Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office yesterday arrested a Greer man on charges alleging inappropriate behavior with a youth New Year’s Eve. 52-year-old James Richard Shook Jr. of 5 Annenberg Lane, Greer was charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor, or Attempt 2nd Degree and with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. Officer Farrah Cook states that on December 31st, 2015 the subject engaged in sexual battery by licking the victim’s breast, the victim being between 11 and 14 and him being more than three years older. He is further accused of knowingly and willingly causing a minor age 14 to drive a vehicle on public roadways. Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $4,000 on the two charges. James Richard Shook Jr. remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Strong Armed Robbery & Aggravated Assault

The Sheriff’s Office yesterday arrested a man for an alleged Strong Armed Robbery and Aggravated Assault on an older man back in December. 25-year-old Michael Tyrone Brown was booked with an address at 12 Beattie Street, Laurens, charged with Strong Armed Robbery and with Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature. Warrants noting an address on Boyd Road, Laurens state that Brown took $40 cash from a victim with intent to deprive by means of force or intimidation on December 9th, 2015. Lt. Holmes further states that on that date Michael Brown committed a battery on the victim that was aggravated in nature in that the suspect was much younger than the victim and that serious bodily injury was inflicted to the victim’s facial area. The warrant notes the victim had severe swelling of the face and eyes and a broken nose, all of which required medical attention.

Michael Tyrone Brown was being held in the Johnson Detention Center overnight, pending a bond hearing this morning.

Burglary & Larceny

A New Year’s Burglary was alleged with the arrest of a Clinton teen yesterday. Clinton Public Safety charged 17-year-old Quinterious Elantay Pitts of 142 West Bluford Street, Clinton with Burglary 2nd Degree and Petit Larceny. In warrants, Officer Duckett states that on January 1st, 2016 the subject entered  a dwelling on Twenty Street without consent and that he stole ten pair of Jordon shoes.

Quinterious Elantay “Que” Pitts was released on $4500 PR bond on the Burglary charge.

Meth Lab Reported From Search Warrant

Fountain Inn Police charged a Laurens County man with having a meth lab inside Fountain Inn on Monday.  Arrested after execution of a Search Warrant at his residence, 42-year-old Dana Taylor Woods of Willis Road, Fountain Inn was charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Unlawful Disposal of Meth Waste. Fountain Inn Officer Hawkins states that during execution of a search warrant Monday Mr. Woods was found to be in possession of items and materials that are commonly used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. Officer Hawkins states that investigation further revealed that the defendant was discarding the waste and items used to manufacture meth into a burn pile in his back yard at 203 Willis Road in Fountain Inn.

The Sheriff’s Office then served Dana Woods with a Forgery warrant. Lt. Bryant Cheeks states that on October 18th, 2015 Mr. Woods forged or counterfeited checks at the Crossroads Store at 13829 Highway 101 South, Gray Court. Cash or Surety bonds on the three charges totaled $34,000. Dana Taylor Woods remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Truth Is, I Do Owe Him Money

Clinton Public Safety officers were dispatched to North Livingston Street at 1:45 yesterday afternoon on a report of a Strong Armed Robbery. A man said he was walking down Livingston Street and encountered another male subject who assaulted him and took his money. He said the subject had gotten out of a vehicle, hit him in the face and pushed him to the ground on the roadway, taking $20 from him. Asked if he knew the man’s name, the victim said a possible, partial name. In further conversation the man reportedly told the officers he was going to tell the truth, that he had purchased drugs from this man before and that he owes him money. Further investigation was to attempt to confirm a name of the subject.

Additional Charges after Marijuana Arrest

A man arrested on a Marijuana Possession charge yesterday morning has also been charged with an Assault in 2014. Laurens City Police Officer Gallo initially charged 28-year-old Anthony Rashia Anderson of 722-A Sullivan Street, Laurens with Simple Possession of Marijuana. A ticket alleges the possession occurred on Lurey at Miller Streets at 9:55 am yesterday.

A Warrant was then served charging Anthony Anderson with Assault and Battery 3rd Degree. It states that an investigation of Sgt. Joey Pitman indicates that Mr. Anderson assaulted another person by punching him in the mouth with his fist, causing minor injuries. This allegedly occurred September 1st, 2014 at 529 Church Street.

Anderson was also served with a Bench Warrant noting conviction on Trespass after notice on July 24, 2014 with a sentence of 30 days or $470. Anthony Anderson was being held for a bond hearing on the new charges.

Four Counts, Breach of Trust

The Sheriff’s Office yesterday charged a Clinton woman with four cases of Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent. 23-year-old Taylor Marie Canfield of 28815 Highway 76 East, Clinton is accused of receiving personal property valued at $2,000 or less on four dates in January and of appropriating the items to her own use. Officer Jimmy Johnson states this occurred at a location on US 76 East, Clinton on January 19th, 20th, 25th and 26th. Ms. Canfield was released yesterday on pr bonds of $1,092 on each of the four charges.

