Two Men Arrested During Investigation of Stolen Table Saw

On Thursday at 7:23 pm Deputy Howard of the Sheriff’s Office spoke with a complainant on Pasture Drive in Gray Court concerning tools missing from the residence. The victim said her son had stayed at the house and when he left her table saw was missing. She said she saw two days later where her son had posted it on craigslist for sale. She said she didn’t want to press charges but did want it back.

After further investigation, Friday at 2:31 pm Sgt. Nations and Corporal Edwards were at a location on Highway 76 in Laurens talking with a resident concerning the stolen table saw. The woman in possession of the saw said she had called the individual that had brought her the saw and he was on his way. She then saw the person was passing the residence on a moped traveling east on Highway 76. Sergeant Nations got into his patrol car to catch up with the moped. He followed the moped onto Greenpond Rd. then Rabun Church Rd. The moped did not stop immediately and the operator dropped what appeared to be a glass pipe in the road. The driver finally pulled over. The driver was identified by Sgt. Nations from prior experiences. After calling in the drivers info, a hit came back as he was wanted by the Seneca Police Department. After a search, marijuana was found on him as well. He also didn’t have a moped license. After being marandized, the subject was asked about the stolen table saw. He stated that he didn’t know it was stolen when he took it to be sold. He said after he had taken it to be sold, the person he got it from told him they had stolen it from their mother. The moped was picked up and taken to impound.

zanker adam 0000106197(4)Adam Ray Zanker, 39 of 55 Rolling Hills Rd. Gray Court was booked Friday into the Johnson Detention Center charged with possession of 10z or less marijuana and receiving stolen goods.

The warrant states that  on June 9th he did commit the crime of receiving goods represented as stolen valued at $2k or less in that he did have in his possession a Bosch table saw that had previously been reported as stolen. He remains in the detention center on $1702.00 bond.


arrington david 0000049636(7)David Dale Arrington, 27, of 125 Deans Woods Dr. Ft Inn was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Saturday charged with Grand larceny and petit larceny

Warrants state that on June 7 he did take and carry away with the intent to deprive the owner a bosch table saw valued at approx $450 and did take and carry away a 1973 motor home tools and baseball cards with intent to deprive valued at approx. $2500

He remains in the detention center on $6092.00 bond

Man Arrested on Charges From November 2015 Incident

jennings charles 0000083777(4)27 year old Charles Derraine Jennings Jr. of 221 Westcliff Rd Laurens was booked Sunday into the Johnson Detention Center charged with distribution, sale or manufacture of drugs, sale or delivery of a pistol, 2 counts attempted murder, and possession of weapon during commission of a violent crime.

2 Warrants state that on November 13th 2015 he did discharge a firearm many times at a victim in attempt to murder the victim. One warrant states Did knowingly and willfully posses a firearm during the commission of a violent crime and had been convicted of a violent crime. Bond was denied on all charges and he remains in the detention center.



Meth Distribution Arrest in Laurens

standley jeffery 0000111888Jeffrey Mathew Standley age 31 of 104 Crimson Glory Way, Travelers Rest was booked Saturday into the Johnson Detention Center, charged with possession, distribution and all within proximity of a school.

Warrants state that on June 11th Standley did have in his possession a quantity of methamphetamines, packaging, and scales for the sale and distribution of meth. This offense occurring during a lawful traffic stop on West Main St. in Laurens and within proximity of a school. He remains in the detention center on $45500 bond


Assault and Injury To Animals Charges

sanders sandtravis 000011111529 year old Sandtravis Deon Sanders of 104 Middle Street Laurens was booked Saturday into the Johnson Detention Center ticketed for damge to property and charged with assault and battery 3rd degree and malicious injury to animals. He remains in the detention center on $2000 bond.

Motorcycle Stolen From Dealership

Friday June 10th, just before 3 pm, Sergeant Johnson of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a motorcycle dealership on Highway 76. Upon arrival the complainant stated that  they were missing one motorcycle. In an audit on April 1st, the motorcycle was seen and accounted for. But on Friday it was noticed that the bike was missing. When they looked for the key, registration and book for the motorcycle those items were missing as well. The incident will be turned over to investigations.



