Attempted Murder for Cross Hill Stabbing

A Cross Hill man was arrested yesterday on charges he stabbed a Chappells man multiple times in an incident last month. The suspect had been sought after the Sheriff’s Office was called to Shealy Circle, Cross High on January 24th and deputies observed a male in his mid-20’s with multiple stab wounds about his body. Yesterday, 32-year-old James Morgan Hill of 2814 Harris Springs Road, Cross Hill was charged with Attempted Murder and with Use of a Weapon in a Violent Crime. Officer Dwayne Richey states that on January 24th James Morgan Hill attempted to murder the victim by stabbing and cutting him multiple times, causing great bodily injury that required the victim to seek medical treatment. Mr. Hill is also accused of willfully possessing and displaying what appeared to be a knife during the commission of a violent crime. Bond was denied on both the Attempted Murder and the Weapons charge. James Morgan Hill remained in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning.

Laurens High Student Facing Adult Charges

A juvenile Laurens District 55 High School Coed is being charged with Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature and with Bringing a Weapon onto School Property, following an incident yesterday morning in a gym prior to the start of school. Laurens County Chief Deputy Jarvis Reeder said that due to the nature of the crime, the juvenile female will be charged as an adult. Reeder said a Student Resource Officer’s preliminary investigation determined that the female subject had injured one student by causing a non-life-threatening puncture to this female’s upper left arm as she was pursuing another female. The LDHS School Nurse reportedly determined no stitches were needed after examining the puncture wound.

A second release from District 55 Administration yesterday stated that at approximately 7:45 in the morning a female student in possession of a knife came out of the bleachers in pursuit of another student. The student victim was in the proximity of the two girls and was slightly injured by the knife when the assailant rushed past her in pursuit of the other student. The subject and the female being chased reportedly ran quickly from one side of the gym to the other, where a teacher was able to capture the assailant. The girl who was cut when the assailant ran past her was treated by the school nurse.

A video reportedly taken by one of the many students awaiting the start of school was distributed through social media and was later broadcast on local TV news reports. It showed the chase around the gym, and the teacher tackling the assailant, preventing assault on her intended victim.

The District 55 statement said that the student being charged was transported to DJJ and was being held to await a bond hearing.

Superintendant Peters and other district office personnel were on hand at the high school throughout the remainder of the day to ensure the safety and tranquility of the school environment. Dr. Peters said “There has been a great deal of misinformation spread through social media and some erroneous news reports. We want to make sure our community has all the facts regarding the incident.” District spokesperson, Ed Murray, said “We are continuing to investigate the situation to determine who might have known about the potential for the occurrence. We depend upon our students and parents to come forth when or if they hear about situations that might develop. This gives us a chance to be proactive in responding to potential conflicts.”

Police Seize Illegal Tattoo Parlor Equipment

Laurens City Police reported discovering an illegal tattoo parlor in town this week. Officers went to a residence early Monday afternoon looking for a wanted man. As they were being told that man wasn’t present, officers reportedly smelled Marijuana. They obtained a search warrant and on entering, reportedly discovered a full-scale tattoo operation. After obtaining a second search warrant, they reportedly seized a tattoo bed, armrest, tattoo guns and driver, a bio hazard sharp needle container, needles, and even a vinyl sign promoting, “J-Mac Tattooing.” A man was charged with Illegal Tattoo in and with Operating a Business without a License.



Arrest in Downtown Clinton Burglary

Clinton Public Safety yesterday arrested a suspect in a night-time burglary of a Downtown Store last fall. 42-year-old Richard Lee “Rick” Clark Jr. of Apt 36 at 100 Elizabeth Street, Clinton is charged with Burglary 2nd Degree.

Detective Tyrone Goggins states that during the night-time hours between the dates of November 29th and 30th, 2016 Richard Lee Clark Jr. unlawfully broke into Wilson’s Curb Market at 210 West Main Street with intent to deprive the rightful owner of property therein. “Rick” Clark Jr. was being held overnight, pending a bond hearing.


