State Senator Karl Allen Spoke In Laurens Saturday

Sheriff Chastain, Coronor Nichols, pastors, lay people, community leaders and other concerned citizens were present Saturday Morning at a breakfast hosted by Dr. Bryant Cheeks and the Springfield Baptist Church of Laurens. The guest speaker was State Senator Karl B. Allen of Greenville. karl-allenSenator Allen stated it was midnight in South Carolina when Senator Clementa Pinckney was killed, but out of that midnight came the dawn. Senator Allen reflected on speaking with Senator Paul Thurmond, the son of former segregationist and long serving  U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond and he stood up and said “I think the time is right to remove the Confederate flag and put it in a museum”.

He said “it’s midnight in S.C. now and only you can change it”.

Senator Allen encouraged pastors to go back to their local churches and encourage members to get out and vote. He stated “Tell them to get out and vote for the candidates that can do or have done the best job because if you don’t and the wrong person gets in office you’re going to hate it and it will be too late then”. He stated that with no contested democratic races in Laurens County  if you vote Republican now, you can still vote Democratic in November.



Woman Found Unconscious in Vehicle With Significant Amount of Marijuana

On Friday at 10:52 pm Deputies Byrd and Messer of the Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to South Main Street in Joanna in reference to a female driver being unconscious in the drivers seat of a car. The deputies tried several times to wake the female subject without success. EMS was notified and en route to the scene. Sgt. Moye arrived on scene and tried to make contact with the subject to no avail. Clinton Department of Public Safety was contacted as they had tools to gain access to the inside of the vehicle. Sgt Harris then arrived from Clinton and used tools to gain entry. EMS began treating the subject. EMS initially thought the subject may have overdosed and took the subject to the hospital accompanied bt Sgt. Moye. Deputies Byrd and Messer then began taking inventory of the vehicle and found a clear bag containing what appeared to be marijuana in the subject’s purse. They then found a large plastic bag wrapped in a t shirt in the back left corner of the trunk that appeared to be marijuana. Three other small bags of marijuana were also found in the t shirt. Sgt. Moye recovered 9 yellow xanax pills from the subject at the hospital as the subject allegedly tried to consume the narcotics.

bruce candice 000008072640 year old Candice Suber Bruce listed with addresses of 285 Gary St. Whitmire and  220 Wilson Rd. Newberry was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Saturday charged with distribution, sell or manufacture of controlled substance, 2 counts possesion of schedule 1 controlled substance. Warrants state that on may 13th she did within one half mile of Woodson Elementary School posses 10 oz of marijuana, did knowingly posses 10 oz of marijuana and intentionally posses 9 xanax pills. Bruce remains in the Johnson Detention Center on a $30k bond. Her 2016 Dodge Challenger was towed and placed into evidence with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office.

Two Arrested After Traffic Stop In Clinton

On Friday at 12:02pm, Sgt. Prather of the Clinton Department of Public safety was on North Broad Street and Oakland Street in Clinton when he observed a subject operating a motor vehicle with prior knowledge that the subject’s license had been suspended.  Before making a traffic stop, the officer checked with dispatch to make sure the license was still suspended. Upon confirmation, the officer stopped the vehicle in the parking lot of Wilson’s Curb Market and advised the subject to stay in the vehicle. The subject told the officer that his license was not suspended and he had been stopped a few days before and was clear. The subject was then placed under arrest for driving under suspension. Sgt. Wicker arrived on scene to address the passenger of the vehicle. As Sgt. Prather walked the subject to the rear of the vehicle a small bag of white powder fell out of his shorts leg. The subject stated it was not his and he didn’t know where it came from. The passenger was searched and a bag of marijuana was found in his pocket and he was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana. Upon search of the vehicle, officers found three round yellow pills and one round white pill. A camo bag that contained what appeared to be meth and aluminum foil and digital scales were found in the back seat. Both men denied ownership of the bag.

ewell joseph 0000022960(8)39 year old Joseph Allen Ewell of 675 Lake Rd. Clinton was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Friday, charged with DUS, 2 counts schedule 1 drug possession, and 1 count less than one gram of meth. Warrants state that on may 13th, he did have in his possession less than one gram of methamphetamine the offence occurring on west main street in the city of Clinton, had in his possession a pill identified as acetaminophen and codeine without authority to do so, Had in his possession three small round yellow pills identified as a schedule IV controlled substance without authority to do so. A PR bond was set for dus and $20k bond on the two drug charges. Ewell remains in the Johnson Detention Center.

