Several Ordinances Approved During Laurens County Council Meeting

At Tuesday night’s Laurens County Council Meeting, council unanimously passed on second reading, Ordinance #913.

This ordinance is a  “FILOT”- Agreement, with a company that for now will be referred to “Project Mikro,” and will be located at the former Shaw Flooring Building.

This project which will result in new investment in real and personal property in the county estimated to be $15,331,40, and will be expected to create an estamated 92 new, full time jobs.

Council unanimously approved on second reading Ordinance 12-21-01.

This ordinance will annex 914 East Main Street to the territorial limits of Laurens.

Council also unanimously approved on second reading, Ordinance 12-21-02, which amends Ordinance No. 10-20-2, and will authorize a land sale to SK Builders, INC.

Council also approved on first reading, Ordinance 1-22-01, which authorizes the rezoning of property at 375 Exchange Dr., Tax Map #906-20-01-109 from R3 to B4.

The only council member to vote no on that ordinance, was Alicia Sullivan.