Car Theft….14 Years Ago

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office yesterday charged a Union County resident with a car theft here almost 14 years ago. 59-year-old James Dennis Burrell of Jonesville was charged with Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent. He was served with a warrant from 2003 that states he received a 1973 Dodge van in trust February 28th, 2003 on Holly Grove Church Road, east of Laurens, with fraudulent intent to deprive the owner of the $1,500 value vehicle. The warrant shows a 2003 address in Campobello.

James Dennis Burrell was being held overnight, pending a bond hearing.



Man, Woman Charged with Mutual Assault

Laurens Police Officer Sellers reported finding a man on the front porch early yesterday morning with the left sleeve of his shirt covered in blood…..this after the officer had been dispatched to Mock Street at 4:23 A.M. The man and his girlfriend inside the house reported told different versions of the events at that residence. Officers noted both appeared to be extremely intoxicated. EMS was called to the scene. Officers also noted children were present in the house and had witnessed the events.

24-year-old Elijah Matthew Brewington and 25-year-old Alysa Jamel Miller, both of 117 Mock Street, Laurens, were arrested and each was charged with Domestic Violence 2nd Degree for mutual assaults.

The warrant for Mr. Brewington alleges that he grabbed Ms. Miller, threw her on the ground and placed his hands around her neck, depriving her of air. A warrant served on Ms. Miller accuses her of using a knife to cut Brewington on his left bicep during a drunken argument between the two in the Mock Street residence they share as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Alysa Jamel Miller remained in custody overnight with a $5,000 cash or surety bond. Elijah Matthew Brewington was released yesterday after posting a $5,000 cash or surety bond.

Details of Purifying Water for Consumption

Water, water everywhere but it should be treated before you drink. The process of treating water involves a lot of steps, including discussion at this week’s Clinton City Council Meeting. City Manager Frank Stovall asked council to approve the purchase of water treatment chemicals from companies based in Duncan here in the Upstate and from companies in North Carolina, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The chemicals include liquid chlorine, liquid alum, lime slurry and sodium silica fluoride.  The purchase agreements presented are projected to supply the necessary chemicals for a 12 month period.

Council Member Danny Cook asked why this purchase is brought before council each year when other purchases, like office supplies, are not. Stovall explained that the City Manager has purchase authority up to $40,000 and this purchase is very near that amount.  Should any additional chemicals be used it would probably exceed his purchase authority and would have to be brought before council anyway.  He did say that other cities sometimes allow their city managers to proceed on similar routine purchases without approval from the city council and he’d be happy to handle this purchase either way.

As for this year, council unanimously voted to approve the purchases as presented.

Grand Larceny of Auto

Clinton Public Safety yesterday served a Grand Larceny charge on a local man in connection with a car theft this past October. Officer Brian Beaman also issued a ticket charging 19-year-old McKenzie Remel Cunningham Jr. of 58 Beech Street, Clinton with Giving False Information to Law Enforcement at 11:56 yesterday morning on Cedar Street. Cunningham was served with a warrant charging him with theft of a motor vehicle valued at $7,000 between October 16th and 17th in 2016 from Houser Circle in Clinton.

A cash or surety bond on the Grand Larceny of the vehicle charge was set at $20,000. A $500 bond was set on the False Information charge.

Mr. Cunningham was also served with Bench Warrants from Clinton Municipal Court that state he was convicted last July 12th of Reckless Driving and Driving without a License and sentenced on each offense to serving 30 days or paying fines from$236 to $454.

McKenzie Remel Cunningham Jr. remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Failure to Show for Court on 8 Charges

Eight Bench Warrants from Laurens County General Sessions Criminal Court were served yesterday on 24-year-old Brittney Evon Moore of 209 Autumn Street, Woodruff. These warrants state that Ms. Moore failed to appear in Court November 14th, 2016 to face charges that include four counts of Burglary 2nd Degree and four counts of Petit Larceny. Brittney Evon Moore remained in custody today, pending her next court appearance.



Multiple Charges Alleged Against Gray Court Man

37 year old Christopher Patrick Miller of 1356 Hellams Road, Gray Court was booked Thursday into the Johnson Detention Center,  charged with malicious damage to property, 3 counts of grand larceny, driving under suspension, receiving stolen goods, and failure to stop for blue lights.

