Furnishing Contraband to a Prisoner

A man was arrested yesterday on a charge of Furnishing Contraband to a Prisoner earlier this month. 26-year-old Christopher Antonio Johnson of 204 North Woodrow Street, Clinton is accused of furnishing, or attempting to furnish, a bag containing crack cocaine, 22 pills, $45 cash, seven packs of Newport cigarettes and a “Trac Phone” with charger on November 8th.

Johnson was also served with a Bench Warrant citing Failure to Appear for a Non-Jury trial in General Sessions Court November 14th on a Burglary 3rd Degree charge. Christopher Johnson was to face arraignment today on the Contraband charge.

After Arrest on 4 Charges, 5th Added for Alleged Jailhouse Threats

A Greenwood man arrested near Lake Greenwood just after midnight Sunday morning is also facing a charge of threats inside the Laurens County Detention Center. 31-year-old Randall Terence Burdette of 581 Mill Road, Greenwood is charged with Threatening the Life of a Person during the day Sunday. He allegedly threatened the life of a Detention Center officer twice by saying he would kill her if she opened the door to his cell. This was reportedly overheard by Detention Center staff.

Initial charges included tickets issued by Highway Patrol Trooper Gabriele at 28 minutes after midnight Sunday morning on Highway 221 & 72 charging Burdette with Driving under the Influence and Failure to Surrender a Driver’s License. Sheriff’s Sgt. McMahan issued tickets at 12:20 am Sunday on Highway 72 at Fishing Village Road, charging Burdette with Driving under Suspension and with Disorderly Conduct.

Randall Terence Burdette remained in custody earlier today, pending a bond hearing on his charges.

Pistol in Threats at Pilot Station Early Saturday

Use of a pistol to threaten a woman and others in the area was alleged following an early Saturday morning arrest in Clinton. 31-year-old David Lee Evans of McWatters Road, Clinton was initially charged with Driving under Suspension when arrested by Public Safety Officer Gutierrez at 51 minutes after midnight Saturday on Highway 56 north. Evans was served warrants later in the day also charging him with Pointing and Presenting a Firearm at a Person, Breach of Peace, Aggravated in Nature,

Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature, Possession of a Weapon during a Violent Crime and with Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon.

Warrants state that Evans pointed and presented a firearm at a female victim on Highway 56 north early Saturday morning. He allegedly assaulted her of a high and aggravated nature by pointing and presenting the firearm, causing her to fear for her life. He is also accused of pointing the silver Cobra handgun at several subjects during a verbal altercation in the parking lot of the Pilot gas station. He reportedly did not have the necessary requirements for possession of that weapon.

Donald Lee Evans was released Sunday on cash or surety bonds totaling $25,000 and a $647 personal recognizance bond.

Grand Larceny, Unlawful Pistol Possession

The Sheriff’s Office yesterday served charges of Grand Larceny and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm on 33-year-old Brandon Troy Hunnicutt of 508 West Calhoun Street, Joanna. Lt. Scott Franklin states that on November 8th the defendant took items valued at $8,051 from a Joanna victim. On the same date Hunnicutt allegedly had possession of, and attempted to sell, a .32 caliber New England firearm. Officer Franklin notes that Brandon Hunnicutt has prior convictions of a violent felony, which prohibit possession of a weapon. Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $25,000 on the two charges. Brandon Troy Hunnicutt remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Failure to Stop, Resisting Arrest & 5 Other Charges

After being arrested on six charges from tickets issued at 10:32 Saturday night, 38-year-old Xavier Torraces Parks of 12 Raintree Drive, Laurens was served  with a 7th charge of Resisting Arrest. A warrant citing investigation of  Laurens Police Officer Lindsey states that on November 19th Parks actively resisted arrest by pulling his arms away from the officer and that he also grabbed the officer’s wrist in an attempt to prevent the arrest. This allegedly occurred in the back yard of a residence on Paul Street.

Tickets issued Saturday night included charges of Simple Possession of Marijuana , Open Container of Beer or Wine in a Vehicle, Failure to Stop for a Blue Light, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Driving under Suspension and Driving under the Influence at or near the intersection of Parkview and Ferguson. He was held with cash or surety bonds totaling $6,481.

