Truck Tag Taken in Kinards

Deputy Howard of the Sheriffs Office was dispatched Sunday at 9:41pm to a Fairview Church Rd Kinards residence concerning a tag stolen off of a truck. The complainant said he took his truck down the road to have work done on it and his pastor called him and told him his tag was missing. The complainant stated he didn’t know how or when the tag was taken, The tag number was entered into NCIC as a stolen tag.

Pills Stolen From Gray Court Home

Deputy Turner of the Sheriffs Office was dispatched to a Hellams Rd. Gray Court residence on Saturday at 1:51 pm concerning a burglary. The complainant stated he left home to go to the store and was only gone about 10 minutes and when he returned home someone had broken in. The deputy noted that items were in the floor of the living room and kitchen and the back door appeared forced open because the chain lock was on the floor. The complainant said 90 5mg and 90 10mg valium pills were missing and he wasn’t sure what other items were gone. Investigations will follow up.

TV, Bluray Player and Laptop Stolen

Saturday at 5:10 pm Deputy Turner of the Sheriff’s office was dispatched to a Velocity Drive Fountain Inn residence concerning a break in. The complainant said that she left home for a few hours and when she returned she noticed her tv and blu ray player were missing from the living room. She said she found one of her laptops missing as well. No signs of forced entry were found at the home. Investigations will follow up on the case.

Gray Court Home Burgled

Friday at 2:14 pm, Deputy Turner of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Deck Rd. Gray Court residence concerning a burglary. The complainant stated she was in the basement when she heard several noises upstairs. She said she thought her brother in law was home. She said she took her dog outside and saw that her brother in laws truck was not there. She said she went upstairs and did not find anyone in the house but noticed things were out of place. The complainant stated when her sister got home she noticed her room had been ransacked. The deputy then spoke with another resident who stated he was missing 30 30mg morphine pills that were in the room that was ransacked. The case was forwarded to investigations.


Strange Joy Riding Incident in Ware Shoals

On Friday at 4:35 pm, Deputy Boyd of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the Ware Shoals PD in reference to a motor vehicle break in. The complainant stated that on October 30th, at approximately 10:45 pm he parked his vehicle in a church parking lot on Cemetery Road in Ware Shoals and accidentally locked his keys in the vehicle. He said he then walked to his residence and went to bed. He said the next morning around 11:30 am his father took him back to the vehicle with a spare key and he retrieved the vehicle and drove it home. He said on Friday at around 7:30 am he noticed his truck had been broken into. He said the plastic around the rear window and rear window had been removed and someone had driven his vehicle around and then taken it back to the same location and parked it in the same spot. He said the rear window and plastic had been reinstalled and the back doors were locked. He stated someone had tried to remove the radio but was unsuccessful.  He said nothing was missing from the vehicle.

Appliances Stolen From Mountville Yard

Saturday at 7:47 pm, Deputy Howard of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Highway 72 west Mountville residence concerning a larceny. The complainant stated that he had a whirlpool dishwasher as well as a stove sitting in his front yard that he was trying to sell but someone took the items sometime the night before or early morning. He stated that early Saturday morning he heard a loud bang that awoke him and believed that’s when the items were taken. He said he had no idea who would have taken them. He said the dishwasher was brand new and worth about $700 and the stove was worth about $225. Investigations was following up with this case.

And The Winner Is………..From Laurens

Lisa Crowe, Chad Fuller, Tom McGrath

Lisa Crowe, Chad Fuller, Tom McGrath


She’s a winner!

The Tom McGrath Motorcycle Law Group travels the Southeast attending motorcycle rallies, poker runs and other motorcycle related events marketing their legal services for motorcyclists.  As a part of that effort they hold a contest that gives away a new motorcycle each year.  The drawing for 2016, deciding the winner of a brand new Honda CTX 700 NE was held on Tuesday.

