Unwanted Moped-estrians

Thursday morning, February 2nd at 10am, Sgt. Stephen Lawton of The Clinton Department of Public Safety responded to a complaint of unwanted guests parked in someone’s driveway on a moped. Arriving on the scene, Sgt. Lawton noticed that there was no moped at the residence, and when he tried to make contact with a resident inside the home, no one answered him. Shortly afterward, he did make contact with the complainant’s son. According to the son, his father had come home to find two unusual people, a male and a female, sitting on a parked moped in his driveway. When the resident had told the two strangers to leave, they reportedly refused to go and stated that they were simply waiting for a jump off. Later, the complainant had seen the two suspects pushing the moped down the road. He told Sgt. Lawton that nothing appeared to be missing nor destroyed. Lawton then attempted to locate the two odd people, but was unable to.

Shattered Apartment Window in Laurens

On Wednesday morning February 1st, Laurens Police Officer Benjamin Gallo III, was called to an apartment on West Main Street concerning a burglary and malicious damage to property.

When the officer arrived on the scene he observed a shattered window, broken glass and a rock on the sidewalk. The owner of the apartment arrived with a key and gave the officer permission to go inside, and according to the report it was evident that no one had gained entry. A neighbor told the officer that the previous night a suspicious young male came to his door and asked to use the phone, but then left with no incident. The case remains under investigation by the Laurens Police Department.

Fatal Crash Near Hickory Tavern

A Belton, SC man was killed in a crash that occurred early on Thursday morning near Hickory Tavern.

Johnny DeWayne Williams, 45, of 239 Southern Road, Belton SC was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident on US 76 about a quarter mile east of the intersection with Wasson Gin Road.  Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols told WLBG the cause of death was blunt force trauma.  He estimated the time of death at 12:45 AM.

Williams was driving a 1998 Lexus ES300 east bound on US 76 when the vehicle ran off the right hand side of the road and struck a tree.  There were no other vehicles involved in the accident.

Electric Meters Can Be Smart Too


At Monday’s meeting of Clinton City Council, City Manager Frank Stovall recommended that the city purchase of some 840 ‘smart’ residential electric meters and more than 200 commercial meters with polyphase capability.

The project for replacing the meters goes back to a decision made by city council nearly four years ago to purchase up to 1500 such meters which allow city personnel to obtain meter readings from their office as well as gather data from both the electric and water meters.  This purchase of electric meters will be placed in areas where smart water meters have already been installed.

Council voted unanimously to approve the purchase at a total cost of $237,056.36.  Funding for the purchase comes from a Utility Bond issue in 2011 and will not impact the current city budget.

The meters will be purchased in three phases.  The first purchase will occur right away.   The second purchase will be made after the first meters have been installed and the third purchase after those meters are installed.

The particular meters being purchased are Itron meters with Tantalus control boards.  Shealy Electric of Greenville has been the source of meters for the city of Clinton for many years and will also be providing these new meters.

Clinton Now Has A Real Flag

In November, WLBG told you about the quest of Clinton High School student Patrick Nelson to establish an official flag of the city of Clinton.  His design (pictured here) was approved by unanimous vote of Clinton City Council.



At last night’s meeting of Clinton City Council, Mayor Bob McLean again recognized young Mr. Nelson as the official colors of the city of Clinton were posted along with the national and state colors.  Patrick is pictured below with the finished product – the official flag of the city of Clinton.



To read about the development and meaning of the various elements of the flag continue reading below:

A Flag for Clinton

Car Overturned – Burned in Fatal Accident Near Gray Court

South Carolina Highway 14 was blocked in both directions for more than an hour beginning just after 6pm Tuesday evening as the Gray Court Fire Department, the Laurens County Coroner’s Office and other emergency personnel worked a single vehicle accident on SC14 one mile south of Gray Court.

Fire officials told WLBG that first responders found the vehicle involved on its top and in flames.  Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols has confirmed that the accident does involve a fatality.

Further details will be available as soon as they can be released.

FATALITY – Motorcycle vs. Car



The fifth Laurens County traffic fatality in just over one week occurred early on Friday afternoon near Gray Court.

According to Laurens County Assistant Coroner Vickie Cheeks, emergency personnel were dispatched at 12:21 Friday afternoon to 1760 Currys Lake Road due to a head on collision between a car and a motorcycle.

WLBG does not yet have complete information on the car involved but the Laurens County Coroner’s Office tells WLBG that the driver of the motorcycle died as a result of his injuries.  Vincent Bailey, 35,  of 245 Campbell Chapel Road in Gray Court was flown from the scene of the accident to Greenville Memorial Hospital.  He was wearing a helmet but was pronounced dead at 1:55pm.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol MAIT Team is handling the investigation.  An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday morning.

Help Animal Control



Is this your pet carrier?  Do you know who it belongs to?

This carrier was found on Collins Street off Conway Avenue just outside Laurens on Monday.  But, it was what was inside the carrier that has prompted the search for who it belongs to.

