“Delivery Buddy” Robot at L.C. Memorial Hospital Is First in the Southeast

The first “Delivery Buddy” robot in the southeast is now operating in the GHS Laurens County Memorial Hospital. The computer allows a specialist in Greenville to virtually join a delivery in progress at Laurens County Memorial and provide that extra layer of knowledge to help should complications arise during what was a routine delivery. The robot is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure its ready when and if needed. At a news conference introducing the system to local media yesterday, reporters were told that the system has been online since the 1st of December. While it has not yet been needed for complications in delivery, training sessions have been performed for training.

The “Delivery Buddy” robot is expected to prevent having to transport some cases to Greenville due to unexpected complications.

OB/GYN Dr. Joni Coker said that confidence is growing in the Laurens County Memorial Hospital for infant delivery, but she believes the “Delivery Buddy” program will add to that.

“I think in general just from our increasing numbers of deliveries in the last several years there more confidence but I think this will just….this is like the icing on the cake, Having this robot.”

350 babies were born last year at Laurens County. Chief Nursing Officer Kay Swisher said the number of births here is growing this year.

Dr. Michael Stewart is one of the Neonatologists on duty 24/7 at GHS in Greenville. He said that having the Delivery Buddy system at Laurens County Memorial will provide a link where specialists on standby in Greenville can also provide immediate guidance to health care providers at a birth here.

“If a baby were to come out and require some type of resuscitation, this is something that is the matter of seconds to minutes that we need to make interventions. Not something that, oh, within 30 minutes or an hour a specialist can come in. But it really is…within a matter of minutes that if we don’t make interventions the potential is injury could occur. And so, again that’s the timeliness of this robot system and what we can provide to this community.”

While Laurens County Memorial Hospital is the first in the Southeast with this “Delivery Buddy” robot a second is now in the process of being set up at Baptist Hospital / Easley.

The robot is similar to one already in operation at GHS/Laurens County Memorial for handling strokes.


Suspect Arrested For Multiple Burglaries

fincher stephen 0000035341(1)Wednesday at 10:00 am, Deputy Edwards of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched with lights and sirens to a Highway 101 Gray Court residence concerning a burglary in progress. Dispatch stated the complainant was on the phone with her daughter, who was in the residence when the subject came inside. Upon arrival, the daughter told Deputy Edwards that she was asleep in her room when someone rang the door bell and banged on the door. She said the person then went to another door and started knocking on it. The victim said she stayed in her room because she wasn’t going to get up. She stated that she rolled back over and then heard a noise in the kitchen where someone was walking through the house and going through drawers moving silverware around. The victim said she was scared and called her mom. She told her mother somebody was in the house. Her mother then called the family next door and 911. The neighbors next door came outside and saw a white in color car with a male subject coming from the residence that the victim was in. When asked what he was doing the subject stated he thought the house was for sale and the neighbors told him it wasn’t and there weren’t any signs saying it was for sale. The subject then jumped in the car and left. Deputy Edwards collected statements from the witnesses and turned the information over to Lt. Martin.

In the meantime, at 10:17 am, Corporal Staton was dispatched to a Metric Road, Laurens residence where he spoke with a witness that stated she heard someone knocking on the door of the residence. She looked out the window and saw a man wearing a blue shirt, white ball cap and jeans with a tattoo on his arm. She said he stood on the porch for several minutes and kept going back and forth from the front door to the side door looking through the windows. She said the suspect then went to the car sitting in the driveway and got something from the car and went around to the back of the garage. The witness then said the alarm system beeped alerting that the garage door had been opened. She said the suspect’s vehicle was a white Pontiac. She stated the suspect made several trips from the garage to the car putting power tools and other items in the back seat. She said he backed out of the driveway and turned left going in the direction of the interstate.  Upon investigation, the garage had the back upstairs door knocked completely out of the door frame. The suspect took several different power tools which the complainant described as a dewalt sawz all, kobalt air impact wrench set, a bench grinder and a circular saw.

