Drug Possesion, Distribution and Possession of Weapon Charges

28 year old Ashley Ann Smithsmith ashley 0000014886(9) of 3342 Warrior Creek Church Rd. Gray Court was booked into the Johnson Detention Center by the Sheriff’s Office charged with Drug distribution, possession of a weapon during a crime and drug possession. She remains in the detention center on bench warrants.


Check Fraud

40 year old Kimberly Joyce Poteat-Duttonpoteat-dutton kimberly 0000075535(1) of 409 Frances Street Clinton was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Monday by the sheriff’s office charged with forgery. The warrant states that on April 23rd Poteat-Dutton did falsely make, forge, counterfeit or cause to procure to be falsely made, forged or counterfeited or willfully acted or assisted in the false making, forging or counterfeiting of a check in the amount of $1,991.35. She remains in the detention center on $2500 bond.

Air Force Ones Stolen From Car

On Monday at 9:27 am Officers of the Laurens Police Department were dispatched to a Sullivan Street residence concerning a theft from a motor vehicle. The victim advised someone had stolen a new pair of white Nike Air Force One shoes from the back of her car. She said the windows were down and the doors unlocked on the vehicle. She said a witness had seen someone take the shoes but the witness wasn’t present. She said the witness probably wouldn’t give a statement or name a suspect. She said the witness had said the suspect went into another residence on Sullivan Street and was a tall juvenile. The officer went to the residence and spoke with the juvenile who stated he did not take the shoes. The juvenile was told about the witness and if he did steal the shoes he needed to return them. The officer returned to the victim’s house and told her the only way to find out who stole the shoes was if the witness was willing to identify the subject.

Stolen Moped

At 3:47 pm Monday, Officer Jones of the Laurens Police Department arrived at a McGowen Street Laurens residence in reference to a larceny. The complainant stated that someone stole his uncle’s moped. He said his uncle had passed away several days before and an unknown person had stolen the 2004 Metropolitan moped. The complainant said the moped was near or in his uncles garage a couple of days ago and now was gone. The serial number of the moped will be entered into NCIC in an attempt to recover the property.


Car Break In

Monday Laurens Police officers were dispatched to an Augusta Street Laurens residence at 3:30 am concerning a car being broken into. Officers were met outside by a complainant who advised her wallet was taken from her vehicle. She stated she was at the residence visiting and when she returned to her car she noticed the wallet missing. Officers didn’t notice any signs of forced entry or broken glass on the car and all doors were locked. The victim was asked if she left the doors unlocked and she said no. The case remains active with investigations.

Knot on the Head

Monday at 9:49 pm Lt. Crain of the Sheriff’s Office responded to a Smart Drive Laurens Residence due to an alleged assault that had occurred. He spoke with the victim who stated that she and the subject, who is her cousin, got into an argument about their uncle. The subject hit her in the side of her head causing a small knot on the right side. The officer could see the knot on her head. The subject fled when he found out law enforcement was en route. The magistrate will be contacted concerning a warrant.


Drowning on Boyd’s Mill Pond

A flurry of emergency vehicles rushed through Western Laurens County Saturday night turning down Lake Rd. toward Boyd’s Mill Pond. SC-BoydMillpondAccording to Sheriff’s Office Lt. Judy Stiles, The Sheriff’s Office and DNR responded Saturday night to the report of a man who disappeared at Boy’d Mill Pond. He was last seen fishing around 6:00pm. The Laurens County Swiftwater Rescue team was called in and the body was located a short distance from the dock according to Stiles. The name of the 57 year old man and cause of death  is expected to be released soon by the coroners office. Foul play was not suspected but alcohol was believed to possibly be a factor.  The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office and DNR are continuing to investigate. WLBG News will have more information as it becomes available from the Sheriff’s and Coroner’s office.

Rand Paul Visits Laurens

rand paul at clockEmployees of The Clock in Laurens had to perform double duty Friday afternoon serving their regular customers and dealing with the crunch of Rand Paul supporters as the candidate held a rally and photo-op at their restaurant, with approximately 220 in attendance.

Senator Paul arrived around 5:30 for the event, organized by Laurens County Councilman Stuart Jones.

Paul had been in Spartanburg earlier Friday, following his appearance on the national stage at the Fox News Candidate Debate in Ohio.

The Senator gave a short speech, keeping to his talking points regarding a flat tax and the dangers of violating the constitution, especially regarding the Fourth Amendment which prevents unreasonable searches and seizures.

Adhering to the constitution seemed to the key factor of his supporters who were in attendance.