It appears that someone left the carrier with a puppy inside and with no access to food or water.  The puppy was dead when the carrier was found.

Please help identify the person or persons involved.  Call Laurens County Animal Control at (864)984-6812.

If you know who did this but remain silent…….aren’t you just as responsible as the person who did it?

What Cannot Be Forgotten

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month members of the Laurens County Community gathered at the Laurens Amphitheater to honor veterans of America’s armed forces.

Mayor John Carter of Gray Court, Mayor Bob McLean of Clinton and Mayor John Stankus delivered brief remarks.  The leadership of several veterans service organizations were introduced and the chorus from Laurens Academy provided patriotic music.

Mr. Lee Brouilette, who many know from his business (L&L Office Supply) spoke about his service as a United States Marine in Korea.  He said it was known as the forgotten war but………he would never forget it.

He told of leaving home in Louisiana and joining the Marine Corps, enduring basic training at Parris Island and eventually deploying with the rest of his battalion for a tour of duty in the Mediterranean Sea.  He said he visited Spain, France and Greece before they were diverted to Korea.

They travelled through the Suez Canal, stopped in Japan for supplies and equipment and then participated in the amphibious landing at Inchon.  After successfully repelling the North Koreans, they pursued them north above the 38th parallel all the way to near the Chinese border.

Near the Chosin Reservoir, during a period of bitter cold with temperatures approaching 40 degrees below zero, the Peoples Army of Communist China launched an attack with forces vastly outnumbering the American troops.  The Americans were quickly surrounded.

Mr. Brouilette spoke of how difficult it was to fight in such bitter cold.  He said he would always remember helping load Marines that had frozen solid onto trucks.  Of 15,000 troops there….12,000 were listed as casualties.  About 3,000 were killed by enemy fire, 6,000 were wounded, and 3,000 became casualties of the cold.

The audience honored veterans AND received a history lesson on Veterans Day.

Live Election Updates Tuesday November 8th

Unofficial Final Results


Laurens County Sheriff:

Don Reynolds: 14,047   55.65%

Stephane Williams: 11,096   44.35%



Nick Nichols: 13,705

William Weir: 12,002


County Council Seat 2:

Joe Wood: 729

K Mann: 129


House District 42:

Mike Anthony: 1169   38.64%

Tommy Mann: 1853  61.26 %


3rd Congressional District:

Jeff Duncan: 17,909  70.70%

Hosea Cleveland: 7394   29.19%


House Distrcit 16:

Mark Willis: 5446  62.79%

Brandon Greene: 3211  37.02%


Two Counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct Alleged

blackwell-johnny-00000954152Johnny Rodraus Blackwell, 20,  of 126 Downs Street Laurens was booked into the Johnson Detention Center by the Laurens Police Department Monday morning, charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct third degree. Warrants allege that on October 17th he did commit the act of CSC 3rd in that he forcefully fondled a victim by putting his hands in her pants and groping her buttocks, an action that was unwelcome by the victim, then continued making unwanted sexual remarks and again fondled the victim by placing his hands in her inner thigh while making suggestive remarks all occurring in the city of Laurens.

A second warrant alleges that on October 17th, he did enter a secure room belonging to the victim, placing his hand under her blanket as she slept and forcefully fondling her hip and pelvic region above her clothing, the incident taking place in the city of Laurens. He remained in the Johnson Detention Center awaiting bond as of this posting.

Roadside Fatality In Gray Court

A Laurens man was killed when struck by a car as he was walking on a roadway in Gray Court early Sunday morning.  Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols identified the deceased as 42-year-old Christopher Ecard of 115 Pine Road, Laurens. Ecard was reportedly walking East, toward Laurens on  Highway 14 at Cook Street in Gray Court when he was struck by a passing vehicle. Coroner Nichols estimated the time of death as about 12:45 am Sunday, which is the time a 911 cal came in to dispatch about the incident. Nichols said that Christopher Ecard died of Blunt Force Trauma to the head and upper body.

Multiple Firearms Charges

Saturday at 6:07 pm, Deputy Galloway of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Highway 560 residence in Mountville. The complainant stated that his cousin threatened him with a black handgun that was possibly a .380 or 9mm. The complainant said he was walking through through his family’s yard on Mountville Rd. Extension when he saw the suspect. He stated he said “What’s up” to the suspect and the suspect asked him “What the F*#k are you doing here?”. He stated he then spoke to another family member and that’s when he noticed the suspect had pulled his gun out. He said the suspect was holding the gun at his hip the pulled back the slide and chambered a round and said “What’s up now?”. Two witnesses confirmed that the suspect said “boy, I’ll kill you” as he was chambering a round with the handgun. The case was presented to a magistrate for a warrant.

suber-vada-00000128852Vada Jamelle Suber, 27, of 130 Oakland Heights Laurens was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Sunday charged with pointing and presenting, sale or delivery of a pistol and possession of weapon during violent crime. Warrants allege that on November 5th, Suber did unlawfully and not in self defense point and present a firearm at the victim, did posses a handgun being previously convicted of a crime and did knowingly and willfully posses and display a firearm during the commission of a violent crime. He remained in the detention center awaiting bond as of this posting.

