A Hero’s Dog Needs Help



This is difficult. Get a tissue or three and please understand that I wrestled with whether to even tell you. I feel that I have to however.
Leroy was posted as the WLBG Pet of the Week. He was a depressed 13 year old black lab. His owner, a Korean War Veteran, had been taken to a VA Hospital and his return was doubtful.
We all celebrated when a home was found for Leroy. A rescue group picked Leroy up at Laurens County Animal Control yesterday morning. First stop was a veterinarian’s office in Columbia before he headed to the family who awaited him.
During that vet visit it was discovered that Leroy was very sick. He was entering the final stages of congestive heart failure. Perhaps some of what we interpreted as depression was actually the result of Leroy struggling to breathe.
On the advice of this vet and after much discussion, the hard decision was made. They went out and got a cheeseburger just for Leroy. He enjoyed that. He was petted and held as he was put to sleep. It was the right decision but it sure is difficult to tell you about it.
Please don’t be discouraged by this because I asked Animal Control for another dog to post up for rescue. In just a little while I’ll do just that. I think I’m gonna call this new one LJ………….Leroy, Jr. He’s still mostly pup.
Thank all of you for your help in the attempt to rescue Leroy. He was a good dog. Godspeed Leroy. Wait at the bridge.

UPDATE:  Leroy has a home.  Laurens County Animal Control advises that Leroy will be leaving the shelter on Tuesday morning 18 April.  Thank you to all who spread the word.


If you ever needed a definition for depression……….here it is.
This is Leroy. He’s 13 years old and his world has come crashing in. His owner is a Korean War Veteran who is now at a Veterans Administration hospital. He may not return home.
The man’s wife as been attempting to care for Leroy but she’s not really able herself. He’s now at Laurens County (SC) Animal Control. Like I said, his world has come crashing in on him.
This is a challenge. He needs a home but he has lots against him. He’s an old dog. He’s very depressed and will need loads of attention and love.
Animal Control has agreed to adopt Leroy with NO adoption fee at all. He needs out of the shelter. It’ll take a special person – a special family to help Leroy. Could that be you? Call Animal Control at (864)984-6812 for more information about Leroy.
And please SHARE this photo. Somewhere out there is someone who will take a Hero’s dog and help him smile again. We just have to find that special someone.