Rex Needs A Friend – Do You?



We have enjoyed success lately with the WLBG Pet of the Week. Let’s hope our luck holds.

This is Rex. He’s a 2 year old Black Lab mix. He’s people friendly and gets along well with other dogs. Labs are just great dogs. Rex can be your best friend for life.

But, he’s at Laurens County (SC) Animal Control and the shelter is full………again.

If you can provide a home for Rex please call Animal Control at (864)682-4935.

If you can’t, please SHARE. Rex is almost out of time. Someone needs a best friend and Rex could be just the guy.

Buster is Pet of the Week


Say hello to Buster. He’s the WLBG Pet of the Week. Buster is a 1 year old black lab mix. He has a naturally friendly nature.

And he needs a home. Fast. The shelter is full……past full. If you or someone you know would like to have a good dog…………please save Buster.

Find out more by calling Laurens County (SC) Animal Control (864)682-4935.

And please SHARE. Can we save them all? No. But please……….let’s save this one.

I’m Tex………..I’m a Dog


Hello! Would you like to be my human?
My name’s Tex. I’m in the joint at Laurens County Animal Control. My brother and my sister are in here too.
I’m not yet a year old and I want to run and play and snuggle and give kisses and sniff dandelions but I can’t. I’m stuck here. This place is completely full. But they say next week I might get put down. I’m not real sure what that mean but I hope I get to play wherever down is.
If you want to to be my very best friend in the whole wide world call Laurens County (SC) Animal Control. (864)682-4935 at the shelter of (864)984-6812 at the office.
And please SHARE. If you can’t be my human……….maybe someone else will see me. I’ve never seen me but I heard someone say I was a pretty boy. Is that good?

Brace for Roscoe


He’s young………..a year old or maybe a little less than a year. A Jack Russell Terrier mix. We call him Roscoe.

Bored? Down in the dumps? Roscoe is the app for that. He’s a bundle of energy. Wanna start a dog basketball team? Here’s your power forward. Put a #23 jersey on him and let nature take it’s course.

The shelter at Laurens SC Animal Control​ is beyond capacity by more than a dozen dogs. Roscoe and some other good dogs are out of time. He’s a great little dog. He needs someone to love.

For more info on Roscoe call the shelter: (864)682-4935……..and the quicker the better.

And please SHARE far and wide. Roscoe is counting on us.

Sad Eyes……Sad Reason


Oh Dolly………..come one. Smile please.

Dolly was dropped at a local veterinarian’s office. When I say dropped off I mean………forever. Look at her eyes. She’s trying to tell us what happened to her.

Dolly is about a year old and she’s now at Laurens SC Animal Control​ and available for adoption. Shots and spaying have been taken care of so there is a ZERO dollar adoption fee for Dolly.

Would you like to see Dolly smile? She loves humans and gets along well with other dogs. If you’d like more information about Dolly, call Animal Control at (864)682-4935.

And please SHARE. Dolly needs out of the shelter. Those eyes need to smile.

A Sad Story – Lucy



This is a sad story.

Lucy is 12 years old. She lived her whole life on a chain until 4 weeks ago when her owners turned her over to Laurens County (SC) Animal Control.

While on that chain, kids would throw rocks at Lucy. Guess what? Lucy became mean. Maybe that’s why her owners didn’t want her anymore. Lucy arrived at Animal Control and everyone there knew that Lucy would be put down and maybe………well, maybe that was for the best.

Then something strange began to happen. Lucy began to change. She wags her tail now. She craves human contact now. Nobody is throwing rocks at her. The people at Animal Control talk softly to her. They feed her, even scratch her behind the ears. Now, Lucy wants to live.

But, she’s been there 4 weeks and her time is up. This will be a tall order but our Animal Control officers want us to try. It would break their hearts to have to put Lucy down now.

Lucy has been an outside dog all her life so that’s fine but……….no chain. And Lucy will end up a gentle, loving soul but just 4 weeks ago she was a mean dog so……no small children. And she’s 12 years old.

So, we have to find someone who loves old dogs, wants to see an old girl finally learn to smile and has a fenced yard and no small kids. Impossible?…………maybe……….but we’re going to try. We just a few days. The shelter is open Monday through Saturday near the Laurens County Airport. The phone number there is (864)682-4935.

And please SHARE far and wide. Maybe there is that special someone out there who will let Lucy know that humans can love………can love even an old dog who has only known chains. Good luck Lucy. We’re all pulling for you.

Free Clyde!



This is Clyde. If Clyde looks sad and a bit confused……..he is.

