Counterfeit $50 Bill Found in Clinton

Wednesday evening at 8:42 Clinton department of Public Safety officers were dispatched to Family Dollar in Clinton concerning a customer attempting to pay with a possible counterfeit bill. Sergeant Harris arrived on scene and made contact with the complainant. She advised that a subject attempted to pay for items with a fifty dollar bill. The complainant then presented the bill to the officer and advised that when she marked it with a money pen it showed a dark color which indicates the bill was counterfeit. The officer observed the bill to be thin and did not have a security strip when held up to light. The complainant showed the officer what the mark from the pen looks like on actual treasury notes by displaying the mark on a $20 bill. Sergeant Harris then spoke with the subject who stated she went to a lil’ cricket store in Greenwood and received the bill in change for a $100. She stated she did not notice the difference and the officer noted that it would be easily overlooked. The subject was advised that the bill was counterfeit and she would have to pay by other means and the bill would be taken into evidence and she could obtain a report if she wished to speak with Lil’ Cricket in an attempt to obtain legitimate money for her losses. The subject was not charged with any offense as it was evident the bill could have easily been mistaken for legitimate tender.

Second Degree CDV Alleged

worthington stacy 0000111832Stacy Nicole Worthington, age 29 of 14514 Indian Mound Rd. Ware Shoals was booked Wednesday into the Johnson Detention Center, charged with domestic violence 2nd degree, the warrant states that on June 6th she did inflict moderate bodily injury by slapping the victim across the face twice in the presence of a minor child. She remains in the Johnson Detention Center awaiting bond.


Harassing Phone Calls and Texts

Tuesday at 12:45 pm Lieutenant Anderson of the Clinton department of Public Safety was dispatched to a Peachtree Street Clinton residence in reference to harassment. The officer spoke with the victim who stated that she had moved to Clinton from Charlotte in order to get away from her ex boyfriend. She said she had received 30 texts that day alone and phone calls from the subject even after being told not to contact her anymore. While on scene the subject sent four more texts. Lt. Anderson tried to contact the subject and left a voicemail telling him to cease all contact with the victim. The victim was advised to call the CDPS if the subject continued to contact her.


Notes From Tuesday’s Laurens County Council Meeting

At Tuesday night’s meeting of Laurens County Council,  council approved a request by Micky Coates of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office to apply for a yearly Justice Assistance Grant, which this year has $21,440.00 of available funds, which was unanimously approved.

The grant will be used for Laptops and Software, estimated at $12,840.00 and a Speed Measuring Trailer estimated at $8,600.00 In other council activity,

There was supposed to be a vote on the Upper Savannah Council of Governments Workforce Development Agreement, but their representative was a “no show”, so this matter was tabled.

Council unanimously approved the appointment of Bertha Rice to the Gleams Human Resources Commission.

New Laurens County Administrator Jon Caime presented his first report to County Council Tuesday night, stating that his initial focus has been on the core functions of human resources, finance, legal and the county general service divisions.

He reported holding meetings with the EMS, Fire, E911 and has begun to work on interagency relationships.

Reynolds Wins in Republican Primary for Sheriff of Laurens County

Unofficial results from yesterday’s republican primaries are in, and with no democratic opposition and barring a write in campaign for the general election in November, Laurens County will have a new Sheriff in January. With 54% of the vote,  4,265 votes cast for Don Reynolds and 46% of the vote, 3,656 votes for incumbent Ricky Chastain.

Don Reynolds
Don Reynolds

Don Reynolds told WLBG News Tuesday night:

“I’d like to thank my supports for all their hard work. I’t been a hard road, as it has for both sides I know. I’d like to express my feelings to the voters , the ones that voted that feel there needs to be a change of direction in the sheriff’s office that I will work very hard but first we need to get through the November process to the first of the year but I promise to always represent the Laurens County Sheriff’s office and the people of Laurens County in a proud professional honorable manner and instill that throughout the office and respond to their needs. I want the people of Laurens County to feel that if they need help it will be readily accessible and as far as my open door policy I will be accessible. I will be available for folks that want to talk to me can come see me.”

Mr. Reynolds was asked to give us some of his ideas for his platform:

“I just believe you can respond more effectively with the man power as far as responding to the calls that come in. I think you can be more aggressive in pursuing and following up, you can work closer with other agencies. I just think, not to say that someone doesn’t have a different opinion but my opinion is that it can be more effective and more efficient, whether that’s utilizing manpower. The bottom line is you have to respond to the people when they need the service. You have to be as thorough as you possibly can be and that’s my intentions.”

