Car Theft in July

Laurens City Police last night made an arrest from a car theft this summer.  27-year-old Arvia Lasha Pressley of 402 Green Street, Newberry was charged with Motor Vehicle Theft. Sgt. James Nolen states that on July 28th Ms. Pressley committed Grand Larceny by taking a vehicle from B & P Auto Sales at 451 Church Street that was valued at over $2000. Arvia Pressley was being held overnight, pending a bond hearing.

Habitual Offender on Breach of Trust


The Sheriff’s Office arrested a woman Friday for multiple alleged property crimes last month 39-year-old Brandy Louise Lyles of 41 Papa T Drive, Gray Court, also known as “Brandy Elmore,” was charged with three counts, Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent and with a 4th charge of being a Habitual Offender.

Lt. Keith McIntosh states that Ms. Lyles used a financial transaction card to defraud the user, making purchases once on September 19th 2016 and from two companies on September 20th. Lt. McIntosh also states that on September 20th one Brandy Louise Lyles committed a crime where term of imprisonment depends on value of items stole and that the defendant has been convicted at least twice before for such a property crime.

Cash or surety bonds were set at $10,000 on the Habitual Offender charge and $5,000 on each of the Breach of Trust warrants. Brandy Louise Lyles remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with bonds totaling $25,000.

Bond Revoked

Laurens City Police delivered a man to the detention center Friday on a revocation of bond. A bonding agency issued notice to the court stating that 28-year-old Ronnie Bryan Sellers Jr. of 138 Bellview Church Road, Laurens attempted to flee jurisdiction last Thursday. He is now being held for his charges of Enhanced Shoplifting and Failure to Stop for a Blue Light.

Theft & Multiple Licenses Alleged

Laurens City Police had multiple charges for a woman following an alleged shoplifting at Wal-Mart this weekend. 49-year-old Angela Loraine Hartwell of 103 Owings Street, Laurens was initially issued tickets charging her with Trespassing and Possession of More than One Driver’s License at 6:30 Saturday evening at 922 East Main. Later, she was served with a warrant charging her with Shoplifting Enhanced. It cites the investigation of Lt. Martin as indicating that on October 8th Ms. Hartwell selected, concealed and carried away merchandise from Wal-Mart with intent to permanently deprive the store. The warrant notes the charge is enhanced because Ms. Hartwell has three or more prior convictions for property crimes. Angela Loraine Hartwell was released Sunday afternoon on surety bonds of $10,000 on the Shoplifting and $472 on the other two charges.

DUI Stop Adds Weapons Charge

A weapons violation added to a Cross Hill man’s charges after he was stopped by Laurens City Police Saturday night. Laurens City Police stopped  34-year-old Maurice Watts of 73 Shealy Circle, Cross Hill on Greenwood Road Saturday evening and charged him with Driving under the Influence of Alcohol. A Felon in Possession of Ammunition charged was added. Sgt. Nolen cites the investigation of Officer Lindsey as indicating that on October 8th Mr. Watts possessed multiple rounds of live shotgun ammunition, which were discovered during a lawful traffic stop on Greenwood Road. The warrant notes that Mr. Watts is prohibited from possession of firearms or ammunition. Maurice Watts was released early Sunday afternoon on surety bonds totaling $5,992.

Stealing Coins from Change Machines

Laurens Police arrested a man Friday on charges he stole coins from change machines in Laurens this past July. 30-year-old Marty Brandon Free of 2061-B-3 Smith Road, Newberry was charged with two counts of Using a Slug to Operate a Machine. He is accused of stealing coins from change machines on July 3rd by using a bill with tape on it to continually manipulate the coin machines and deprive the owners of the coins inside. He allegedly took some $20 in coins from a machine at 102 Wayside Drive and coins valued at about $70 from a machine at 1507 West Main Street.

Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $1,000 on the two charges. Marty Brandon Free remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Domestic Assault Friday

Clinton Public Safety arrested a local man Friday following an alleged domestic assault at his residence. 35-year-old Rudy DeShawn McCarthy of 94 Palmetto Street, Clinton was later charged with Domestic Violence 2nd Degree. He is accused of ripping the victim’s shirt on Friday and then pushing her to the ground in the presence of two children.

Rudy DeShawn McCarthy was released Saturday morning on a personal recognizance bond of $2,150.

Arrest Alleges Assault in August

The Sheriff’s Office Saturday made an arrest from an alleged domestic assault in mid-August. 31-year-old Nicholas Lee Holmes of 100 Ladson Street, Greenville was charged with Domestic Violence 3rd Degree. Deputy Andrew Turner states that on August 17th Holmes got into a car with the victim, bit her on the upper left shoulder and scratched her chest. Nicholas Lee Holmes was released Sunday morning on a $5,000 surety bond.

