Buster is Pet of the Week


Say hello to Buster. He’s the WLBG Pet of the Week. Buster is a 1 year old black lab mix. He has a naturally friendly nature.

And he needs a home. Fast. The shelter is full……past full. If you or someone you know would like to have a good dog…………please save Buster.

Find out more by calling Laurens County (SC) Animal Control (864)682-4935.

And please SHARE. Can we save them all? No. But please……….let’s save this one.

Newberry Superintendent Killed in Collision With Deputy


The Superintendent of Schools for Newberry County was killed in a wreck on Highway 219 at Newberry High School late Saturday afternoon. He was killed when his car reportedly collided with a Newberry County Deputy’s vehicle that was responding to another wreck on Interstate 26. Newberry County Coroner Craig Newton yesterday formally identified the person killed as 56-year-old Bennie D. Bennett of Prosperity.  Mr. Bennett had served for 10 years as Superintendent of Schools in Newberry County.

The accident that killed the School Superintendent happened about 6:30 Saturday evening in front of Newberry High School as a deputy was responding to a wreck on Interstate 26. A report on the subsequent fatal wreck states that as Deputy Brandt approached the intersection of the driveway to Newberry High School with lights and siren activated a vehicle driven by Mr. Bennett entered the highway from Chapman Drive at approximately 6:26 pm. The vehicles collided resulting in the death of Mr. Bennett and injuring Deputy Brandt.

The deputy was transported by helicopter to Palmetto Health Richland in Columbia with what Sheriff Lee Foster described as “non-life-threatening injuries”.

Newberry County officials, including the Coroner and Sheriff Foster, have described Mr. Bennett as a “good, good man” who cared deeply about the success of children in Newberry County Schools. Sheriff Lee Foster said “This is a horrible loss for our community. Mr. Bennett was a consummate professional and had the best interest of our children at heart. We worked together closely on matters involving our schools and our children’s safety. On a personal note, Mr. Bennett was a close friend and confidant. He and I had a keen interest in sports and would often compare notes on games. My family held him in the highest regard. I am personally shattered by his death. Our family extends our prayers to his family.”

The accident is under investigation by the South Carolina Highway Patrol’s Multi-Disciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT).

Alleged Domestic Assault in Clinton

On Thursday at 3:11 am Officer Yelton was dispatched to the LC Memorial Hospital  based on request of EMS concerning a possible assault. When the victim arrived at the emergency room the officer talked with a paramedic who said when they arrived at the residence of the victim she was waiting outside for ems with an extremely intoxicated male inside the residence. EMS assessed that the victim had sustained a head injury, loss of consciousness, a possible wrist or hand fracture and minor abrasions to her right knee. The paramedic stated the victim initially said she had acquired the injuries from falling then en route to the hospital she confided that she had been assaulted by the male inside the residence. After talking with the victim for some time, the victim gave an account of the alledged attack, stating that the subject struck her in the stomach multiple times. She said she pushed him away and ran but he followed and continued to hit her in the back of the head causing her to fall to the floor unconscious. When she awoke the subject was standing over her and then went and laid down. The victim said she then called 911 only wanting EMS as she feared if law enforcement was invlolved the subject would be arrested and when he got out he would beat her worse. Upon consultation with supervisors, action was taken by the CDPS in issuing a warrant for the arrest of 23 year old Mark Tyler Vanloanvanloan mark 0000092104(3) of 835 Brook Rd. Clinton, booked by the Clinton department of Public Safety into the Johnson Detention Center Thursday charged with Domestic violence 1st degree. He remains in the detention center with bond denied



County Celebrates 75 Years of The Bookmobile from 3-5 Friday

As part of National Library Week the Laurens County Public Library System is celebrating 75 years of Bookmobile/Outreach services with a Bookmobile Open House Friday afternoon from 3-5 PM at the Laurens County library off West Main. The public is invited to attend and meet bookmobile librarians of the past half century.

A library research of old newspapers learned that Laurens County had book delivery services as early as 1929, reaching out to Laurens County residents that were unable to routinely visit the library. Early “bookmobiles” have ranged from horse-drawn wagons and a converted milk truck. More specialized bookmobiles have been used in recent decades.  The Laurens County Library System got its first official bookmobile in 1940.  Those dedicated individuals who have delivered books to the far reaches of the county have been people like Dr. Wil Lou Gray, Elaine Martin, and most recently Leigh Tumblin.  Now that torch has been passed, or rather the keys to the bookmobile have been passed, to Julian Shabazz. He’s a Clinton native who worked for the Library from 1996 to 2000 and returned last fall to take the keys of the Bookmobile with the retirement of Leigh Tumblin.

