Possession of Stolen Pickup, Taking a Jeep

Laurens Police have charged a local man with theft of a vehicle early this month and possession of another stolen vehicle in April. Tuesday, 27-year-old Earl Edward Barlow III of Conway Avenue, Laurens was charged with Grand Larceny and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle.

Barlow is accused of obtaining a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee on May 3rd from a victim without consent. This was reportedly taken from Two House Road in Laurens. On April 27th at a location on Dagnall Circle in Laurens Earl Barlow III was allegedly in possession of a stolen 1999 Chevy pickup truck without the owner’s consent.

Bonds were set totaling $15,000 on the two charges. Earl Barlow III remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Possession of Fentanyl

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest Tuesday alleging possession of a dangerous drug. 33-year-old Jeffery Allen Arrowwood of Pickens Street, Joanna was charged with 3rd or subsequent offense for Possession of Fentanyl. Arrowwood is accused of knowingly and intentionally possessing a quantity of Fentanyl, a Schedule II Controlled Substance, without authority. The warrant states the defendant has two prior convictions.

Possession of Meth

The Sheriff’s Office served a charge Tuesday alleging Possession of Less than One Gram of Methamphetamine by a 32-year-old Joanna woman. Christal Anagline Nelson of Moultrie Street was accused of the possession in Laurens County Monday.

Two Charged with Drug Use & Needles Around Children

A woman has been charged with meth distribution intent along with drug use and having dangerous drug paraphernalia around her three children. Her boyfriend is also facing three Child Neglect charges.

The Laurens County Sheriff’s office Monday charged 29-year-old Ashley Michelle Roach of Indian Mound Road, Waterloo with Methamphetamine Possession with Intent to Distribute along with three counts of Unlawful Neglect of a Minor Child.

An investigation of Deputy Sheriff Hampton was cited as indicating that on Saturday, May 9th Ms. Roach was in possession of 1.1 gram of Methamphetamine with intent to distribute. This was reportedly found during an investigation of possible child neglect.

Ashley Michelle Roach was served three additional warrants which charge her with being a Parent or Legal Custodian in Unlawful Neglect of a Child or Helpless Person. Also citing Deputy Hampton, these warrants allege that on May 9th Ashley Roach placed her children at unreasonable risk of harm in that she deprived each child of the required necessities to live and forced the children to live in a deplorable environment without food, water and sufficient shelter. The defendant also allegedly allowed her children to be in the presence of herself and her boyfriend while they habitually consumed both methamphetamine and marijuana. Furthermore, the warrants allege that drug paraphernalia was found in and around the home and within reach of the children. The paraphernalia reportedly consisted of uncapped, used hypodermic needles.

Also charged Monday was 24-year-old Daniel Emmett Ivey, also of Indian Mound Road, Waterloo. He is charged with three counts of Unlawful Child Neglect. Warrants accuse him, also, of depriving the three children of necessities needed to live, such as water, food and proper shelter. He is accused of allowing the children to be in the presence of him and their mother, his co-defendant, while they habitually consumed methamphetamine and marijuana. He is also accused of being responsible for the open hypodermic needles as part of drug paraphernalia found accessible to the children. He allegedly admitted being a caretaker/guardian of the children as he was cohabitating with their mother.

Infant Exposed to Fentanyl

Drug exposure of an infant last week was alleged with a Sheriff’s Office arrest this week. 25-year-old Hannah Elizabeth Branham of Christian Drive, Laurens was charged Monday with Unlawful Neglect of a Child. Sheriff’s Investigator Kanipe states that on May 6th Ms. Branham committed unlawful conduct towards a child by allowing her infant son to become exposed to Fentanyl. This exposure allegedly caused the child to become unresponsive and required him to be transported by ambulance to the hospital for treatment.

Paraphernalia, including Open Needles, Near Children

Presence of Meth and dangerous drug paraphernalia around children was alleged over this past weekend. Monday, the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office charged 42-year-old Richard W. Mathers of Sumter Street, Joanna with 2nd Offense, Possession of Less than One Gram of Methamphetamine and with two counts of Cruelty to Children.

One warrant cites an investigation by Deputy Hampton as indicating that on Saturday, May 9th in Laurens County Mr. Mathers did knowingly possess less than one Gram of Methamphetamine without authority to do so. The warrant further states that the defendant’s criminal history indicates that Richard Mathers has at least one prior conviction for Meth Possession. Two additional warrants allege that Richard Mathers used methamphetamine in the presence of his two minor children and that he also left dangerous drug paraphernalia where the children could have accessed it. The dangerous paraphernalia allegedly included used and/or uncapped hypodermic needles as well as crystal meth in areas where one of the children could have accessed them. This reportedly occurred on Sumter Street in Joanna.

CPW Employees Win Safety Award

Employees of the Laurens Commission of Public Works’ electric division were recognized this week for their safe working practices. At the May meeting of the Commission Monday evening, CPW General Manager John Young announced that the CPW won first place in the American Public Power Association’s annual safety competition for 2020.

