Laurens Man Behind Bars on Multiple Charges Including Burglary

A Laurens Man is behind bars for an alleged Burglary, Trespassing, Malicious Injury to Property, and Breach of Peace. Wednesday The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested 41-year-old Harry Andrew Weisner, II of Lakeview Drive for the alleged crimes. According to reports on September 14th  Weisner allegedly did attempt to gain entry into a shop building, by throwing bricks through a glass window. This caused malicious damage to personal property valued $2,000 or less. He trespassed onto the property of the victim after being asked to leave and having been warned in the past. Harry Andrew Wesiner, II remained in the Laurens County Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Simpsonville Man Charged with Domestic Violence 2nd Degree

A Simpsonville Man was Charged on Tuesday for alleged Domestic Violence,2nd Degree.27-year-old Jordan Taylor Attridge of West Fernwood Road was arrested for the alleged charged by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. He’s been accused of pulling the victim off her bed by her ankles, striking her with his hands, and grabbing her neck. In addition, he’s accused of intentionally breaking her cell phone to prevent her from contacting law enforcement.  Jordan Attridge Was released from the Johnson Detention Center with a paid cash surety bond of $10,000 dollars.

Clinton City Council’s Fire Contract

An executive session was held during Clinton City Council’s meeting Monday evening to discuss:

  1. A personnel matter concerning the office of City Manager and
  2. The annual fire contract with Laurens County covering the unincorporated areas surrounding the city of Clinton.

When council returned to open session Mayor Bob McLean informed everyone that council had discussed these issues and no action was taken.  He then asked if council wished to take action on either of the matters discussed.

Council Member Danny Cook then moved for council to approve the annual fire contract for the 2021-2022 fiscal year at an amount of $307,329.00.  The motion was seconded and presented to council which voted unanimously to approve the contract.

There was no further action taken regarding items discussed in executive session.

LCC Meeting Approve Ordinance 908

At Tuesday night’s Laurens County Council Meeting, council unanimously approved on third reading Ordinance 908, which, amends Ordinance 898, by eliminating the $10.00 a year animal control fee, and will reinstate the solid waste management fee, to $65.00 a year, with in all other respects, ordinance 898 is restated and reaffirmed.

No one came forward during the public comment time to voice their opinion on the ordinance. The necessity of this ordinance was explained by County Attorney Sandy Cruickshanks, at an earlier meeting, that, “Due to the recent ruling of the SC Supreme Court in Burns vs. Greenville County Council and Greenville County of June 2021, the S.C. Supreme Court concluded that two fees imposed by Greenville County were unlawful taxes rather than user fees and, therefore, violate section 6-1-310 of the South Carolina Code, one of which was a road maintenance fee paid by vehicle owners in Greenville County. Cruickshanks went on to explain that this decision made it necessary to supplement, alter and amend Laurens County Ordinance 898, since Laurens County has had a road maintenance fee since before 1995, paid by residents to help defray costs of roads and their maintenance

Laurens High School Transporting Raider Fans Near Lexington Friday

The Laurens School District Transportation Office has announced that there

will be a fan bus transporting Raider fans down to River Bluff High School near Lexington for the game tomorrow evening.  The Raiders are set to take on the Gators in a 7:30 pm contest.


The cost for the ride down and back is $5 and the bus will be leaving

from in front of Laurens District High School at 6:00 pm sharp.


The  $5 fee covers only the cost of the ride down and back.  You must still purchase a ticket to get into the game.


Please be aware that there will be NO TICKET SALES AT THE GATE!

You must purchase your tickets online and if you go to Mike’s Sport Report

for Wednesday, Thursday or Friday you will find a link that will take you to the web site to make the purchase.


If you have any questions about the bus ride down and back call the

District 55 Transportation Office at 864-682-9117.


Man Charged For Stealing Diamondback 380 Pistol

A Laurens Man is behind bars for alleged Petit Larceny $2,000 or less.
Tuesday the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested 27-year-old Ronald Richard Butler Jr of Cinnamon Lane for the alleged crime. According to the arrest warrant on August 9th Butler was accused of taking and carrying away a Diamondback 380 pistol with the intent to deprive the owner. Butler has three prior convictions for similar offenses.  Ronald Butler Jr remained in The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office This Morning with a cash surety bond set at $15,000 dollars.

Joanna Man In Jail For Threatening Girlfriend

Domestic Violence 3rd Degree is alleged for a Joanna Man. Tuesday The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested 51-year-old Alfred Wade Beck of Drew Drive for the alleged crime. According to reports he’s accused of offering harm to his girlfriend stating “I’ll Kill You” and ”I’m going to take  your house: which caused the victim to be in fear. It was established that Beck did have a clear, present ability to carry out his offers in that he was on the property with close proximity to the victim. This incident occurred on September 9th. Alfred Beck remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

A Simpsonville Man arrested For Burglary

Burglary is alleged for a Simpsonville Man. Tuesday the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested 39-year of Jason Cyle Medlin of Draycott Road for the alleged offense. According to reports Medlin entered a dwelling locating on Hellams Road in Gray court without consent and with intent to commit a crime. He attempted to steal the vehicle keys and cell phone belonging to the victim. This incident occurred on August 6th. Jason Medlin remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with a cash surety bond set at $15,000 dollars.