You see, Clyde had a home but then his owner’s landlord said that Clyde looked like he had some pit bull in him and Clyde had to go. He ended up at Laurens County Animal Control. They’re nice folks there but the shelter is full. Clyde says he needs a home.

I hope Clyde’s luck gets better. He’s about 8 months old and he’s a very good boy. Would you like a full blooded Clyde? Call Animal Control for more information….(864) 682-4935l

And please SHARE. Like I said…….the shelter if full. We gotta get Clyde outta there and quick.

Good luck Clyde.

Daisy – A Life Worth Saving



I’m gonna call her Daisy. She’s a sweetheart. She’s mostly German Shepherd and about 18 months old. She has just been spayed and will soon have the stitches out.

Because she’s up to date on shots has been fixed there is NO adoption fee. Daisy is a sweetheart but she doesn’t like cats and she kinda gets freaked by small dogs…….gets along well with dogs more her size.

And Daisy is a life worth saving. The shelter is full. In just 2 and 1/2 days NINE dogs have been taken to Animal Control and left there by their owners. That puppy that was a Christmas gift? Reality has set in and they don’t want the responsibility of pet ownership so……….off to the shelter. And by the way, this is NOT a no kill facility. With the shelter full…….well, you get the picture.

If you’d like to know more about Daisy or discuss adoption, call Laurens County (SC) Animal Control. (864)682-4935.

Spread the word. She’s a life worth saving.

Millie……………Not Vanillie

Millie.....1 year old Plott Hound.

Millie…..1 year old Plott Hound.


Say hello to Millie. She’s a 1 year old female Plott Hound who was picked up as a stray by Laurens County (SC) Animal Control.

Millie is a happy, playful girl who would be absolutely great with children. She’s available for adoption right now.

Bring home a little joy and give Millie something to be really thankful for at Thanksgiving. She’ll love you forever.

The shelter is full at Animal Control. Could someone please help Millie be thankful for a family of her very own? Please? Contact Animal Control (864)682-4935.

And please, please SHARE Millie’s photo. I sure hope someone wants to adopt her. She’s a great dog.

A Message From Jimbo



Woo HOOOO!! Hello from the shelter at Laurens County (SC) Animal Control. It’s not so bad here……the people are nice. I just wish I could get my dog friends to occasionally be quiet. It gets kinda hard to get a nap with all this constant barking.

I wasn’t picked up as a stray. The folks who owned me brought me here. I’m still trying to figure why. I’m a good dog……even the folks here say so. I get along with other dogs, I love people…..I’m not mean at all. You know, the funny thing is……I miss my owners. I did love them.

Could someone help me? I said it’s not that bad here and it’s not but………I do know that I can’t stay here. Dogs that are here too long……….well…….something bad happens. And the problem is I don’t know how long too long is. So, I do need help and the quicker the better.

If you have any questions about me just call (864)682-4935. Tell them you want all the skinny on Jimbo. That’s me.

And please, please SHARE my picture. Tell all your friends to spread the word about me. I just want to hear somebody say “Good Boy!” and let me be their dog.

Let’s Go Home Boy





RESCUE!!  Pete has a home.  Thanks to all who helped.

Pete home

It’s always the eyes that get to me. A little fella like this should have happy eyes. Pete’s eyes are sad.

He’s about 2 years old and was picked up as a stray by Laurens County (SC) Animal Control. Pete has been there a long time and the shelter is full. Maybe he knows what that means. No wonder he looks sad.

Pete could use a hero…….someone to say what he’s been listening for………….”let’s go home boy”.

If you want more information about Pete call Animal Control – (864)682-4935. Maybe you’re just the hero Pete’s been waiting for. I bet those eyes look different when he sees you.

And please SHARE his photo. Spread the word. Pete needs to hear those magic words as soon as possible.

Hurt. No, Really, That’s His Name




Hurt. That’s what they call him at Laurens County Animal Control. I don’t know why. But let me tell you what I do know.

Hurt has been in the shelter for more than two months. He was actually scheduled to be put down last Friday but several dogs were adopted and they sorta squeaked by without killing any.

But now…….well, let’s not dwell on that. Hurt is 3 years old. He’s a boy dog and he gets along well with people and with other dogs. I even think he could learn to love a cat. He’s just a good dog.

He’s a mountain dog mix. That means he’s a natural herd dog and a protector. He’d be great with little ones.

Want to save a good dog. Adoption scholarship is available if someone can give him a family of his own. Call Animal Control (864)682-4935.

And please SHARE his picture. Help spread the word. A good dog’s life depends on finding that someone who wants a loyal friend who will never walk away.

Polly Wants A……………Uh………….Family!



