M&M Scrap Metal Will Present A Check To The “Straight Street Board”

Any and all productive future business goals call for new strategies and giving back to the community. M&M Scrap Metal of Gray Court, South Carolina having been in business in Laurens County for over eighteen years, wishes again to give back to the children of Laurens County.  Our children are our future and it’s only fair to share the wealth in providing for the youth of our County.


In 2018, Owner Jeremy Mahaffey, Timmy Mahaffey, his associate, stepped up and started a program thought of by a former employee, Johnny Dobbins. The ideal was to help the children of Laurens County by giving back to the community. So they called it “Our Two Cents”.  Initially our thoughts was directed to the schools, what better place was there that has a lot of our youth. Now seeing the needs of “Straight Street” and still within the realm of helping the youth, they decided to widen the venue to include helping “Straight Street” in their efforts to continue with their programs for our youth.


In 2021, M&M Scrap Metal financially supported the Gray Court School need for a Concession Stand. Now in 2023, M&M Scrap Metal wishes to help with the continuation of “Straight Street” on West Main Street here in Laurens.  After so many years of growing the program, Straight Street is now facing the option of purchasing the property or moving.  Jeremy Mahaffey said, “This is a program that so many have dedicated much time, effort and money in creating for the children. It is a place of stability and is a program much needed by our County.  Many youth in our community are forgotten about resulting in increasing the educational levels and poverty cycles. The community has got to support their needs so that they can continue with their ministry for our youth.”.


M&M Scrap Metal is very passionate about helping the youth in Laurens County and also wishes to challenge the community to help with saving the “Straight Street” Program here in Laurens.  Your donations would certainly go a long way in making this happen.  We invite you to attend an event on Friday, September 29, 2023 at 7:00 P.M. – Straight Street Facility – 220 West Main Street – Laurens, South Carolina M&M Scrap Metal will present to the “Straight Street Board” – Van Tumblin, Chairman, a check to be applied to help with the purchase of the facility.