Joanna Man Accused Of Causing Disturbance During Wednesday Night Church Service

A Joanna man was recently arrested and charged with Disturbance of Religious Worship, Entering premises after warning or refusing to leave on request and resisting arrest.

59-year-old, Robert Steven Oggenfuss, of North Marion Street, was arrested for the alleged charge. According to the arrest warrant, September 20th, Oggenfuss allegedly walked into the beginning of the Wednesday night church service and began harassing the churchgoers, getting well within what would be considered “personal space,” flailing his arms around and trying to insight loud disruptive arguments while using profane and obscene language.

He refused  to leave the property located on Bellview Church Road and had to be removed. He was there because he was mad about being served with a trespass notice earlier that day for the property.

On September 21st,  Oggenfuss allegedly attempted to flee from deputies serving him with two lawful arrest warrants. When his attempt to flee was unsuccessful, Oggnefuss began physically resisting by violently yanking away. He was ordered to stop resisting multiple times and did not comply. Robert Oggenfuss was has since been released from the Laurens County Johnson Detention Center with a paid cash or surety bond.

Laurens Woman Accused Of DUI, Drugs Manufacturing, Possession Of Controlled Substance And Carrying Handgun

A Laurens Woman was recently arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence, 1st Offense, Drugs Manufacturing, Possession of other controlled substance, and Unlawful carrying of pistol. 35-year-old, Courtney Renee Hill, of Patterson Drive, was arrested for the alleged charge September 23rd. According to the arrest warrant, Hill was allegedly driving under the influence with 99 grams of Marijuana and 8 dosage units of Xanax in her possession. She also had a handgun under the driver’s seat of her vehicle. This incident occurred on Charlotte’s Road in Clinton. Courtney Hill was released from the Detention Center September 24th with a paid cash or surety bond.

Laurens Man Accused Of Having 0.2 Grams Of Meth

A Laurens man was arrested over the weekend and charged with Possession of less than one gram of meth, 2nd offense. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested 42-year-old, Robert Mackenzie Howell, of Sullivans Road,  September 23rd for the alleged charge. According to the arrest warrant, on Saturday Howell allegedly had in his possession 0.2 grams of Methamphetamine, without authority to do so. He has prior convictions for this offense. This incident occurred on Charlotte’s Road in Clinton.  Robert Howell remains behind bars this morning at the Detention Center.

Laurens Man Accused Of Burglary And Striking Victim With Metal Pipe

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested a Laurens Man for Burglary 1st Degree and Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature. 23-year-old, Harley Wayne Parris, of Smullin Drive, was arrested Friday, September 22nd for the alleged charges. According to the arrest warrant, Parris allegedly entered the dwelling armed with a metal pipe and caused physical injury by striking the victim in the head several times with the metal pipe. This resulted in medical attention for the victim. This incident allegedly occurred September 11th, 2023.  Harley Parris remain behind bars at the Laurens County Johnson Detention Center this morning. His cash or surety bond total is $70,000.

Salem Woman Accused Of Assault And Battery

The Laurens Police Department recently arrested a Salem woman accused of Assault and Battery 3rd Degree. 28-year-old, Sayphonh Xayachack, of Stamp Creek Road, Salem, South Carolina was arrested September 23rd for the alleged charge. Xayachack is accused of striking the victim in the facial area with a metal type cup causing redness to the area. This occurred on Southview Drive located in the City of Laurens, September 22nd. Sayphonh Xayachack remain behind bars at the Laurens County Johnson Detention Center.

Gray Court Woman Accused Of Burglary and Breach Of Peace

A Gray Court woman was recently arrested and charged with Burglary First Degree and Breach Of Peace. Deputies with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested 42-year-old, Loriann Lee Resto Lopez, of Durbin Church Road, for the alleged charges September 22nd. According to the arrest warrant, September 22nd, Lopez allegedly entered the a dwelling belonging to the victim located on Shovel Head Circle in Gray Court. She allegedly entered during the nighttime hours without consent in an attempt to assault a person who is not a participant in the crime. Lopez attempted to force her way into the residence in which she did not reside. Loriann Lopez has since been released from the detention center  with a paid cash or surety bond.

