SEA PRO BOATS, LLC Coming To Newberry County

Sea Pro Boats, LLC, a saltwater fishing boat manufacturer, Tuesday announced plans to expand operations in Newberry County. The $3.7 million investment will create 50 new jobs.

For more than 30 years, Sea Pro Boats, LLC has manufactured center console fishing boats. The company’s expansion at 25214 Highway 121 in Whitmire will increase its operating capacity to meet growing demand.

“Sea Pro Boats, LLC is pleased and excited to be part of a growing county that can offer many different employment options as well as produce a product for our customers that is of top quality and made with integrity. We pride ourselves in being a family-oriented business and treat our employees with respect and dignity while providing them with the satisfaction that they are manufacturing a well-built boat that will be around for a long time.” -Sea Pro Boats, LLC President Jimmy Hancock

“The recruitment of Sea Pro Boats, LLC to a vacant textiles factory near Whitmire back in 2015 was the first significant economic development that has happened in Whitmire in years. We thank Sea Pro Boats, LLC for investing in Newberry County once again, and we wish them many, many years of continued success at producing some of the finest boats in the world.” -Newberry County Council Chairman Henry H. Livingston III

The expansion is expected to be completed by spring 2022. Individuals interested in joining the Sea Pro Boats, LLC team should apply in person or contact April Sligh at

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has awarded a $100,000 Set-Aside grant to Newberry County to assist with costs related to the project.