Two Thefts Last Week

Two charges of Petit Larceny were served yesterday on 38-year-old Donna Marie Estes of 105 Florence Street, Clinton. In warrants Sheriff’s Officer Jimmy Johnson states that on January 25th Ms. Estes carried away cartons on cigarettes valued at $205 from 24595 Highway 76 East, Clinton and that on January 26th from the same location she carried away wings, anti-freeze, oil and gas treatment valued at $50. Donna Marie Estes was released on personal recognizance bonds of $1,092 on each of the two charges yesterday.

Suspect Spotted in Corvette

Deputy Jamie Lee Edwards was in Gray Court at 10:50 yesterday morning when he observed a man believed to be wanted for charges. The subject was observed getting into a dark-colored Corvette which left town northbound on Old Laurens Road. Officer Edwards followed and reported observing two men exit the Corvette at the suspect’s residence. On his encounter, the deputy allegedly located a bag with 2 grams of marijuana. 39-year-old Edgando Jerrod McDaniel of 45 Turpentine Drive, Gray Court was charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana and placed in the Johnson Detention Center. He was also charged with Shoplifting and Driving without a License.

Assault on East Florida

Clinton Public Safety Officers responded to East Florida Street Extension at 1:49 yesterday morning on a report of an assault. The caller was waiting outside, and said that his brother and the brother’s girlfriend were fighting inside their residence. He noted the house was a mess when he came home from work. A knife had reported been used in the assault. Officers at the scene secured a knife and a baseball bat that had reportedly been in play during the incident. 44-year-old Melissa Kay Thomas of 1024 East Florida Street Extension, Clinton was arrested and charged with Domestic Violence. She was placed in the Johnson Detention Center with a cash or surety bond set at $7,500.

Assault Charge

A woman arrested Monday night on an assault charge was released from the Johnson Detention Center on a $650 surety bond yesterday. Deputy Byrd issued a ticket charging 52-year-old Deborah Faye Barber of 46 Mill Ham Road, Laurens with Assault and Battery 3rd Degree at 10:30 Monday night at a location off Highway 56 north of Clinton.

Search Begins for New District 55 Superintendent

After last week’s announcement of the retirement of District 55 superintendent Dr. Billy Strickland at the end of this school year, the School Board held their first meeting to deal with the matter of his replacement last night.

Scott Price, Executive Director of the South Carolina School Board Association, was present and offered the board the services of the association to assist in the search for a fee of $12,000, plus approximately an additional $2-3,000 for administrative costs and extra expenses such as travel. “What I want you to know is that we will just assist, this is your search, and we will work with you and the community regarding the qualities you wish for your candidates,” said Price.

Price presented a timeline for the search which he said would begin as early as the next day if the board approved to agree to a contract with the SC School Board Association. The board unanimously approved to hire the SCSBA and since Price brought contracts with him, the search will begin today.

A draft of a timeline for the search is as follows: the search is now open, recruitment and advertising begins, and the SCSBA will begin preparing for launch an electronic  community survey.

March 14 will be the online survey deadline, March 17 there will be a list developed of characteristics and qualifications the board members will use in reviewing applications.

March 22, will be the deadline for applications in SCBSA office, and on March 29th there will be a presentation of the candidate pool to the school board and semi-finalists will be selected.

April 4th -6th will be the semi-finalist interviews, and on April 8th the finalist candidates will be announced.

Until then the names of the candidates will be confidential, and on April 25-27th the finalist candidates will be in district and final interviews will be held with school board,

The winner will be announced on April 28th and will begin as superintendant on July 1, 2016.

Before voting to accept the contract, some quested were presented to Price, Board Member Anthony Carpenter asked if the candidates will represent the diversity of our district and Price assured him that it would. Carpenter also wanted to be sure that qualified candidates from within District 55 will be considered. Price told him that the board can include applications for consideration for anyone the board desires and that the final choice is theirs.

The board decided that they did not want to include community focus groups in the search, but would go with the results of an electronic survey of residents in the district.

Clinton Council Approves Property Donation to Habitat

Surplus property held by the city of Clinton is to be transferred to a new owner… no charge. At last night’s meeting of Clinton City Council, City Manager Frank Stovall asked council to approve the transfer of land located at 206 ½ Shands Street to Habitat for Humanity.  He explained that the goal of Habitat would be to construct residential property on the site which would eventually appear on the city’s tax rolls and once again be a source of some revenue for the city.

Stovall reminded Council they had previously reviewed several options for disposing of the property and had elected to sell it.  An effort to sell the land was made on a government auction internet site but the winning bid was less than half the appraised value.  Then, the winning bidder actually backed out of completing the transaction.  He asked council to approve the transfer to Habitat at no charge. The ordinance directing the transfer passed by unanimous vote on first reading last night.  At the March meeting, council will consider second and final reading and will hear comments from the public and from Habitat for Humanity.