WLBG also spoke with incumbent Sheriff

Ricky Chastain
Ricky Chastain

Ricky Chastain and he reflected on his time as Sheriff and his promise to be accommodating to Mr. Reynolds:

“Certainly the voters have spoken and that’s what this election is all about is the voters but we are very proud of  the job that we’ve done for the last sixteen years with me as the sheriff. I’m very proud of seeing what the sheriff’s office has accomplished over my whole 27 years at the office. I started when I was 21 and I’ve seen a lot of progression made. I’ve had the opportunity to congratulate Don Reynolds on a good race and I’m certainly looking forward to finishing out this term. We’ve still got a lot of things planned. Our agenda is not going to stop. We are going to continue working and serving the people and fighting crime. We are just proud and that’s what I’ve told our supporters.”

When asked about Mr. Reynold’s transition into office, Sheriff Chastain told us:

“If no petition candidate comes up and runs, certainly want him to have all the information and access he needs to benefit the sheriff’s office and the people in the county. Too often, especially in sheriffs races there is bitter rivalries between them and I’m going to afford him the luxury that a lot of sheriffs including myself  were not afforded to make sure because I’m not going to hurt the people of Laurens County because I may not sheriff anymore and I’m going to be there on the day that the sheriff is sworn in and offer my had in friendship and support and congratulations if that’s going to be Sheriff Reynolds or whoever. That’s a vow I made to myself when I took this job. I love the history of the sheriff’s office in Laurens County and I’ve done a lot of research and the last time a sheriff was there to congratulate the incoming sheriff was January of 1961 when Sheriff Ware was there to shake Sheriff Johnson’s hand and turn over the symbolic keys because that’s what it’s about regardless of how the election goes, regardless of how the campaigning trail is done or how the campaign tactics are done. Ricky Chastain is going to leave with his head up and his dignity and proud of what he’s done for the people of Laurens County.”

WLBG News thanks Randy Stevens, Don Reynolds and Ricky Chastain for their time and consideration Tuesday night.



Unofficial Election Returns Declare Jim Coleman Auditor of Laurens County

One of the  county wide race decided during Tuesday’s elections was for Laurens County Auditor. Former county councilman Jim Coleman defeated former Clinton Mayor and State Representative David Tribble Jr. with 58% of the vote  4,455 votes to 3,216 votes.

In an interview with WLBG News Tuesday Night, Jim Coleman said:

coleman jim“The people of Laurens County have supported me in an overwhelming fashion and I appreciate every vote. First of all I’d like to thank David . We both ran clean campaigns. David is a friend of mine and I was not running against he we were both running for the same job. I had a lot of people that were working for me. I’d like to thank each one of them. They know who they are. Any time you win a campaign you gotta have a team out there working and I’m very fortunate to have a lot of people working for me and pulling for me and the good Lord opens doors and this is a door he opened for me.”

Coleman further explained the probability of how he would take office since the Audtir’s Office is currently vacant:

“I think the proper thing to do is ask the Governor to go ahead a appoint whoever won this race because that seat is open. The deputy auditor has done a great job filling in but somebody needs to be the auditor and I’m going to be in touch with the Governor and hopefully maybe she’ll let me go ahead and start July the first because that office goes on the fiscal year and not the calendar year. I think it’s my responsibility to ask her first and then get them to help me. I think they will support it in a huge way and given the situation I think she will go ahead and appoint me to the office because there is nobody in opposition in the fall. She could have appointed somebody before the election but she chose to have an election for it so hopefully she will go ahead and fill the office.”

A thanks to Randy Stevens and Jim Coleman for this interview on behalf of WLBG News



Cathcart Takes Laurens County But Mann Wins Overall In Republican Primary for House Seat 42

A seat that was on the ballot in ten voting precincts in Laurens County was the republican primary for South Carolina House seat District 42 held by Mike Anthony of Union. Coach Anthony has held that seat for some time. This was for the republican to face him in the general election in November. Those men were

Mark Cathcart

Mark Cathcart

Mark Cathcart and Tommy Mann. Their numbers in Laurens County were 415 votes for Cathcart and 403 for Mann. Information received from our friends at WBCU in Union indicate

Tommy Mann

Tommy Mann

Tommy Mann as the winner with 1248 votes and Mark Cathcart with 782 votes so unofficially, Tommy Mann will be facing Coach Mike Anthony in the General Elelctions in November for House Seat 42.


Mutltiple Fraud Charges

johnson jakacey 000011191929 Year old Jakacey Jerrel Johnson of 300 Laurens Terrace Drive Laurens was Booked Tuesday into the Johnson Detention Center,  charged with 4 counts credit card theft and 4 counts of card fraud. He remains in the detention center as of this posting.



