It’s Jack!


I’m about to tell you a sad story.  It’s about this dog named Jack.

Jack’s  a great dog.  He’s just over a year old, neutered, up to date on all his shots and heartworm negative.  He loves to play fetch.  He’s playful and energetic.  He just needs a home………one that lasts forever.

You see, Jack has been adopted……more than once.  Through no fault of his he just keeps coming back.

This all started when Jack was about six months old.  He was surrendered to Greenville Animal Care Services.  I don’t know why and I’m sure it was no fun at all for Jack.

Good News!  Jack was adopted by a family with kids!  What a happy day that was.

Bad news…….it lasted a month.  Jack’s puppy self chewed up some things…….especially when he was left alone in the apartment.  That probably happened a lot.  He was great with the kids but it didn’t work out and the family surrendered him to the Laurens County Humane Society in January.

Good News!  Jack was adopted by a new family just 10 days later.

Bad News……….3 weeks later he was brought back.  Worse News…….he’d been hit by a car and had a broken leg.  The family that adopted him said they couldn’t spend the amount of money required to repair the fracture.

So, Laurens County Humane Society got him to a veterinarian.  His injuries were successfully treated and he lived at their Adoption Center while he recuperated.

Good News!  Jack was adopted again!  In March, a woman took Jack home.  He hit pay dirt.  She loved him and he loved her.  Yes………finally Jack was home.

Very Bad News.  Jack’s loving owner fell ill.  Critically ill.  There was no choice.  Jack went back to the Laurens County Humane Society…….again.

Jack weighs 43 pounds.  He’s a mixed breed bundle of love and (somehow) joy.  He really needs somebody to love.  Could that be you?

In his last (and most successful) placement Jack was an inside dog.  He really would love to be someone’s constant companion…….your shadow.

If you can provide a home for Jack…………get on the phone!  Call the Adoption Center at (864) 833-9060.

If you can’t do that then please SHARE!  I believe in happy ever after.  Jack really, really needs that.