Oakley Has Paid His Dues

Oakley is a 2 year old male and he’s been at the shelter for too long.  He’s described as an absolute gentleman.  Now, that’s saying a lot for any dog in a shelter.

Shelters, even the very best ones, tend to stress dogs.  Even good dogs tend to act………well……..stressed.  But Oakley takes it all in stride.

Oakley has tested heartworm positive but his treatments have already begun.  If he’s adopted they will continue but not at the new owner’s expense.  The good folks of the non profit Heart of LCAC are providing for Oakley’s treatment.

Oakley weighs in at 50  pounds.  He’s a lovable, ready made friend.  He’d be a great dog for kids to play with.  If push came to shove…….he’d be a protector as well.  He’s just got that look that says “Don’t mess with these babies.  They’re mine.”

If you’d like to know about this “absolute gentleman” call the shelter:  (864)682-4935.

And please SHARE.  Oakley has paid his dues at the shelter.  It’s time he had his own family to love.