Laurens County First Steps Board Meeting

The Laurens County First Steps Board of Directors will meet on
Monday, October 9, 2023 at 5:30 pm at the Laurens County First Steps office
(1029 West Main Street, Laurens, SC 29360) The public is invited.
First Steps is a statewide initiative dedicated to improving school readiness through
county partnerships. First Steps mobilizes communities to employ results-oriented
initiatives that enhance the readiness of young children to enter school and
strengthen the capacity of families to be their children’s first and most important
For more information, contact Toni Able at the Laurens County First Steps office
at (864) 984-8130


Laurens, SC – Low and behold, the Laurens County First Steps pigs are about to break out! This Little Piggy brought the news to Laurens County First Steps that our pigs are going to be scattered about the Laurens Square during Squealin’ on the Square October 6-7. Fortunately, they all have special collars on them, that tell the lucky finder how to help the pig find their way back to our office.   Bring the lost little pink pig back to the Laurens County First Steps office, located at 1029 West Main Street, Monday – Thursday from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm.  In return, you will receive a children’s book that has been generously donated by the Toys for Tots Literacy Program.   Help us get our pigs back so they can go wee wee wee all the way home! We would hate for them to be taken to market!

About Laurens County First Steps

Laurens County First Steps is a local nonprofit that works collaboratively to ensure that all children start school ready to reach their highest potential. We achieve this goal by engaging families, caregivers, and community partners in high-quality evidence-based programs and services that improve early childhood development, from before birth through age five. We also serve as a connector and convener of all early childhood stakeholders in Laurens County.

About Toys for Tots Literacy Program

The Toys for Tots Literacy Program was established in 2008 as a year-round effort to offer our Nation’s most economically disadvantaged children the ability to compete academically and to succeed in life by providing them direct access to books and educational resources that enhance their ability to read and communicate effectively. Literacy forms the foundation of communication and impacts many areas of a child’s life such as learning, interacting with others, and their ability to work later in life. The Toys for Tots Literacy Program not only brings the joy of reading to less fortunate children, but also serves as an important tool in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Lawrence E. Flynn And Pope Flynn Associates Will Be The City Of Laurens Attorneys

At Tuesday Night’s Laurens City Council Meeting, council unanimously voted to

use Lawrence E. Flynn and Pope Flynn Associates as the city attorneys.


Flynn is a native of Spartanburg, and a graduate of Duke University and the

University of South Carolina School of Law.

LCSO Trunk Or Treat Halloween

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office would like to invite the public to join us again for our annual Trunk or Treat Halloween event. Each year, they set up in our front parking lot along with some other local groups (girl scouts, American Legion Post 25, churches etc.) to provide a safe place for children to receive candy.

“We prepare for more children every year and we keep having to build on the number of bags we fill since we have such a tremendous turnout,” said Sheriff Don Reynolds.

LCSO handed out almost 800 prefilled bags of candy in 2022.

This event is a huge way for LCSO staff to connect with community members of all ages. LCSO remind those in attendance that this is a busy time for West Main Street so come early to find a good parking spot nearby and be safe when crossing the street. Be patient with us as we navigate the long line!

The first candy bag will be given out at 5:30PM and we will continue until 7:30PM or until the candy runs out.

Citizens wishing to donate candy can do so by visiting an area Dollar General and finding one of their donation bins, or by dropping candy off at our office during normal business hours. Donations will be accepted until October 25th.

LD55 Homecoming Parade September 25th

Laurens District 55 High School has announced the day and time for the 2023 Homecoming Parade. The parade begins at 6:30 pm on Monday, September 25. The parade route will wrap around the square and continue down West Main St. and end at Laurens Middle School. We are hopeful the community will come out and enjoy the sights and sounds as we move to the music of the last few decades.

