Liquor Stolen From Package Store

At 2:20 pm on Saturday, Deputy Edwards of the Sheriff’s Office arrived at the liquor store on Hwy 14 in Barksdale concerning a shoplifting that occurred Friday. The complainant stated a black male subject came into the store Friday evening and seemed suspicious about his actions. The complainant had another customer and didn’t see the actions of the subject. The subject then left without making a purchase. After reviewing the security footage, the male subject was seen stealing two bottles of liquor. Deputy Edwards reviewed the security footage and saw the subject come in, ask the complainant a question, then get on his cell phone and stuff a bottle down his pants then walk to the other side of the store and grab another bottle. The subject then turns his back to the complainant and positions the bottles in his pants so that they won’t be seen then turns and leaves. A copy of the video will be forwarded to investigations.

Dirt Bikes and Trailers Stolen

Friday Deputy Hunter of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Durbin Church Rd. Fountain Inn residence at 7:06 pm concerning a Larceny. Upon arrival, the complainant advised she had last been at the property on July 23rd and returned Friday to discover that a 6’ by 12’ black utility trailer and a 6’ by 12’ white enclosed trailer were missing. She stated the trailers had been cable locked to trees and were equipped with hitch locks. The deputy observed that one cable lock around a tree had been cut along with a cut hitch lock. The other cable lock was found intact around a tree but was not in the locked position. The complainant further advised that inside the enclosed trailer were three dirt bikes. A blue 2004 Yamaha YZ250, a green Kawasaki KLX110 and a Green Kawasaki KX65. The complainant was in the process of forwarding the vin information to the deputy to enter the dirt bikes into NCIC and the incident will be forwarded to investigations to continue the case.

Drugs & Receiving Stolen Goods

miller melissa 0000011097(6)Melissa Ann Miller 1136 Swallow Dr. Fountain Inn was booked Friday into the Johnson Detention Center, charged with receiving stolen goods and possession of narcotics. Warrants allege that on July 20th, she did knowingly and intentionally posses acetaminophen and hydrocodone 325, a schedule II controlled substance without authority and did receive an item of the victim’s valued at $500 knowing at the time that the property was stolen or having reason to believe it was stolen. She remains in the detention center on $20,000 bond.

K-9 Assists In Drug Arrest

Sunday just before 1:00 am, Corporal Rushing of the Sheriff’s Office brought K-9 Diesel to the scene of a suspicious vehicle at the request of the Laurens Police Department. After two open air sniffs around the vehicle, Diesel gave positive passive alerts to an area of the vehicle where a black purse was located. Inside were syringes and clear plastic bags that contained methamphetamine. thompson tracey 0000112561An arrest was made by the Laurens Police Department of Tracey Denise Thompson, age 50, address listed as homeless. She was booked Sunday charged with possession of meth and ticketed for possession of drug paraphernalia  and petit larceny. The warrant alleges that she did have in her possession less than one gram of a crystal like substance believed to be methamphetamine. The incident occurring on Bolt Drive in Laurens. She remains in the detention center on $6,500 bond.

Domestic in Gray Court

abuzahri zahri 0000095715(3)Zahr Mohammad Abuzahri, 21, of 102 Dad’s Place Gray Court  was booked Saturday charged with domestic violence 3rd degree The warrant alleges that on August 1st he did assault the victim by striking the victim twice in the face while the victim was sleeping and had apparent present ability to cause physical harm or injury under circumstances that reasonably created fear of imminent peril to the victim. He remains in the detention center on $5,000 bond

Gray Court Break In

Deputy Edwards of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched Friday at 6:05 pm to a Hayes Drive Gray Court residence in reference to a break in. The complainant stated that when he got home from work he noticed his pantry open and food scattered on the floor then found the back door glass had been broken out and it appeared the door glass had been broken out to unlock the back door to gain entry into the house. The complainant stated he had a great dane in the house and the dog must have scared the subject away. The victim checked his outside camera and found pictures of a small dark colored Chevrolet suv with an unknown white male subject sitting in the driver’s seat. Nothing appeared to be missing from the home and prints were taken from the door knob. Investigations will follow up on the case.

Four Wheeler Stolen From Clinton Residence

Friday at 2:40 pm Deputy Summers  met with a complainant at the Sheriff’s Office concerning a missing four wheeler. The complainant stated her mother called and advised her that the four wheeler was not in the shed where it was last seen on Thursday around 7:00 pm. She advised that the four wheeler stayed at her mother’s home in Clinton and they had no idea who would have taken it. It will be entered into NCIC and the report forwarded to investigations.

