Public Hearing on Balanced Budget

Laurens County Council last night held the first of two required public hearings into the budget for county operations from July 2021 through June of 2022. No one came forward from the public with comments. County Council will give 3rd and final vote on the new budget after the second Public Hearing at the council meeting on June 22nd.

County Council Chair Brown Patterson noted that council has been able to balance the budget without need for a tax increase due to several factors. He noted vast increases in revenue coming in from industrial growth in Laurens County as well as residential growth.  He also praised county employees for frugal financial management.

The Budget for 2021-2022 contains $1.5 million (One and a half million dollars) that is to fund “employee compensation adjustments.” County Council had a consultant study the salaries of Laurens County employees and compared them with other salaries in the area. The company is now finalizing a report for recommendations of changes. The $1.5 million is in the budget to be used for adjustments in salaries council decides on during the upcoming months.

The budget goes into effect July 1st.