Gathering In The Garden

The Clinton Community Garden’s will have their 5th Annual Gathering in the Garden with community. Located at in the Clinton Community Garden on South Bell Street, the event will be held on Sunday, October 15 from 4 PM until 6 PM.  Live music and entertainment will be offered on stage.  In addition, delicious foods, games, crafts, health screens, cooking demos, and a pumpkin carving contest will be hosted by our volunteer professionals. The two hour gathering  offers something for all ages. Please bring family and friends. The Gathering in the Garden is offered at no cost to our community and promises to be an awesome Sunday afternoon adventure.

Regional Job Fair Set For October 5

Piedmont Technical College (PTC) and SC Works/Upper Savannah are hosting a Job Fair on Thursday, Oct. 5, 2023, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the Medford Family Event Center in Greenwood.

More than 40 prominent employers from across the region are expected, including: BMW Manufacturing, Colgate-Palmolive, Eaton Corporation, Generac, Greenwood Mills, Komatsu America, Martha Franks Retirement Community, Newberry County Memorial Hospital, Prisma Health, Prysmian, Sage Automotive, Teijin Carbon America, West Fraser, and ZF Transmissions.

Attendees are encouraged to bring plenty of resumes and to dress as if they were going to an actual job interview because they will be meeting employers face-to-face.

For further details, visit

Suspect Injured Following Officer Involve Shooting With The LCSO

In recent days, gunfire in the vicinity of Smullen Drive in Laurens resulted in stray bullets entering a home. Deputies were following up on today’s date at approximately 11:30AM, attempting to question an individual believed to be involved. Upon arrival, the subject was observed to have a handgun and long gun in his possession, and he immediately ran into the woods. A tight perimeter was set up to protect the community and apprehend the subject. The subject eventually exited into a clearing and pointed a rifle at a deputy in close proximity. The deputy responded to the threat posed by the subject by defending himself. Aid was immediately rendered to the subject, who was taken into medical custody and transported to the hospital. He is still being treated for his injuries at this time. Per protocol, SLED is conducting their investigation. Any further questions should be referred to SLED.

LCD55 Board Of Trustees Meeting September 25th

The Laurens County School District 55 (LCSD 55) Board of Trustees will have their monthly meeting on Monday, September 25, 2023.  The meeting will be held at Ford Elementary School, located at 601 Lucas Avenue, Laurens, SC, 29360. There will also be a Work Session in the form of a South Carolina School Boards Association (SCSBA) trustee training session from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. before the meeting at Ford Elementary.   The monthly meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m. to allow the board and staff time to attend the homecoming parade.

Celebrating Native American Traditions Past and Present at the Laurens County Museum

The Laurens County Museum on the Historic Square in Laurens, SC, and the
PAIA Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation of South Carolina will host the
“Celebrating Native American Traditions Past and Present” arts
programs on Saturdays, October 21 and 28, 2023.  More programs will be
held in March, 2024, with programs at the Museum and field trips for
school children to the PAIA Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation of SC tribal
grounds on Warrior Creek Church Road in Gray Court.  These wonderful
programs with traditional Native American artists, dancers, musicians,
storytellers, and speakers are made possible through a generous grant
from the SC Arts Commission.

Native American artists will speak about and demonstrate traditional
Native American arts and skills.  Hands-on workshops will be offered on
some of the skills.  Spaces are limited and registration is required for
the workshops, though others may observe.  All programs are free and
open to the public.