Laurens County Public Library System Director Ann Szypulski said  “I am very proud of our bookmobile services and hope to continue to serve all areas and communities of the county for a very long time to come”.

The public is invited to Bookmobile Open House from 3 to 5 Friday afternoon.



Council Approves Purchase of Property for More Fire Stations

Tuesday night, Laurens County Council approved the purchase of 4 more properties for use in  constructing new fire stations with funds from the fire improvement bond.

These four new stations will fill in areas with significant population that are not adequately covered by having a fire station within five miles of the property in that area.

Of these One is proposed near Waterloo to cover areas including Deer Valley Road, One for Mountville to cover property in the Milam Road area and One to cover an area in Fountain Inn.


Alleged Assault at Clinton Motel

Corporal Staton of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Clinton Motel on Thursday at 3:25 pm in reference to an alleged assault. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the complainant who stated that she was in her room when the door suddenly swung open and a male subject came into the room asking for her boyfriend. When she told him he wasn’t there the subject reached for jewelry that was on the dresser while telling the complainant that he was taking it for the money her boyfriend owed him. The victim stated that she tried to push the subject out of the room when he struck her in the back of the head with his fist. She further stated that they became separated and the subject reached in his pocket and displayed a knife while stating “I will kill you b***h”. As the subject approached the complainant again, a male from the next room stepped into the room to grab the subject and pulled him out of the room. This man then told the subject to leave. The subject told both the complainant and witness he would be back and got into a vehicle with a female and left.

The Pill Fairy Strikes Again

Lt Anderson of the Clinton Department of Public Safety responded to a forest street Clinton address Thursday at 5:35 pm. The complainant stated that while he was in jail his sister stole his 50 narcos and 90 xanax. The sister stated she did not done this theft. Both parties were asked by the officer if they could be searched for the missing medication and both gave consent. The officer found no medication on either but found a pill bottle in the sister’s pocketbook with the brother’s name on it, which she stated the brother had put there. The officer gave the bottle to the brother who was not concerned about that medication. The brother stated he needed a report for his doctor and was advised a report would be generated in reference to the call.


Postponed Laurens Raider Baseball Game To Be Aired Tonight

Last Night’s Laurens Raider Baseball game waspostponed due to a threat of bad weather. It will be played tonight at 7:00pm at Laurens 55 High School. WLBG wil  be airing this game.

I’m Tex………..I’m a Dog


Hello! Would you like to be my human?
My name’s Tex. I’m in the joint at Laurens County Animal Control. My brother and my sister are in here too.
I’m not yet a year old and I want to run and play and snuggle and give kisses and sniff dandelions but I can’t. I’m stuck here. This place is completely full. But they say next week I might get put down. I’m not real sure what that mean but I hope I get to play wherever down is.
If you want to to be my very best friend in the whole wide world call Laurens County (SC) Animal Control. (864)682-4935 at the shelter of (864)984-6812 at the office.
And please SHARE. If you can’t be my human……….maybe someone else will see me. I’ve never seen me but I heard someone say I was a pretty boy. Is that good?

Laurens Police on Mopeds? Really?

Moped 1Moped 2


No.  Not really.

The Laurens Police Department HAS announced the creation of a bicycle patrol unit which will assist with law enforcement in high pedestrian traffic areas as well as during events and festivals in the city.
This being April 1st, we decided to do a take off on that true story and announce on Good Morning UpCountry that they were actually forming a new unit that would operate on mopeds.  Thankfully, leadership in the Laurens Police Department has a sense of humor.  Not only did they not complain, they actually got in on the joke themselves.

During the show, we received these photos of Sergeant Jody Thibodeaux with one of the “official” moped pursuit units.  Major Chrissy Cofield even stopped by to laugh at our little joke (especially the line about the spandex, spray on bicycle shorts) and give us more details about the real announcement.  Laurens Police should have their bicycles by the end of April.

Major Cofield also said the new bicycles would be just one more reason why you should never run from Laurens Police Department officers.  “You’ll just go to jail tired.” she said.

Thanks again to the LPD for playing along with our joke.  Happy April Fools Day everyone!

Services Saturday For Lt. Larry Young

larry youngA note to the community, services for beloved Sheriff’s Office DARE Officer Lt. Larry Young will be held at 2:00 pm Saturday at the Woodruff Church of God, where he was Sunday School Superintendent. The family will receive friends from 6:00-8:00pm Friday evening at the Woodruff Church of God, 172 Poole Street in Woodruff. The staff of WLBG  send our heart felt condolences to Lt. Young’s family. A man that not only served the community as an officer of the law but helped to mold the lives of young people every day in his role as a DARE Officer.