Lt. Haupfear located the suspect on Metric Rd. and attempted to catch up to the vehicle. He and Sergeant Brewington were finally able to stop the vehicle on Highway 221 near Metric Rd. and the suspect was placed under arrest.

37 year old Stephen Trase Fincher of 100 Tiger Lane Laurens was arrested on scene and booked into the Johnson Detention Center Wednesday, ticketed for possession of marijuana and charged with grand larceny and two counts of burglary. Warrants state that Fincher did take and carry away items valued at $2000 or more belonging to the victim without permission and with intent to permanently deprive the victim, that on March 9th, did enter a dwelling on Metric Rd. without consent and with the intent to commit a crime therein. Further stating Fincher has a prior record of two or more convictions for burglary. The final warrant states that on Marc h 9th, Fincher did enter a dwelling on Highway 101 without consent and with intent to commit a crime therein. He remains in the detention center awaiting bond.

Lake Greenwood Master Plan Approved By Council

The Lake Greenwood Master Plan received approval from Laurens County Council this week. During Tuesday night’s regular session they received a recommendation from Councilman Garrett McDaniel, chair of council’s Parks and Recreation committee.

Councilman McDaniel

Councilman McDaniel

Resolution 2016-06 adopts, in concept, the Lake Greenwood Master Plan. This plan, developed by the Greenwood County Planning Commission, envisions recreational, residential and business development for parts of the three counties which have shoreline on Lake Greenwood.

Liberty Man Arrested on Bench Warrant

moore bradley 0000109753(4)Bradley Thomas Moore, 34, of 549 Country Club Rd. Liberty SC was booked into the JDC on a bench warrant for Pettit Larceny on a conviction from December 14th, 2015 and imposed $1092 or 30 days. He remains in the Johnson Detention Center.

Pills Allegedly Stolen In Clinton

Sgt Marshall of the Clinton Department of Public Safety was dispatched to a Cypress Street Clinton address Wednesday at 1:36 pm in reference to a subject climbing through a rear bedroom window and stealing medication. The officer arrived on scene and spoke with the complainant who stated that a subject climbed through her back bedroom window, walked into her living room and took her small black duffel bag that had her medication and a pink vapor cigarette in it. According to the victim, the subject came to the door first, knocked a few times, then walked up the street and used a cell phone to call her. She said the subject picked up a small duffle bag from the living room then walked out the back door and left. The officer than went to the subject’s residence and spoke with her. She said the complainant helped her climb through the window because the front door was locked and she needed in the residence. Witnesses were interviewed and the officer went back to talk with the complainant. No pills or a duffle bag were found to be in the subject’s possession. The officer did note that the complainant might be under the influence of narcotics as the complainant called three times to CDPS dispatch and twice to central dispatch to report the same incident. The complainant’s story also did not remain the same.  When asked why she would let someone take her bag and walk out with it she said she didn’t know what she was doing.  She then stated she felt like she was having a panic attack but refused an ambulance. The officer then cleared the scene


Clinton City Council Stops Proposed Ordinance To Annex Property Into City

At Monday’s meeting of Clinton City Council, City Manager Frank Stovall presented council with an ordinance that would annex property into the city and thus expand the city limits of Clinton.  The property in question, located near the intersection of Jacobs Highway and Shadow Wood Drive, is the location of a proposed multi-family housing facility.

Mr. Stovall informed council that the City of Clinton Planning Commission had met in November and in January and had discussed this request to annex property into the city.  The Planning Commission raised concerns about the city’s sewer system being able to handle this type facility.  The proposed plans called for a pumping station to be used to pump sewage to the city’s lines along Jacobs Highway.

In fact, he said, the Planning Commission had voted 5-0 to recommend that council deny the request to annex the property and to request that city staff work with the property’s owners to develop a long range plan for the property.