Shooting Neighbor’s Dog While Trespassing

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man yesterday in connection with the alleged shooting of a neighbor’s dog last Friday. 65-year-old Glen Junior Bailey of 290 Apple Orchard Road, Enoree was charged with Trespassing and Ill Treatment of Animals. Sgt. John Carter states that investigation indicates that on January 29th at another address on Granny Apple Road, Mr. Bailey shot a German Sheppard dog that belonged to another person. Bailey is accused of walking onto a neighbor’s property and shooting the neighbor’s Dog. Glen Junior Bailey was being held overnight in the Johnson Detention Center, pending arraignment on the two charges.

Meth, Crack Cocaine & Marijuana Charges

A Greenwood woman is facing three drug charges following a traffic stop inn Laurens yesterday. Laurens City Police Officer Billy Sellers ticketed 24-year-old Ashley Marie Thomas of 920 Marshall Road, Greenwood with an Expired Vehicle License charge at 1:40 yesterday morning on Fleming Street at Pickens Street. Later in the day she was served with warrants charging her with Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Crack Cocaine and Simple Possession of Marijuana.

Officer Gainey cites the investigation of Officer Kanipe as indicating that Ashley Thomas had approximately 1.24 gram of methamphetamine in her possession during a lawful traffic stop Monday morning. The warrant states that methamphetamine was found on her person while searching, incident to her arrest. A second warrant states that she knowingly had a quantity of crack cocaine during the lawful traffic stop on Fleming Street. The third warrant states that she was found to knowingly be in possession of 1.8 gram of marijuana concealed in her pocketbook during the lawful traffic stop.

During arraignment yesterday, cash or surety bonds were set totaling $30,857. Ashley Marie Thomas of Greenwood remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Meth PWID in Joanna

Meth Possession with Intent is alleged on a Clinton man following an incident in Joanna yesterday. The Sheriff’s Office charged 31-year-old Donnie William Etters Jr. of 208 Rail Lane, Clinton with Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute.

Narcotics Officer Matt Veal states that on February 1st Mr. Etters possessed methamphetamine on North Marion Street, Joanna with intent to distribute this Schedule II Narcotic. Donnie William Etters Jr. was to face a bond hearing today on this new charge. Meanwhile, he was also served with a Bench Warrant yesterday that states that on April 14, 2015 he was convicted of Attempt to Purchase Drugs with a sentence of a bit over $1,000 or jail time of 27 days, to run consecutively with any or all other sentences.

Make-Up Days for October Flood & January Winter Storm

District 56 Schools yesterday announced the schedule for making up school days missed this school year. The inclement weather make-up days for Laurens County School District 56 will be February 12th and March 25th.

District 55 previously announced the same days as make-up for days missed from winter one Friday in January and from Flooding on October 5th.

Disorderly in Street, Meth Waste Disposal Off the Street

Laurens City Police yesterday served two charges on a Clinton man following an incident on Mill Street. 36-year-old Stephen Tron Case of 261 Forest Road, Clinton was charged with Disposal or Assisting in Disposal of Methamphetamine Waste and with Public Disorderly Conduct.

Officer Gainey states that an investigation indicates that on February 1st Stephen Case did unlawfully dispose of or assist in the disposal of Methamphetamine Waste on property behind 101 Mill Street in Laurens, and that he became disorderly in public during an argument with other people in the roadway on Mill Street in Laurens.

With cash or surety bonds set totaling $15,250, Stephen Tron Case remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Domestic Call Leads to Check & Other Possible Charge

Sheriff’s Officers were dispatched to Majestic Court, Gray Court at 8:04 last night regarding a Domestic situation. No charges were deemed necessary from the verbal altercation, but Corporal Brent Rushing reports they discovered that there were warrants on a female subject. Deputy Johnny Brewington placed 42-year-old Ashley G. Porter of 179 Ranch Estates, Laure ns under arrest. She was booked in the Johnson Detention Center and served with three counts of Fraudulent Check.

Meanwhile, Corporal Rushing reported Ms. Porter was in possession of a black zipped-up bag containing several syringes. One of those reportedly contained methamphetamine. A warrant for Possession of Meth was to be sought today.

Domestic Violence Charge Pending

The Sheriff’s Office responded to South Frontage Road, Gray Court at 10:34 last night on a domestic call. A woman there reported that she and her boyfriend were having a small get-together with friends and all had been drinking alcohol. At one point an argument reportedly erupted between her and her boyfriend, during which he allegedly shoved her and grabbed her right arm, causing small cuts on the arm. The man reportedly told Corporal Rushing that he was jumped on by his girlfriend and others. After reviewing the evidence at the scene, deputies arrested 41-year-old Jeffrey Scott Bragg of 4639 South Frontage Road, Gray Court and placed him in the Johnson Detention Center. He was being held, pending a warrant for Domestic Violence 3rd Degree to be sought this morning.