Multiple warrants allege that on January 18th Miller did malicious damage to personal property by hitting a tree with a stolen vehicle, on January 21st did take and carry away a 2000 polaris scrambler four wheeler with intent to deprive the owner, on January 18th did take away a black 20 ft. double axle trailer with intent to deprive the owner, on January 19th did take and carry away a 20 ft. dual axle red trailer with intent to deprive the owner, on January 18th did knowingly drive under suspension, on January 18th did receive property of a victim valued at more than $2k knowing the property was stolen and on January 18th did fail to stop when signaled by blue light.

Miller remains in the detention Center on a whopping $127,100 bond

2 People Arrested for Disorderly Conduct and found with Drugs

Patricia Lynn Merchant, age 41 of 1154 Woodberry Drive Clinton was booked Thursday into the Johnson Detention Center charged with possession of drugs and pedestrian under influence.

Two warrants allege that on Thursday the 2nd she did violate the city ordinance of disorderly conduct by being grossly intoxicated believed to be a schedule iii substance in public and did unlawfully have in her possession a substance believed to be a schedule iii. She remains in the detention center on $5,232 bond.


At the same time,


Joshua Shannon Patterson age 38 of 146 Dragon Trail Laurens was booked by the Laurens Police Department charged with possession of controlled substance and public intoxication. Warrants allege that on Thursday he did unlawfully have in his possession a substance believed to be a schecule 3 narcotic, having at least 4 previous convictions of unlawful possession and did violate the city ordinance of disorderly conduct by being grossly intoxicated on what was believed to be a schedule iii substance. Patterson remains in the Johnson Detention Center on $5,232 as well.

3 People Arrested On Meth Charges

Three people were arrested by the Laurens Police Department on February 2nd.

43 year old Joseph Shannon Dutton of 974 Kellett Road, Gray Court was booked Thursday into the Johnson Detention Center by the Laurens Police Department charged with Possession of Less than One Gram of Methamphetamine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Warrants allege that he did commit the crime of possession of meth, having in his possession a clear plastic baggy containing approximately 1 gram of meth within the city limits of Laurens and did posses drug paraphernalia having multiple hypodermic needles used to inject narcotics and a spoon used to melt narcotics. He remains in the Detention Center on $5500 bond.




48 year old Steven Dale Madden of 678 Deer Valley Road, Laurens was Charged Thursday by the Laurens Police Department charged with Possession of Less than One Gram of Methamphetamine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Warrants allege that he had in his possession a hypodermic needle filled with methamphetamine along with a clear plastic baggy containing meth and multiple hypodermic needles and a spoon to melt narcotics. He also remains in the Johnson Detention Center on $5500 bond





39 year old Melissa Ann Roberts of 2009 Rabon Road, Laurens was booked Thursday by the Laurens Police Department charged with possession of meth, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Warrants allege that on Thursday she committed the crime of possession of meth by having in her possession a clear plastic baggy containing approx 1 gram of meth and did posses paraphernalia by having multiple hypodermic needles and a spoon to melt narcotics. She also remains in the Johnson Detention Center on $5500 bond.


Domestic Violence Charges

Public Safety Officer Beaman of the Clinton Department of Public Safety, was dispatched Thursday February 2nd at 7am concerning a Clinton woman’s complaint that her boyfriend had allegedly assaulted her. After arriving on the scene, he made contact with the woman and observed that one side of her face was swollen along with her lips and that she had scratches on her arms, chest, and neck. The woman stated that she could not think of her boyfriend’s name because of her injuries; Beaman then called EMS for her. When the officer asked her what had happened, she stated that she did not know why her boyfriend had assaulted her but that he abruptly grabbed her hair and repeatedly punched her in the face. She then advised the officer that her boyfriend was inside the house at the location. When Beaman made contact with him, the suspect, with a bloody mouth and scratch marks on his arms, claimed that he had not beaten his girlfriend but that she had given herself the injuries. Beaman then asked him why his mouth was bloody, in which the man stated that the woman had punched him. He then claimed that his mother had seen the whole situation. When Beaman questioned the man’s mother, she stated that she had not seen any fighting but had heard shouting. Lt. Lawton, who had arrived to assist Beaman, spoke to a witness in the residence who stated that he had seen the man beating up his girlfriend and taking her in the bathroom and that the woman had screamed for help. The witness then claimed to have given the woman a cell phone to call 911. Officer Beaman then arrested the suspect for alleged domestic violence. When the officer started to leave the location to take the man to Johnson Detention Center, and ambulance arrived on the scene to aid the beaten woman. While back at the Clinton Department of Public Safety, officer Beaman discovered that the subject already had two prior convictions for Domestic Violence.

