Union arrested for Unlawful Carrying of Pistol & Poss. Of Controlled Substance

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Union Man for alleged Unlawful carrying of a pistol,  and Possession of a controlled substance scheduled 3. 35-year-old Jarvis Earl Jones of Brand Street Was arrested Friday for the alleged offenses .  According to reports  he allegedly had a revolver in his possession which was laying in the passenger seat in plain view next to him.  He did not have the firearm secured in a locking compartment secured and does not possess a valid conceal weapons permit. Reports also state he allegedly posses dosage units of Suboxone a schedule III controlled substance in an unmarked green in color pill bottle.  The pills were identified by shape, color, and markings. Mr. Jones claimed to have a prescription for this medication but could not proved proof of prescription. Jarvis Earl Jones has since been released from the Johnson Detention Center