A Prince of a Fellow

Prince………..seems like the proper name for this young fella.  I cannot explain how or why but this beautiful dog has been at the Laurens County Animal Control shelter for about two months.

Prince is 3 to 4 years old, is heartworm negative and is just sweet boy in addition to be about as handsome as they come.  He doesn’t have the nose of a boxer but he’s got that gorgeous coat and markings.

Do you need a companion?  Do your kids need a loyal best friend?  Prince is your guy.

He’s available for adoption right now at Animal Control.  The shelter is at the corner of Mount Vernon Church Road and Torrington Road near the Laurens County Airport.  Come see Prince, take him for a walk……..you just might be meeting the best friend you’ve ever had.  You can call (864)682-4935 to start the process.

And please SHARE.  Prince needs a break and somebody out there needs a friend.