After discussion, Mayor Bob McLean called for council’s vote on first reading of the ordinance.  And, council voted 5-2 to deny the request for annexation with council members Mary Byrd and Shirley Jenkins voting to approve the request.

With the ordinance failing on first reading there will be no second reading on the ordinance.

Came to Sheriff’s Office…Then Was Arrested

cline john 0000110890Corporal Staton of the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Sheriff’s Office staff at 12:12 Wednesday by an employee who stated that a person came to the office to register as a sex offender. The employee said that the suspect had no SC drivers license but stated that he had driven himself to the office. Corporal Staton ran the license plate of the vehicle, which was registered to a 1998 Ford Explorer but was on a 1993 Explorer. The suspect admitted to driving himself to the office but stated he did not know how the tag got on his truck. The suspect, 45 year old  John Zachary Cline of 197 Willis Street Gray Court was transported and booked into the Johnson Detention Center, ticketed for driving without a license and improper use of  a license plate.


County Council Natural Disaster Plan

Laurens County Council this week approved a Natural Disaster plan for the county. Resolution 2016-04 approves the ‘Laurens County Hazard Mitigation Plan’ that was presented Tuesday evening by Joey Avery, Director of Laurens County Emergency Communications .

This was a very detailed plan that is required by FEMA in order for Laurens County to receive federal funds for relief efforts following a natural disaster.

Traffic Fatality – School Bus Involved

Laurens County’s first traffic fatality of 2016 occurred on Wednesday afternoon and involved a Laurens County School District 55 school bus.

The accident occurred at approximately 4:00pm Wednesday on River Fork Road about 1 mile from the intersection with US 221 at Waterloo. According to School Superintendent Dr. Billy Strickland who was still at the scene of the crash after 5:00pm Wednesday, there were only two occupants of the bus at the time of the crash.

“Only one student was on the bus. They’ve been transported to the hospital by a parent. The driver has been transported by EMS.” he said.

According to Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols, it appears that the driver of a pickup truck crossed the center line and struck the school bus head on.   46 year old Christopher Lingerfelter was pronounced dead at the scene.  An autopsy is scheduled tomorrow in Greenville to determine the exact cause of death.

Brace for Roscoe


He’s young………..a year old or maybe a little less than a year. A Jack Russell Terrier mix. We call him Roscoe.

Bored? Down in the dumps? Roscoe is the app for that. He’s a bundle of energy. Wanna start a dog basketball team? Here’s your power forward. Put a #23 jersey on him and let nature take it’s course.

The shelter at Laurens SC Animal Control​ is beyond capacity by more than a dozen dogs. Roscoe and some other good dogs are out of time. He’s a great little dog. He needs someone to love.

For more info on Roscoe call the shelter: (864)682-4935……..and the quicker the better.

And please SHARE far and wide. Roscoe is counting on us.

They’re Baaaaaaack!

CHS Science Olympiad 2016


Who are these young people and what is that thing they’re holding high?

I’ll give you a hint.  They’re members of the Clinton High School Science Olympiad Team.  The state tournament was this past weekend.

Hmmmmm……………details to follow.

Sad Eyes……Sad Reason


Oh Dolly………..come one. Smile please.

Dolly was dropped at a local veterinarian’s office. When I say dropped off I mean………forever. Look at her eyes. She’s trying to tell us what happened to her.

Dolly is about a year old and she’s now at Laurens SC Animal Control​ and available for adoption. Shots and spaying have been taken care of so there is a ZERO dollar adoption fee for Dolly.

Would you like to see Dolly smile? She loves humans and gets along well with other dogs. If you’d like more information about Dolly, call Animal Control at (864)682-4935.

And please SHARE. Dolly needs out of the shelter. Those eyes need to smile.

