Actions on Three Industrial Projects

Laurens County Council this week held a public hearing regarding on an investment agreement with ISO Poly Films and that company’s expansion of operations at their Gray Court plant. With no one coming forward, final reading of Ordinance 891 was given. That’s tied to Ordinance #890, which was approved at the previous meeting of council. ISO Poly is investing $2,5 million to expand their operations here. County Attorney Sandy Crucishanks explained to council that this vote relates to a changeover from the old leaseback type fee to the simplified fee.

County Council this week unanimously gave 2nd reading approval for an ordinance to authorize a FILOT agreement for “Project Gray.” This is an international company promising a $50 million investment in Laurens County that is to create 39 new jobs.

Council Tuesday night gave 1st reading approval for “Project Impact,” which is a company proposing a $20.5 million investment in the Clinton area that is expected to create 68 new jobs.