Joanna Man Accused Of Causing Disturbance During Wednesday Night Church Service

A Joanna man was recently arrested and charged with Disturbance of Religious Worship, Entering premises after warning or refusing to leave on request and resisting arrest.

59-year-old, Robert Steven Oggenfuss, of North Marion Street, was arrested for the alleged charge. According to the arrest warrant, September 20th, Oggenfuss allegedly walked into the beginning of the Wednesday night church service and began harassing the churchgoers, getting well within what would be considered “personal space,” flailing his arms around and trying to insight loud disruptive arguments while using profane and obscene language.

He refused  to leave the property located on Bellview Church Road and had to be removed. He was there because he was mad about being served with a trespass notice earlier that day for the property.

On September 21st,  Oggenfuss allegedly attempted to flee from deputies serving him with two lawful arrest warrants. When his attempt to flee was unsuccessful, Oggnefuss began physically resisting by violently yanking away. He was ordered to stop resisting multiple times and did not comply. Robert Oggenfuss was has since been released from the Laurens County Johnson Detention Center with a paid cash or surety bond.