Our WLBG Pet of the Week was adopted just a few hours after posting so……….we asked Laurens County (SC) Animal Control if we could try to save just one more this week. We asked them to pick out a good dog. They picked Polly.

Polly is two year old shepherd mix. She’s a happy little girl. She gets along with humans and with furry friends. She’d be a great family dog either by herself or with others………she might even get along with a cat but don’t tell anyone. She’s kind of embarrassed about that.

If you’d like to know more about Polly call (864)682-4935.

And please SHARE Polly’s pic. Let’s see if we can save another good dog.

He Just Wants To Play




UPDATE:  22 SEP 15  4:10PM:  RESCUE!! Donavan now officially has a forever home. He has left the building!


Just one glance and you know…………this is a good dog. The face says it all. Donavan is young, happy, healthy boy. He gets along with other dogs and just loves to play.

Unfortunately, Donavan has to find a home and fast. He’s in the shelter at Laurens County (SC) Animal Control and he has GOT to be out by Friday morning. I mean just has to.

Donavan really is a bundle of joy. Need a bundle at your place? Just call (864)682-4935. He’s available for adoption right now. He really needs to be running and playing and acting silly.

Please spread the word.   My heart hurts knowing this happy dog is in danger.

Spanky Says………..’Let’s Go For A Stroll’





He was picked up by Laurens County (SC) Animal Control as a stray. I’m calling him Spanky. He just looks like a Spanky to me.

Spanky’s right around a year old and he’s a lab/pit mix. He’s leash trained and he’s a sweetheart. We need to find a home for him and get him out of the shelter.

Can you see yourself strolling through the neighborhood on some nice evening with this fine young man on a leash? Looks like an excellent walking partner to me.

Miss August Needs A Little Love

Miss August

Miss August

We call her August because………..well, maybe she’s Miss August.

She’s a beautiful little girl. Look at her face. She’s a happy girl and she wants to bring all that happiness to your house. August is about 2 years old. She’s not a big dog at all…..she weighs about 30 pounds.

August gets along with other dogs, loves kids…….she’d make an ideal family pet. Every kid needs a dog like August.

You can see August for yourself at Laurens County (SC) Animal Control in Laurens. Call for more information: (864)984-6812.

And please SHARE this photo. Let’s spread the word and save August.

Let’s Complete the Rescue of Lucky



Lucky. I guess that’s a good name for him. Lucky was seized by Laurens County (SC) Animal Control from a house where there were dozens of dead and dying animals. A 2 year old little boy who lived there is currently clinging to life due to alleged child abuse. You can read the story here:…/mother-charged-in-child-abuse-child-negl…/

Lucky is sweet little pit bull terrier. He gets along with other dogs and even with cats. He’s a bit timid and submissive. I suppose you can guess why. But with a little love, some good food…..he’s gonna be a fine dog. He’s around one year old.

Lucky has not had an easy life. Would you be his hero? Call Animal Control…..(864)984-6812.

And please SHARE Lucky’s pic far and wide. Together we can turn this little guy’s life around.

Sadie – Good Girl



This is Sadie. She’s a great little girl. She’s smart and friendly. She just LOVES people and she gets along with other dogs just fine. She’s probably going to die though.

You see, Sadie is not a pup. She’s somewhere around 8 years old. Older dogs don’t get adopted. Older dogs get put down. Sadie has already been at Laurens County (SC) Animal Control longer than most.

Now, maybe there’s just one good soul out there who would love to have a companion like Sadie. Maybe there’s someone who recognizes the look of a good dog when they see it. Maybe there’s just one who understands the value of the love of a dog like Sadie.

If that’s you……… (864)984-6812. If it’s not, please spread the word. Let’s work together to find that one special soul.

Looking for Prince Charming?




Allow me to introduce Prince. He’s a handsome young fellow, a bit less than a year old. He’s mostly lab but he’s almost solid white.

Prince is a bit shy but very affectionate once he gets to know you. He needs a home and fast. He’s at Laurens County (SC) Animal Control and the shelter is now full. That means Prince is on borrowed time.

He’s a good dog and would make a fantastic addition for some family. We just have to find that family.

If you want more information on Prince call (864)984-6812.

Help spread the word. Help save a life.

Free Love! Of The Little Baby Variety

Widdle Babies

Widdle Babies

Our WLBG Pet(s) of the Week!

I just love the pitter patter of little feet in the house. Been a while since you’ve heard that? Laurens County (SC) Animal Control is loaded with babies that are available for adoption. Need a little dose of love in your home? Pick one.

The babies pictured are a chihuahua mix but they have a lot of small dog babies in the shelter. If you’d like to know more about them call Animal Control (864)984-6812

And please SHARE……..these little ones want to live. I want them to live too.