1st Degree Violence, Firearm & LSD

A domestic incident just outside Laurens Sunday was cited along with other charges from A Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrest. Booked showing an address in Oxford, New York, 22-year-old Zachary Scott Tepfenhart was charged with 1st Degree Domestic Violence, Possession of a Weapon in a Violent Crime and Possession of a Narcotic.

It is alleged that on Sunday, February 28th on Lakeview Drive, Laurens he physically assaulted his live-in girlfriend by striking her in the face while he was armed with a firearm. He then allegedly pushed her out of a doorway and stole her phone from her when he realized she was calling law enforcement.

He is accused of possessing and displaying what appeared to be a firearm during the commission of a violent crime during a domestic incident with his live-in girlfriend on Lakeview.

He is accused of knowingly and intentionally possessing four dosage units of LSD, a schedule I controlled substance, without authority to do so. This was reportedly found Sunday in a small bag which also contained the subject’s driver’s license at a residence of Lakeview Drive, Laurens.

Zachary Scott Tepfenhart remained in the Johnson Detention Center yesterday.