Multiple Charges from Friday & Saturday

Clinton Public Safety arrested a Joanna man for multiple charges Saturday, and added additional charges from alleged offenses in town Friday. 27-year-old Timothy Michael Walden of 105 Hawkins Circle, Joanna was served eight charges ranging from Distribution of Meth to Motor Vehicle Break-in.

On Saturday, the 19th, Walden is accused of having possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute on Centennial Street Saturday, allegedly having 1.93 grams packaged in three separate bags. This was reportedly within a half-mile of Oak Street Park. Walden also allegedly had another controlled substance Saturday without authority.

He is accused of operating a vehicle that was uninsured and not registered. This allegedly occurred Saturday on Centennial Street.

On November 18th, Walden is accused of taking a book bag that contained about $70 and three pair of ear buds. This allegedly occurred Friday in the 100 block of North Broad. He is accused of breaking into a 2009 Infinity at 102 North Broad Friday and of taking a quantity of Norco, a schedule II controlled substance.

Timothy Michael Walden of Joanna remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with cash or surety bonds totaling $22,500 five charges. PR bonds totaling $710 were set on three other charges.

Pointing Pistol at Woman, Pushing Child Alleged

The Sheriff’s Office arrested 27-year-old John Wesley Farr of 968 Gentry Road, Fountain Inn Friday on charges of Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature and Assault and Battery 3rd Degree. He’s accused of pushing and pulling the victim, breaking her cell phone, while he was in possession of a weapon, during the assault in the presence of their minor children Friday. He’s also accused of assaulting an 11-year-old victim by pushing her down.  John Wesley Farr was released Saturday on cash or surety bonds totaling $22,000.

Refused to Leave, Struck Man in Chair

Laurens City Police Saturday charged 24-year-old Brittney Judith Case of 208 Hilldale Avenue, Laurens with Trespassing and Assault and Battery 3rd Degree. Warrants citing investigation of Sgt. Jones state that on November 18th Ms. Case committed trespassing by refusing to leave a residence on East Main after being told to leave multiple times. She is also accused of slapping a man in his face while he sat in a chair. Brittney Judith Case was released Sunday morning on personal recognizance bonds totaling $1,465.

“Cowboy” Accused of Pointing Firearm at a Person

Pointing a firearm at another person last July was cited with an arrest Saturday. 37-year-old Travis Stewart Henderson of 244 Wuthering Heights Road, Cross Hill, also known as Cowboy, was charged with Pointing and Presenting a Firearm at a Person. Sheriff’s Sgt. Farrah Cook states that on July 16th, 2016 Henderson presented a firearm at a victim at a location in the 4,000 address range of Highway 221 South. The warrant notes this was not in self-defense. With a cash or surety bond set at $10,000, Travis Stewart “Cowboy” Henderson of Cross Hill remained in custody this morning.

Exposing Infant to Marijuana

The Sheriff’s Office arrested a woman yesterday in conjunction with the Department of Social Services. 24-year-old Patricia A. Brewer of 518 West Calhoun Street, Joanna was charged with Child Neglect. Sgt. Farrah Cook states that on November 1st 2016 Ms. Brewer placed at unreasonable risk of harm an infant child, by exposing the child to marijuana, causing a positive test for marijuana. Cook states the defendant had custody and/or charge of the minor child and is the child’s parent or guardian. Patricia Brewer was being held, pending a bond hearing today.

Raiders Win, Clinton Loses in First Round Playoff Games and Audio of Raider Game


Mike-LDHS A-Diamond L-med-png

The Laurens Raiders took a 35-7 win over the Woodmont Wildcats at KC Hanna Stadium last night in first round action in the Class AAAAA Playoffs… The Raiders led 14-7 at the half and the Raiders pulled away in the second half for the win… Check Mike’s Sports Report on Monday for more information on the game…. If you would like to listen to the game, see the audio link below… The Raiders advance to play Spartanburg at home next Friday night as Spartanburg defeated Clover 42-28.

Mike-CHS-A-small-pngUnfortunately the news is not as good for the Clinton Red Devils as they fell 24-16 to the Cyclones in Chester… Chester had a 9-0 lead at the half and tried to come back in the second half but just fell short… Again check Mike’s Sports Report on Monday for more details.