Waterloo Man Arrested on Burglary Charges From April

Thomas James Reeves age 29 of 988 Ridgewood Harbor Rd. Waterloo was arrested Friday June 10th, charged with violation of parole, petit larceny, burglary first degree.

reeves thomas 0000100121(1)Warrants state that on April 13th in the county of Laurens he did enter a dwelling in Cross Hill without consent and with intent to commit a crime, and entered the dwelling at night. A further warrant states he did take and carry one 21” Samsung tv and 17” Samsung laptop with intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property valued at $1300. He remains in the Johnson Detention Center with bond denied on larceny charges.


Update on Breach of Peace & Resisting Arrest Charges

The Sheriff’s Office charged a Cross Hill man Friday with Breach of Peace, Aggravated in Nature and with Resisting Arrest for an incident at his home Thursday night that sent a Sheriff’s Deputy to the hospital for treatment of a broken rib.

Deputies were dispatched to his residence at 9:45 pm Thursday to clear the scene for EMS. The man had reportedly caused concern for his family by threatening to burn down the house. After refusing to talk with any of the deputies who tried to engage him in conversation, officers advised he was being placed under arrest. He reportedly resisted efforts of several deputies, even with use of a taser. Eventually he was placed in an ambulance for a trip to the hospital. One deputy as also transported for his injuries from the struggle.

Friday, 35-year-old Timmy Terrell Simpson of 136 High Top Road, Cross Hill was placed in the Laurens County Detention Center and charged with Breach of Peace, Aggravated in Nature and with Resisting Arrest.

A warrant states that on June 9th Simpson did commit the crime of breach of peace aggravated in that he had made threats to set the house on fire and pouring lighter fluid on the front porch of the home another warrant states that he did knowingly and willfully oppose and/or resist the lawful arrest by an officer or wound an officer while resisting arrest. .  He remains in the Johnson Detention Center on a total of $30k bond.



Range Rover Assaulted

Friday June 10th, Corporal Edwards of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to an Allen Bridge Rd. Ft. Inn residence at 7:45 am concerning a vandalized car. The victim stated that someone had come by the house and had destroyed his Range Rover. Corporal Edwards could see the entire vehicle was scratched, the inside front and rear seats had been cut, instrument cluster broken out, and display monitor broken as well. The left front tire was flat and the gas cap had been removed . The victim stated something had been done to the air ride suspension as the vehicle was sitting low and possible the air bags had been cut. The victim said he had ideas about who did it but didn’t really know and needed the report for his insurance company.

Lawn Mower Stolen In Clinton

Sergeant Harris of the Clinton Department of Public Safety was dispatched to a Caldwell Street Clinton residence on Friday at 8:26pm in reference to a stolen lawn mower. The complainant stated that her husband had purchased a self propelled lawn mower and she had put it in front of their residence beside the front steps. She said it was seen two days prior. The husband described the mower to the officer and said they did want to press charges. The complainant was asked to bring his receipt for the mower to the Clinton Department of Public Safety when he retrieved it to document the serial number of the stolen mower.


Auto Break In

Sgt. Wicker of the Clinton department of Public Safety responded to a Phillips Street Clinton apartment on Sunday at 8am. The victim stated that she had left $25 in a bag located in her car and locked the doors but sh had been having a problem with her vehicle staying locked due to an error with the car. She said when she went outside Sunday she noticed the car had been disturbed. The officer noticed all the contents of the glove box were in the floor board. Prints were lifted from the vehicle. The investigation will continue.

Floor Edger and A/C Units Stolen

Sergeant Nations of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched Sunday at 1:10pm to a Eagle Drive Laurens residence in reference to a break in. On scene, the complainant stated he had been in the residence the for the last two days working on the floors and when he had left the day before he locked the residence by the door knob and when he arrived back Sunday, he found some panels in the window had been broken out and evidence of someone prying the door as the door knob was bent out and away from the door and there were fresh scrape marks on the door frame. The complainant said when he made entrance into the residence he found that a hardwood floor edger and two a/c units were missing. The case will be passed on to investigations.



Rods and Reels Swiped

Sunday just after 4:30pm, Deputy Edwards of the Sheriffs office was dispatched to a Thompson Rd. Fountain Inn residence concerning a burglary that had already taken place. Upon arrival the deputy was advised that someone had opened the door to a trailer and stolen some rods and reels that were bundled together with a velcro rod saver. The owner said one rod had his name on it. There was no sign of forced entry. The property owned has surveillance cameras and when the footage is retrieved it will be passed on to investigations.

