Victim’s Identity Stolen and Hot Checks Written In Alabama

A victim filed a report with Sergeant Tucker Wednesday at 10:58 am at the Sheriff’s Office stating that someone had used his South Carolina Driver’s License number to cash checks that were not from his account in Alabama. He stated that he received three notices from TRS Recovery Services that he needed to pay. The victim did not send any money and stated he did not cash any checks in Alabama. He also stated that he has checked with his bank and has nothing wrong with his account at this time. The paperwork he provided and the report will be passed to investigations for further review.


Jewelry Stolen During Break-In

Wednesday at 3:29 pm Laurens Police Officers were dispatched to a Mock Street Laurens residence in reference to a break-in that had already occurred. Upon arrival the complainant, who is the home owner, advised that she left out of town on Sunday around 11:00 am and she had just a while ago received a phone call from her daughter that does not live there. The daughter had told her that her refrigerator door was left opened. She told her daughter she was on her way back to the house anyway. She said when she arrived home, she noticed someone had gone through jewelry in her bedroom as well as her other daughter’s bedroom. She advised in her bedroom she was missing one white gold bracelet with hearts around it, 1 yellow rope gold necklace and one yellow gold flat necklace. She said she was also missing a big bag that contained multiple cheaper costume jewelry. She said it looked like the jewelry box in her daughter’s room had been gone through as well. She said she was not sure what was missing from her jewelry box that contained small value jewelry. She said a screen on a window in the kitchen had been cut and she was sure that was how the subject or subjects gained entry. Officers observed the window and it appeared that someone cut the screen from edge to edge big enough to climb through. The officers received an estimate on the stolen jewelry at $400. A neighbor across the street said she had not seen anything unusual in the last few weeks. She did state that there seems to be a lot of foot traffic crossing over the railroad tracks. The complainant was advised to contact the police department if anything else was found to be missing.

Complainant Allegedly Escalates Domestic Dispute

Wednesday at 11:21 Officer Duckett of the Clinton Department of Public Safety responded to a Spruce Street Lydia Mill residence in reference to a possible assault. Upon arrival the complainant was standing outside the residence by her car. She alleged that the subject had threatened her and she was going to mace him if he did it again. The officer then made contact with the subject who stated that no assault had taken place. The complainant then started saying that the subject had assaulted his girlfriend. The officer made contact with the girlfriend who said the subject had shoved her. The complainant was present when the officer was speaking with the girlfriend and kept interfering while she was talking to the officer. Once separated the girlfriend explained that she and the subject had been together 12 years and she loved him and did not wish to press charges but was influenced by the complainant to do so. The officer then spoke again to the subject who said he and his girlfriend had been arguing but no physical contact was made. After some conversation the girlfriend was advised to leave the location. She complied by leaving with the complainant. The incident appeared to the officer to have been completly influenced by the the complainant’s presence at the residence. The complainant was advised to leave and the scene was cleared.


Warrants To Be Sought in Domestic Violence Case

Wednesday at 4:19 pm Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Clinton Public Safety in reference to a complaint about an incident that occurred at a motel on Highway 56 North in Clinton. The deputies spoke with the victim at the Clinton Department of Public Safety. She stated that she and her husband were staying at the motel and had allegedly gotten into an argument and the subject accused her of engaging in the act of fornication with another male. She said she told him he was imagining things and that she hadn’t been with another man. She stated the subject then started assaulting her and struck her in the facial area causing the victim to sustain a black eye and minor swelling of the facial area. She alleged that he also kicked her in the back of the head and kicked her in the stomach. The victim also had an abrasion on her chest that she stated occurred earlier while she and the subject were walking in the city limits of Clinton. Officers of Clinton Public Safety would seek warrants on the subject for domestic violence for the incident occurring within the City of Clinton. A magistrate will be consulted about further charges on the subject for the incident that occurred within the county. WLBG will have more on this report after charges are filed.

Theft of Four Wheeler

Wednesday at 10:18 Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a Lake Rd. Clinton residence and spoke with a complainant concerning the theft of an atv. The complainant alleged that her red in color 2003 Honda Rancher 4×4 valued at $1800 was taken from the property. She stated she had left the key in the four wheeler and it was parked just inside the woodline behind the residence. She said the four wheeler had big knobby tires and the back rack had a weld repair. She said she had not heard anyone in the yard and did not hear the four wheeler leave during the night. The complainant stated the key had a rope on it with a bullet on the end with tye dye colors on the tip. She didn’t have the vin readily available to enter into NCIC.