When asked why they were at the rally, David Nelson of Laurens said that, “I am here because Rand Paul is an avid defender of the constitution and will restore America to its former great glory,”

Susan Reynolds, also of Laurens, agreed stating that the reason she stands with Rand is because, “I like a lot of his beliefs and he is a libertarian just like I am.

South Carolina State Representative, Mike Pitts was also there to support Paul and when asked why, his reply:  “I support Ran Paul because he thinks like I do and is the only candidate on either side that believes firmly in the bill of rights, the constitution and the rule of law of the United States, and applies it.” Thanks to Iva Cudmus for her coverage of this event.

Man Found in Driveway With Crack and Firearm

Friday at 10:28 pm, Corporal Rushing and Deputy Edwards were dispatched to Gray Court Estates in reference to suspicious subjects. Upon arrival, Deputy Edwards spoke with the complainant who stated there was a vehicle parked a residence nobody lives at and that the residence was just recently placed at that location. Both officers then walked over to the location. There they found a dark in color vehicle parked in the driveway occupied by two subjects. Deputy Edwards made contact with the subject in the driver’s seat. And Corporal Rushing made contact with the passenger. The deputies detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car and noticed an open beer can in the center console. The subjects were asked to exit the vehicle and subject number 2 stated they were smoking marijuana inside the vehicle. The subjects were placed into investigative detention. While securing the subjects, Corporal Rushing noticed a brown in color cigarette on the driver’s si’e floorboard and based on the odor of marijuana, the vehicle was searched. In the center console storage area, a clear plastic bag containing 5-6 off white in color rock like substances weighing 3.1 grams were found. In the glove box a .22 caliber revolver was found. The subject stated that all of the items were his and not his passenger. The subject was transported to the Johnson Detention Center, given a citation for open container and simple possession of marijuana. williams carlous 0000029448(3)42 year old Carlous Lorenzo Williams of 122 Mock Street Laurens was booked into the JDC Saturday morning charged with Possesion with intent to distribute crack cocaine 2nd offense, Possesion with intent to distribute crack cocaine within ½ mile of a school and unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Warrants state that on August 7th, Williams did knowingly and without authorization did commit the crime of weapons/possession of firearm or ammunition by person convicted of violent felony in that he did posses a loaded .22 caliber revolver, did knowingly and without authorization manufacture and or distribute crack cocaine, a schedule II controlled substance and had prior convictions for this offense and did within one-half mile of Gray Court Owings School distribute crack cocaine, a schedule II controlled substance. Carlous Lorenzo Williams remains in the Johnson Detention Center  on $50,882 bond.


Multiple Drug Charges From Last Year

Willie Shawn Bookmanbookman willie 0000066977, age 24 of 414 North Marion Street Joanna was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Sunday, charged with Pettit Larceny, Manufacture or possession of drugs and Distribution of drugs.

Warrants state that on March 11th 2014, Bookman did sale a quantity of marijuana to a confidential informant working in an undercover capacity in the city of Clinton, another warrant states this was within one half mile of MS Bailey School, and a third warrant stating on April 30th, 2014 Bookman did take and carry away with intent to deprive the victim of $20. Clinton Department of Public Safety was using a confidential informant to purchase narcotics and Bookman took the money and left without returning any narcotics or money. Bookman remains in the Johnson Detention Center on $6,470 bond.


Multiple Driving Offenses including Resisting Arrest

25 year old Kenneth Alexander Reederreeder kenneth 0000030407(4) of 119 Woodrow St Laurens booked Sunday morning into the Johnson Detention Center charged with no drivers license, failure to posses registration, operating uninsured, providing false information, hit and run, resisting arrest, failure to yield right of way and driving under suspension 1st. Warrants state that on July 21st, Reeder operated without a license, without registration, no valid insurance, gave a false name and date of birth to conceal his identity during a collision investigation, did leave the scene of an at fault collision by fleeing on foot, did resist arrest by pulling away from officer and fleeing on foot after being advised he was under arrest, did fail to yield right of way resulting in a collision, and did operate a motor vehicle while license was under suspension. He remains in the Johnson Detention Center on $22,253.00 bond

Burglary and Larceny of Furniture

James Thomas Millermiller james 0000035143(7) age 45 of 301 Gordon Street Clinton booked Friday into the Johnson Detention Center charged with Burglary 1st degree and Petit Larceny. Warrants state that between July 28th and August 1st Miller did take and carry away dining room chairs and assorted kitchen appliances from a storage building with intent to deprive the rightful owner of the property. This occurred during the commission of a burglary and did break and enter into a building. Miller did steal and took away dining room chairs and assorted kitchen appliances while inside the building with intent to deprive rightful owner of the property. He remains in the Johnson Detention Center with Bond denied on the burglary charge and $3k bond set on the larceny charge.

