Problem With Streaming of Laurens Football

For the last two Friday nights WLBG has been experiencing problems with the streaming of Raider football.

Last week we had no streaming of the TL Hanna game.

We thought we had that problem fixed for this Friday night but that was only partially true as this Friday night we did have streaming of the game but also FOX sports playing at the same time.

We tried to fix the problem at the station but it seems that some of our switching equipment is malfunctioning and we will need to have our on-call engineer to see if he can fix the problem this next week.

We apologize for this and will do all we can to get it fixed before next week. We thank you for your interest in Raider football and WLBG.

NOTE: Some of you have emailed our Sports Director Mike Hughes about this and he has received your emails. He will do his best to respond but please be aware that if you have a Gmail address, he will be unable to respond as for some reason Gmail is blocking all messages sent from WLBG.  Again, our apologies for this.