The award compares the safety records of comparable-sized utility systems across the United States. CPW employees had zero injuries for 2020.

CPW Chair Parker Moore complimented all CPW employees for their dedication to performing their jobs safely and professionally every day.

Pictured above are CPW Electric Operations employees. Left to right: Chad Hester, David Wolgamott, Jesse Sward, Kalen Sipes, Steve Clayton, Colby Templeton, and Robby Howard

Election to Replace McDaniel Reviewed for County Council

The Laurens County Director of Registration and Elections updated Laurens County Council last night on the process for replacing Garrett McDaniel on County Council. McDaniel resigned, effective this past Monday, after being appointed by the Biden Administration to become Director of Executive Scheduling and Operations for the Secretary of the United States Housing and Urban Development.

Lynne West advised Council last evening that the special election to elect someone to replace McDaniel for County Council District 3 is set for Tuesday, September 21st. She noted that an 8-day filing period will open in the Election’s Office at noon Friday, May 28th. Filing will close at noon Saturday, June 5th. Hours to file are 9-5 weekdays and 9 until Noon Saturday. Anyone wishing to be nominated by their party for the special election must file during this period. A filing fee must be paid at the time of filing, with checks made out to the party the person seeks a nomination from. Party Primaries are scheduled for Tuesday, July 20th. Mrs. West said any runoff for the primaries would be held Tuesday, August 3rd.  She said anyone wishing to vote in a primary must be registered to vote by Sunday, June 20th.

Assault on Pregnant Woman

An assault on a pregnant woman last month was alleged with charges served Monday by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. 31-year-old Tyler Baughan Petty of Edgins Circle, Mountville was charged with 2nd degree Domestic Violence. A warrant cites an investigation of Deputy Byrd as indicating that on April 19th of 2021 in Laurens County Mr. Petty assaulted the victim, striking her about the face and head, knowing that she was currently pregnant. This allegedly occurred at a location on Hanks Road, east of Laurens.

Profane Phone Calls

Charges of Unlawful Communication were served by the Sheriff’s Office Friday with the arrest of 40-year-old Michael Scott Sain of Springdale Drive, Clinton. He was served with two counts of Unlawful Telephone Communication.

Deputy Haupfear alleges that Mr. Sain used profane, obscene, vulgar and/or indecent language for the purpose of annoying and/or harassing a victim and that this continued even after he was told to stop. Each of these offenses allegedly occurred on May 2nd. Michael Scott Sain was released on personal recognizance bonds of $1,087.50 for each of the two charges.

Defrauding Hotel or Restaurant

Failure to pay for food or services was alleged with a warrant served Monday by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. 44-year-old Luther Allen Shely of Ridge Hill Road, Cross Hill was charged Monday with Defrauding a Hotel, Boarding House or Restaurant. An investigation of Deputy Hall was cited as indicating that on May 10th Mr. Shely obtained food, lodging and/or services from Moon’s Landing -Rentals on Watts Bridge Road, Cross Hill and did so intentionally without paying.

Passed Out on Sidewalk

Being passed out on a Gray Court sidewalk last weekend was noted with charges from the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office late Saturday night. When a Laurens County Deputy Sheriff was checking on this man he allegedly started uttering “cuss” words to the officer, within hearing distance of patrons using the Exxon Gas Staton on Highway 14 in Gray Court. Deputy Spillers issued a ticket charging 35-year-old Michael Joshua Ballengee of Cross Anchor Road, Enoree with Public Disorderly Conduct at about three minutes until midnight Saturday night.

18-Year-old Charged with Burglary & Indecent Exposure on Campus

Presbyterian College police apprehended a suspect from suspicious behavior Saturday night. Campus Police have been investigating sporadic reports of suspicious activity on campus over the last few months.

Students studying in Neville Hall on the main campus called Campus Police to report the man exhibiting suspicious behaviors. Campus Police responded and ultimately apprehended the suspect outside Neville Hall. The Clinton Police Department assisted in the situation and an arrest was made.

18-year-old Joshua Allen Holmes of Phillipps Street, Clinton was charged with 3rd Degree Burglary, Indecent Exposure, Disturbing Schools and Resisting Arrest. He is accused of entering a building on campus without consent and of indecently exposing himself in a public place.

In a letter sent to Presbyterian College students Sunday, Dr. Joy Smith, VP for campus life and dean of students, expressed appreciation to PC students and for the collaboration between PC and the City of Clinton. Smith urged students to remain aware of their surroundings and to play an active role in keeping campus safe. She said, “While an arrest has been made, it is important that each community member continue to follow safety precautions on campus and elsewhere.”

Using Facebook To Lure Victim for Strong Armed Robbery

Using social media to lure someone to a location for the purpose of robbing them was alleged with arrests Friday by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office.

