Eight Charges Follow Drive Down Green Pond

An assault and reckless driving early Wednesday morning were cited with eight charges from the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. Two warrants show 58-year-old Jimmy McCall Jr. residing on Kenneth Drive, Piedmont while six tickets list his address as Neptune Road, Waterloo.

The warrants charge him with 2nd Degree Assault and Battery and Failure to Stop for Blue Lights. Mr. McCall is accused of intentionally committing battery upon a victim Wednesday by striking her in the face and chest multiple times and by choking her. Tickets from Deputy Parham cite Jimmy McCall Jr. with Reckless Driving, Striking Fixtures Adjacent to a Highway, Cruelty to Animals, Expired License Plate and Unsafe Tires at 30 minutes after midnight Wednesday morning.

McCall is accused of recklessly driving at high speed on Green Pond Road and that he disregarded a stop sign at that road’s intersection with US 76 West of Laurens, causing a powerline pole there to be split in half. A Cruelty to Animals citation is reportedly from McCall driving recklessly while his dog, “Bandit,” was in the passenger seat in the cab of his pickup. During this event he allegedly had tires on his pickup with minimal to no level of thread left. He is further accused of having an expired license plate on his 2008 Ford F150.

Jimmy McCall Jr. remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.