Toyota Not Returned

Detective Crosby and Deputy Richey of the Sheriff’s Office responded to a North Main Street Cross Hill residence Saturday at 5:46 pm concerning breach of trust. The complainant stated that on Friday, a named subject borrowed her 2010 Toyota Sienna with her permission and agreed to bring it back on Saturday at Noon. The complainant said she could not get in contact with the subject and that he never returned the vehicle. The vehicle information was entered into NCIC.

Trespass Incident in Cross Hill

Deputy Richey and Detective Crosby of the Sheriff’s Office responded to a Powerline Circle Cross Hill residence Sunday at 12:35 pm in reference to trespassing. The complainant stated that when she arrived at her mother’s lake house she observed the front door open. The officers searched the residence but did not find anyone there. A neighbor of the complainant stated she had observed a white vehicle at the residence in the past week. The complainant believed it to be her nephew who had been seen at the residence in the past without permission.

Car Reported Stolen in Ft. Inn

Deputy Hunter of the Sheriffs office was dispatched Sunday at 8pm to a Kimbark Lane Ft. Inn residence in reference to  a breach of trust concerning use of a vehicle. The complainant stated she was sleeping earlier in the day from 1-2pm and woke up to find that her keys were taken from her purse and her vehicle, a Chrysler Pacifica, was missing. The complainant said another resident of the home was gone as well. She said she called the other resident who stated she had the car and was bringing it back soon. Several hours later the subject had not yet returned the vehicle and the complainant contacted law enforcement. The complainant stated she did want to press charges. A local BOLO was put out on the missing vehicle and information was forwarded to dispatch for entering the vehicle into NCIC.

United Way Back To School Drive at Walmart Friday and Saturday

Some 14 businesses and offices around Laurens County have been collecting donations for the annual Back-to-School Supplies Drive for the United Way of Laurens County.

The Drive culminates with volunteers at Wal-Mart Friday afternoon and Saturday, taking donations.

In addition to receiving donations of school supplies, they’re also taking monetary donations. United Way Campaign and Event Manager Whitney Robertson told WLBG on the Morning News Friday that they will also be accepting cash donations. She said cash donations doubled during last year’s event.

Whitney said:

“…and so we were able to go purchase book bags, some of the larger items that people don’t usually donate, because of their expense.”

The United Way Volunteers are to be at Wal-Mart in Laurens Friday from Noon until 5:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Supplies gathered will be distributed by both School District 55 and 56, matching supplies given with children who need them.

School District 55 Offering Free Breakfast and Lunch To All Students This Year

Laurens County School District 55 is participating in the Community Eligibility Provision for the 2016-2017 school year. Section 104(a) of the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 amended section 11(a)(1) of the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act (42 U.S.C. 1759a(a)(1))(the law) to provide an alternative to household applications for free and reduced-price meals in local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools with increased levels of low-income students.

This alternative is referred to as the Community Eligibility Provision. All students enrolled in the school/district may participate in the breakfast and lunch program at no charge to them. Families will not have to fill out meal applications.

Breakfast and lunch meals follow the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines for healthy school meals. Please encourage students to participate in the school meal programs.

You may contact your Student Nutrition Director, Wanda Knight at 864-984-8138 for additional information.

Parents or guardians that do not want their child/children to participate in CEP may wish to discuss this matter with Wanda Knight on an informal basis.

Parents wishing to make a formal appeal may make a request either orally or in writing to Mr. Rodney Smith, Chief Operations Officer whose address is: 301 Hillcrest Drive, Laurens, SC 29360 (864-984-3568) for a hearing to appeal the decision.

Clinton Joining Main Street Program Not a “Silver Bullet”

Reference to a “Silver Bullet” that can magically make things happen was in the news this week. When Clinton City Manager Frank Stovall suggested Clinton enter the Main Street program for Downtown Development, Mayor Bob McClain opposed the idea. He compared Clinton and Laurens Downtown areas and indicated he didn’t see the Main Street program as a “magic silver bullet” to solve problems in the downtown.

WLBG’s Good Morning UpCountry thursday brought Laurens Main Street Director Jonathan Irick on the air to ask if this is true. He agreed with the Clinton Mayor.

Jonathan stated “Main Street is not the magic bullet to solving all the problems that small downtowns have…..or downtowns of any size, actually.”

So we asked Irick, why have the Main Street program?

He replied “Because we want to see our communities improve and grow; and Main Street – The Main Street Program – is a great tool, in my opinion – for growing the downtown and making it move forward.”

Clinton City Council approved a resolution this week authorizing the city manager to apply for Clinton to enter the Main Street program.