Assault by Threat Alleged

Clinton Public Safety arrested a suspect at 7:35 Friday Morning for an alleged assault the day before. 22-year-old Tammy Lynn Medlin of 100 Academy Street, Clinton was charged with Assault and Battery 3rd Degree. She is accused of threatening another woman with bodily harm on October 6th while having the apparent ability to do so during an incident on Elizabeth Street. Ms. Medlin was released within an hour on a $470 personal recognizance bond.

Can’t Steal It – It’s His

Clinton Public Safety responded to a Florence Street at 2:48 Saturday afternoon on a report of stolen property. A woman said her husband had taken clothing, money and jewelry valued at $520. The officer explained that a husband cannot be prosecuted for taking what would be considered marital property.  The woman replied that they were divorced, in another state, from a domestic matter. The woman having frequently replied to the man as her husband, and presenting no evidence of a divorce, the matter was not being prosecuted.

LCWSC Continues Flushing Lines

The Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission was continuing flushing of water lines over the weekend to reduce the amount of discolored water in the system.

Once the LCWSC has completed water main flushing for the road you live on, they suggest the following steps to clear your personal service lines:

  1. Run cold water using a high flow faucet (such as an outside hose bib or bath tub) for a few minutes. They suggest trying this for no longer than 5 minutes.  This will only use a few cents worth of water and should quickly remove the discolored water from your service line and plumbing.
  2. If the water becomes clear, then briefly flush each of the remaining faucets in your home.
  3. You may also want to run one or two washing machine cycles without clothes to clear any discolored water that may be in the lines that feed to the washing machine.
  4. If you notice discolored water while running the hot water, you may need to flush your water heater. If you are unsure how to flush the water heater, you can run hot water in the bath tub for around 10-15 minutes.  This will only use a few cents worth of water and should remove the discolored water from the heater tank.

The LCWSC will have crew members working to flush remaining areas of the water distribution system and will continue to work on this issue.

The Commission stated Saturday “We are very sorry for the significant inconvenience this event has and will cause and appreciate your patience as we work to correct this problem.  We will post updates as they become available to let customers know the progress we are making to remedy the situation.”

This map shows the work that was being done as of Saturday.


Laurens Raider Football Replay 10-07-16

Laurens Raiders at Wade Hampton Generals Podcast

Friday, October 7th 2016

Doug Holliday, Play-by-play

King Dixon, Color Commentary

Mike Hughes, Sideline reports/On-site Producer

Candidates Discuss Local Issues

A crowd composed of local officials, college students and other interested citizens gathered at Edmunds Hall on the campus of Presbyterian College last night to listen to candidates for office in next month’s elections. The forum was conducted in a relaxed, informal atmosphere allowing the candidates to address concerns of the voters without interruption or bickering.

Candidates who participated included Republican Mark Willis who is seeking re-election as the Representative for House District 16 and his Democratic challenger Brandon Greene. Willis stressed his work with seniors while Greene talked about reaching out to millennials.  Democrat Mike Anthony was there, seeking re-election for House District 42, along with his Republican challenger, Tommy Mann. Anthony said that if the government of South Carolina is going to do anything positive, the first thing we have to do is provide an adequate infrastructure. He said “And that includes our road system.” Mike Anthony said road are now inadequate. Tommy Mann said as a Florida native who visited South Carolina and fell in love with this area, he found a way to move his family here. Mann said being an outsider of sorts, he has the perspective of being loyal to all District 42, to Clinton, in addition to Union, where he lives.

Stephane Williams, Petition Candidate for Sheriff, told the audience that on the evening when the candidates for Sheriff were to meet and face the voters and citizens of Laurens County, please remember “I was here.”

Noting his 27 years experience in law enforcement during which he investigated domestic assaults, burglaries and even murders, Williams asked the audience “If someone in your family is victim of a murder, do you want someone with the educational background and years of experience investigating that type crime to be responsible for the investigation; then I

am the candidate.”

Several in attendance indicated they had learned much about the candidates and their positions. WLBG plans to broadcast segments from the forum next week.

A second Laurens County Candidate’s forum is now just under two weeks away. The Laurens County Tea Party is hosting a Forum scheduled for Thursday, October 20th at 7:00 pm. It will be held in the Laurens County Higher Education Center, room 411.

Multiple Drug Charges, Including Trafficking

An incident reportedly involving firearms shooting in Cross Hill Wednesday led to the arrest of four men overnight. All four men were served charges yesterday, with included warrants for Breach of Peace, Aggravated in Nature for each man. Sheriff’s Officer Matt Veal stated that each breached the peace by discharging a weapon randomly, causing a disturbance of public tranquility.

That warrant for 36-year-old Keandre Armon Conner of 29 Salty Drive. Cross Hill alleged he was shooting in an unsafe manner at 29 Salty Drive.

Keandre Conner was also charged with Trafficking in Cocaine, Trafficking in Ice, Crank or Crack, Simple Possession of Marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance. Possession of a Firearm by a Person Convicted of a Violent Felony and Possession of a Firearm during a Violent Crime.

