LuLu Is Looking For Love

Laurens County Animal Control told me they were sending a new WLBG Pet of the Week but that it was a really ugly dog.  I was braced for ugly but………….I don’t think LuLu is ugly at all.

She’s not a lap dog.  They estimate her age at six months.  She’ll get a bit larger.  And she’s a lover.  She wants to love everyone.  Puppy kisses are passed out early and often.

So………..if you want this “ugly” dog she is available for adoption at Laurens County (SC) Animal Control.  The phone number is (864)984-6812.  The shelter is not open on Saturday right now.

Please SHARE LuLu’s photo.  Somewhere out there is a person who is craving puppy kisses.  They need LuLu and LuLu already loves them.