Eric Clapton Loves Her

Say hello to Layla.  No, it’s not the Layla that Eric Clapton was singing to but she’s a real Layla nonetheless.

Layla has been at the Laurens County Animal Control shelter for almost two months now.  Her life has not been easy.  Before the shelter her life was a chain with little human contact.

Somehow, she’s still a friendly, happy girl who loves people.  I guess she’s just a very forgiving girl.  Layla is about 7 years old with a beautiful brindle coat.  She is heartworm positive so be aware of that.  Heartworms are serious if not treated but if you want………you can be her miracle.

As I said, her life has not been easy.  Are you her game changer?  Visit Layla by appointment by calling (864)682-4935.

PS:  Look at those eyes.  Their the window to her spirit.

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