Fatal Shooting In Cross Hill

Second man charged in fatal shooting at Springfield store – Newstalk KZRG

A Fatal Shooting Saturday Evening in Cross Hill was in self defense, and the Shooter will not face any charges, according to the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies responded to Longview Road in Cross Hill  around 7pm Saturday in reference to an individual with a gunshot wound. After an extensive investigation, deputies determined that an altercation between two individuals occurred. A person residing at the incident location was assaulted and felt threatened, which resulted in him defending himself against Deandre Martavious Bowers of Cross Hill. Bowers was shot and pronounced deceased on scene. “After consulting with the Solicitor’s Office and taking into consideration the individual’s right to defend himself, no charges will follow at this time,” the release said.

LCC Approved to Increase Their Capital Line Item

At Tuesday Night’s meeting, Laurens County Council unanimously approved a request by the sheriff’s office, to increase their capital line item, for records management in the amount of $53,000.00.

The original quote from March 2021 is no longer valid, due to unexpected circumstances.

The updated quote, involves a price increase of 16.5% for the materials only,  and a 3.5% increase in the data conversion, and another problem was that the original price quote never contained sales tax.

The original amount approved was $396,000.00, and the new amount needed to complete the project is $396,000.00.

Clinton Council Concerns Over Martha Dendy School Property

At the September meeting of Clinton City Council held Monday evening, council was asked to consider a resolution concerning the Martha Dendy School property.

According to the agenda, the resolution (which was not provided) simply approved the previous agreement between the Clinton City Manager and the Martha Dendy Community Center regarding the transfer of the Martha Dendy Property.

Mayor Bob McLean asked if there was need for discussion but there was none.  He then called for the vote and the resolution was passed with a unanimous vote.

Gray Court Man Accused Of Threatening To Shoot Victim

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office Charged a Gray Court Man Thursday for Alleged Domestic Violence, 3rd Degree and Unlawful communication. 24-year-old Christopher Devonta Jenkins of North Old Laurens Road was accused, threatening to shoot the victim, while communicating he did have knowledge who she was presently with, which caused her to have fear. He’s also accused of using profane, obscene languages for the purpose of harassing the victim and attempting to intimated by stating he was outside of her residence. Christopher Jenkins was released Saturday from the Johnson Detention Center.

Greenwood Man Booked Sunday On Multiple Charges

A Greenwood Man Was booked in the Johnson Detention Center on multiple charges Sunday. The Laurens County Sheriff’s office Charged 40-year-old William Christopher Turner of Valley Road for alleged Grand Larceny, Possession of a firearm or ammunition, tools possession, making implements capable of being used in crime, and metals/injury to real property fixtures or improvements to obtain nonferrous metals, damage.

On Sunday he allegedly took and carried away catalytic converters belonging to the victim  with the intent to permanently   deprive the victim. The value of the converters are $10,000 dollars or more. He was found in possession of 3 wireless battery powered metal saws, extra blades, and extra batteries as well as other tools that were used by the suspect in commission of a grand larceny. During the crime he allegedly damaged $5,000 or more to the vehicle in the process of stealing the converters from the victim. During a lawful search it was discovered that Turner had 22lr ammunition in his possession . He has a criminal history that indicates he is prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition.

Clinton City Council Approves The Grant Application For A New Fire Truck

At the September meeting of Clinton City Council held last night at the M.S. Bailey Municipal Center on North Broad Street, Fire Chief Phillip Russell was on hand requesting approval for a process that will provide a new fire truck.

Chief Russell explained that the new truck is need to replace a 1995 KME truck that was taken out of service due to mechanical issues and sold at auction.  He said that the goal for a new truck is to get 20 to 25 years of service.

The Chief asked that council approve applying for a Community Development Block Grant of $500,000 for the initial purchase.  That grant would require a 10% or $50,000 match from the city.

In addition, the city would use a lease purchase arrangement to obtain the necessary equipment to outfit the truck.  That equipment would total another approximately $200,000 but the city would not have to come up with that total at one time.

After many questions and much discussion council members approved the grant application with a unanimous vote.

Laurens County Shrine Race

The weather should be perfect for racing tonight at the Laurens County Speedway just off the SC 127 By Pass when some really fast race cars take to the track for the annual Laurens County Shrine Race.

Gates will open at 5:00 PM and racing should get under way about 7:00 this evening.  Shrine officials tell WLBG that a lot of special events are planned prior to the green flag so make your plans to arrive well before race time.

Entry price for the grandstand is $20 and it’s $35 for admittance to the pit area.

ALL of the proceeds from tonight’s race will go the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Greenville to provide care for children whether their families have the ability to pay or not.  Last year’s race provided more than $92,000 for that cause.

The longstanding slogan for the Shrine Race is “Strong cars run so weak legs can walk”.

This evening should be great fun and all for a great cause.