Ligon Bridge Dedication on Beaverdam Church Road


Photo of attendees courtesy of Sheriff Ricky Chastain

Wednesday at 11:00am a dedication ceremony was held over the Enoree River on the new Ligon Bridge on Beaverdam Church Road in Enoree. Rev. Catherine Cullen Evans presided over the ceremony, first introducing Dr. O.T. Hill, the pastor of Beaverdam Baptist Church. After Dr. Hill’s opening prayer, Rev. Evans introduced Mrs. Naomi Hughey, who’s efforts in the 1990’s began the community effort to keep the old one lane steel bridge repaired and the eventual construction of the new bridge. She thanked everyone involved in the effort and Mrs. Madge Byrd for continuing to work with government in efforts to have the new bridge constructed. In her comments, she also thanked State Senator Danny Verdin and State Representative Mike Pitts. She also thanked former Laurens Mayor Sharon Brownlee, who used her contacts to help in maintaining the old bridge even though it was


Photo courtesy of Sheriff Ricky Chastain

outside of her jurisdiction or responsibilities.

Two representatives of the South Carolina Department of Transportation were recognized for their work in engineering the project followed by Mike Elliot of Inman Mills, who mentioned the impact of the new bridge on current employees, future employees and the economy in general for the town of Enoree. Sherrif Ricky Chastain spoke briefly on public safety aspect of the new bridge allowing continued easy access to that part of the county. Dr. Hill then mentioned the impact of the bridge on future development in the area.

Photo courtesy of Sheriff Ricky Chastain

Photo courtesy of Sheriff Ricky Chastain

Madge Byrd, who worked to bring the new bridge project to fruition, thanked everyone for their support and Rev. Evans closed with a story of how the bridge originally got it’s name followed by a closing prayer.

A Sad Story – Lucy



This is a sad story.

Lucy is 12 years old. She lived her whole life on a chain until 4 weeks ago when her owners turned her over to Laurens County (SC) Animal Control.

While on that chain, kids would throw rocks at Lucy. Guess what? Lucy became mean. Maybe that’s why her owners didn’t want her anymore. Lucy arrived at Animal Control and everyone there knew that Lucy would be put down and maybe………well, maybe that was for the best.

Then something strange began to happen. Lucy began to change. She wags her tail now. She craves human contact now. Nobody is throwing rocks at her. The people at Animal Control talk softly to her. They feed her, even scratch her behind the ears. Now, Lucy wants to live.

But, she’s been there 4 weeks and her time is up. This will be a tall order but our Animal Control officers want us to try. It would break their hearts to have to put Lucy down now.

Lucy has been an outside dog all her life so that’s fine but……….no chain. And Lucy will end up a gentle, loving soul but just 4 weeks ago she was a mean dog so……no small children. And she’s 12 years old.

So, we have to find someone who loves old dogs, wants to see an old girl finally learn to smile and has a fenced yard and no small kids. Impossible?…………maybe……….but we’re going to try. We just a few days. The shelter is open Monday through Saturday near the Laurens County Airport. The phone number there is (864)682-4935.

And please SHARE far and wide. Maybe there is that special someone out there who will let Lucy know that humans can love………can love even an old dog who has only known chains. Good luck Lucy. We’re all pulling for you.

Free Clyde!



This is Clyde. If Clyde looks sad and a bit confused……..he is.

You see, Clyde had a home but then his owner’s landlord said that Clyde looked like he had some pit bull in him and Clyde had to go. He ended up at Laurens County Animal Control. They’re nice folks there but the shelter is full. Clyde says he needs a home.

I hope Clyde’s luck gets better. He’s about 8 months old and he’s a very good boy. Would you like a full blooded Clyde? Call Animal Control for more information….(864) 682-4935l

And please SHARE. Like I said…….the shelter if full. We gotta get Clyde outta there and quick.

Good luck Clyde.

Closings and Delays – Friday, January 22nd

All listed are closed or cancelled for today unless noted as a Delay.