Alleged Theft of EBT Card Leads To Arrest

Monday at 1:29pm, Deputy McMahan of the Sheriffs Office was dispatched to a Ridge Hill Rd. Laurens residence concerning theft of an ebt card. The complainant stated that on Sunday he left the house and his social security card and ebt card were left lying on the table in the camper where he was staying. He said his son was at the camper when he left. He said his son doesn’t live there but was assisting him as he had some medical injuries. He said upon returning his son was gone and so was his social security and ebt cards. After following up on it was found the son had been using the ebt card in Cross Hill and several other locations in Greenwood County .  Warrants were issued for financial transaction card theft and financial transaction card fraud $500 or less. Warrant states  that on june 12, one Avery Thomas Dobbins did with intent to use it, did take obtain and/or withhold a financial transaction card from victim without consent. A second warrant states that on June 12th, Dobbins did, with intent to defraud the issuer, use a card to purchase items at Buck’s Quick Stop with the sc ebt card. Dobbins, age 20 of 1591 Barnett Rd. Cross Hill, arrested Tuesday at 9:45 am and booked into the Johnson Detention Center. He was later released on bond.



Harassing Phone Calls

Tuesday at 1:20pm, Sergeant Johnson of the Sheriff’s Office met with an East Florida Street Clinton resident in reference to harassing and threatening phone calls. The complainant stated that she and the subject dated for a short time and that they had split up. The victim provided a report that had been taken by the Clinton Department of Public Safety that depicted an event that took place at the subject’s residence on North Bell Street in Clinton where the subject reportedly held the victim against her will as well as assaulted the victim. No charges were filed in that case. The victim stated that she has received numerous text messages from the subject that she did provide. In the texts, the subject continued to use curse words and inappropriate language and also suggested in a text that he had given the victim aids. The victim stated that the subject has threatened to do bodily harm to her and her kids. The case will be presented to a magistrate.

June 14th Primary Election Returns

Unofficial Finals until Canvasing:

Sheriff’s Race

Ricky Chastain:  3656

Don Reynolds:   4265


Auditors Race

Jim Coleman:   4455

David Tribble:  3216


Break In and Theft From Waterloo Store

At 9:12 am Monday Sergeant Brewington of the Sheriffs Office was dispatched to a store on Todd Quarter Rd. in Waterloo. The store owner stated that sometime Sunday night an unknown subject had gained entry into the store. The victim said that he left the store around 9pm on Sunday and opened on Monday at 9am. He said when he entered the store he noticed that someone had opened the cash drawer and taken approximately $100 in $1’s and $5’s, several candy bars, and also a coffee can with approximately $100 for fireworks donations that was sitting on the counter top. He also stated that several packs of Marlboro and Newport cigarettes and several cans of grizzly tobacco were also missing. The victim said it appeared that the subject removed the padlock latch off the front door and then re-attached it before leaving using the same screws causing very little damage. Sergeant Brewington noticed what appeared to be tampering with the latch and also slight damage to the front door. No other signs of forced entry were found. The officer also noticed the cash drawer lying on the floor and change holder protion sitting on the counter full of change. The store owner said nothing else appeared to be missing at the time. Sergeant Brewington asked Sergeant Cook and Deputy McMahan to canvas the campsite and speak with neighbors while he took photos and dusted for prints.  Segeant Brewington received a call from a neighbor who stated they heard a loud vehicle at the store around 1am but didn’t look outside. The store owner gave the name of a possible suspect due to the fact that this suspect had been caught stealing throughout the campsite several weeks before.  Extra patrols have been put into place in the area and investigations will continue with the case.


Two Arrested on Shoplifting Charges

wright james 0000046290(2)James Oneil Wright, 38 of 218 Spring Street #23 was booked Monday into the Johnson Detention Center, charged with shoplifting, possession of marijuana and assault and battery 3rd degree





And 25 year old Samtavia Lee Mims of the same address was booked Monday charged with shoplifting. Both remain in the Johnson detention Center awaiting bond.mims samtavia 0000090627

Money Missing at Coin Laundry

Monday at 7:52pm Officer Yelton of the Clinton Department of Public Safety responded to a coin laundry on Willard Rd. in Clinton concerning a complaint of larceny. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the complainant who stated that he had used the coin machine and while doing so placed approximately $80 on top of the machine. He stated he then left the machine and walked over to a washing machine to wash his clothes. He said when he turned around to look at the coin machine a female was using it. He said after she finished he returned and his money was gone. The officer than spoke with the woman who stated she used the machine and then put her clothes in a washer as well. The subject stated that she did not observe any money laying around the machine and that she was too short to see the top of the machine. The officer then spoke with an employee of the business via telephone to obtain surveillance camera footage and was told she would have to contact someone else during regular business hours. The officer explained to the complainanat that she would have to review the video recording at a later date. The subject then stated that another female had entered the business at the same time. The officer than spoke with the other female. She said that when she entered the complainant was already upset about having money stolen and she continued to wash her laundry and leave the business as not to be involved with the situation. Officer Yelton obtained both female’s contact information and will follow up on the case.

