Little Boys Need Love

Mom has a home.  Their 5 sisters have a home.  But these cute little fellas are still waiting.  They want a forever home too.  And love……..lots of love.  They promise snuggles, kisses and a wagging tail when they see their human every day.

Left to right we have:

Barney – Kind of a laid back sweet snuggler.
Bam Bam – Affectionate and energetic. (You can see that in his eyes)
Fred – Fred tries to talk and he’s getting closer and closer.
Slate – A bit low key and happy.  Little guy with a big ol’ heart.

They’re 9 weeks old and a lab mix.  They should end up about 40-45 pounds.  They’re all neutered and up to date on all their shots and heartworm prevention.

This Fab Four currently resides at the Laurens County Humane Society on Poplar Street in Clinton.  Go see them!  You can call the Humane Society at (864)833-9060.

And please SPREAD THE WORD.  We got 4 little bundles of love that somebody desperately needs.