Not So Newlywed Bliss

At 12:34 pm Wednesday Deputies Taylor and Richey of the Sheriff’s Office responded to the Clinton Department of Public Safety and met with a complainant concerning an incident that occurred on Airport Rd. in Laurens County. The complainant stated that he had gotten married on Friday, August 7th and he and his wife had split up on Saturday, August 8th. He alleged that since he had informed his newly married wife that he wanted to not be married any more she had been seen driving by his residence and now he has had two flat tires on his truck. He said he had both flats fixed. He made the statement that he believes his wife is either doing this herself or having one of her tenants do this to his truck. He said he has an attorney working to get a divorce hearing.


ZF Transmissions Announces $22.5 Million Plant Expansion

nine-speed-auto-tranny-for-passenger-cars-29547_1The Laurens County Development Corporation and South Carolina Department of Commerce announced this morning that Z F Transmissions will be investing $22.5 Million dollars into expansion of their transmissions plant in the Owings Industrial park. This will create 545 new jobs in Laurens County. According to the release, the company last announced an expansion of this facility in 2013, a $175 million project that brought ZF’s Laurens County employment total to more than 1,600.

To accommodate this latest expansion, the company has purchased an existing building located in the Owings Industrial Park, situated less than two miles from Interstate 385. The 150,000-square-foot facility will house manufacturing and warehousing operations, allowing ZF to increase its current capacity. Generating 545 new positions, the expansion is expected to increase the company’s Laurens County workforce to more than 2,000.

Completion of this expansion is anticipated for the first quarter of 2016.

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved a $1.2 million Set Aside grant to Laurens County to assist with the costs of land acquisition. The Council has also approved job development credits related to the project.

Laurens County Council Chairman Joe Woods is quoted “As Laurens County grows, we appreciate the jobs and growth that ZF brings to us. We strive to create a good place for business to locate in Laurens County.”

Ted Nash, County Councilman in whose district the plant is located said “We are extremely pleased to see ZF continue to grow and prosper in Laurens County.”

Zed F Transmissions Gray Court Vice President Thomas Joos  is quoted as saying “Laurens County and South Carolina continue to provide a strong home for ZF’s manufacturing of our 8- and 9-speed transmissions. We appreciate the continued support of the local and state governments, and all of our partners in providing a healthy environment for ZF’s continued growth.”

To view open positions at ZF Gray Court, visit; and for more information on ZF, visit

Man Charged With Attempted Murder

Monday at 4:32 pm Corporal Johnson and other deputies responded to a residence on Coleman Rd. in Clinton in reference to a subject that had fired a weapon at the complainant. Upon arrival the subject, still on the phone with dispatch, was located and put into investigative detention. The subject didn’t have a weapon on him at the time. He stated that he did shoot at the victim. He stated the weapon was in his house in a drawer beside the bed. After permission was granted, Lt. Haupfear retrieved the alleged weapon, a silver in color .22 caliber pistol. The victim advised officers that he was at the Coleman Rd. residence, the home of the subject’s brother, asking for a ride to the store. He said he left on foot and that was when the subject allegedly exited from the woodline, pulled out a pistol and fired one shot at him. He stated the subject attempted to pull the trigger again and the gun jammed. The victim said he ran to the left of the subject in an attempt to find cover then through the woods back toward his home. The brother of the subject stated that the victim had come to his house asking for a ride to the store. That he gave the victim some beans and cornbread and told him he couldn’t take him to the store at that time then the victim left on foot and when he got to the mailboxes the subject came out of the woods, pointed the pistol right at the victim and fired one shot. The subject stated that the victim had been allegedly coming to his house for months vandalizing his property. That he was cutting grass and saw the victim on his property, retrieved the pistol and fired one shot into the air. The subject said he had picked up the shell casing and thrown it in his bedroom. Both the victim and the witness described where the subject was standing when he shot the pistol. booker%20terry%200000011424(4)58 year old Terry Booker of 55 Dewberry Drive Clinton was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Monday charged with Attempted Murder and possession of a weapon during commission of a violent crime. Warrants state that on August 10th, Booker did knowingly and willfully possess and display what appeared to be a firearm during the commission of a violent crime and did attempt with malice and aforethought to cause the death of victim by discharging a firearm at the victim in attempt to murder or kill the victim. He remains in the detention Center with bond on both charges denied.