Multiple Charges Alleged Against Two People

On Tuesday, November 1st, Sgt McMahan responded to a Sloop Drive Laurens residence at 6:36 pm. The complainant stated that her son borrowed her 2007 Chrysler Pacifica that morning and was supposed to take the kids to school and then take his girlfriend to the probation office in Anderson. On the way back he was supposed to pick up the kids and return home with the vehicle. She said he did not pick up the kids and had not returned with her vehicle. A state wide bolo was issued for the vehicle and the magistrate was consulted for a warrant.  The following public records suggest he was too busy to pick the kids up.

prather-william-00000119745Robert William Prather, 37 of 68 Sloop Dr Laurens was booked early Sunday morning ticketed with pedestrian under influence, sale/manufacture of drugs, loitering for drug activity, shoplifting enhanced and charged with Breach of Peace aggravated in Nature. The warrant alleges that he did commit breach of peace by entering a business through the back door while holding a large knife putting customers and employees in fear for their life. He remains in the Johnson Detention Center on $16,197 bond as of this posting.

prather-kirby-00000816234Kirby Diane Prather, 30 of 68 Sloop Drive Laurens was booked Saturday into the Johnson Detention Center ticketed with pedestrian under influence, sale manufacture of drugs, loitering for drug activity and shoplifting. She remains in the detention center on over $6000 bond as of this posting.

Greenville Man Faces 3 Charges of Shoplifting

johnson-elijah-0000113479Elijah Mathew Johnson, 24, of 11 Milton Drive Greenville was booked Friday into the Johnson Detention Center by the City of Laurens Ticketed for simple possession of marijuana, Driving Under Suspension and  Disregard of Traffic Device. 3 warrants states that on November 4th he did pass all points of sale at Wal-Mart with a hp pavilion computer valued at $650 without paying for the merchandise and had multiple previous shoplifting convictions. Two previously issued warrants for shoplifting at Wal-Mart were from September 10th alleging he took $1,313 worth of electronics and October 15th alleging  Johnson took $299 worth of electronics. All of these charges are enhanced due to convictions as a repeat offender. He remains in the Johnson Detention Center on $61,262 bond as of this posting.


Multiple Drug Charges

croy-janie-00000315191Janie Luann Croy, 53, of 108 Forrest Drive Laurens was booked Saturday into the Johnson Detention Center charged with 2 counts possession controlled substance, 1 count possession of marijuana, 1 count possession of meth and 1 count sale/manufacture. Warrants allege that on November 5th she had in her possession less than one gram of meth during a lawful traffic stop, did have schedule 4 narcotics consisting of three round blue pills in a prescription bottle prescribed for intended use by another person and did posses 29 round blue pills. Croy remains in the detention center on $16,115 bond as of this posting.

Florida Man Arrested on Drug Charges

hearn-robert-00000416162Robert Arthur Lee Hearn, 41, of 13340 SE 122nd Place, Ocklawaha Florida was booked Friday into the Johnson Detention Center ticketed for simple possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Warrants also allege that on November 4th in Laurens, Hearn did knowingly posses amphetamine 10mg unlawfully and without authority to do so and did posses with intent to distribute schedule 4 controlled substances. Hearn remains in the Johnson Detention Center on $21,115 bond as of this posting.

Arrest For Pawning Video Gaming Machine

edmonds-brandon-00000746612Brandon James Edmonds, 29, of 200 Davis Rd. #23 Clinton was booked Friday into the Johnson Detention Center charged with breach of trust with fraudulent intent, child support, use of vehicle without permission of owner. The breach of trust warrant states that he knowingly and willfully pawned a playstation 4 console, games, and charger that he was entrusted with. He remains in the Johnson Detention Center on $1000 bond as of this posting.

Theft Of Wallet Alleged

walker-amanda-0000096277Amanda Rae Walker, 25, of 425 Beagle Drive Clinton was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Sunday by Clinton Department of Public Safety charged with Petit Larceny. The warrant alleges that on November 6th She did commit the crime of larceny by taking a wallet that belonged to the victim without authority to do so and with intent to deprive the victim. She remained in the detention center awaiting bond as of this posting.

Missing Cell Phone

At 2:37 pm Saturday Deputy Turner was dispatched to a Rolling Hills Rd. Gray Court residence in reference to a stolen cell phone. The complainant stated that he and his wife left around 11:20 to go to Simpsonville and he had left his phone on the couch next to the front door. He said they returned around 1pm but he didn’t notice his phone missing until he went to make a phone call. The deputy also spoke with another resident of the home who stated she was in the bathroom when she heard someone knocking on the door. She stated that when she came she saw someone standing in the doorway of the front door near the couch. She stated that this person had come to work on their car window. She said her phone was also lying on the couch near the front door but was not stolen and she didn’t know if the complainant’s phone was on the couch or not. The complainant didn’t know the third party’s last name but that he was staying at a motel in Simpsonville. Investigations will follow up on the case.