held until he is discharged by due course of law.

Alexander Held with $100,000 Bond

34-year-old William Jarrell Alexander of 50 Jay Bird Lane, Cross Hill was arrested Friday on a Violation of Probation charge. Alexander had been released on probation after being found guilty of Accessory After the June, 2013 murder of Emily Asbill of Clinton. The Probation warrant accuses him of failing to follow advice and instructions of his agent, noting failure to refrain from marijuana, amphetamine and methamphetamine. With a $100,000 bond set on the Violation of Probation charge, William Jarrell Alexander remained in custody this morning.

Sex Offender Registry Violation

The Sheriff’s Office Saturday arrested 50-year-old Belinda Aurelia Holland of 328 Cambridge Avenue, West, Greenwood and charged her with a Sex Offender Registry Violation from two months ago. A warrant states that Holland failed to contact the Sheriff’s Office to register as a sex offender on August 26th, as required by law. The warrant noted that she has prior convictions for this offense. With a cash or surety bond set at $10,000, Belinda Aurelia Holland remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.