owens daniel 0000004295(6)His passenger, Daniel Allen Owens, 31 of 708 Charlottes Rd. Clinton was booked Friday May 13th charged with 1 count possession of less than one gram meth, possesion of 1 oz or less of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and open container.  A warrant states that on May 13th Owens did have in his possession less than one gram of methamphetamine with the offence occurring on west main in Clinton and had prior conviction for possession of meth. A second warrant states he did have in his possession less than 28 grams of marijuana and had a previous arrest for the same offense. A PR bond of $628.00 was set on the  paraphernalia charge, $262.00 on the open container charge and bond was denied on the other charges. Owens remains in the Johnson Detention Center




Gun Charge Alleged Against Gray Court Man

thompson johnnie 000008223125 year old Johnnie Demario Thompson of 1150 Bull Hill Rd. Gray Court was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Sunday charged with unlawful carry of a pistol.

The warrant states that the defendant did commit the crime of unlawful carrying of a pistol by possessing a handgun in an unlawful manner inside of his vehicle, the offense occurring on Church Street in the city limits of Laurens. Thompson remains in the Johnson Detention Center on $2k bond.


Multiple Gun Charges Alleged in Arrest of Spartanburg Man

toland octavious 0000086524(3)22 year old Octavious Akeem Toland of 202 Markswood Drive Spartanburg was booked Saturday, May 14th   by the Clinton Department of Public Safety into the Johnson Detention Center charged with ill treatment of animals, unlawful carry of a pistol, and sale or delivery of pistol. Warrants state that on Saturday Toland did knowingly carry a handgun, a Smith and Wesson .32 revolver, about his person without authority to do so. The offense occurred on East Ferguson Street within the city limits of Clinton. A further warrant states Toland did knowingly posses a stolen handgun.

He remains in the Johnson Detention Center on $677.50 bond for ill treatment of animals,  $5k bond for unlawful carry and $3k bond for sale or delivery of a pistol.


Attempted Breaking and Entering Leads to Found Dirt Bike From Another Investigation

Sunday at 2:05 am Deputy Hunter of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Hostetler Ln Cross Hill residence concerning a attempted break in. The complainant stated that he was sleeping when he woke to the sound of his dog barking. He went into the living room and observed a subject trying to get into a window. He then went outside with a gun and heard what he believed to be the subject jumping a fence. The complainant went to the window and found several items from inside his vehicle laying on the ground. He then went to his car and discovered that it had been gone through and his browning buckmark pistol had been stolen. Next to his car was a battery powered dirt bike that he had never seen before. The dirt bike was taken to the impound lot. Deputy Richey responded to a Puckett Ferry Rd. Cross Hill residence later that morning in reference to a stolen red and white Razor dirt bike missing from a garage. After finding out about the bike being found at the previous residence and placed in the impound lot, the owner was notified of the location of his dirt bike.

Ford Truck Stolen From Waterloo

At 2:07 PM Saturday, Deputy Richey of the sheriffs office was dispatched to a Burton Drive Waterloo residence in reference to a stolen vehicle. Upon arrival, the complainant stated that when he woke up Saturday around 1pm, he discovered his dark blue 1993 Ford F-150 was missing from his front yard. He stated he did not lock the doors and the keys were in the ignition. The truck was entered into ncic as stolen.

Window Broken Out on Vehicle

Sunday Deputy Hunter of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Billy Leopard Rd. Cross Hill residence just after midnight in reference to a window broken out of a vehicle. The victim stated that she was sleeping and awoke to the sound of her car alarm. Her husband then went outside and saw the back window of their car was shattered. He then saw a subject running away from the car and called 911. The complainants stated nothing was missing from the car that they were aware of but did give the deputy a name of someone they alleged had been looking into their car suspiciously earlier that day. A partial fingerprint and palm print were lifted from the vehicle and entered into evidence to be sent to sled.


Stolen Lawn Mower and Rims

At 10:02 Saturday morning, Deputy Nations was dispatched to a Highway 76 Clinton residence concerning a stolen lawn mower. The complainant stated that when he returned to the residence Saturday, he noticed the door to the shed was open and he had secured it previously. He said when he looked in the shed, the factory tires for his Isuzu Trooper were missing. He said he looked in the other shed and his push mower was missing as well. The subject said the items were there the day before and he had left the residence around 7pm Friday. Two foot prints were found in loose dirt and were photographed for evidence. A green and yellow yard man push mower and four aluminum rims with bridgestone tires were listed as stolen and the report will be forwarded to investigations.