38-year-old Terry Michael Chandler of Lashae Drive, Fountain Inn and 21-year-old Chandler Duncan Bryant of 4th Avenue, Greenville were both  charged with Common Law, Strong Armed Robbery.

They are accused of using Facebook Friday to lure a victim to a location on Lashae Drive with the intent to beat and rob him by means of intimidation.

At the Detention Center, another charge of Trafficking in Meth was added for Terry Chanlder. A warrant showing an Anderson address for Mr. Chandler alleges that on Friday, May 7th in Laurens County he was found in possession of 14.0 grams of a white crystal-like substance that appeared to be Methamphetamine. This was reportedly found during a search of his person on Templeton Road.

Bonds were set totaling $20,000 on the Strong-Armed Robbery and Meth Trafficking warrants for Terry Michael Chandler. A $10,000 bond on the Strong-Armed Robbery charge was set for Chandler Duncan Bryant.

Two Charged with Trafficking in Heroin

Two men were charged with Trafficking in Heroin following a Laurens Police traffic stop Friday.

24-year-old Dylon Eugene Boon was booked showing a Laurens Street, Joanna address. He was initially issued a ticket charging him with Driving without a License at 11:37 Friday morning on Hillcrest Drive. His ticket and warrants that followed showed an address for him in Edgewater, Florida.

23-year-old Jacob Robert Farrow of Ecliptic Drive, Ware Shoals was also charged with Trafficking in Heroin along with Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime and Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol.

Both men were accused of being in possession of 95 blue, round pills believed to contain Fentanyl/Heroin – equalling 11.9 grams. This was reportedly discovered during a Laurens Police traffic stop at 216 Hillcrest Drive Friday.

They are each also accused of having a firearm during the commission of trafficking in heroin and of unlawfully carrying the pistol on the rear floorboard of a vehicle Friday.

While a $232 bond was set on the ticket charging Dylan Eugene Boon with Driving without a License, bond was denied for him on the Heroin Trafficking charge. Bond was also denied on the Heroin Trafficking warrant for Jacob Robert Farrow. Bonds for each of the two men’s two Firearms charges were set totaling $15,000.

Dylan Boon and Jacob Farrow with remain in the Johnson Detention Center.


Assault with Large Metal Sword

An assault in Clinton Friday with threats from a large metal sword was alleged with an arrest. Clinton Police charged 18-year-old Zachary Lee Wright of Phillips Street, Clinton with Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature.

Wright is accused of committed the offense by threatening a victim with the deadly weapon, described as a large metal sword. This weapon was described as a means- likely to produce death or great bodily injury during an incident that allegedly occurred inside Clinton on Friday, May 7th.

Zachary Lee Wright was released from detention on posting a $10,000 cash or surety bond.

Man Accused of Starving a Dog

Finding a starving animal last September was alleged with a Sheriff’s Office arrest last Friday. 33-year-old Detanyo Lee Quarles of Douglas Road, Gray Court was charged with Ill Treatment of Animals.

An investigation by Animal Control Deputy Brown is cited as indicating that on September 25th of 2020 Mr. Quarles willfully starved a dog in his care and control. He allegedly allowed the dog to become emaciated to the point that the dog’s ribs, hips and spine were showing, and the dog’s face was sunken in. The dog reportedly had a body score of 1 out of 9.

Detanyo Lee Quarles was released on a $5,000 personal recognizance bond.

CPW Approves New Natural Gas Rate Between Commercial & Industrial

At last night’s Laurens Commission of Public Works Meeting, the commission established a compromise rate for customers whose needs fall between commercial and industrial natural gas rates.

During the public comment time, a customer from a local business questioned the amount of her bill, which has recently risen.  General Manager John Young explained that in 2002 the business was changed from a commercial rate to an industrial rate, which has a volume component. To qualify for the rate, the business must use 100,000 natural gas feet per month, which the customer never met.

Young explained that recently the commission decided to do an audit of its industrial gas customers and found that there were a few customers on this rate that did not qualify. At last night’s meeting, the commission unanimously approved a new rate system for customers whose needs were between the commercial and industrial rates.

School Budget Workshop at CHS This Evening

The Laurens County School District 56 School Board will meet this evening for a budget workshop. This is to get underway at 6:30 this evening in the PDR at Clinton High School.

Possession of Meth & Drug Paraphernalia

Fountain Inn Police had two drug charges with an arrest Friday. 31-year-old Amber Kylie Pridemore of Calvert Street, Clinton was initially issued a ticket charging her with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia at 1:12 Friday afternoon on Nash Street at North Old Laurens Road. A warrant was later served also charging her with Possession of Less than One Gram of Meth. It states she knowingly and intentionally possessed about 0.5 gram of a crystal-like substance that field tested positive as methamphetamine. A $5,000 bond was set on the Meth charge and a Personal Recognizance bond was set on the Paraphernalia ticket for Amber Kyle Pridmore.