My Name’s Poncho


Say hello to Poncho.  He’s a 2 year old shepherd mix.  Poncho is not huge but he’s not a tiny little thing either.  He weighs in a 48 pounds.

Poncho is a loving dog who really needs help.  You see, Poncho is heartworm positive so he’s going to have to have treatments and will need to be kept inside in a place where he can rest while those treatments are ongoing.

Now, Animal Control will cover the cost of those treatments so don’t freak out.  He just needs to take it easy in a relatively quiet place for a while.

The end result will be a loyal, loving friend who will never let you down.  If you think you can help…………call the shelter:  (864)682-4935

And please, please SHARE.  There has to be someone willing to help out a good dawg.