Suspect Arrested For Multiple Alleged Thefts

Lt. Moore of the Clinton Department of Public Safety was dispatched at 11:00 am Thursday to a Peachtree Street Clinton residence in reference to a suspicious person. The complainant stated that the subject came up to her door and asked to use the phone. The subject told the victim that her boyfriend had jumped on her and beat her and she needed to call the police. The victim said the subject asked for the phone then asked if she could use the bathroom. The subject then left. The victim said she didn’t hink anything about it until her grand daughter looked at the phone and saw the subject never called anyone. The victim then went into the bathroom and saw all her cabinets open but didn’t know if any medication was missing. Sgt. Prather was with the subject at that time so Lt. moore went to the location to question the subject about the incident. The subject told Lt. Moore that she changed her mind about calling the police. She then stated she couldn’t remember what she did. Sgt. Prather placed the subject into custody for the case he was working at that time. The victim called back later stating that her grand daughter’s wallet was missing. She described the wallet and contents and Sgt. Prather said he thought he remembered seeing it when the subject was booked. Officer Wilkes retrieved the wallet from the detention center to return to the victim. Sgt. Prather had been dispatched to a Beech Street Clinton residence at 10:24 concerning the same subject coming to the residence wanting to use the phone.  The victim there stated that the subject did the same thing, going to the bathroom and asked to use the phone but never made any calls. Sgt. Prather observed a female matching the description on Peachtree walking near Beech St. It is noted in the incident report that there have been several reports of someone stealing items from residences and the subject is the primary suspect in several cases. A Nook tablet was found in the subject’s bag. When he opened the nook it was on the facebook page of another possible victim. Lt. Moore went to the address of the appearant tablet owner. She stated the subject had come to her home as well asking to use the phone but never dialed anyone.  The victim said she had just noticed the Nook missing and was about to call the police. After interviewing the subject, it was determined evidence was present to charge her with both burglary second degree and larceny. After three alleged victims, her crime spree was over.

odom sandy 000000038341 year old Sandy Michele Odom of 200 Spruce Street Clinton booked Thursday, charged with  Petit Larceny, Larceny, and 2 counts of burglary 2nd degree. The warrants state that on March 10th, Odom did take and carry away a nook tablet with the intent to deprive the victim of the property, on March 9th, did take and carry away jewelry and several other items from the residence of the victim with intent to deprive the victim of property, on March 9th, did enter into a dwelling through the back window without permission and with intent to commit larceny and on March 10th did enter into a residence by means of trickery to gain entry into a residence to commit the crime of larceny. This did occur during the daytime while the residents were inside. While inside Odom did steal a nook tablet with intent to deprive the owner. Odom remains in the Johnson Detention Center awaiting bond as of this posting.

Stalking & Domestic Violence

martin herman 0000076433(1)Herman Kenneth Martin, Jr. 55, of 540 Hawthorne Drive Woodruff, booked into the Johnson Detention Center Thursday, charged with Domestic Violence 2nd, Stalking when a restraining order was in effect and violation of restraining order issued in magistrate court. The warrants state that on February 21st Martin did violate a restraining order in that he was at the residence of the victim knowing there was a restraining order in effect at the time and while at the residence of the defendant, did throw roofing nails in the victim’s driveway with intent to cause harm; that on February 28th did drive  by the victims house continuously throwing nails in the victim’s driveway and texting the victim intending to cause the victim to fear for life and that of February 28th, did commit the crime of violating restraining order by driving by the victims house continuously throwing nails in the driveway and texting the victim and was intended to cause and did cause the victim to fear for life and safety. He remains in the Detention Center as of this posting.

Incentives For “Project Rain Boots”

Laurens County Council this week gave 1st reading approval to a resolution to proceed with developing incentives for a new economic development project for the county.  Council also gave unanimous 1st reading approval for an ordinance that begins the process of establishing those financial incentives. It’s on behalf of a company known as “Project Rain Boots.” This company is expected to invest $43 million dollars in the acquisition and expansion of an existing industry in Laurens County. The companion ordinance is to authorize a fee agreement with “Project Rain Boots” as well as with Faurecia Interior Systems to place project property in a multi-county industrial park.

