Attempted Murder Charged from Friday Shooting

One Clinton man is in custody following an incident involving gunfire late last week. Clinton Police were dispatched to a location in the 800 block of Peachtree Street at 9;18 Friday morning on a report of shots being fired. Officers heard reports of an altercation between a man driving by and residents of the Peachtree Street home.

Lt. Lawton reported observing where some gunshots had struck the ground and others had struck the house, including two at a window and another on the paneling on the side of the house. There were apparently multiple people in the dwelling. During the investigation, office observed a woman holding an infant child on the porch.

One of the male residents of the Peachtree Street house reportedly broke a bottle and headed toward the alleged shooter. He also allegedly threw a shovel toward the subject and/or his car.

Some shell casings were retrieved from the yard of the house and others from the roadway where the subject reportedly discharged rounds. A silver Taurus .40 caliber pistol with a black grip was also seized by Police at one point.

As the investigation continued, 64-year-old William Robert Bates of Pine Street, Lydia Mill was arrested. He was then charged with Two Counts of Attempted Murder and with Discharging a Firearm into a Dwelling.

Bates is accused of shooting at two victims from the Peachtree Street residence, a father and adult son. Each warrant alleges he attempted to kill the men Friday morning, with malice aforethought.

The warrant alleging Discharging a Firearm into a Dwelling states Bates’ gunfire struck the residence three times, one striking the steps and the other two the front of the house. One went through a window and the other struck the siding off the wall.

During arraignment, bond was denied on all three charges. William Robert Bates remains in the Johnson Detention Center.