Truck Break In

On Saturday at 6;09 PM, Deputy Richey of the Sheriff’s Office arrived at a Pucket Ferry Rd. Cross Hill residence in reference to a theft from a motor vehicle. Upon arrival, the deputy spoke to the victim who stated that around 4pm, he discovered that someone had gone through the inside of his Chevrolet Silverado. He stated his front seat had been pushed up to the steering wheel and other property was scattered in different areas of the vehicle. He stated the vehicle was not locked and there was no damage observed.



Alleged Threats and Attempted Vehicular Assault

Saturday at 1:21pm Sgt. Wicker of the Clinton Department of Public Safety was dispatched to a Bailey street Clinton residence in response to a report that a subject was trying to run over a victim with a vehicle. Sgt. Wicker spoke with the complainant who stated that he was standing by the roadside speaking to people at a residence on Pitts Street and he observed a black impala turn onto the street. He said the car sped up and angled the vehicle at him in an attempt to run him over and he had to jump away from the car to keep from being hit. He stated he perceived the subject was trying to run him over. He further stated that the subject stopped and advised him that he was going to kill him. The victim stated that he and the subject had been involved in an ongoing dispute. He said the subject then left and he began walking away from the scene and called police. He then stated that the subject returned with a passenger who stated that the complainant was dead. The complainant said he did want to press charges. The officer than went to the alleged incident location and interviewed two witnesses who stated they did hear the subject state that he was going to kill the complainant. The incident is pending further investigation.


Buster is Pet of the Week


Say hello to Buster. He’s the WLBG Pet of the Week. Buster is a 1 year old black lab mix. He has a naturally friendly nature.

And he needs a home. Fast. The shelter is full……past full. If you or someone you know would like to have a good dog…………please save Buster.

Find out more by calling Laurens County (SC) Animal Control (864)682-4935.

And please SHARE. Can we save them all? No. But please……….let’s save this one.

Newberry Superintendent Killed in Collision With Deputy


The Superintendent of Schools for Newberry County was killed in a wreck on Highway 219 at Newberry High School late Saturday afternoon. He was killed when his car reportedly collided with a Newberry County Deputy’s vehicle that was responding to another wreck on Interstate 26. Newberry County Coroner Craig Newton yesterday formally identified the person killed as 56-year-old Bennie D. Bennett of Prosperity.  Mr. Bennett had served for 10 years as Superintendent of Schools in Newberry County.

The accident that killed the School Superintendent happened about 6:30 Saturday evening in front of Newberry High School as a deputy was responding to a wreck on Interstate 26. A report on the subsequent fatal wreck states that as Deputy Brandt approached the intersection of the driveway to Newberry High School with lights and siren activated a vehicle driven by Mr. Bennett entered the highway from Chapman Drive at approximately 6:26 pm. The vehicles collided resulting in the death of Mr. Bennett and injuring Deputy Brandt.

The deputy was transported by helicopter to Palmetto Health Richland in Columbia with what Sheriff Lee Foster described as “non-life-threatening injuries”.

Newberry County officials, including the Coroner and Sheriff Foster, have described Mr. Bennett as a “good, good man” who cared deeply about the success of children in Newberry County Schools. Sheriff Lee Foster said “This is a horrible loss for our community. Mr. Bennett was a consummate professional and had the best interest of our children at heart. We worked together closely on matters involving our schools and our children’s safety. On a personal note, Mr. Bennett was a close friend and confidant. He and I had a keen interest in sports and would often compare notes on games. My family held him in the highest regard. I am personally shattered by his death. Our family extends our prayers to his family.”

The accident is under investigation by the South Carolina Highway Patrol’s Multi-Disciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT).

Alleged Domestic Assault in Clinton

On Thursday at 3:11 am Officer Yelton was dispatched to the LC Memorial Hospital  based on request of EMS concerning a possible assault. When the victim arrived at the emergency room the officer talked with a paramedic who said when they arrived at the residence of the victim she was waiting outside for ems with an extremely intoxicated male inside the residence. EMS assessed that the victim had sustained a head injury, loss of consciousness, a possible wrist or hand fracture and minor abrasions to her right knee. The paramedic stated the victim initially said she had acquired the injuries from falling then en route to the hospital she confided that she had been assaulted by the male inside the residence. After talking with the victim for some time, the victim gave an account of the alledged attack, stating that the subject struck her in the stomach multiple times. She said she pushed him away and ran but he followed and continued to hit her in the back of the head causing her to fall to the floor unconscious. When she awoke the subject was standing over her and then went and laid down. The victim said she then called 911 only wanting EMS as she feared if law enforcement was invlolved the subject would be arrested and when he got out he would beat her worse. Upon consultation with supervisors, action was taken by the CDPS in issuing a warrant for the arrest of 23 year old Mark Tyler Vanloanvanloan mark 0000092104(3) of 835 Brook Rd. Clinton, booked by the Clinton department of Public Safety into the Johnson Detention Center Thursday charged with Domestic violence 1st degree. He remains in the detention center with bond denied



