Gunfire, Helicopters Flying Over, in the Night

Complaints of firearms noises late at night were presented to Laurens County Council during the public comment time at their regular meeting Tuesday evening. Several residents addressed County Council reporting noise ordinance violations from The Sawmill Training Complex at 8524 Neely Ferry Road, Laurens.

Julia Daniels complained of extreme noise from assault weapons, rockets, and low flying helicopters with red lights flashing, continuing until 3am. Connie Hill of Indian Mound Road said that last Saturday morning at 1:45 she was awakened by gunfire and called 911. She said she later learned that a Laurens County Deputy went to the site, heard the noise and issued a blue ticket to the range master citing a noise violation. Other people came forward with their own tales of houses shaking, windows rattling, and their dogs being terrorized.

Council Chair Brown Patterson explained that Laurens County has a noise ordinance that needs to be followed, but he noted that there are no zoning ordinances outside the cities in the county to regulate the type of business in an area. He asked for information from those concerned about the situation and promised to stay in touch regarding this matter. Council member Luke Rankin, who represents that area of the county on council, thanked those who came forward and offered to be available.

We gather that residents were particularly concerned about the noise that happens in the evening, from 9 pm until 7 am.

The website for the Sawmill Training Complex states it has 250 acres of diverse terrain with barracks, helicopter landing zones and a 50-foot tower. It notes a unique and difficult 1,400-yard sniper range. The web site states the Sawmill Training Center gives discrete training support to multiple small units up to Company-Sized elements and provides on-site lodging to accommodate 50 plus. It states the facility its suited for Full Mission Profile and Pre-Deployment Training.