Laurens County School District 55

Laurens County School District 56

Laurens County Offices – 2 Hour Delay

Blood Connection Blood Drive in Clinton

Laurens First Baptist Church Kindergarten

Laurens Family Medicine – Parkview Dr. Laurens

Thomas Mechanical – will answer heat emergencies 681-4247

Laurens County Disabilities and Special Needs Board


Daisy – A Life Worth Saving



I’m gonna call her Daisy. She’s a sweetheart. She’s mostly German Shepherd and about 18 months old. She has just been spayed and will soon have the stitches out.

Because she’s up to date on shots has been fixed there is NO adoption fee. Daisy is a sweetheart but she doesn’t like cats and she kinda gets freaked by small dogs…….gets along well with dogs more her size.

And Daisy is a life worth saving. The shelter is full. In just 2 and 1/2 days NINE dogs have been taken to Animal Control and left there by their owners. That puppy that was a Christmas gift? Reality has set in and they don’t want the responsibility of pet ownership so……….off to the shelter. And by the way, this is NOT a no kill facility. With the shelter full…….well, you get the picture.

If you’d like to know more about Daisy or discuss adoption, call Laurens County (SC) Animal Control. (864)682-4935.

Spread the word. She’s a life worth saving.

Trash Collection Changes – Clinton

A change of schedule and routes for city of Clinton sanitation services goes into effect on Monday, January 4th.

clinton scheduleIn an effort to improve efficiency, the pick up of garbage as well as leaves and other debris will operate under a new schedule beginning on January 4th. The day for your garbage collection has probably changed so take a look at the chart and find your street.

Keep in mind that collection of leaves, limb and large man made debris (washers, dryers, etc) will ALWAYS be on the day following garbage collection.   Anything to be picked up must be at the curb no later than 6AM on the scheduled day for collection.

View chart HERE:  http://www.cityofclintonsc.com/vertical/Sites/%7B55F7B4D2-DDA3-4E24-B36B-2DCD490E9E5E%7D/uploads/1-2_page_chronicle_ad.jpg

Laurens County’s Own Hospice Applauded

Jay Wilson, Linda Brown, Mayor Bob McLean

Jay Wilson, Linda Gault, Mayor Bob McLean

Clinton City Council approved several proclamations at their Monday night meeting.  They proclaimed November as Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, Diabetes Awareness Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and Saturday, November 28th as Small Business Saturday in the city of Clinton.

Council also named November as Hospice of Laurens County month.  Hospice officials Linda Gault and Jay Wilson were on hand and received a framed copy of the city resolution unanimously approved by council from Mayor Bob McLean.

Mayor McLean praised the work of Hospice of Laurens County and the invaluable service provided to Laurens County families by their staff and volunteers.

Hospice of Laurens County was established in May of 1987 by a group of Laurens County residents who recognized a need for a Hospice owned by and serving local people.  They formed Hospice of Laurens County as a not for profit organization which would care for all patients regardless of their ability to pay.  Laurens County’s own hospice has served thousands of patients and their families since its beginning.

In 2008 they opened the Hospice House located on Springdale Avenue in Clinton.  The Hospice House provides in patient facilities providing hospice care as a home away from home.


Early Effects of Monday’s Rain

A popular activity for many residents in the City of Laurens after heavy rain is to check out the Little River and Reedy Fork Creek, especially near the point they merge. With the Flood Warning from the National Weather Service scaled back to a Flood Watch, Katie Mattison ventured out around 5:30pm to share these pictures of the Little River Park and Amphitheater on WLBG.COM. She encountered other residents out in the rain snapping pics of the water overflowing the banks of the Little River Monday afternoon. As you can see from the pics below, as of 5:30, the flood level wasn’t as high as the previous event in mid October. IMG_2032 IMG_2031 IMG_2029 IMG_2037As of this posting, Reedy Fork Creek has not caused any flooding of businesses, Caroline, or Church Streets. This is due, largely, to the efforts nearly 40 years ago by then mayor, Bob Dominick. Prior to that flood control project, rains experienced in mid October and the event today would have likely flooded homes and businesses and shut down both Caroline Street, Church Street and Anderson Drive.