County Celebrates 75 Years of The Bookmobile from 3-5 Friday

As part of National Library Week the Laurens County Public Library System is celebrating 75 years of Bookmobile/Outreach services with a Bookmobile Open House Friday afternoon from 3-5 PM at the Laurens County library off West Main. The public is invited to attend and meet bookmobile librarians of the past half century.

A library research of old newspapers learned that Laurens County had book delivery services as early as 1929, reaching out to Laurens County residents that were unable to routinely visit the library. Early “bookmobiles” have ranged from horse-drawn wagons and a converted milk truck. More specialized bookmobiles have been used in recent decades.  The Laurens County Library System got its first official bookmobile in 1940.  Those dedicated individuals who have delivered books to the far reaches of the county have been people like Dr. Wil Lou Gray, Elaine Martin, and most recently Leigh Tumblin.  Now that torch has been passed, or rather the keys to the bookmobile have been passed, to Julian Shabazz. He’s a Clinton native who worked for the Library from 1996 to 2000 and returned last fall to take the keys of the Bookmobile with the retirement of Leigh Tumblin.

Laurens County Public Library System Director Ann Szypulski said  “I am very proud of our bookmobile services and hope to continue to serve all areas and communities of the county for a very long time to come”.

The public is invited to Bookmobile Open House from 3 to 5 Friday afternoon.



Council Approves Purchase of Property for More Fire Stations

Tuesday night, Laurens County Council approved the purchase of 4 more properties for use in  constructing new fire stations with funds from the fire improvement bond.

These four new stations will fill in areas with significant population that are not adequately covered by having a fire station within five miles of the property in that area.

Of these One is proposed near Waterloo to cover areas including Deer Valley Road, One for Mountville to cover property in the Milam Road area and One to cover an area in Fountain Inn.


Alleged Assault at Clinton Motel

Corporal Staton of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Clinton Motel on Thursday at 3:25 pm in reference to an alleged assault. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the complainant who stated that she was in her room when the door suddenly swung open and a male subject came into the room asking for her boyfriend. When she told him he wasn’t there the subject reached for jewelry that was on the dresser while telling the complainant that he was taking it for the money her boyfriend owed him. The victim stated that she tried to push the subject out of the room when he struck her in the back of the head with his fist. She further stated that they became separated and the subject reached in his pocket and displayed a knife while stating “I will kill you b***h”. As the subject approached the complainant again, a male from the next room stepped into the room to grab the subject and pulled him out of the room. This man then told the subject to leave. The subject told both the complainant and witness he would be back and got into a vehicle with a female and left.

The Pill Fairy Strikes Again

Lt Anderson of the Clinton Department of Public Safety responded to a forest street Clinton address Thursday at 5:35 pm. The complainant stated that while he was in jail his sister stole his 50 narcos and 90 xanax. The sister stated she did not done this theft. Both parties were asked by the officer if they could be searched for the missing medication and both gave consent. The officer found no medication on either but found a pill bottle in the sister’s pocketbook with the brother’s name on it, which she stated the brother had put there. The officer gave the bottle to the brother who was not concerned about that medication. The brother stated he needed a report for his doctor and was advised a report would be generated in reference to the call.


Postponed Laurens Raider Baseball Game To Be Aired Tonight

Last Night’s Laurens Raider Baseball game waspostponed due to a threat of bad weather. It will be played tonight at 7:00pm at Laurens 55 High School. WLBG wil  be airing this game.

I’m Tex………..I’m a Dog


Hello! Would you like to be my human?
My name’s Tex. I’m in the joint at Laurens County Animal Control. My brother and my sister are in here too.
I’m not yet a year old and I want to run and play and snuggle and give kisses and sniff dandelions but I can’t. I’m stuck here. This place is completely full. But they say next week I might get put down. I’m not real sure what that mean but I hope I get to play wherever down is.
If you want to to be my very best friend in the whole wide world call Laurens County (SC) Animal Control. (864)682-4935 at the shelter of (864)984-6812 at the office.
And please SHARE. If you can’t be my human……….maybe someone else will see me. I’ve never seen me but I heard someone say I was a pretty boy. Is that good?