Two Charged With Forgery

blackett stanley 0000110895

Stanley Blackett

eubanks jamall 0000110893

Jamall Eubanks

Stanley Fione Blackett, 46 of 204 Hartwood Drive Hopkins and Jamall Marquette Eubanks, 35 of 3717 Live Oak Street Columbia were booked Wednesday into Johnson Detention Center by the Clinton Department of Public Safety, charged with criminal conspiracy and forgery. Warrants state that on March 9th, Stanley Blackett and Jamal Eubanks did conspire and attempted to defraud the Ingles Food Market by presenting a counterfeit check with a cash value less than $1000 and on March 9th they presented a counter feit check for less than $1000. The offense was investigated by Detective Coggins with the Clinton City Department of public safety. Both remain in the detention Center as of this posting.

60 New Jobs Coming To Laurens County

Governmental incentives for a $20 million investment that is to create 60 new jobs in Laurens County received final approval this week. Laurens County Council Tuesday evening gave 3rd reading to an ordinance to allow the expansion of the Octagon Industrial Park. That’s a muti-county park with Greenville County. Ordinance 808 allows the D & W Fine Pack near Fountain Inn to be included in the Octagon Park.

This ordinance allows the expansion of Octagon Park, an existing multi-county industrial park, to now include D&W Fine Pack. D & W is to invest an additional $20 million in the plant that’s on Old Laurens Road between Fountain Inn and Owings Industrial Park. The investment is to generate 60 new jobs.

Living History at Restored Cabin Coming Up Tuesday

cabinThe Laurens County Trails Association will be teaming with the Joe R. Adair Outdoor Education Center to host a hands-on Pioneer Living History tour of the center’s recently restored 200 year old log cabin that had been damaged by fire.  Our community is so thankful to have this historical treasure open for educational programs again!  Tuesday, March 15, 2016 the Chief Interpreter for the National Park System”s upstate parks; Kings Mountain, Cowpens and Ninety-Six will be bringing staff interpreters in for the celebration from 1pm to 3pm.  Some of our Laurens County re-enactors will be giving the demonstrations. Everyone is invited to attend this exciting event


Report of Stolen Guns

Wednesday at 4:09 pm, Deputy Edwards of the Sheriff’s office was dispatched to a residence on highway 418 in Ft. Inn in reference to stolen guns. The victim said that he last saw one of his pistols on February 16th when he was writing the serial number down to add to his spreadsheet. He stated he went on a trip February 18th and returned on the 25th. He said on the 26th of February he noticed the pistol missing from inside a bookshelf. He asked his wife if she moved the gun while he was gone and she stated that he didn’t know a gun was even in that location. The victim said he had people come to clean his house but didn’t believe they would have taken the gun because they had been cleaning for some time and were very trustworthy. The victim went to get another pistol later on and realized it was missing as well. He then looked in other places he kept his guns and they were gone as well. The victim’s wife stated that a 14 year old boy that lives across the street was over at the residence during the time frame but she didn’t know if he would have done it or not. There was no sign of forced entry into the residence at all. Deputy Edwards entered three of the four guns into NCIC as stolen. The fourth gun will be entered when information on it is found. The guns missing were a Mossberg .270 rifle, a Ruger LC9 compact 9mm handgun, a Smith and Wesson .38 revolver, and a Ruger .357 revolver. The incident will be passed to investigations for follow up.

Released On Bond For New Charge But Held On Previous Warrants

miller lacory 0000066065(2)Lacory Calvin Miller, age 22 of 212 Watts Street Laurens was booked into the Johnson detention Center Wednesday charged with receiving stolen goods and released on $1000 bond but remains in the detention center on bench warrants for a drivers license violation in May of 2014, and a driving under suspension from august of 2015. The warrant for receiving stolen goods states that Miller did have in his possession a power meter when he was stopped on May 4th 2014 for a traffic violation. The power meter was taken from a Conway Avenue residence and is owned by the Laurens CPW.


Burglary In Western Laurens County

Thursday just before 2:00 pm Deputy Richey of the Sheriff’s Office was  dispatched to an Erwin Mill Rd. Honea Path residence in reference to a burglary alarm. Upon arrival the deputy walked to the rear of the residence and observed a back window had been broken out and the back door was open. Dispatch was informed the residence appeared to have been broken into. Deputies Richey, Nation and Edwards announced themselves and proceeded to clear the residence. They observed that both bedrooms and the den had been burglarized. Investigator Martin arrived on scene to collect any evidence of prints. Items were taken into evidence to be printed. The daughter of the residence owner was contacted and informed of the burglary. She said she would be coming down today to see if anything was missing. She stated that she and her father had been in Augusta and no one had been coming in or out of the residence for the past few days. Investigations will continue the case.