Burglary Arrest for Kicking In Door and Entering Residence

Seargent Simmons of the Laurens Police Department responded to a Clemson St Laurens residence Saturday just after midnight. Upon arrival, the officer located no one on scene but saw the front door of the residence had been kicked in causing massive damage to the door frame. Dispatch made contact with the complainant and was told the complainant and subject had left the scene. The officer met the complainant at a convenience store near the home where the complainant pointed out the subject attempting to get a ride from a bystander to flee the area. The officer made contact with the subject. She was mirandized and detained. The complainant stated he was at home on the couch when the subject showed up and wanted to come in. The complainant advised that she was not welcome and stated that she then alledgedly kicked in the door and forced entry into the residence. The complainant stated that he was trying to hold the door closed even after it was kicked open but was unable to overpower the subject. He said the subject wanted alcohol and demanded he take her to the store to get it. The complainant said he was in fear for his safety and complied with the subjects request. Upon arrival at the store the complainant attempted to call 911 again. The subject stated that the door was already broken and she did push it open. She then stated she did kick the door open only because they used to be friends and she wanted to come inside the residence. The subject was advised she was under arrest for burglary as she forced entry to the residence and put the complainant in fear for his safety. melton melinda 0000108655Melinda Harvey Melton, age 33 of 226 Lee Street Laurens was booked at the Laurens Police Department then transported to the Johnson Detention Center Saturday charged with burglary 1st degree. A warrant states that on August 8th Melton did force entry into an occupied dwelling during the night time hours causing the victim imminent fear for his safety. She remains in the detention center on $25,000 bond.



Alleged Drugging and Theft of Car, Guns and Money

Saturday at 12:55 pm, Deputy Edwards was dispatched to a Garth Rd. Fountain Inn residence in reference to a stolen vehicle and possible drugging of a victim. Upon arrival he spoke with the victim who stated that her husband had been locked up by Simpsonville Police the night before and that her husband had two subjects staying at their house because they had nowhere else to go. The victim said she didn’t feel comfortable being at the house with them by herself so she told them to pack their stuff and leave. She said one of the subjects started acting sweet toward her saying everything would be ok and made a drink for her. She stated she started drinking the drink to try to calm down. She said she started feeling weird later and went to her bedroom and locked the door. She said she awoke to find her bedroom door open and the room rambled through. She stated her wallet and keys were missing. She said the subjects were missing and her vehicle had been stolen from the property. She said her husbands two pistols were gone as well. The deputy contacted Simpsonville Police, who had the serial numbers for the pistols and entered both guns and the vehicle into NCIC as stolen. The deputy contacted the victim later about the incident and was told by the victim that she had received a text message from one of the subjects stating that the vehicle was left a t a hotel in Simpsonville and to tell the victim thanks for letting them use the vehicle. The victim stated she did have the vehicle back but but all the other items were still missing. This case remains active.

Domestic Violence Charges Involving a Knife

James Cody Landerslanders james 0000091637(2) , age 24 of 115 Mill Pond Rd. Clinton, was booked Friday into the Johnson Detention Center charged with domestic violence and possession of a weapon during commission of a violent crime. Warrants state that on August 4th, Landers did offer or attempt to cause harm to a member of his household with the appearant present ability under circumstances reasonably creating fear of imminent peril and did knowingly and willfully posses and display what appeared to be a knife during the commission of a violent crime. He remains in the detention center on $40k bond.



Alleged Assault and Minor in Possession Of Alcohol

Saturday morning at 3:05 am, Deputy Byrd of the Sheriff’s Office arrived at the Budget Lodge on Highway 221 Laurens concerning an assault. A complainant staying at the motel stated she had been assaulted by a male friend of hers. She said she had invited a male friend over to her room and the male friend arrived at the hotel with alcoholic beverages. She said they then became intoxicated and the male friend invited a male friend of his over to the room. She said upon arrival of the other male, she and her friend began arguing over the way he was acting during the evening. Allegedly, the argument soon escalated to becoming physical when the third male threw a beer can at the victim. According to the victim, the male friend grabbed her, put her into a choke hold and slammed her on the ground resulting in a cut on her knee. At that point she screamed she was calling law enforcement and the two males fled the scene. The victim said she did wish to press charges. A witness who was also staying at the hotel provided a written statement corroborating the victim’s claims. As the deputy was talking to the victim he discovered the victim was under 21 and shouldn’t have been consuming alcohol. He asked if she had any more alcoholic beverages in her possession. She replied yes and removed from her purse three unopened cans of Coors Light. The deputy secured the beverages and wrote the victim a summons for minor in possession of alcohol. This case remains under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office.