Burglary 2nd Degree Alleged For Laurens Man

A Laurens Man is behind bars for alleged burglary second degree. Sunday The Laurens Police Department arrested 36-year-old Scottie Wayne Burkhalter of Mill Street for the alleged offense. According to reports he allegedly forcefully entered the residence located on west main street with the intent to commit a larceny therein. The incident allegedly happened between July 18th and August 8th. Scottie Burkhalter remained in the Laurens County Johnson Detention Center this morning with Denied Bond.

Dana Simmons Takes Reins As PC’s First Chief Marketing Officer

Presbyterian College has a rich story to tell – and a new leadership position dedicated to sharing it further and with more people than ever before.

PC president Dr. Matthew VandenBerg announced this week that Dana Simmons, currently the director of enrollment communications and operations at Stetson University, will fill that position as its first chief marketing officer.

Simmons joins the College’s administration after the president announced last spring that PC must place a greater emphasis on marketing in order to be more competitive in higher education.

“To command the attention and nurture the continued interest of prospective students, their families, our alumni and friends, and the world, PC requires a unified, engaging and compelling brand, as well as bold, clear and powerful storytelling and messaging,” said vandenBerg. “I am pleased that Dana Simmons has agreed to join our talented leadership team and serve as our storied institution’s first chief marketing and communications officer. Her energy, depth of knowledge, drive, focus and passion made her a clear standout in our national search, and I am confident she will help PC’s marketing and communications to reach unprecedented heights.

A graduate of Brigham Young University, Simmons began her career in marketing as the e-commerce marketing and search marketing manager for FranklinCovey Co. in Utah. She made her move to higher education in 2006 when she became director of enrollment marketing communications for Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. She also served as director of marketing communications at Western Governors University in Utah before landing at Stetson.

With her creativity, Simmons has led rebranding initiatives and managed strategies across multiple channels in a variety of methods to achieve maximum marketing performance.

She  has shared her expertise with many others in the marketing field, including the Capture Higher Ed. Resolve Conference, the American Association of Colleges Recruitment Admissions Officers, the American Marketing Association, and the RecruitmentPlus Users Conference.

Simmons’ work earned her the Utah American Marketing Association Spotlight of the Month in June 2012, the Presidential Star Award at Westminster College in 2009, and the Summit Award from FranklinCovey in 2005.

“It is a tremendous honor to join Presbyterian College as the chief marketing officer and usher in a new era under President vandenBerg,” Simmons said. “By taking an active role in PC’s future through the lens of its values and long and storied history, I am confident that together we can successfully increase brand awareness, enrollment growth, and advancement initiatives. We can’t simply do what we’ve always done. Our innovative strategies will meet our students and stakeholders where they live in this world of ever-increasing complexity.”

In addition to her professional role, Simmons said she looks forward to becoming a part of the PC community.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better fit than Presbyterian College as the mission and values strongly align with mine,” she said. “With the new class each year, our desire is to prepare the next generation of students to lead with intellectual fortitude and bring a spiritual awareness that guides our global and environmental conscience. Nothing is more important to me than being part of a community that is adventurous, compassionate, and takes responsibility for each other and the world.”


Trafficking & Possession Alleged For Laurens Man

Trafficking Heroin and Possession of a Controlled Substance is alleged for a Laurens Man. Friday The Laurens Police Department arrested 24-year-old Alex Michael Owens of Crape Myrtle Road  for the alleged offenses. According to reports Owens allegedly  had round blue pills known to contain fentanyl/heroin without the authority to do so.  He also allegedly had 20 believed to be Xanx without the authority to do so. Alex Owens was released from the Johnson Detention  Center on a Personal Recognizance bond Saturday.

32 Year Old Man Accused of Domestic Violence 2nd Degree


The Laurens Police Department arrested a Gray Court Man Thursday for alleged Domestic Violence 2nd Degree. 32-year-old Christopher Dalton McGaha of Geddy Road is accused of pushing the victim down and putting his hands around the victim’s neck causing her airflow to be restricted. This caused visible injuries to the victim’s face, neck, arm, and leg. The alleged offense occurred July 10th on West Main Street which is located within the city limits of Laurens. Christopher McGaha remained in the Johnson Center this morning with a cash surety bond set at $15,000 dollars.


Union arrested for Unlawful Carrying of Pistol & Poss. Of Controlled Substance

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Union Man for alleged Unlawful carrying of a pistol,  and Possession of a controlled substance scheduled 3. 35-year-old Jarvis Earl Jones of Brand Street Was arrested Friday for the alleged offenses .  According to reports  he allegedly had a revolver in his possession which was laying in the passenger seat in plain view next to him.  He did not have the firearm secured in a locking compartment secured and does not possess a valid conceal weapons permit. Reports also state he allegedly posses dosage units of Suboxone a schedule III controlled substance in an unmarked green in color pill bottle.  The pills were identified by shape, color, and markings. Mr. Jones claimed to have a prescription for this medication but could not proved proof of prescription. Jarvis Earl Jones has since been released from the Johnson Detention Center