Do You Believe In Magic?



His name is Magic. That’s not a name I made up. That’s been his name for all three years of his life. But, his life has changed a lot lately.
Humans when a a relationship comes unglued, can do some odd things. This time, Magic was the victim. Dad was working out of town. Mom was home with Magic. Only, then Mom left.
We think she came back… least a time or two to give him some food but he was looking pretty poorly when neighbors called Laurens County Animal Control.
Magic is a good boy. He’s been well trained. He will sit and stay and you can tell he wants to please you.l He just needs a human that won’t leave him. He needs a home and a family to bond with. He’s a loving dog. His body language even in this photo is saying “Please let me love you”.
Do you need a bit of Magic in your life? Call Animal Control. The number directly to the shelter is (864)682-4935.
And please SHARE Magic’s picture. Someone out there may want to love him. He sure wants to love right back.

They Floated!

physics 2

Some unusual boats were recently observed in Laurens. Rob Sheffield of LDHS Physics explained the strange watercraft was constructed by AP Physics 1 students at Laurens District High School who participated in the “1st Annual Raider Regatta” on May 12th, held in the pool at the Laurens Y.

Physics 1

Sheffield said students were tasked with designing and building a boat made out of only cardboard, plastic bottles, duct tape, and plastic tablecloths.  The boats were required to carry a team member from one end of the pool to the other.

Physics 4

He said all four teams who participated were successful in completing the challenge.  “Additionally, we had fun incorporating the Engineering Design Process with concepts learned in class.” These included buoyant forces, center of mass, Newton’s Laws and others.

Defender, Protector, Friend, Shepherd


A shepherd. No, he’s not pure blooded but as you can see he’s mostly German Shepherd.
A protector, a guardian, a loyal friend. These dogs are all of that by nature. It is their instinct to defend and protect. They’re not mean or aggressive but…… not threaten his human.
His name is Shep (original, I know) and he’s one year old. He’s at Laurens County Animal Control and he’s about out of time. He’s been there about six weeks.
If you’d like a friend for life he’s available for adoption today. Call Animal Control……..864-682-4935.
And please SHARE Shep’s picture. Surely there’s someone who needs a friend.

New Vascular Lab Teaming With Wound Center

The GHS Laurens County Memorial Hospital held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to announce the addition of new services offered here in Laurens County. A panel consisting of Teresa Cox Asman, Director and Dr. Brian Weirick, Medical Director of Upstate Wound Healing and Hyperbolic Medicine Center; Pam Young, Manager of GHS Vascular Lab Services and Dr. Tod Hanover of the Vascular Health Institute at GHS. Rich D’Alberto, President of GHS Laurens County Memorial Hospital opened the meeting and spoke of how the new services will address diabetes, circulatory problems and extremity wounds.

Hyperbaric Chamber at the Wound Healing Center

Hyperbaric Chamber at the Wound Healing Center

He said the Wound Healing Center is now teaming up with the Vascular Institute and will be adding an Endocrinologist in August to offer diabetes, vascular and wound care all available in one place.
Pam Young spoke of the new vascular lab’s ability to diagnose blood flow in the body and if healing issues were related to venous or arterial problems and the speed at which gathered information can be sent to a vascular surgeon. This is critical lifesaving information in the case of blood flow and blood clots.

Vascular Screening

Vascular Screening

Dr. Hanover stressed how immediate lab results were of great importance instead of having to refer patients out and schedule tests weeks away. With the new services everything can be done right away in one place and that information shared with doctors immediately. Dr. Weirick further discussed quick diagnosis and treatment meant saving limbs from amputation and preventative care measures using these services leads to intervention long before a patients limbs would be in danger.
Dr. Hanover mentioned that there are other vascular issues that don’t require surgery but if found and treated properly can greatly affect a patient’s quality of life. When asked about community outreach and education with these new services available, Teresa Asman, Jamie Adair and Rich D’alberto all discussed the coming events for the community. Diabetes seminars and classes will begin in July. June 6th through 10th is Wound Awareness Week and the Vascular Lab will be conducting screenings for the public on Friday, June 10th. To schedule a vascular screening you can call 928-2848 to make an appointment. That’s 928-2848 but call early as spots fill up fast.