Two Subjects Found and Charged With Auto & Handgun Theft

We reported Monday about an incident over the weekend where a victim alleged that two people staying in her home were asked to leave and one made her a drink and she felt weird and went to bed. She alleged that they drugged her. She said when she awoke they had gone through her bedroom, taken her pocketbook, two firearms and a her vehicle. She later received a text telling her that her vehicle was at a hotel in Simpsonville. She recovered the vehicle. Warrants were executed for the two subjects.

  Tuesday at 5:21 pm Sergeant Carter of the Sheriff’s Office responded to a dispute between the victim and subjects in this case. He arrived at a residence on Ridgecrest Drive, Fountain Inn and spoke with several witnesses. He was told the subjects had left and the victim was following them. A witness said he had gone to get a car jack from underneath the residence and observed a blue bag with a smaller pink bag inside. Several credit cards and other cards were found inside. The resident advised that she knew nothing about the items being at her residence. She reportedly spoke with the victim of the first incident and learned the subjects had taken items from the victim days before. The resident stated that the subjects were homeless and she had allowed them to sleep at her residence and they must have hidden the items under her residence without her knowing. Sergeant Carter learned that Deputy Allen and Fountain Inn Police had made contact with the subjects and were holding them in investigative detention. Sgt Carter met with the victim and she showed him the items found under the residence including social security, military, bank cards and drivers license. The Sergeant then learned arrest warrants had been signed for both subjects. The subjects were transported to the Johnson Detention Center. davenport%20timothy%200000063475(4)33 year old Timothy Paul Davenport of 427 Fairview St. Fountain Inn was booked Tuesday charged with Petit Larceny and Grand Larceny. mckinley%20joni%200000096116(4)27 year old Joni Oneal McKinley of 1514 East Yellow Wood Drive Simpsonville was booked and charged with Petit and Grand Larceny. Warrants state that on August 8th they did take and carry away a 1998 Ford Expedition with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property which is valued at $4500 and is the property of the victim and did take and carry away 2 pistols and other items with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property which is valued at less than $2000 and is the property of the victim. Both remain in the detention center awaiting bond


A separate incident report on file with the Sheriff’s Office reports that one of the subjects shoved a juvenile victim to the ground in the altercation on Ridgecrest Drive Fountain Inn in an attempt to get away while waiting on law enforcement arrival. The victim’s guardian declined prosecution and the victim had no apparent visible injuries.



Two Men Charged With Shoplifting Lithium Batteries

Tuesday at 7:42 pm Laurens Police officers were dispatched to Walmart in reference to a shoplifter. Loss Prevention associates stated they observed the subject put merchandise in his pocket. The subject exited the store and was stopped by officers. He was asked if he was in possession of any unpurchased merchandise and he said no. A pack of lithium batteries were found in his left front pocket. Upon further investigation it was discovered he had purchased drano, cold packs, and Sudafed. He was placed under arrest and charged with shoplifting and conspiracy to manufacture meth. todd%20steven%200000026186(13)35 year old Steven Wade Todd of 28663 Highway 76 Clinton was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Tuesday for shoplifting and meth manufacture 1st degree.

While on scene at Walmart, Officer Woody was advised that another subject in the store had placed a pack of batteries in his pocket and was walking around. The officer asked the subject to come to the loss prevention office. After questioning the subject said hehad batteries but was planning on paying for them. He then said he wasn’t going to pay for the batteries. gilliam%20jared%20000010869921 year old Jared Ross Gilliam of 903 Stomp Springs Rd. ZClinton was booked into the JDC charged with shoplifting. Both remain in the detention Center as of this posting.