Investigator Matt Veal states that on October 5th Keandre Conner was in possession of over 400 grams of cocaine, possessed over 28 grams of crack cocaine, that he possessed less than 28 grams of marijuana and possessed Oxycodone, Alprazolam and Diazepam with intent to distribute. Keandre Conner is also accused of being a felon convicted of a violent crime who illegally possessed a Daniel Defense AR-15 without authority and he’s accused of possessing a firearm during commission of the violent crime of Trafficking in Cocaine.

His brother, 31-year-old Kevares Deonte Conner of 304 Marion Street, Clinton was charged with Breach of Peace, Possession of a weapon or Ammunition by a Person Convicted of a Violent Felony. Officer Veal states that Kevares Conner had possession of a handgun, knowing that he is a felon convicted of a violent crime.

25-year-old Anthony Dante Jackson of 4438 Harris Springs Road, Cross Hill was charged with Aggravated Breach of Peace and Possession of a Firearm by a Person Convicted of a Violent Felony.

In addition to his Breach of Peace charge, 23-year-old Corey Rashad Yeargin of 141 White Plains Road, Mountville was also charged with Trafficking in Ice, Crank or Crack and Possession of a Weapon during Commission of a Violent Crime.

All four men remained in custody this morning, pending bond hearings.

Clinton Looks for Revenue Not Being Collected

At Monday’s Clinton City Council meeting, City Manager Frank Stovall asked council to consider contracting with a firm who specializes in revenue review service.  He explained that the city had contracted with a firm several years ago to review compliance with city business license regulations.

For this review, he asked permission to contract with a company that specializes in identifying sources of revenue, identifying revenue that is not being collected properly and then would assist in educating city staff in order to maintain proper collection of that revenue.

There would be no direct cost to the city but the firm conducting the study will keep a portion of the new revenue collected for a period of two years.

Two contracts, one to locate businesses operating inside the city of Clinton and the other with a firm specializing in verification of other types of revenue sources including hospitality taxes were approved by council on a unanimous vote.

Threatening Texts Messages

Clinton Public Safety arrested a man yesterday for an alleged series of threatening texts sent to a woman on South Broad in Clinton over a two-day period last month. 32-year-old Joshua Lee Evette of 344 Red Bird Lane, Waterloo was charged with 2nd Degree Harassment. He is accused of demonstrating an intentional, substantial and unreasonable intrusion into the private life of the victim serving no legitimate purpose but to cause the victim to fear bodily injury and damage to her property. Evette allegedly committed this offense between September 7th and 8th by sending the victim a series of indirect threats through text messages n three different occasions. Joshua Lee Evette was being held overnight in the Johnson Detention Center, pending a bond hearing today.

$100,000 Bond on Probation Violations Back to 2011

State Probation yesterday arrested a woman for alleged failures to report 5 ½ years ago. 34-year-old Amanda Michelle Evans of 202 Whitman Drive, Fountain Inn was charged with Violation of Probation. She is also accused of changing her residence without the knowledge or consent of her agent, thereby absconding supervision. The warrant also states she failed to pay court-mandated supervision fees. During arraignment yesterday a cash or surety bond was set at $100,000. Amanda Michelle Evans remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

No New Assault Charge, But Man Was Already Wanted

A complaint of a domestic assault dispatched Clinton Public Safety to East Bluford Street at 5:04 Thursday morning. Officer Yelton reported arriving to observe a man and woman coming from inside the residence. Officers separated the two, with the man saying they had been involved in a verbal argument and nothing more. The woman reportedly said that she was asleep in bed when the man woke her and they argued about laundry. The woman explained an overturned lamp by saying she had tripped over the cord while leaving the room. The woman reportedly had a red mark on her cheek but was not sure of being assaulted. She did not want to prosecute the man, who had been living with her in a romantic relationship.

Clinton Public Safety did arrest the man due to a Bench Warrant from another case. A 32-year-old Clinton man was delivered to the Johnson Detention Center for the Bench Warrant.

Threw Can of Dog Food

The Sheriff’s Office arrested a young man for an alleged domestic assault yesterday. 19-year-old Brandon Nathaniel Adkins of Wham Lawn Road, Gray Court is charged with Domestic Violence 3rd Degree. He is accused of hitting the victim in the head with a can of dog food, of spitting on her, dragging her out from under a bed and of choking her, putting her in fear for her life and safety. Brandon Nathaniel Adkins was being held in the Johnson Detention Center overnight, pending a bond hearing today.

(Not So) Happy Birthday!

A woman was out drinking last night on the eve of her birthday. At some point the folks she was drinking with had left the bar. She began to walk home. Based on observing the manner in which she was walking, a Laurens Police officer stopped and checked on her and determined she was too intoxicated to safely walk home. And based on conversations overheard with her boyfriend or husband at home, the officer determined that was also not a safe alternative for her. So she was delivered to the Johnson Detention Center around 4:00 this morning on a Public Intoxication charge. She was held until considered sober enough to be booked.