45 year old Ronnie David Deyton of 136 Pine Street Clinton was booked by the Clinton Department of Public Safety in to the Johnson Detention Center Thurday, charged with Domestic Violence 1st degree. He remains in the detention center as of this newscast.

Burglary Charges

25 year old Christopher Michael Sanderlin of 613 Happy Valley Rd. Fountain Inn was booked Friday February 3rd into the Johnson Detention Center by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office charged with Petit larceny and burglary 3rd degree. He was later released on $8000 bond.


Possession With Intent to Distribute Meth

43 year old Stacy Denise Dean of 1720 Park Road, Fountain Inn was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Thursday February 2nd, charged with distribution of methamphetamine by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. The warrant alleges that on Thursday, February 2nd she did possess with intent to distribute meth. Dean remains in the Johnson Detention Center on $25k bond.


Selling Stolen Goods

50-year-old Tony Nathaniel Carter of 122 Oakdale Acres, Clinton was booked into the Johnson Detention Center and charged Thursday February 2nd by the Laurens Police Department with Petit Larceny.

The warrant alleges that on Monday, January 30th he committed the crime of petit larceny by taking away a washer and dryer valued at $600 from a residence in the city of Laurens and then sold the stolen property for $150.  He remains in the detention center on $1000 bond


Alleged Theft of Car in Laurens

On Wednesday evening, February 1st at 9:42pm, Laurens Police Officer Benjamin Gallo III was dispatched to a residence in the Southeast section of the city, concerning a stolen vehicle. The woman reporting the theft said that when she arrived home her car was missing. She told the officer that the only other person with a key was her boyfriend, and when called, he said he received a call from the woman’s granddaughter asking him to drop the key off because her grandmother needed it, then a neighbor told them that he saw the granddaughter drive away with the car. As Officer Gallo was documenting the incident, a neighbor called to say that the juvenile was behind the house hiding in the shed, and refused to come out. The woman told the police said that the girl had threatened to harm herself before, so Officer Gallo called for Officer Christy Johnson, and then he approached the vehicle. The juvenile claimed she did not drive the car and did not have the key, but after finding the car hood warm, she agreed to be searched to find the key, which was in her jacket pocket. The girl was placed under arrest and after checking with the Department of Juvenile Justice, it was discovered that she was on probation for a previous offense.

Because of previous threats to harm herself, she was taken to the Laurens County Hospital for evaluation, and was then taken to the Juvenile Detention Facility in Columbia.

Drug Manufacturing Charge

28 year old Justin Jared Cook of 150 Sherman Drive Laurens booked into the Johnson Detention Center Friday February 3rd, charged with manufacturing or possession of drugs and later reeleased on $10k bond


Meth Arrest by Sheriff’s Office

45 year old Cathy Jo Carter of 1726 Park Road, Fountain Inn was booked into the Johnson Detention Center on February 2nd, charged by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office with distribution of drugs. The warrant alleges that on Thursday February 2nd she did possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine. Carter was later released on $25k bond


Unwanted Moped-estrians

Thursday morning, February 2nd at 10am, Sgt. Stephen Lawton of The Clinton Department of Public Safety responded to a complaint of unwanted guests parked in someone’s driveway on a moped. Arriving on the scene, Sgt. Lawton noticed that there was no moped at the residence, and when he tried to make contact with a resident inside the home, no one answered him. Shortly afterward, he did make contact with the complainant’s son. According to the son, his father had come home to find two unusual people, a male and a female, sitting on a parked moped in his driveway. When the resident had told the two strangers to leave, they reportedly refused to go and stated that they were simply waiting for a jump off. Later, the complainant had seen the two suspects pushing the moped down the road. He told Sgt. Lawton that nothing appeared to be missing nor destroyed. Lawton then attempted to locate the two odd people, but was unable to.