Laurens Man Charged With Stealing Car

warner terell 000011253026 year old Terell Jameal Warner of 102 Bolt Drive #135 Laurens was booked by the Laurens Police Department into the Johnson Detention Center charged with Petit larceny. The warrant alleges that on July 27th, Warner did commit the crime of motor vehicle theft less than $2000 by entering the vehicle without the owner’s permission and driving the vehicle from the property with the intent of depriving the owner of it’s worth. He remains in the Johnson Detention Center awaiting bond.


Greenville Man Charged With Larceny

beasley juan 0000111023Juan Trey Beasley, age 26 of 18 Boiling Rd. Greenville was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Thursday by the Sheriff’s Office charged with Grand Larceny. The warrant alleges that on March 18th Beasley did take and carry away one 42 inch John Deere Mower, 2 dvd players and a Kirby vacuum cleaner with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property which is valued at $3900 and is the property of the victim. He remains in the detention center awaiting bond.


Apparent Mugging In Clinton

Officer Gandee of the Clinton Department of Public Safety was performing routine patrol on Hwy 56 North Thursday morning at 2:49 am when he observed a white male subject limping and walking on the side of the highway. The officer stopped and asked if the subject was ok. The man then told the officer that he was from out of town and working for a company in Laurens and staying at the Comfort Inn. He said the employees take turns watching their equipment on the job site and it had been his night. He said when his shift ended, he was en route back to the hotel when his truck ran out of gas on Highway 76 in Laurens. He stated he then began walking back as he did not have a phone or his wallet and only had forty dollars and his debit card in his pocket. He said as he was walking back he was robbed by three black males on bicycles between the Speedee Mart and North Bell Street. He said he only observed one of them well enough to give a description. After giving the officer the description of one of the males, he stated he had been choked out and when he came to, his forty dollars was gone but he still had his debit card. He said he had been robbed approximately two hours before he was stopped. After the officer got all of the victim’s information, the victim asked the officer if he could transport him back to the Pilot gas station. After being transported to the gas station, the victim was advised to contact the Clinton Department of Public Safety if he had any further concerns.

Road Rage Incident on 385

Deputy Messer of the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to an alleged road rage wreck incident on Interstate 385 near exit 19 Thursday at 1:00 pm. Upon arrival, one subject stated that the other subject had run him off the side of the road causing him to wreck. He stated the other subject had some road rage and was speeding. The other subject stated that the the first subject tried to ram his vehicle and also threw a water bottle on his windshield and called him the “N” word. The deputy then spoke with a witness, who stated the way it appeared to her was that both parties were speeding and one passed her followed by the other. She said it looked like mutual road rage and that when both cars finally hit each other it looked like they got stuck and went onto the side of the road. The witness said at that time one drove off and the other pulled off after them until they both pulled over and stopped. Both parties agreed not to press charges and both seemed calm by the time the officer spoke with them.

Nine Counts Contempt of Court

knight truman 0000026494(13)Truman Hardy Knight Jr. age 50 of 123 My Way Drive, Laurens was booked into the Johnson Detention Center Thursday on a total of 9 bench warrants for contempt of court. All nine state failure to appear in general sessions court. Truman Hardy Knight Jr. remains in the detention center until his court dates.


vaughn delma 0000110312(2)Delma Zale Vaughn, 54 of 289 Maddox Bridge Rd. Ware Shoals was booked into the Johnson Detention Center by the Sheriffs Office on Thursday charged with domestic violence high and aggravated. The warrant alleges that on July 31st, Vaughn did commit the crime of domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature in that she did use a knife to cut the victim on his back. She remains in the detention center on a $10,000 cash or surety bond

Large Sums Written From Stolen Checks

Deputy McMahan of the Sheriff’s Office responded to a Stagecoach Rd. Cross Hill residence Thursday at noon concerning stolen checks. The victim stated that she and her husband opened a joint account almost 3 years ago. She said they do not write checks form the account and use it only for debit card transactions and checks are never taken from their home. She said she received a bank statement in the mail on Thursday and the account showed two checks written that they did not write. One was for $2500 and another for $2200. Neither the husband or wife could find the checkbook these were written from and had two books with higher check numbers than the ones written. The deputy had them call the bank and verify if the bank received the checks and they confirmed they did. The victim said she received a call from TD Bank in Greenville on July 23rd asking if she wrote a check for $2200 and she told them no. She said the bank stated they would put a hold on the check and they did not as it went through on July 25th. The deputy collected copies of the bank statement and the checks in question with deposit info. It was also noted that the residence has had several alarms but never any signs of break in. The case will be passed to investigations for further review.