Audio of Raiders Game

Woodmont at Laurens 11-18-16

Doug Holliday: Play by Play

King Dixon: Color Commentary

Mike Hughes: Sideline Reports/On-site Producer

$50,000 Announced for Laurens County Swamp Rabbit Trail

With a brand new Master Plan for Trails in Laurens County, the Laurens County Trails Association held an Implementation Summit last night in the Ridge at Laurens. Community leaders from across Laurens County gathered to get a briefing of the Master Plan from Laurens County Trails Executive Director Don Walker. He showed proposed trails on a map of the county, including bicycle trails on rural roads and kayak trails on local streams; but the first major emphasis is to continue the Swamp Rabbit Trail from Fountain Inn by Owings, Gray Court, Laurens, Clinton and Joanna to eventually connect with the Palmetto Trail, possibly in Newberry County.

Representatives from Traveler’s Rest were on hand to talk of the impact the Trail and related developments have had in revitalizing that small town. Travelers Rest City Administrator Dianna Gracely said “You can’t just build the trail and hope things will happen.” She talked of points ranging from “cultivating the destination” to items related to “quality of life.”

Blake Sanders, Mayor of West Pelzer, gave an overview of Trail Construction. He’s worked on the Swamp Rabbit Trail as well as Anderson’s Doodle Tail.

Diane Culbertson of Owings talked about the advantages of people setting aside land with a Conservation Easement to preserve it for the future while providing tax benefits to the owner.

Just before last night’s Trails Implementation Summit took a break prior to going into break-out groups, GHS Laurens County Campus President Rich D’Alberto and Laurens County Health Care System Board Chair Dr. Susie Smith made a surprise announcement of funding for the Swamp Rabbit Trail

Dr. Susie Smith said the Laurens County Health Care System’s Board has approved $50,000 for a portion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail that will pass by the GHS Laurens County Memorial Hospital. “GHS, through their endowment, is funding the five-mile stretch between Clinton and Laurens on the Laurens County Trail, and we want to underscore our support for bringing Clinton and Laurens together in good health.”

Dr. Smith said the Laurens County Health Care Systems’ Board is pledging $25,000 for this year and next year from funds provided for Laurens County Health programs from the GHS Endowment. “That’s right, the local board – Laurens County Health Care System – has voted unanimously to fund $50,000 towards this trail.”

GHS Laurens County Campus President Rich D’Alberto said the GHS Endowment provides funds annually to Laurens County Health Care System to be used to support various local entities that provide health services to the county. “It’s expected every year that the hospital will get $100,000 from the Endowment, and they will divide that out to needy organizations. But they felt this was a major opportunity so they supported this first.”

The community leaders in attendance then broke into sub-groups to begin planning for various aspects of implementing trail development in Laurens County.

Truck on Car Assault

A Fountain Inn man was charged yesterday afternoon with repeated assaults on his wife’s car with his pickup, of damaging another woman’s car with his hand and with threatening to kill a Sheriff’s Officer.


27-year-old Michael Anthony Nelson of 719 Durbin Road had been arrested Wednesday night after Laurens County Deputies were dispatched when two women drove up to a Fountain Inn Police Officer at the intersection of Durbin Road and Highway 418. After striking his wife’s car with his pickup at their Durbin Road residence, he allegedly struck a Simpsonville woman’s car with his hand, breaking a rear, right-side window of her SUV. Mr. Nelson was served with warrants yesterday afternoon alleging Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature, Malicious Damage and Threatening the Life of a Public Official.

Warrants citing the investigation of Corporal Rushing state that on November 16th Nelson caused or attempted to cause injury to a member of his household by using his white Ford pickup as a deadly weapon in the assault, causing a reasonable fear of imminent serious bodily injury or death. The warrant states the act was aggravated in that the defendant rammed his vehicle in to the victim’s vehicle several times.

Nelson is accused of maliciously doing damage valued at under $2,000 to another victim’s vehicle by punching her passenger window, causing it to break. A third warrant cites the investigation of Sgt. Byrd as indicating that Nelson threatened Officer Byrd, a public official, with several jail personnel as witnesses, by threatening to kill Sgt. Byrd when the defendant gets out of jail.

Michael Anthony Nelson remained in custody earlier today, pending a bond hearing on the three charges.

Charging Policeman with a Knife

A Clinton man was accused yesterday of charging a Clinton police officer Wednesday with a knife. 38-year-old Bobby Ray Gregory Jr. of 211 East Ferguson Street was charged with Assault and Battery 1st Degree. A warrant states that on November 16th Mr. Gregory offered and attempted to injure the officer with a knife. The warrant states that in the roadway in front of 211 East Ferguson Street Gregory ran towards the officer with the knife in hand and the blade pointed towards the officer, until reaching close proximity of the officer, with ability, opportunity and jeopardy.