Breach of Peace & Discharging Firearm

Camirio Lashad Wesley, wesley camirio 0000108677age 25 of 491 Chapman Rd. Fountain Inn was booked Tuesday into the Johnson detention Center by the Sheriff’s office charged with breach of peace and use of a firearm in commission of a crime. Warrants state that on August 10th he did breach of peace aggravated in that he did discharge a weapon at a mobile home park causing a disturbance of public tranquility and did discharge a firearm while under the influence of alcohol. He remains in the detention center on $7,000 bond


Kids Find Mobile Meth Lab

Deputy Taylor responded to a Hazel Drive Clinton residence at 4:27 Tuesday concerning a meth lab. The complainant stated her daughter and a friend were in a wooded area across the street along a creek and found a green duffel bag. They brought the bag to the residence. Lt. Sharpton responded to collect the bag for disposal.

Vehicle Vandalized While Fishing

Monday at 5:39 pm Deputy Allen was dispatched to Liberty Church Rd. in Fountain Inn in response to a reported vandalism of a vehicle. On arrival the deputy met the complainant who stated that he, his brother and young cousin had parked his vehicle on the side of the road to go fishing at a pond that was about 300 yards off the roadway. He stated that as they were getting ready to leave he heard his car alarm go off around 5:34pm. He said as they approached the vehicle his brother observed the passenger side window broken out. He stated that there was nothing missing from the vehicle but wanted to report the incident. He said he was leaving for college and needed to get the window fixed before his departure.

Domestic Violence Alleged Over Money and Weed

Deputy Brewington received a call from Clinton Public Safety in reference to a domestic altercation which had occurred in the county on August 6th. The victim and subject were located at Ingles in the city limits of Clinton. Upon arrival the deputy met with the victim in the back room of the store and she stated that she and her husband were traveling on Charlotte’s Rd. heading toward Highway 72 when the subject got angry due to the fact that the victim had no money for marijuana. She stated the verbal altercation continued until they reached the railroad tracks at Charlottes Rd. and Gary Street. She stated at that time the subject, her husband pulled off the road onto an access road used by the railroad and grabbed her by her hair pulling her toward him while striking her with a closed fist about the front and back of her head. She said he yelled “you gonna stop lying to me and give me some money”. Once the altercation ended they then proceeded to travel toward highway 72 and he threw her cell phone out the drivers side window. Numerous contusions on the victims head, face and neck were documented. The deputy then spoke with the subject who stated that the victim was attacked by an ex girlfriend previously and that nothing had taken place that day. Due to the injuries being recent the subject was placed under arrest. The victim was transported to the Emergency room. NCIC revealed the subject had two prior domestic violence arrests.

teasley chad 0000055791(4)Chad Everett Teasley age 22 of 301 Drive Rd. Clinton was booked Thursday into the Johnson Detention Center ticketed with Domestic Violence 1st degree. He remains there on $2,500 bond.


Saying Goodbye to a Pet Leads To Assault Charges

Monday at 6:55 pm Laurens Police officers were dispatched to an Academy Street Residence in reference to an assault. Dispatch advised officers en route that the subject who had assaulted his mother had left the scene in a red convertible with a black top. While in the area officers located a vehicle matching that description and spoke with the driver who stated his mother leaned in the car and hit him in the head. The officer noticed no appearant injury to the subject. They then spoke with the subject’s sister who said she didn’t see asn assault take place in the vehicle but did hear her mother scream “Don’t you hit me”. She said then her mother and brother started hitting and pushing each other before the subject left the scene. Officers spoke with the victim, who was being attended to by EMS. She stated she told her son he needed to move out but he didn’t have anywhere to go. She said her uncle owes a shop in Laurens and told him to go sleep in his car in the parking lot until he ws able to find a permanent residence elsewhere and he began taking all of his belongings. She said she asked him to leave his dog with her and he said the dog was going with him. She said when her son was about to leave she leaned in to tell the dog goodbye and her son struck her across the chest and began hitting her arms. She stated she hit him back after being struck. The officer noticed several lacerations to the victim’s arms. The subject was then placed under arrest. mcmurtury steven 0000069383(2)43 year old Stephen Anthony McMurtury of 424 Academy Street Laurens was booked into the Laurens Police Department and transported to the Johnson Detention Center charged with Assault and Battery 3rd degree. He remains in the detention center awaiting his date with the magistrate.



