Suspect Injured Following Officer Involve Shooting With The LCSO

In recent days, gunfire in the vicinity of Smullen Drive in Laurens resulted in stray bullets entering a home. Deputies were following up on today’s date at approximately 11:30AM, attempting to question an individual believed to be involved. Upon arrival, the subject was observed to have a handgun and long gun in his possession, and he immediately ran into the woods. A tight perimeter was set up to protect the community and apprehend the subject. The subject eventually exited into a clearing and pointed a rifle at a deputy in close proximity. The deputy responded to the threat posed by the subject by defending himself. Aid was immediately rendered to the subject, who was taken into medical custody and transported to the hospital. He is still being treated for his injuries at this time. Per protocol, SLED is conducting their investigation. Any further questions should be referred to SLED.