And the winner, in a contest with in excess of 11,000 entries is……..Lisa Crowe of Laurens.  Tom McGrath, along with Chad Fuller from Motorcycle Law Group were in Laurens Friday afternoon to present the new bike.

Lisa said she couldn’t believe it when she was told she had won and she said she loves the new bike.

Tom McGrath told WLBG that registrations are already being accepted for the 2017 bike giveaway.

Theft Of Bass Boat & Other Charges Alleged

avinger-tallie-0000076604346 year old Tallie Dewayne Avinger of 740 Union Highway Cross Anchor was booked Thursday into the Johnson Detention Center, charged by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office with DUS, Grand larceny and failure to stop for blue light. Warants allege that on August 23rd, Avenger operated a motor vehicle while his privilege to drive was under suspension, that on July 22nd in the county of Laurens he did take and carry away a Ranger Bass Boat with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property which is valued at more than $2000 and is the property of the victim and on August 23rd did fail to stop when signaled by means of siren or flashing light on a law enforcement vehicle. He remains in the Johnson Detention Center awaiting bond as of this posting.

Sheriff Candidates Answer Questions on WLBG

Thursday morning Good Morning Upcountry had both candidates for Sheriff of Laurens County in studio to answer questions from callers. One question asked of both candidates was why they want to be Sheriff.

Don Reynolds, Republican candidate said:


And Stephane Williams, petition candidate told us:


One of the listener’s questions concerned changes they would make in the Sheriff’s office if elected.

Stephane Williams, Petition candidate told us:


Don Reynolds, Republican candidate told us:

Both interviews complete and unedited are available for listening at your leisure as podcasts posted on Thursday here:

Sheriff’s Candidates Interviews from Good Morning Upcountry

Dirt Bike Robbery

eubanks-michael-00000207058Michael Shane Eubanks, 45 of 128 Miss Joye Circle Clinton was booked Thursday by the Sheriff’s Office, charged with Strong Arm robbery and petit larceny $2000 or less

Warrants state that on October 15th it is alleged that Eubanks did  commit the crime of Larceny $2k or less in that he did force the victim to give him a Honda CR80 dirtbike and on October 15th allegedly took a 1985 Honda CR80 Dirtbike from the victim with intent to deprive by means of force or intimidation.

Eubanks remains in the Johnson Detention Center awaiting bond.

Hole Torn Into Outbuilding To Gain Entry

Thursday at 1:26 pm, Deputy Hall of the sheriffs office was dispatched to a Neptune Rd. Waterloo residence concerning a break in. Upon arrival the complainant stated he did not live at the residence but comes by to check on things from time to time. He said he was at the house a few days prior and noticed that there was an arrow shot and stuck into one of his buildings as well as one of his windows on the house being shot twice with a bb gun. He stated that on Thursday he opened one of his buildings and saw a hole the had been broken into the back wall and called law enforcement. The complainant said he wasn’t worried so much about the arrow and window at the time because he figured it was kids and planned to find them and contact their parents but when he noticed the hole in the building he decided to report the issue. Deputy Hall observed the hole in the building as well as an empty can of beer and an empty bottle of alcohol on the ground that the complainant stated were not his . The complainant looked inside the building and was able to determine that nothing was missing but did want the report on file.

Stolen Remington Rifle

Thursday, just before 3:00pm, Deputy Boyd met with a complainant at the Sheriff’s Office concerning the theft of a gun. The complainant stated that  his Remington Model 710 .270 caliber rifle had been taken from his vehicle. He said the last time he saw the rifle was on Wednesday in the morning and noticed that it was missing on Wednesday evening. The complainant said he leaves the vehicle unlocked while he is working cutting wood and the only time he drove it was to Cross Hill to eat lunch Wednesday. He said while eating lunch the vehicle was locked and there was no sign of forced entry. He said he believed the rifle was taken while he was in the woods at his work site. The rifle was entered into NCIC as stolen.


