Prostitution behind Vacant Laurens House

Laurens City Police arrested two Laurens County men and a Charlotte woman on Sex-Prostitution charges yesterday, alleging sex-for-pay while parked behind a vacant Price Street house. Warrants served on all three cite an investigation of Officer Van Pelt.

30-year-old Shina Renee Little of 8824 Wilkinson Blvd, Charlotte was charged with Prostitution 1st Offense., accused of meeting one man at a location of Price Street and agreeing to exchange $100 for sex. The they allegedly engaged in sexual activities while parked behind a vacant house.

26-year-old Marquevius Javell Brown of 215 Price Street, Laurens was also charged with 1st Offense Prostitution. He’s accused of meeting with Shina Hill, agreeing to the $100 payment, and engaging in sex. His warrant also alleges he aided another in prostitution by paying for gas and buying condoms, knowing this assistance would result in prostitution at or near 204 Price Street.

The third subject arrested was 29-year-old Eric Rico Hill of 304 Bailey Street, Clinton. In addition to Prostitution he’s accused of Assault and Battery 3rd Degree.

Hill is also accused of meeting with Shina Little yesterday at a location on Price Street in Laurens and agreeing to the $100 exchange, then engaging in sexual activities while parked behind a vacant house.

Mr. Hill also allegedly assaulted a victim by striking her in the face and head with his fist at that location on Price Street.

Ms. Shina Little, Mr. Marquevius Brown and Mr. Eric Hill remained in custody this morning with cash or surety bonds set at $5,000 on the Prostitution charges. Mr. Hill also had a $2,500 bond set on the Assault and Battery charge.