Leroy, Jr. – Let’s Save A Life

L.J…………..for Leroy, Jr. If you followed our post about Leroy you’ll understand.
He’s our WLBG Pet of the Week. He’s a little boy about 8 months old and he really, really needs a family to love.
He’s not a big fella………..weighs just over 20 pounds. He’d be ideal for a family with kids he can bond with and watch over.
Another reason we need Leroy, Jr. out of the shelter is because they are at capacity with Laurens County (SC) Animal Control. And when the shelter is full, bad things have to happen. L.J. has been there a while. He does not have a lot of time.
If you want more info on L.J. call Animal Control (864)984-6812. If you’re interested in a smaller or bigger animal, call them. They’re full. They’ve got all kinds of good dogs who need someone willing to save their life.
And please SHARE this pic. Spread the word. Let’s save this one in memory of Leroy.