Dr. Laura Green, Folklife and Traditional Arts Director of the SC Arts
Commission, noted of the events,
“This historic collaboration between the Laurens County Museum and the
Piedmont American Indian Association-Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation of
South Carolina (PAIA) is mutually beneficial to all. Cherokee
traditional artists will have the opportunity to share their work with
the public, fostering awareness of the enduring presence and
contributions of the PAIA community in the area. The Laurens County
Museum is making a living connection between its extensive Native
American collections and the county’s contemporary Cherokee community,
while supporting the preservation and presentation of vibrant cultural
traditions like beadwork, pottery, basketry, flute playing, and dream
catchers. Visitors will enjoy the chance to learn firsthand about the
local Native American heritage in their midst. The South Carolina Arts
Commission is pleased to provide support for this exciting slate of
programs through a Folklife & Traditional Arts Project Grant. Folk and
traditional arts uniquely embody important knowledge and practices that
are at the heart of a cultural community’s identity and way of being
in the world.”

The 2023 portion of the Celebrating Native American Traditions Past and
Present will include the following.

October 21, 2023
Speakers and artists for Saturday, October 21, will begin at 10:00 am.
Chief Dexter Yellow Hawk Sharp, Chief of the PAIA Lower Eastern Cherokee
Nation of SC, and Chief Harold Hatcher, PhD, Chief of the Waccamaw
People, will open the event.  Each will speak and their talks will be
followed by a question and answer period.  Chief Sharp will speak about
the history of the Cherokee People and current issues affecting them.
Sharp makes primitive bows, atlatls, river cane blow guns and darts.
Chief Hatcher will speak about the history of the Waccamaw People and
current Native American issues. Chief Hatcher resides in Conway, SC, and
has led state and national Native American organizations including the
SC Indian Affairs Commission and the the National Coalition for Indian
Equality, a coalition consisting of over 400 Native American tribes and
groups.  He has spoken around the country, is a decorated United States
Army veteran, and is featured in two South Carolina text books – At Home
in South Carolina and the history book South Carolina.

At 1:30 pm on October 21, Cherokee potter Billy Lightwalker Fulcher will
talk and demonstrate traditional Cherokee pottery making.  Also at 1:30
pm that day, Pee Dee Indian Marcy Hayden, Native American Indian
Community Advocate, will talk about Pee Dee Indian beading.  At 2:30,
Hayden will conduct a beading workshop where participants can make a
beaded craft.  Pre-registration by calling the Museum at (864) 681-3678
is required as participation in the workshop is limited.

October 28
Beginning at 10:00 am, Cherokee flute player Kim Two Moons Erwood will
talk and play the flute.  Two Moons will demonstrate other traditional
instruments, hand drum, and rattlers.

At 1:30 pm, Cherokee basket weaver Deborah Moon Wolf Duncan and Cherokee
Elder Patsy Dancing Wolf Durham, a dream catcher artist, will speak
about their crafts.  Each will lead a workshop beginning at 2:30 pm.
Basket weaver Moon Wolf will lead participants in making a tobacco
basket, and Dancing Wolf will lead a hands on workshop in making a dream
catcher.  Workshop participation is limited and all participants must
pre-register by calling the Museum at (864) 681-3678.

Other programs in the Celebrating Native American Traditions Past and
Present series will occur in March, 2024, with programs and workshops on
Saturday, March 16, and field trips for school children to the PAIA
Lower Eastern Nation Tribal Grounds of SC in Gray Court, SC.

These events highlighting traditional Native American art, crafts, and
traditions are made possible by a grant from the SC Arts Commission.
All programs and workshops are free and open to the public.  For more
information, call the Laurens County Museum at (864) 681-3678, or go to  The Laurens County Museum is located at
116 South Public Square, Laurens, SC 29360. Museum hours are
Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

M&M Scrap Metal Will Present A Check To The “Straight Street Board”

Any and all productive future business goals call for new strategies and giving back to the community. M&M Scrap Metal of Gray Court, South Carolina having been in business in Laurens County for over eighteen years, wishes again to give back to the children of Laurens County.  Our children are our future and it’s only fair to share the wealth in providing for the youth of our County.


