Planning for Historic Courthouse Renovation

The Laurens County Capital Project Sales Tax Historic Courthouse Advisory Committee on Design and Recommended Use was to meet today from 11:00 to 1:00.

New business on the agenda for today’s meeting includes a presentation on suggestive courthouse usage. In addition, Architects from the John Hanson firm are to continue with presenting Strategic Visioning for the historic structure on the Laurens Square. That presentation began early this month during the February 4th organizational meeting of the committee.

A PowerPoint presentation provided a visual concept of the interior and exterior problem areas and provided some visual concepts of what they have envisioned to incorporate into the renovation of the Historic Courthouse.

In the earlier meeting, questions were asked by various Committee Members such as:  what was the original ceiling façade? Can the structure be taken back to the Victorian era and do away with the classical look? Can the domed ceiling be worked up as in Neville Hall at Presbyterian College; can the era colors be used? Can tiles of the earlier era be used?

Ideas for possible future use of the historic courthouse brought up in the committee discussion earlier this month included continued use for County Council Chambers plus Veterans Affairs and the County Elections Office.

Other future uses suggested ranged from Museum space, performing stages, public arts space and as a stage for the Laurens County Chorale and Laurens County Theater. Use for Multipurpose show and for use by organizations. Use as a Welcome Center was mentioned.

Ideas were also considered for use of the outside step area.

The Architects questioned if parking is an issue for the building and suggested any military displays would be downstairs and the arts upstairs.

The Committee was asked to continue with searching out possibilities in preparation for today’s meeting. It was noted that the final conclusion of the Committee’s recommendations are to be presented to County Council for consideration at their March 23rd meeting.

Funding for the renovation of the historic structure is to be provided for in bonds to be repaid from the Laurens County Capital Projects Sales Tax approved by Laurens County voters in November.