With a cash or surety bond set at $10,000, Bobby Ray Gregory Jr. remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

City of Laurens Gets Good Audit

Laurens City Council reviewed their audit of the past fiscal year at their November meeting Tuesday night. CPA Sheryl Medders with McKinley Cooper, LLC, presented audited Financial Statements for the Fiscal Year that ended June 30th, 2016. It showed total revenues of $6,716,345 and total expenditures of 6,385,750. The ending balance was $2,926,368. The hospitality fund had total expenditures of $480,000, with an ending fund balance of $2,102,267. “That means we are in pretty good shape doesn’t it?” asked Mayor Stankus, to which Medders replied, “Very good.”

Failure to Show for Court

A new charge was issued yesterday on a man arrested for not showing up for Laurens County General Sessions Court this week. Sheriff’s Lt. Bridges and Sgt. Veal issued a ticket charging Simple Possession of Marijuana at 12:45 yesterday afternoon on Westcliff Drive, Laurens. 23-year-old Keaston Dahja Kinard of 45 Piedmont Avenue, Clinton was then served with three General Sessions Bench Warrants. They cite him with failing to appear in court on Monday of this week to face charges of Burglary/Safecracking, Burglary 3rd Degree and Grand Larceny. Keaston Kinard remained in this Johnson Detention Center, pending his now allegedly overdue court appearance.

Battle of Blackstock’s Anniversary Commemoration

Musgrove Mill State Historic Site will hold an anniversary commemoration of the Battle of Blackstock’s at 10 a.m. Saturday, November 19th, at Blackstock Battlefield off S.C. 49 in Union County.

The event will commemorate the Nov. 20, 1780, battle that pitted Patriot Gen. Thomas Sumter against British Lt. Col.. Banastre Tarleton.

The program will include presentations by the Sons of the American Revolution and Daughters of the American Revolution, as well as a salute by local re-enactors, and an interpretive talk on the battle’s historic significance by Mike Burgess, historian and educator at River Bluff High School in Lexington, South Carolina. This is a strenuous hike and registration for the event is mandatory. You should call or visit the office at Musgrove Mill for details and registration before 4:00 o’clock this afternoon.

They encourage you to bring a chair for the event. The event will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather. The program will cost $5.00 per person. You should bring bottled water, insect repellent, and sturdy footwear for hiking.

For more information or directions to Blackstock Battlefield, contact Musgrove Mill State Historic at (864) 938-0100, e-mail bjames@scprt.com or go to www.SouthCarolinaParks.com.

Failure to Return Borrowed Car

Failure to return a borrowed car was alleged with yesterday’s arrest of 48-year-old Vernon Lavon Brock Jr. of Lakeshore Drive, Greenwood. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office served a warrant charging Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent. It states that on April 1st this year in Laurens County Mr. Brock took a 2010 Kia Soul valued at between $2,000 and $10,000. The car was allegedly placed in his custody for a short time and was not returned more than 24 hours later. Vernon Brock Jr. was being held overnight, pending a bond hearing today.

Two Charged with Petty Thefts

The Sheriff’s Office yesterday charged two people with Petit Larceny for alleged thefts in June and July this year.

27-year-old Tiffany Nicole Bunch of 763 Brooke Road, Clinton is accused of taking a set of standard wrenches valued at $500 on June 1st and of pawning them at Pawn Werks, with intent to permanently deprive the owner. Tiffany Bunch was being held overnight, pending a bond hearing.

25-year-old Mathew James Arneson of 407 Windsape Road, Duncan is accused of taking a black, wooden handled .38 caliber pistol on July 2nd. It was valued at $200. With a cash or surety bond set at $2,000, Matthew Arneson remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Arrest from Wednesday Night Assault

Clinton Public Safety yesterday charged a local woman with an assault on North Bell Street Monday night. 46-year-old Amelia Carolyn Johnson of Clinton Manor was served a warrant for Assault and Battery 3rd Degree. It accuses her of assaulting the victim November 14th by striking him in the face with her closed fist, causing minor injury with his nose bleeding. Amelia Carolyn Johnson was released on a $500 personal recognizance bond.