Attempted Illegal Eviction

Friday at 7:40 pm, Lt. Martin of the Laurens Police Department received a complaint from multiple sources in reference to a disturbance at a residence on West Main Street. The complainant stated that she returned home to find a woman walking from behind the house with a hammer. There has been an ongoing argument between this woman and the complainant concerning the complainant staying at the residence. According to the complainant, a third party, who was renting the home from family before going to jail allowed the complainant to move in. This was known to be true by officers who have responded to the house on other incidents. Once the parties made contact they all started arguing and threatening each other. The woman with the hammer then went to the neighbor’s driveway where her boyfriend was waiting in a pickup truck. The suspect got into the pickup truck and the complainant got in front of the truck to prevent it from leaving until the police arrived. Another complainant pulled complainant number 1 from in front of the truck worried she would be hit. The truck then allegedly pulled off and ran over complainant number 2’s foot. Complainant number 1 stated that her things were placed on the back porch and some of the doors were nailed shut. She also stated she was missing $3870 cash that she kept under her bed. After review of the home it was determined that the subject was attempting to secure the home to prevent the complainant from re-entering. The officer spoke with some witnesses and one stated that the subject asked him for a hammer and nails. Employees of the Laurens Fire Department spoke to the reporting officer. They stated they witnessed the incident as the truck was leaving and said at one point both complainants were on the hood of the pickup truck. The case remains active and the officer will consult a judge on what is criminal and what is civil.

Toilet Paper Stolen and Hid…

Seargent Simmons of the Laurens Police Department was dispatched to Dollar General on Hillcrest Drive in reference to a shoplifting Saturday at 6:40 pm. Upon arrival the manager advised that a subject in a power wheel chair exited the store and obtained 4 12-packs of toilet paper from an outside display and left the premises without paying. The officer located the subject a short distance away and interviewed him. The subject stated that he did take the toilet paper and had hid it at the recycling center on Caroline Street. Officer were able to recover the property and return it. The complainant advised that the product was eligible for resale therefore no restitution would be due. Since the subject was whell chair bound and officers had no way to transport him, he was issued a a summons for shoplifiting and released. He was also placed on trespass notice from the business.



Bleeding Man Found in Driveway

Sunday at 10:56 am Lt. Moore of the Clinton Department of Public Safety responded to a West Centennial Street residence in reference to an unconscious male lying in the driveway. When the officer arrived on scene he found the victim leaning on a moped covered in blood. The officer asked the victim what happened and at first he wouldn’t answer and seemed to be in a very disoriented state. The officer advised the victim to lay completely flat on the ground and wait for EMS to arrive. The officer noticed a severe laceration to the victim’s lip and his mouth full of blood. The victim also had a large scrape to the back of his head and a large amount of bleeding as well. All the victim would say is he didn’t know what happened. A witness approached and stated the man responsible was walking behind some houses on South Livingston Street. The witness stated they guy that jumped on the victim didn’t have a shirt on and is holding a white t shirt. The Officer got into his patrol car and turned onto South Livingston and saw a black male matching the description walk in front of a trailer on Ethel Drive. The officer exited the vehicle and found the subject, who was holding a white t shirt covered in blood. The subject stated “He was talking about my woman so I did what I had to do” and continued to walk away. After the subject tried to pull away twice he was placed under arrest and charged with assault and battery 2nd degree. The victim was transported to Greenville Memorial due to a possible head injury. The subject was brought to the CDPS where he said that he and the victim had been drinking on Woodberry Drive and ended up on West Centennial where they began arguing over a woman. He said the victim swung and missed and he hit the victim once and laid him out. 43 year old Wilson Simpson Jr. of 206 Sassafras Drive Laurens was booked into the CDPS charged with 2nd degree Assault and battery. He was released on a $3000.00 PR bond.


Stolen Skid Steer and Trailer

At 2:28pm Friday, Deputy Edwards met with three complainants in reference to a stolen skid steer and 20ft. trailer taken from Bramlet Church Rd. Gray Court. One complainant stated that he was using the skid steer Friday evening July 3st and that was the last time he had seen it. He said he was going home and ended up going to jail that night and had just gotten out. He said when he went back to the incident location, which he owns, he noticed his John Deere 317 Skid Steer and his 20 foot tag along trailer missing. The Skid Steer will be entered into NCIC as stolen.