Debit Card Fraud

At 12:16pm Thursday Deputy Hall of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Country Lane Clinton residence in reference to fraud. The complainant told the deputy that the day before he was made aware of transactions using his wife’s debit card number being drafted from their bank account. The complainant noted that in the past his grand daughter took money from him but he decided to drop the charges. He had gone to his bank and had his transaction history printed out. The print out showed several charges through facebook with the granddaughter’s name. The total of the several withdrawls was $675. The complainant stated he had not talked to his grand daughter about the issue. The report will pass to investigations to follow up.

Home Burglarized in Gray Court

Deputy Crosby of the Sherif’s Office was dispatched to a Todd Road Gray Court residence Thursday at 9:36 am in reference to a burglary. The complainant stated that he arrived home from work in the morning and observed his air conditioner that was in his front window was pushed in and the window completely open. Deputy Crosby discovered a black glove beneath the open window.  The deputy went inside and observed where a Samsung 50 inch flat screen tv had been prior to being stolen. The complainant stated a Mossberg T225 .22 caliber rifle had been taken from his closet as well.  Investigations will follow up on this burglary report.

Laurens Raiders Regional Champs!!!! Football Replay and Local Scores

The Laurens Raiders are the 5A Division II Regional Champs!!! With their 20-10 win over Greenwood last night at KC Hanna Stadium and Mauldin’s loss to Hillcrest, The Raiders are Region II-AAAAA Champions… They will host a first round playoff game on Friday, November 18th… Their opponent will most likely be Woodmont High School… To see the complete stat package on the game, click on the following:greenwood-at-laurens-stats

Laurens Academy lost to Northside Academy 46-20 at Todd Kirk Field… I hope to have more details Monday morning.

Ware Sholas lost to Dixie 23-21… Again I hope to have more details on Monday.

Clinton HS will host Woodruff Friday, November 4th.

Listen to the broadcast of the Greenwood at Laurens game below:

Doug Holliday- Play-by-Play

King Dixon- Color Commentary

Mike Hughes- Sideline Reports/On-site Producer

Local Scores and Laurens Raiders Football Replay 10-21-16

Local Scores from 10-21-16

Mauldin 29 – Laurens 22

Clinton 28 – Broome 21

WW King 46 – Laurens Academy 20

Ware Shoals 39 – Calhoun Falls 8

Be sure to see Mike’s Sports Report on Monday for more details on these games


Mauldin at Laurens Football Replay 10-21-16 (Homecoming)

Doug Holliday: Play-by-Play

King Dixon: Color Commentary

Mike Hughes: Sideline Reports/On-Site Producer

8th Graders Consider Careers

What do you want to be when you grow up? 8th grade students at Laurens Middle School are given the opportunity to learn about many different career fields by attending Career Lunch & Learn events. At a Lunch and Learn this week, 8th Circuit Solicitor, David Stumbo provided students with information about careers in the solicitor’s office. He also explained to students which counties, in addition to Laurens, make up the Eighth Circuit within our state judicial system, as well as his responsibilities as Solicitor.

dsc_0473Pictured at one of the L&L sessions are (l to r) Nick Smith, David Stumbo, and Braedon Smith. Young Mr. Smith said of the visit: “It was very interesting.”


Laurens Raiders Football Replay 10-13-16

Laurens at Riverside 10-13-16

Doug Holliday: Play-by-Play

King Dixon: Color Commentary

Mike Hughes: Sideline Reports/On-site Producer

Laurens Raider Football Replay 10-07-16

Laurens Raiders at Wade Hampton Generals Podcast

Friday, October 7th 2016

Doug Holliday, Play-by-play

King Dixon, Color Commentary

Mike Hughes, Sideline reports/On-site Producer

Laurens Raiders Football Replay 9-30

Laurens Raiders at Hillcrest Rams 09-30-16 Replay

Doug Holliday – Play by Play

King Dixon – Color Commentary

Mike Hughes – Sideline Reports/On-site Producer