Zoning Changes to Accommodate Growth

Laurens City Council gave final approval this week to changes in zoning rules as the city prepares for its first significant residential developments in decades. At Tuesday Night’s Laurens City Council Meeting, council unanimously gave 2nd and final reading approval for Ordinance 21-03-03. This amends the R-3 Classification in the city zoning code to reduce the minimum lot width from 60 to 50 feet and to also reduce the set-back on the side of homes,.  allow homes to be constructed closer together.

City Attorney Tommy Thompson told council Tuesday night, “The planning commission has studied this ordinance in detail and has recommended the lot width be reduced from sixty to fifty feet, and the side yard setback be reduced from twelve to ten feet, which would be five on each side of the dwelling.” City Council gave 1st reading approval on the ordinance on March 16th.

Mayor Nathan Senn indicated the ordinance will avoid new cookie-cutter houses being constructed.