Another Shoplifiting From The Mansion on the Hill

Laurens Police Officers were dispatched Monday at 3:23 pm to Walmart in reference to a shoplifter. Walmart’s Loss Prevention had the subject detained in the parking lot. hayes sherry 0000108682Officers transported the subject back to the loss prevention office. The Loss Prevention officer advised the shoplifter she had gone past all points of sale with several items from the store including a black t shirt and sleep pants. The subject was advised none of the items were resalable and there would be restitution for those items. While in police custody, the subject complained of pain in her chest. Officers advised central dispatch to send an ambulance to Walmart to check her out. Once on scene the paramedic advised the subject she needed to go the hospital.The officer followed the ambulance to the hospital where she was medically cleared by the emergency room doctor and then transported to jdc. Sherry Lynn Hayes, age 55 of 6179 Highway 14 Gray Court was booked into the Laurens Police Department and transported to the detention center charged with shoplifting.



Breach Of Peace Armed With A Pistol

Andre Johnson, known as “Black” Age 19 of 10 Hammet Street Laurens was booked into the Johnson Detention Center by the Sheriff’s office charged with breach of peace and unlawful carry of a firearm. johnson andre 0000048165Warrants state that on August 10th Johnson did breach the peace, aggravated, in that he did create a disturbance in the community while being armed with a pistol, and did unlawfully carry about his person a pistol not being authorized by law to do so. He remains in the JDC awaiting bond.



Assault & Hit and Run

21 year old  Christopher Deangelo “D” Campbell Jr. was booked Monday into the Johnson Detention Center by Laurens City Police charged with assault and battery 2nd degree and hit and run. campbell christopher 0000087578(1)Warrants state that on August 1st, Campbell did commit the crime of assault and battery in the 2nd degree. The defendant did threaten to kill the victim with the present ability to do so. The act caused the victim to be in fear of imminent bodily injury or death. A second warrant states Campbell did commit the crime of leaving the scene of an accident. The defendant was the driver of a vehicle that was involved in a traffic collision where the vehicle struck a residence. The defendant fled the scene on foot and did not return to the scene of the collision. He remains in the detention center on $20,000 bond.

Harassment Charges

Gary Lee Campbell Jr. campbell gary 0000039653(7)age 31 of 210 Moultrie Street Joanna was booked into the Johnson Detention Center by the Clinton Department of Public Safety Monday, charged with Harassment 1st degree. The warrant states that on August 7th and 8th Campbell did intentionally substantially and unreasonably intrude into the private life of a victim by following her as she moved from location to location throughout the city of Clinton. The contact served no legitimate purpose and caused victim to suffer mental and emotional distress. Campbell called and texted the victim numerous times leaving voicemails. All of the contact occurred after Campbell was court ordered to not have further contact with the victim and advised by Clinton units to have no further contact with the victim. He remains in the detention center on $75,000 bond.

Boys Will Be Boys…I Guess

Laurens police officers were dispatched to Walmart just after midnight Sunday in reference to two subjects inside the store that were highly intoxicated. Upon arrival, several Walmart employees pointed out the two subjects. Officers discovered both were heavily intoxicated. Both were placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. After speaking to the manager, officers were advised that one subject had concealed a Mike’s Hard Lemonade under his shirt. Once approached by officers this subject began to run, dropping the concealed alcohol on the floor causing the bottle to break and spilling the contents. This subject was also charged with shoplifting. The other subject was discovered to have been providing alcohol to the under age subject before the incident at Walmart. The second subject advised officers that the two had stopped at a store in Clinton where he was given money by the other subject to purchase beer for him and he still had alcohol in his truck. Once officers arrived at their vehicle, they located an open container of beer inside the vehicle and an open container on the ground beside the vehicle. A yeti cooler was located in the back containing 3 bud light cans, one busch light can 1 pint of fireball that was open and 1 pint of crown royal that was open. 19 year old Bradley Dale Templeton of 162 Edgewood Circle Clinton was charged and ticketed with shoplifting, minor in possession of alcohol and disorderly conduct. 21 year old Davey Austin Underwood of 2358 Hopewell Church Rd. Clinton was charged and ticketed with giving beer or wine to a minor and disorderly conduct. Both were transported to the detention center and later released on bond.