In 2018, Owner Jeremy Mahaffey, Timmy Mahaffey, his associate, stepped up and started a program thought of by a former employee, Johnny Dobbins. The ideal was to help the children of Laurens County by giving back to the community. So they called it “Our Two Cents”.  Initially our thoughts was directed to the schools, what better place was there that has a lot of our youth. Now seeing the needs of “Straight Street” and still within the realm of helping the youth, they decided to widen the venue to include helping “Straight Street” in their efforts to continue with their programs for our youth.


In 2021, M&M Scrap Metal financially supported the Gray Court School need for a Concession Stand. Now in 2023, M&M Scrap Metal wishes to help with the continuation of “Straight Street” on West Main Street here in Laurens.  After so many years of growing the program, Straight Street is now facing the option of purchasing the property or moving.  Jeremy Mahaffey said, “This is a program that so many have dedicated much time, effort and money in creating for the children. It is a place of stability and is a program much needed by our County.  Many youth in our community are forgotten about resulting in increasing the educational levels and poverty cycles. The community has got to support their needs so that they can continue with their ministry for our youth.”.


M&M Scrap Metal is very passionate about helping the youth in Laurens County and also wishes to challenge the community to help with saving the “Straight Street” Program here in Laurens.  Your donations would certainly go a long way in making this happen.  We invite you to attend an event on Friday, September 29, 2023 at 7:00 P.M. – Straight Street Facility – 220 West Main Street – Laurens, South Carolina M&M Scrap Metal will present to the “Straight Street Board” – Van Tumblin, Chairman, a check to be applied to help with the purchase of the facility.


13 PTC Auto Tech Students Receive EPA Section 609 Certification


Thirteen automotive technology students at Piedmont Technical College (PTC) recently completed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Section 609 Technician Training and Certification Program. Each passed with a score of 84% or higher and received a wallet ID card and wall certificate.

“This certification ensures our students are trained to EPA Clean Air Act standards for servicing motor vehicle air conditioning systems,” said Automotive Technology Program Director Gerald Sartin. “These students studied for and passed a rigorous exam with flying colors. We are very proud of their accomplishment.”



  PTC Automotive Technology students who passed the Section 609 certification include:

  • Day students, from left: Ethan Young, Franklin Still, William Henderson, Russell Hill, and Cullen Vandergrift
  • Evening student 1: Tucker Metz, a dual enrollment student
  • Evening students 2, from left: Jaylon McMorris, Orlando Aviles, Gilberto Paniagua-Pedraza, Cassandra Defina, Jason Smith, John Bundrick, and Kelvin Perez-Vasquez.


Gray Court Man Accused Of Receiving Stolen Goods

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested a Gray Court man accused of Receiving Stolen goods, value $2,000 or less and Driving Under Suspension. 53-year-old, Garry Lewis Knight, of Tennessee Walker Drive, was arrested for the alleged charges Tuesday, September 19th. According to the arrest warrant report, August 21, 2023 Knight allegedly had in his possession a blue in color Chevy Tailgate belonging to the victim and seen by Deputy Motes on his vehicle. Knight knew the item to be stolen due to taking the tailgate off and attempting to hid the item in a building. Knight did operate a motor vehicle that day while his privilege to drive was under suspension per DMV. Garry Knight has since been released from the Detention Center on with a paid cash our surety bond

No Bond For Gray Court Man Accused Of Domestic Violence High And Aggravated Nature

No Bond for a Gray Court man accused of Domestic Violence of a high and aggravated nature. Deputies with the Laurens County Sheriff’s office arrested 48-year-old, Gregg Johnson, of Highway 92, for the alleged charge September 18th. According to the arrest warrant, on Monday Johnson allegedly struck the victim in the face and body causing visible injures. He allegedly strangled the victim causing her to lose consciousness. He displayed a knife during the attack, which caused fear to the victim. During his arrest he was also charged with a Bench Warrant of Driving Under Suspension.  Gregg Johnson will remain behind bars this more at the detention center.