Assault and Battery Charges

kane josh 0000093461(13)Josh Ruben Kane age 38 of 205 Lurey St. Laurens booked Monday into the Johnson Detention Center charged with assault and battery 3rd degree. He remains there awaiting bond

City of Clinton Gets All Cementitious About Rain Water

A new word could save Clinton taxpayers money long term.  That word is cementitious (see-muhn- TISH- uhs), an adjective describing something having the properties of cement.

The money saved will come from the problem of  “I and I”, Inflow and Infiltration into Clinton’s sanitary sewer system.  That term describes rain water that gets into the sewers.  That creates a problem because the rain water is then pumped with all the other waste water to the treatment plant of the Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission near Joanna and the city pays to treat all of it, including the rain water.

City Manager Frank Stovall told the members of City Council on Monday that during heavy rains the waste water sent to the treatment plant is more than double  the amount of water the city produced that day.  Since rain water doesn’t need to be treated, the challenge is to keep it out of the sewer system.

And that’s where we come to our new word.  Mr. Stovall asked Council to approve the purchase of cementitious restoration unit and a truck to carry it.  This equipment will be used to spray the sides of manhole interiors with the cementitious sealer.  With many manholes in the city system constructed of brick, they leak and allow rain water to pour into the system.  This equipment will seal those leaks, reduce the infiltration, and cut the amount paid to treat sewage.

After discussion, council voted unanimously to approve the purchase of a Cementitious Manhole Restoration Unit from Quadrex, LLC of Houston, Texas for $89,813.00 and a 5500 Series Dodge Ram cab and chassis from Cooper Motor Company of Clinton for $53,515.00.

Shrine Race Tonight at Laurens County Speedway

The 35th Annual Shrine Race is tonight at the Laurens County Speedway with the Super Late Models, Hobby Stocks, Front Wheel Drives, Stock Thunders, Monster Minis and Seca Crate Late Models all racing. Pits open at 5pm, Stands at 6pm and Racing begins at 8 with the main event at 10pm. The Laurens County Shrine Club and the fine people at the Laurens County Speedway work very hard every year to raise funds for the Shiriners Hospital with the Shrine Race, now in it’s 35th year. Tonight at the Laurens County Speedway.

Family Member Allegedly Steals Car in Cross Hill

Sergeant Johnson of the Sheriffs Office was dispatched at 1:oopm Monday to a residence on Puckett Ferry Rd in Cross Hill. There she met with a complainant that stated his nephew, who lives with his mother at another residence in Cross Hill, took the complainant’s mother’s car from her residence two weeks ago without permission and has not brought it back. The complainant stated that the victim is elderly and was not able to come to the office to file a report so her son brought all the information needed. The vehicle will be entered into NCIC and warrants will be sought for the subject’s arrest.

Department of Public Safety Statistics from Last Weekend

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety reports that there were a preliminary number of five persons killed on South Carolina roadways from Friday, June 10, at 6:00 p.m. until Sunday, June 12, at midnight. Of these, three were motorcyclists. As of June 12, 408 people have died on South Carolina highways, compared to 409 highway deaths during the same time period in 2015.

Of the 277 motor vehicle occupants who have died in 2016, 131 were not wearing seat belts.

Through midnight June 12, 49 pedestrians have died compared to 47 in 2015; 54 motorcyclists have died compared to 56 in 2015; and 10 bicyclists have died compared to 9 in 2015 on state roads and highways.

Program Showcase Thursday Night at Piedmont Tech

Piedmont Technical College will be offering a series of program showcases to introduce potential students to the wide variety of program options the college has available. The first showcase will be for those interested in transferring to a four-year college or university. It will be held this Thursday, June 16 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in room 102C of the James C. Self Conference Center on the Lex Walters Campus-Greenwood.

At the University Transfer Showcase, participants will be able to meet PTC faculty, learn about the many Bridge and University Transfer options that are available and get more information about the academic and financial benefits of starting at PTC. There will also be an opportunity to connect with admissions representatives from four-year schools, allowing participants to learn more about making the transition from PTC.

Throughout June and July, other showcases will be offered in other program areas. Showcase dates are June 30 for programs in the engineering and industrial technologies division; July 12 for business, information technology and public services programs; and July 15 for nursing and health science programs.

For more information, contact the Admissions office at (864) 941-8369 or go to to register.