Sports Talk Media Morning Sportscast & Other

Sports Talk Media Network Morning Sportscast… For those of you who listen to WLBG each weeknight between 6:00 and 8:00 pm you know that we carry Sports Talk each evening… They are now offering a Morning Sportscast each weekday morning done by the same folks at Sports Talk Media… They could be talking about any high school, college or pro sports that are related in some way to sports in the State of South Carolina… Most of the time they concentrate on college sports… If you would like to listen to any of the most recent sportscast, click on the date below you would like to listen to… Enjoy!


Sports Talk Media High School Football Recap… Each week during the high school

football season Sports Talk Media Network does a recap of high school football in the South Carolina… It is about 10 minute long… They have made that recap available to WLBG and I will make it available for you to listen to… Click on the week below to hear it… Enjoy!