WLBG.COM Scavenger Hunt Clue Has Been Released

The first clue in the WLBG.COM Monday Madness Scavenger Hunt has been released on air.
The clue is:
What was President Taft’s White House pet?

Once you’ve found the answer on WLBG.COM it will lead you to the next clue. The final clue will have a registration form to fill out and submit. The form submissions are time stamped and the first person to submit their form will win the prize valued at $50 from Carolina Help Desk and WLBG.COM GOOD LUCK IN YOUR SEARCH!

Reception Honoring Dr. Billy Strickland Held Sunday

stricklandA large crowd was on hand at Laurens District High School Sunday afternoon to attend a reception in honor of outgoing District 55 Superintendent Dr. Billy Strickland.  Students, former students, parents, elected officials including 3rd District Congressman Jeff Duncan, and superintendents from several surrounding school districts were on hand to congratulate Dr. Strickland on his 40 plus year education career.

Dr. Strickland told WLBG that he may not have always done everything right but that he always tried to.  “If I did anything to hurt anyone, I certainly didn’t do it on purpose” he said.

He said that incoming petersDr. Stephen Peters is to officially take over on July 1st but Dr. Peters has been in the district several times and that trend will continue as he prepares himself to assume his duties.  Dr. Strickland said that he would do everything in his power to ensure that there was a smooth transition.

As to his future, Dr. Strickland said “it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks”.   He said that after 40 years in education he’d find it nearly impossible to just walk away completely.  “Don’t be surprised if you learn that I’ve found something to do involving education.”

State Senator Karl Allen Spoke In Laurens Saturday

Sheriff Chastain, Coronor Nichols, pastors, lay people, community leaders and other concerned citizens were present Saturday Morning at a breakfast hosted by Dr. Bryant Cheeks and the Springfield Baptist Church of Laurens. The guest speaker was State Senator Karl B. Allen of Greenville. karl-allenSenator Allen stated it was midnight in South Carolina when Senator Clementa Pinckney was killed, but out of that midnight came the dawn. Senator Allen reflected on speaking with Senator Paul Thurmond, the son of former segregationist and long serving  U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond and he stood up and said “I think the time is right to remove the Confederate flag and put it in a museum”.

He said “it’s midnight in S.C. now and only you can change it”.

Senator Allen encouraged pastors to go back to their local churches and encourage members to get out and vote. He stated “Tell them to get out and vote for the candidates that can do or have done the best job because if you don’t and the wrong person gets in office you’re going to hate it and it will be too late then”. He stated that with no contested democratic races in Laurens County  if you vote Republican now, you can still vote Democratic in November.



Woman Found Unconscious in Vehicle With Significant Amount of Marijuana

On Friday at 10:52 pm Deputies Byrd and Messer of the Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to South Main Street in Joanna in reference to a female driver being unconscious in the drivers seat of a car. The deputies tried several times to wake the female subject without success. EMS was notified and en route to the scene. Sgt. Moye arrived on scene and tried to make contact with the subject to no avail. Clinton Department of Public Safety was contacted as they had tools to gain access to the inside of the vehicle. Sgt Harris then arrived from Clinton and used tools to gain entry. EMS began treating the subject. EMS initially thought the subject may have overdosed and took the subject to the hospital accompanied bt Sgt. Moye. Deputies Byrd and Messer then began taking inventory of the vehicle and found a clear bag containing what appeared to be marijuana in the subject’s purse. They then found a large plastic bag wrapped in a t shirt in the back left corner of the trunk that appeared to be marijuana. Three other small bags of marijuana were also found in the t shirt. Sgt. Moye recovered 9 yellow xanax pills from the subject at the hospital as the subject allegedly tried to consume the narcotics.

bruce candice 000008072640 year old Candice Suber Bruce listed with addresses of 285 Gary St. Whitmire and  220 Wilson Rd. Newberry was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Saturday charged with distribution, sell or manufacture of controlled substance, 2 counts possesion of schedule 1 controlled substance. Warrants state that on may 13th she did within one half mile of Woodson Elementary School posses 10 oz of marijuana, did knowingly posses 10 oz of marijuana and intentionally posses 9 xanax pills. Bruce remains in the Johnson Detention Center on a $30k bond. Her 2016 Dodge Challenger was towed and placed into evidence with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office.