Severance Package Approved Retroactively without Details

Mr. Bill Ed Cannon resigned as the City Manager of Clinton on Monday, February 8th, as we have already reported.  That resignation was effective immediately.  This was announced by Clinton Mayor Bob McLean during a February meeting of Clinton City Council also on February 8th.

One week later a special called meeting of Clinton City Council was held on Monday, February 15th.  During that meeting, unanimous approval was given to a resolution authorizing Mayor Bob McLean to negotiate a severance agreement with Mr. Cannon.  The resolution contained this phrase: “To the extent the Severance Agreement has been previously negotiated or executed and delivered prior to the adoption of this Resolution, all such actions are ratified, confirmed and approved.”

The actual severance agreement, now released, states the agreement was executed on the same date as the resignation – Monday, February 8th.  The agreement shows signatures including the Mayor and each member of council on the agreement, dated a week prior to the oddly worded resolution authorizing the Mayor to negotiate the severance agreement.

WLBG’s city council reporter knows of no vote by Clinton City Council in open session to approve the terms and conditions of a severance agreement.

South Carolina’s Freedom of Information Act forbids votes being taken during any meeting that is not open to the public.  All votes must be taken in an open session.

The agreement with Mr. Cannon, dated February 8th, also has Mr. Cannon’s signature.